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									      When is the Best Time to Tweet?

When is the best time to send out a tweet?

Should you send it out during the day or night?

Ideally, you want to send it out at a time that reaches the maximum amount of eyeballs

Maximum exposure!

When sending out a tweet there are a lot of different factors to consider such as
timezones, where your Twitter followers are located, target audience, etc.

There are plenty of reports and analysis out there as to when the best time to tweet is..
so you might find some of these tips useful when it comes to tweeting at the best
possible time.

When is the Best Time to Tweet Someone?

Tweet O’Clock allows you to find out when it’s best to tweet someone.

Just enter their Twitter username, select the timezone to display the results in.. then click
on <Find>.

As you can see, the best time to tweet me is on a Sunday at 21:55 (GMT),

The Best Single Time to Tweet

Probably the best single time of the day to tweet would be at 9:00 am PST (Pacific
Standard Time).


Because you are hitting three major break times,

   1. People arriving at work on the West Coast of America and Canada, ie Los Angeles, San
      Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, etc
   2. It coincides with lunchtime (12:00 pm EST) on the East Coast of America, ie New York

3. It coincides with the end of the business day in London (5:00 pm GMT)

The Best Time to Get Retweeted
According to a report by Fast Company, the best time to get re-tweeted is at 4:00 pm EST
(Eastern Standard Time) on a Friday,

Repeat Your Tweets

Guy Kawasaki uses the strategy of repeating his tweets.

From his blog,

Tip 9: Repeat your tweets. Try this experiment: take your most interesting tweets (as
measured by how many people retweet them, perhaps) and post them again three times,
eight to twelve hours apart. I used to think that people would complain about repeating
tweets, but I’ve never had a complaint. My theory is that the volume of tweets is so high
and most people check in at about the same time every day, so people don’t notice repeat

Obviously you don’t want to do this too much as it could border on spamming.

If you publish a new blog post for example.. you could schedule your tweets using a
Twitter client like Hootsuite, so they’re sent out,

      Once every 6 hours – 4 times in a 24 hour period, or
      Once every 8 hours – 3 times in a 24 hour period

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