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Change your thoughts and you change your world!

         Whether you think you can or
       think you can’t…YOU’RE RIGHT!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!
            12 Steps to Success!

1. Advisor Advantage – check at least once per day
2. lia sophia advisor training guide
3. Attend Meetings
4. Attend Trainings
5. Attend other parties
6. Have up-line attend your parties
7. Check email often
9. Yahoo group
10. Schedule 10 parties
11. 120 “who do you know”
12. Write your goals!
          Six Shows to Success!

                       Starter Show

          Booking                     Booking
            #1                          #2

Booking             Booking           Booking
  #3                  #4                #5

     Five shows is great….right?!
                        Six Shows to Success!


    Starter         Starter        Pre-            Pre-           Pre-               Pre-
     Show            Show         booked          booked         booked             booked
    Booking         Booking        Party           Party          Party              Party
      #1              #2            #3              #4             #5                 #6

Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking   Booking
  #7        #8        #9        #10       #11       #12       #13       #14       #15       #16

                    Does this look even better?
              Things to do as I start lia sophia…

        BEFORE YOUR                      YOUR KIT HAS                 SETTING UP YOUR
         KIT ARRIVES                       ARRIVED                       BUSINESS

  •Set   goals for your business          •Wear   your jewelry!        •Setup bank account for
                                                                              lia sophia
                                                                          •Debit/credit card

                                                                           •Internet access

  •Bein touch with sponsor to        •Review training manual, DVD,    •Order  lia sophia supplies
    discuss business/goals                         CD.                   •Order display items
 •Invite family/friends to your         •Review Fashion Focus           •Order business cards
           starter show                  •Practice presentation            •Show giveaways

•Schedule  at least 3 shows before        •JoinYahoo group                •Attend  trainings
         your starter show            •      •View lia sophia Web Classes

                                                                           •Attend meetings
                  Goal Setting

    Helps us determine priorities, get organized,
              REALIZE OUR DREAMS!

 Determine what your goals are for your business.

                 Write them down!

 Share them with your manager – she can help you!
   How Much Do You Want to Earn?

# Shows per      $500         $700 Average      $800 Average
   week         Average
     1        $150 per week   $210 per week     $240 per week
     2        $300 per week   $420 per week     $480 per week
     3        $450 per week   $630 per week     $720 per week
     4        $600 per week   $840 per week     $960 per week
     5        $750 per week   $1,050 per week   $1,200 per week

         Complete your Goal Sheet
         and give to your Manager
                 Excellent Beginnings

   Time Frame                   You Sell                   You Earn
    1st 5 weeks                 $1500                              $200 in
(Including starter          in total sales                          FREE
      show!)                 (min. 3 shows)                        Jewelry!

  2nd five weeks            Add’l $1500                            $200 in
  (Weeks 6-10)              in total sales                          FREE

 3rd five weeks             Add’l $1500                            $200 in
 (Weeks 11-15)              in total sales                         Jewelry!

      Bonus: Receive $300 jewelry for each Qualified new recruit
                 during your Excellent Beginnings!
   Let’s Get Organized ~ POWER HOUR!

 Power Hour for Advisors Binder
    Recruit Leads Log

    Hostess Coaching Log

    Booking Leads Log

    Customer Care Log

   Fill your pockets and you’ll fill your pockets!
           lia sophia Advisor Advantage

 Check Advisor Advantage every day!
    Priority Alerts

    News from the Home Office

    Personal Messages
         New Starts
         Leads

      Ordering/Status/Show Assistant/Personal Website
      Stock Information/Messages
 lia sophia University (LSU)
     Training Guide

     Supply List

     Forms/Publications
                     HOSTESS COACHING
                      You’ve booked your shows…now what?

 Send a thank you note IMMEDIATELY

 Make sure she knows show goals (10/2) – (Give incentives for
  outside orders/bookings!)

 Important Calls to make before the show:
     Call #1 – thank you/reminder
     Call #2 – Reminder about the benefits, keep the excitement up, invite reminder
     Call #3 – Ask how many guests are coming so you can bring enough catalogs, etc
     Call #4 – Keep excitement up, get final directions.

 Send a thank you note after her show!

                                           Extra touches go a long way…!
                    IT’S SHOWTIME!
                           Put on a smile…

 Attend 3 shows (up line, manager, teammates)
   Use Show Presentation outline to take notes

 Show Basics
     Set up 30-45 min prior to show time
     Bring at least 3 hostess packets
     Bring at least 3 advantage packets
     Be excited about our incredible Hostess Program!
     Play a booking game
     Mingle with guests, help them try on jewelry
     Fashion Focus and Stock list
                      IT’S SHOWTIME!
                          Knowledge is Power…

 You MUST know:
     lia sophia Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
     Hostess Benefits
     Customer Save Plan and Monthly special

 Very Important Information:
     How the jewelry is made/what each piece is comprised of
         Fashion Focus
     Company history
     Dress for Success campaign
                          IT’S SHOWTIME!
                               Show Basics continued…

 What is a Qualified show?
     $250+

 Recognition Sales
   Regular, Half-Price, Hostess Bonus
   Counts towards EB, Contests, Monthly Incentive, Conference

 Profit Sales
     Regular, Half-Price
     30% profit (minus $6 per show for Hostess Program)
              IT’S SHOWTIME!

 View the lia sophia Web Classes
   It’s All About the Show
   Booking with Confidence
   Hostess Coaching for Success

     Online Ordering 101

 Purse Game
   Flip Chart
   Easy to duplicate

 DVD from lia sophia kit
 Attend other shows for ideas
 Find your own style!
                  BOOKING TIPS
                     Filling Your Calendar

 Know Hostess Benefits and be excited about them – we
  have the BEST program!
   Stack the Hostess
   Hostess Ladder

 Extra incentives for “hot” dates

 Offer everyone a show!

 When complimented on your jewelry, let them know how
  they can get it free!!

 Wish lists – Use them!

 Share the Love of Jewelry!
                     Types of Orders
                         How do I ….?

 … order jewelry at 70% off?
   Sample Order – Regular

 … order Hostess Thank you gifts?
   Direct Sales Order
         Maximum 2 per order
 … order Hostess-only items for my display?
   Sample Order – Hostess Only

 … order supplies?
     Supply Order
 … submit a show?
     Show Order
 … submit a Starter party?
     Starter Show Order
          Step Up to Management
          Build a team – build a business!

 Manager-in-Training (MIT) program
   1st Monday of the month
   See your up-line manager for details

 Earn 30% of show sales plus 10% of team sales
  including your own! 40% profit!
                   TEAM MEETINGS
              ~Together Everyone Achieves More~

  1st Monday of the month: MIT
  2nd Monday of the month: Bright Beginnings
  3rd Monday of the month: Unit Meeting
       Recognition
       Promotions
       Prizes
       Training
       Important company information
       Sharing
       Ideas
       FUN!
If your business is not where you want it to be, you need
  the meeting, if you’re doing great, the meeting needs
   lia sophia Annual Conference

 Meet the Kiam family
 Awards
 Entertainment
 Vendor Expo
 See the new Fall/Winter line
 HUGE prizes!
 Training Workshops
 Renowned keynote speakers
 Fun

 Be Inspired!
   Read
       Build It Big …DSWA
       Party With a Purpose …Pat Pearson
       Beth Jones Schall
       Belinda Ellsworth
       The Success Principles …Jack Canfield

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