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                           Chalet Party Shoppe
                           Grapevine                                                                        Fall, 2009

                                                                                                        Chalet Party Shoppe
 Making the Transition from                                                                              wants to keep you
                                                                                                      informed. Emails help
 Domestic Beer to Craft Beer                                                                            us to keep you up to
                                                                                                        date on newly added
  Are you tired of the cost      considered a craft beer if    craft                                    events and sales. To
of your domestic beer go-        independent breweries         brews over                             sign up, please stop by
ing up? So is Chalet Party       make it, not conglomer-       drinking a                              any Chalet location or
Shoppe! Chalet Party             ates. The beer also has to    6 pack or                                 visit our website at
Shoppe is committed to           sell 2 million barrels or     more of a domestic beer.                www.chaletwines.com
helping you get the most         fewer per year. There are     Craft beer tends to be more
for your hard earned             more than 1,500 craft         filling due to a variety of rea-
money and we would like          breweries in America and      sons. It's hard to generalize        ence flavors and aromas
to ask you to consider           thanks to the craft-          about the taste of beer, but         not found in light Ameri-
making the switch to Craft       brewing boom that num-        nevertheless we might say            can style lagers.
Beer.                            ber keeps increasing every    that beers from America's              If you would like to learn
  The Brewers Association        year. So, there's never       craft brewers will usually           more about craft beer stop
says the fastest-growing         been a better time to drink   have a fuller more complex           into our CR 17 location
segment in the United            Craft beer.                   flavor than the typical light        and visit with our resident
States market is craft             In talking with many cus-   American lager style of beer         Beer Geek from 5 to 7 pm
beer. It might be less fa-       tomers who have made the      popular throughout the               every Thursday. He can
miliar to you, because           switch from domestic beer     world. Because of the in-            help you pick out a great
small, independent brew-         to craft beer, they feel      creased percentage of spe-           beer to make your transi-
ers throughout the US            more satisfaction after       cialty malt and hop ingredi-         tion from domestic beer to
make craft beers. A beer is      drinking just a couple        ents you are going to experi-        craft beer an easy one.

       Join Us for Some Halloween FUN!!!
   Join the Chalet Party          an event of this nature, we       also be hosting a couple of      help deciding what bever-
Shoppe on CR 17 on Friday,        ask people attending our          upcoming holiday events          ages you would like to
October 23rd from 6 to 8 pm       Halloween Tasting to make         that you will want to mark       serve at your holiday get
for our Halloween Tasting.        sure that their costume is        on your calendar. There          together. There will also
This event will be more than      appropriate and that we are       will be a Thanksgiving           be a Sparkling Wine Tast-
just a tasting event; there       able to identify you. In or-      Wine and Scotch Tasting          ing on Wednesday, De-
will be fun activities includ-    der to do this, we ask that if    on Thursday, November            cember 30th from 6 to 8
ing corn hole and prizes.         you do wear makeup, that it       19th from 6 to 8 pm where        pm where you can taste a
There will be representa-         is light makeup so that we        they will let you try some       variety of sparkling wines
tives on hand to taste wine,      may still make out your           wines and scotches to            and champagnes to de-
beer, and spirits as well.        facial features. If you are       help you make your               cide what bottle you
The highlight of the evening      wearing a mask, please            Thanksgiving even more           would like to ring in the
will be the costume contest       make sure that it can be          festive. There will also be a    New Year with.
in which prizes will be                             removed for     Holiday Tasting on Thurs-          For a complete listing of
awarded to the top                                  our employ-     day, December 17th from 6        tastings at all of our Cha-
three participants.                                 ees to verify   to 8 pm where they will          let Party Shoppes
There is no cost to at-                             your ID.        taste a variety of wine,         through the end of the
tend this event. You do                                The Cha-     beer, and liquor. This is a      year, please refer to our
however have to be 21                               let Party       great event to attend if you     tastings page in this
to attend and have a                                Shoppe on       are looking for the perfect      newsletter or at
valid ID. With having                               CR 17 will      last minute gift or need         www.chaletwines.com.
             Chalet Party Shoppe                                                                 Standard
             Grapevine                                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
             P.O. Box 1147                                                                    Middlebury, IN
             Middlebury, IN                                                                    Permit No. 39

                              New Products for Fall
                     After thou-       Jim Beam Red Stag is a new inno-       Taste of Florida Real Juice
                     sands of re-      vation from Jim Beam. Through a        Mixers are cocktail mixers
                     quests from       unique, artisanal infusion process,    made from real fruit juice.
                     consumers for     natural black cherry flavors are       Inspired by fun-filled sum-
                     a UV ready-to-    slowly and carefully infused into      mers spent
                     drink cocktail,   fine, four-year-old Jim Beam
UV Vodka has released it’s UV                                                 on Florida
                                       Bourbon. The tasting notes are         beaches,
Blue Raspberry Lemonade, UV
Cherry Lemonade and UV Pink
                                       distinctively fruity, without dis-     Taste of
Lemonade prepared cocktails.           guising the familiar, rich nose of     Florida
UV Lemonade Cocktails are 25           Jim Beam Bourbon. The corn             brings to-
proof, made with all natural fla-      sweetness and mellow oak taste of      gether real
vors, real juice, a touch of real      Red Stag is                            fruit and
sugar and UV Vodka, one of the         accented by a                          fruit juices
world’s fastest growing distilled      hint of black                          for a made-
spirits brands. And, like the en-      cherry for                             from-scratch flavor so good it
tire UV family, the cocktails con-     smoothness
tain no corn syrup, artificial fla-                                           will have you reaching for
                                       and balance.
vors or preservatives.                                                        the sun tan oil.

          ChocoVine is a fine          Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay line       Southern
          French Cabernet sub-         has two new additions for this fall.   Comfort intro-
          tly combined with a          Joining the popular coconut, key       duces it’s
          rich dark Chocolate          lime, mango, passion fruit, and        Hurricane
          from Holland, paired         pineapple flavored rums will be        Cocktail, a
                                                                              signature New
          together to create a         the new Parrot Bay Orange Rum
          decadent, silky              and Parrot Bay Strawberry Rum.         drink; and it’s
          smooth drink, which          Both of the new rums boast natu-       Sweet Tea Cocktail, a Southern
can be served by itself, on the                         ral fruit flavors     tradition spiked with Southern
rocks, or as the main ingredi-                          and will pair         Comfort. Whether it’s for an in-
ent to an array of sinful cock-                         nicely with a va-     door or outdoor party, for a big
tails. ChocoVine’s blend of                             riety of juices as    or small group of friends, these
chocolate and red wine is also                          well as in your       cocktails take the hassle out of
rich in antioxidants and gluten                         favorite daiquiri     mixing cocktails all night.
free.                                                   or mojito.            They’re simple and delicious.
               ‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving                                                   Tuesday
     Stumped on what to         and browse their pre-made      These gift cards are valid at     Special
give this upcoming holiday      gift basket selection.         all of our 6 locations and
season? Show someone in              Chalet Party Shoppe       make a great gift for any       6 pack, 16oz cans
your life how special he or     also offers gift cards for     occasion.                       of Bud, Bud Light,
she is by giving a Chalet       those hard to shop for peo-         Don’t forget to check      Bud Select, Coors
Gift Basket made especially     ple in your life. You can      out the gift sets that will
for them. Our line of gift      purchase a gift card for       start arriving late October     Light, Coors Ban-
baskets can be customized       any amount at all Chalet       through the end of the           quet, Miller Lite,
to suit any taste. Contact      Party Shoppe locations.        year. These sets not only           and MGD
us to order your basket at                                     come with a bottle of your
574-296-9704. With the                                         spirit of choice, but other         $5.50
upcoming holiday, please                                       neat collectible items such     OUT THE DOOR
try to call at least 48 hours                                  as glasses, flasks, poker
ahead to ensure that your                                      sets, etc. Most gift sets
basket will be done on                                         retail for the same price as    Tired of beer prices
time. If you do not have                                       just an individual bottle of     going up? Why not
time to customize a basket,                                    your favorite spirit and        switch up your bev-
stop in to your local Chalet                                   make great gifts.               erage of choice and
                                                                                                   save money!!!
November Brings Release of Beaujolais Nouveau                                                     One 750 ml of
  Fall means the release of                                    drops. These are en-              Liquor contains
this years Beaujolais Nou-                                     hanced by the frequent             25 one-ounce
veau. Beaujolais Nouveau                                       recommendation to serve              servings.
is a red wine made from                                        the wine lightly chilled, at
Gamay grapes produced in                                       approximately 13°C (55°            One 1.75 L of
the Beaujolais region of                                       F).                               Liquor contains
France. It is fermented for                                      Please visit our website
                                                                                                  59 one-ounce
just a few weeks then offi-     purple-pink wine that is       in mid-November for more
cially released for sale on     particularly lightweight,      information on when our              servings.
the third Thursday of No-       even by the standards of       stores will have this year’s
vember. Beaujolais Nou-         Beaujolais. The method of      Beaujolais Nouveau vin-         Chalet has 80 proof
veau is intended for imme-      production means that          tage. Supplies are limited      Liquors starting at
diate drinking, and in gen-     there is very little tannin,   and usually sell out fast.       $6.99 per 750 ml
eral should not be kept for     and the wine can be domi-      You can visit our website               and
more than a year.               nated by fruity, ester fla-    anytime at
                                                                                                 $9.49 per 1.75 L
  Beaujolais Nouveau is a       vors of bananas and pear       www.chaletwines.com.

           Oktoberfest Beers & Pumpkin Ales Are Here For Fall
  Fall has arrived which means           toberfest brews from Bells,             spices. Chalet Party Shoppe
your favorite fall brews have ar-        Brooklyn, Harpoon, Hofbräu,             carries Pumpkin ales from An-
rived at your local Chalet Party         Köstritzer, Paulaner, Schlafly,         heuser-Busch, Buffalo Bills, Dog-
Shoppe. Chalet offers a variety          Spaten, Weihenstephaner, and            fish Head, Michigan Brewing,
of Oktoberfest beers and Pump-           many other breweries.                   New Holland, The Matt Brewing
kin Ales from the United States            Pumpkin Ales are typically            Company, Schlafly, and more.
all the way to Germany, the              mild, with little to no bitterness,        The selections available at
originators of the Oktoberfest/          a malt backbone, with some              each Chalet Party Shoppe loca-
Märzen beer style.                       spice often taking the lead.            tion may vary and are only
  Oktoberfest/Märzen beers are           Some brewers use hand-cut               while supplies last. So stop in to
full-bodied, rich, toasty, typi-         pumpkins while others use pu-           your local Chalet Party Shoppe
cally dark copper in color with a        ree or pumpkin flavoring. These         today to pick up some of the fin-
medium to high alcohol content.          beers are also spiced with your         est in Oktoberfest and Pumpkin
Chalet Party Shoppe carries Ok-          typical pumpkin pie type                brews for your fall celebrations.
 Chalet Party Shoppe          October Tastings
                              10-22     4-7pm         Pinnacle Tasting @ Caragana Ct
   Corporate Office & Store
     309 N Main Street        10-23     12-3pm        Calico Jack Rum Tasting @ Chicago Ave
       Middlebury, IN
    Phone: 574-825-9138                 2-4pm         Bud Select 55 & Bud Light Golden Wheat
     Fax: 574-825-4435                                Tasting @ Middlebury
   sales@chaletwines.com                3-5pm         Liquor Tasting @ Chicago Ave
                                        4-7pm         Calico Jack Rum Tasting @ CR 17
        667 CR 17
        Elkhart, IN                     6-8pm         Halloween Tasting @ CR 17
    Phone: 574-296-9704
                              10-29     4-6pm         Hob Nob Wine Tasting @ Caragana Ct
     2501 S. Nappanee
        Elkhart, IN           November Tastings
    Phone: 574-293-8285       11-5      3-6pm         Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ Caragana Ct
     2703 Caragana Ct.        11-6      12-3pm        Pinnacle Flavors Tasting @ Chicago Ave
        Goshen, IN
    Phone: 574-533-7718                 4-7pm         Pinnacle Flavors Tasting @ Rieth Blvd
                              11-13     5-8pm         Sweet Carolina Tasting @ CR 17
      245 Chicago Ave.
        Goshen, IN            11-17     5-7pm         Thanksgiving Wine Tasting @ Caragana Ct
    Phone: 574-534-1020
                              11-18     5-8pm         Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ CR 17
      1830 Rieth Blvd.        11-19     4:30-7:30pm   Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ Middlebury
        Goshen, IN
    Phone: 574-875-0077                 6-8pm         Thanksgiving Wine & Scotch Tasting @ CR 17
                              11-20     1-4pm         Calico Jack Rum Tasting @ Middlebury
  Six Convenient Locations
        to Serve You!!!                 5-7pm         Malibu Rum Tasting @ Rieth Blvd
                              11-25     4-6pm         Red Wine Tasting @ Middlebury

  Visit our Beer Geek         December Tastings
and our Wine Enthusi-         12-3      5-7pm         Kahlua Tasting @ Middlebury
  ast every Thursday          12-4      1-4pm         Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ Caragana Ct
from 5-7 pm at CR 17.                   5-8pm         Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ Rieth Blvd
   They will have new         12-5      2-5pm         Ryan’s Cream Tasting @ Chicago Ave
 beers and new wines          12-10     4:30-7:30pm   Sweet Carolina Tasting @ Caragana Ct
  for you to taste and
                              12-11     1-4pm         Pinnacle Flavors Tasting @ Middlebury
  discuss each week.
                                        4-6pm         Dark Seasonal Beers @ Middlebury
                                        4-6pm         Holiday Wine Tasting @ Chicago Ave
  EVERYDAY                    12-15     4-6pm         FREE etching of your Gentleman Jack
                                                      bottle purchase at CR17

 5% off when you                        5-7pm         Holiday Wine Tasting @ Caragana Ct

purchase a case of            12-16     4-6pm         Sweet Wine & Belgium Beer Tasting

      liquor                                          @ Chicago Ave
                              12-17     4:30-7:30pm   Sweet Carolina Tasting @ Middlebury
                                        6-8pm         Holiday Tasting @ CR 17
10% off when you
                              12-18     4-6pm         Kahlua Tasting @ Rieth Blvd
  purchase 6 or
                                        1-3pm         Absolut Tasting @ CR 17
 more bottles of
                              12-30     4-6pm         Sparkling Wine Tasting @ Rieth Blvd
      wine                              6-8pm         Sparkling Wine Tasting @ CR 17

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