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									Dealing With Jealous People 3 Easy Ways To Deal With Jealous People
By: Michael Lee

Dealing with jealous people can be quite challenging, especially if you have to do it on a
daily basis. Just ask any celebrity out there, and I?m certain they have enough stories
about behind-the-scenes jealousy and cat fights to last you your whole life! However,
things don?t always have to end that way.

If you want to know the tricks to dealing with jealous people, read this article!

Tip # 1: Get to the Bottom of Things.

A vital key to deal with jealous people is to understand where it is they?re coming from.
The first thing you need to do (and can do) is find out why that person is jealous in the
first place.

Is it because they never had a lot of things growing up? Is it because they just can?t seem
to get a break? Despite how negatively jealous people are portrayed, that doesn?t mean
there?s nothing beneath the surface.

When you finally have a good idea of the situation, then you can attack the problem with
a more precise solution.

Tip # 2: Share Your Good Fortune.

If you?re dealing with jealous people who want everything that you have, perhaps you
can share some of your good fortune with that person.

Sharing some of your luck might help reduce the other person?s jealousy and might show
them that you are not a threat. Many jealous people crave attention. They don?t want to
be left out and forgotten.

Tip # 3: Ignore Them.

Another way to deal with jealous people is to ignore them completely. A lot of people
prefer to do this because it can be quite satisfying at the end of the day.

Jealous people might do everything they can to bring you down; but if you ignore all that
and focus on yourself, you?ll likely come out on top.

Don?t allow yourself to be affected by a co-worker, for example, who is jealous because
you?re the boss? favorite. Instead, push yourself harder so you?ll be able to achieve
success while your green-eyed co-worker remains where they started.

Dealing with jealous people requires patience and a strong sense of self. After all, it
wouldn?t do for you to lose your cool so quickly. To keep yourself from blowing up,
remember that there must be a reason for all the jealousy. You can also either be nicer to
that person or make yourself look better than ever.
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