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                                                                          N E W S
                                                                          N E W S
                                                 ACOM Turns 20, Will Throw Party
            By Kevin Eaton                   creative! But you’d better be sporting            “We’re teaching them the tricks of the         record holding skier.
                                             some red, as you walk the red carpet to       trade,” said Lynn McCullough, ACOM,                   During this years conference, ACOM
  Like most of us kissing goodbye to         what will be a truly fun night of mingling,   executive director, about the boot camp.           is asking attendees for donations for
the teenage years and embracing a 20th       laughing, eating, drinking and lots of           This year’s conference will feature a           Street Youth Ministries a charity for at-
birthday, the Association for Convention     merriment – ACOM style!” according to         keynote address by Cary Mullen, the                risk youth ages 13-22 in the Seattle area.
Operations Management (ACOM) is              the conference Web site.                      world downhill speed skiing record                 The faith-based charity offers a “Drop-
throwing a party and everyone is invited.      Specifics of the different recognitions     holder at 95 miles per hour.                       In Center” where the youths can stop
  During the upcoming Annual Confer-         have yet to be determined, but there             “We believe the Cary’s message to               by for showers, light meals as well as
ence to take place at the Westin Se-         will also be an anniversary tribute pre-      our membership will be very inspiring.             hygiene kits and clothing.
attle, Jan. 11-13, the association will      sentation during the last day of the con-     We’re excited that our members will hear              The association is looking for dona-
have a gala atop the Seattle Space           ference.                                      his story and believe it complements               tions of hygiene supplies for the free
Needle to celebrate its 20th anniversary.      The conference itself will be undergo-      the spirit of ACOM projects,” said                 kits, especially combs, brushes, de-
  The theme for the gala is “Red Hot         ing some changes. This year the event         Norman Ford, ACOM president. “He                   odorant and travel sized shampoo and
Anniversary Party” and the association       will include a leadership track for those     brings an upbeat energy in a very im-              lotion as well as art supplies.
will be honoring all of the past presi-      with more experience in the industry as       portant year for our members.”                        ACOM is not stopping with just one
dents as well as the founder of ACOM,        well as a track for those newer to the           Mullen survived three near fatal                charity they are also looking for dona-
William Just.                                industry.                                     crashes and was initially an underdog,             tions for Childhaven a charity focusing
  The gala will take place Jan. 12, and        The track for those newer to the in-        placing last in his first World Cup race.          on children one month to five years who
the “red” theme will be running through      dustry is called “The New CSM’s (con-         Mullen was also selected as one of Suc-            are at risk of or have suffered neglect.
the entire event with red accents            vention service managers: Survival Boot       cessful Meetings “Hot Speakers” for                   For Childhaven ACOM is looking for
abounding.                                   Camp.” This is the first time that ACOM       2006.                                              donations of diapers, baby food, new
  The association is asking for gala at-     has geared sessions for all CSM’s rather         His book series “How to Win” outlines           toys and gently used clothing.
tendees to wear something red, “...a rib-    than a breakdown of venue, CVB or con-        how he used five winning strategies to
bon, a scarf, jewelry, blouse, tie…get       vention.                                      become a two-time Olympian and

                      Linda DiMario, Head Of Arlington, Texas CVB, To Resign
         By Jonathan Trager                  the West Coast to the Lone Star State           “She’s an extraordinary talent,” said
                                             was a major one, DiMario said.                Roach. “We’re going to miss her, but if
  Though she’s had a “very exhilarat-        “Texas is like a whole different country      there was ever a good time to leave,
ing” ride, Linda DiMario has decided to      with its own unique culture,” said            now would be it.”
step down as President & CEO of the          DiMario, who became a fan of the Texas          A self-described “voracious reader of
Arlington CVB.                               Rangers baseball team when she                historical fiction,” DiMario also plans to
  DiMario, 58, has led the agency for        moved. “It’s been fun to be part of sort      work on a novel she has started. The
over six years. She will stay on until De-   of that Texas pride and tradition. Cali-      book will be a fictionalized account of
cember 31, while the board searches          fornia tends to be much more of a melt-       her two grandfathers, both born in 1900
for a replacement to lead the $3 million     ing pot.”                                     but whose lives “took interesting and
organization.                                   DiMario is leaving at a busy time for      divergent paths.”
  “It has been a sometimes challeng-         the north Texas locale. A new stadium           DiMario, who’s married with two step-
ing, but very rewarding experience,”         for the Dallas Cowboys is being built,        children, also said she’s interested in
DiMario told USAE. “I work with the          an expansion of the Arlington Conven-         exploring consulting. She said she has
greatest and most talented team of CVB       tion Center is being discussed, and the       a couple of different types of consult-
professionals in the country, if I may say   Super Bowl has been booked for the            ing concepts she’s working on that she’ll
so. It just seemed like a really good time   city in 2011.                                 be testing out with focus groups over
to make a decision to do something              Pamela Roach, Arlington CVB Chair-         the next couple of months.
else.”                                       woman, told USAE she was surprised              “I’m hopeful my 30 years of experi-
   DiMario came to the organization from     by DiMario’s resignation, but “excited        ence will continue to be of some value,”
                                                                                           she said. “I do really love this industry.                      Linda DiMario
Los Angeles, where she headed up the         about all that she’s accomplished for
Long Beach CVB. The adjustment from          the city of Arlington.”                       I want it to prosper and succeed.”

                                                                  Association Update
           By Kevin Eaton                    to all members, ALSP is dedicated             ment and preservation of structured                in 2008 and 2009 at additional
                                             to the career development of prac-            settlements in order to provide long-              sites, NTA and NPS have worked
    Association of Litigation Sup-           titioners around the world. As its            term financial security to claimants               to ensure that group fees will re-
port      Professionals       Selects        management partner, SmithBucklin              and their families through periodic                main at the current rates until 2010.
SmithBucklin for Full-Service                will help ALSP establish education,           compensation payments. Since                       Additionally, the industry will be no-
M a n a g e m e n t . SmithBucklin has       networking and mentoring opportu-             1985, NSSTA has worked with attor-                 tified of the 2010 rates by August
been selected by Association of Liti-        nities to drive value for members.            neys and consumer and disability                   2008.
gation Support Professionals (ALSP)          ALSP recently launched its Web                activists to champion the benefits
as its full-service management com-          site, as a re-             of structured settlements.                           Four Association Management
pany. Recently incorporated, ALSP            source for members, and began its                                                                Companies Receive Industry Ac-
is dedicated to setting global stan-         Charter Sponsor program.                          TA
                                                                                             N TA t o A s s i s t N P S w i t h S t r u c -   creditation. In the association
dards for the litigation support pro-                                                      turing Group Fee Increases                         arena, Association Management
fession through member collabora-               National Structured Settlements            Scheduled for 2010. The National                   Companies (AMCs) serve as third-
tion, education and certification.           Tr a d e     Association      Selects         Tour Association is a long-time ad-                party strategic advisors and con-
ALSP has established its headquar-           SmithBucklin for Full-Service                 vocate for equitable and reasonable                sultants to thousands of trade as-
ters at SmithBucklin’s Chicago of-           M a n a g e m e n t . SmithBucklin has        entrance and user fees at America’s                sociations and professional societ-
fices. ALSP is the only litigation           been selected by National Struc-              national parks. Because of a                       ies worldwide, offering full-service
support association open to all sec-         tured settlements Trade Association           longstanding partnership with the                  management and specialized
tors of the profession including liti-       (NSSTA) as its full-service manage-           National Park Service, the two                     outsourced management re-
gation support managers and ana-             ment company. NSSTA, which is                 groups have been able to ensure                    sources. AMC Institute, the trade
lysts, attorneys, paralegals, tech-          dedicated to advancing the use of             that visitors have equal access to                 association that represents the as-
nical support staff, consultants,            structured settlements to resolve             the national parks. As a result of                 sociation management industry, ad-
software developers and judiciary            personal injury, workers compensa-            recent meetings with NTA and the                   vocates and administers a bench-
professionals. The association pro-          tion and other types of claims, re-           park service, there will be no in-                 mark accreditation program to
vides a collaborative forum to share         mains in Washington, D.C., and will           creases in National Park group en-                 qualify AMCs according to the
information, analysis and future de-         relocate to SmithBucklin’s offices            try fees until 2010.                               highest standards of association
velopments concerning this rapidly           there. NSSTA is made up of more                 While entrance fees for individual
developing industry. Offering cer-           than 600 members whose primary                travelers did increase in 2007 at
                                                                                                                                                                Please turn to page 12
tification and continuing education          mission is to promote the establish-          many park sites, and will increase
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                                                                                                      N E W S
                                                                                                      N E W S
                                                        “meaningful expansion” of the

Javits page 1                                           Javits Center within the $1.8 billion

                                                                                                                          Rogers 10
                                                        budget he crafted.                                                                                                   downtown hotel rooms.
Continued from
                                                           “ R i g h t n o w, t h e J a v i t s C e n t e r                                                                     However, Rogers said the city is
Europe, told USAE only that the situ-                   works for trade shows but is a di-                                Continued from page                                moving in the right direction.
ation is being studied by the asso-                     s a s t e r a s a c o n v e n t i o n c e n t e r, ”                                                                    “[Tom Noonan] certainly brings the
ciation. Spinnato said the associa-                     Gargano told Crain’s. “There should                                                                                  knowledge and energy and creativ-
tion wouldn’t comment until after the                   be a way to find the money in Al-                                 Tom Noonan lauded Rogers’s exten-                  ity to the bureau that will serve the
October meeting.                                        bany to build it.”                                                sive experience.                                   city well for the many years,” said
   The new plan is significantly less                      The project has ballooned in cost,                               “Sam’s skill set and knowledge                   Rogers. “I’m also impressed with
than a $4 billion plan previously                       say insiders, due to higher prices                                will be a tremendous asset to                      board and staff members. There’s
considered by the state, as re-                         for antiterrorism upgrades, utility re-                           Baltimore’s tourism industry, as we                a strong commitment to increasing
ported in the New York Times. How-                      locations, contingency accounts,                                  raise the bar and look for creative                business here.”
ever, it’s also significantly higher                    higher construction trade costs, ad-                              and innovative ways to drive new                      A graduate of Colgate University
than the $1.8 billion proposal                          ditional renovations and energy ef-                               business to Baltimore with limited                 in New York, Rogers has also briefly
passed by the New York legislature                      ficiency measures to meet LEED                                    marketing dollars,” said Noonan.                   served as the Executive Director of
in 2006 during the tenure of former                     standards.                                                          Rogers acknowledges that Balti-                  the Nor folk CVB in Virginia. He’s
G o v.       George          Pataki.                       In January, Gov. Eliot Spitzer put                             more faces challenges in the years                 married with no children and enjoys
Charles Gargano, who headed the                         the project on hold in order to con-                              ahead. The city has been criticized                traveling, art, reading, and theater.
Empire State Development Corp. for                      duct what he then said would be a                                 in the press for failing to bring in
Gov. Pataki, says there’s no ques-                      90-day review of the plan passed                                  high-profile conventions and fill
tion that the state could build a                       under Gov. Pataki.

                                                                                                                                                                               CEMA also used nTAG to include
                                                                                                                          Assnfrom page 11

                                                                                                                                                                             real-time audience response at this
  CALL US IN d. C.                                                                                                        Continued                                          year’s technology shoot out where
                                                                                                                                                                             the audience voted on presentations
                                                                                                                                                                             by giving the speakers immediate
                                                                                                                          management. AMC Institute Execu-                   feedback during the segment. Ad-
                                                                                                                          tive Vice President Sue Pine an-                   ditionally nTAG was also able to
                                                                                                                          nounced the following four Associa-                keep track of social networking con-
                                                                                                                          tion Management Companies have                     nections that were made between
                                                                                                                          earned accreditation in the 2006-                  new and existing members, the
     The following hotels and hotel representation companies maintain offices in the                                      2007 fiscal year: Creative Market-                 CEMA Board and CEMA executives.
                             Washington, D.C.-metro area.                                                                 ing Alliance Association Manage-                   The social networking analysis that
                                                                                                                          ment (CMA), Princeton, NJ; Drake                   resulted proved to be very effective
                       HOTEL COMPANIES                                                                                    & C o m p a n y, C h e s t e r f i e l d , M O ;   for CEMA planners who were trying
                                                                                                                          Talley Management Group, Inc., Mt.                 to compare components of the 2007
   ADAM'S MARK HOTELS & RESORTS                                    HILTON NATIONAL SALES                                                                                     program.
 Bob Bushman, Regional Director of Sales                Mary Giger, Managing Director of Sales                            Royal, NJ; and MCI, Geneva, Swit-
 (202)466-7610;(800)229-5351;                           (202)955-3700; (202)955-3729 Fax                                  zerland. With the addition of these
 (202)466-7615 FAX                                                                                                                                                                 American Management Asso-
                                                                                                                          four companies, 38 AMCs now hold
        ASSOCIATED LUXURY HOTELS                               HYATT HOTELS AND RESORTS                                   AMC Institute accreditation.                       ciation Offers New Curriculum on
 Washington, DC Office:                                 John Hyland, Director Sales & Marketing                              Accreditation recognizes AMCs                                                                         r-
                                                                                                                                                                             S t r a t e g i c A l l i a n c e s a n d P a r t n e r-
 David Gabri, President & CEO                           (202)682-2800; (202)371-8136 Fax                                                                                     s h i p s . American Management As-
                                                                                                                          that have demonstrated a commit-
 Ed Simon, Regional Vice President, Sales                                                                                                                                    sociation (AMA), a world leader in
 Laura Arth, Vice President, Sales & Marketing           INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP                                    ment and ability to deliver the high-
                                                        InterContinental Hotels Group - InterContinental, Crowne Plaza,   est quality services. AMCs must                    professional development and per-
 Pam Rodgers, Director of Sales                                 Holiday Inn, Staybridge and Candlewood Suites
 Christine Faiman, CMP, Director of Sales                                                                                 meet measurable performance prac-                  formance-based learning solutions,
                                                        Amy Calvert, Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic
 Emily Ikeuchi, Sales Manager                           Groups and Meetings Global Sales                                  tices – including contracts and ser-               is launching a new series of pro-
 Corinne Routhier, Sales Manager                        PMB #135 672 Old Mill Road                                        vice delivery; employee recruitment,               grams specifically designed to em-
 (202) 887-7020; (202) 887-0085 Fax                     Millersville, Maryland 21108                                                                                         power individuals who are manag-
 toll free number: (866) 303-2544                       (410)729-1780; (800)795-9691 Toll Free                            training and professional develop-
                                                        (410)729-1878 Fax                                                 ment; and financial management                     ing strategic alliances and partner-
                                                                                                                                      ships for their organizations. The
                THE BROADMOOR                                                              and internal controls, among others
 Michael Dimond - Executive Vice President, Marketing                                                                     – as determined in a rigorous inde-                new Strategic Alliance Management
 (800)633-7711; (719)577-5779 FAX                                                                                                                                            curriculum will include seminars,
                                                                            LOEWS HOTELS                                  pendent audit of services and pro-
     DISNEY RESORT DESTINATIONS                         Michele Miller, Director of Sales                                 cedures. For consideration, AMCs                   Web-based programs, as well as
 Kristin Gibson,CMP, CHSP, National Sales Director      (202)452-7878; (202)887-0933 Fax                                                                                     other development materials and
 (202)222-4815 Direct
                                                                                                                          must show compliance with the
                                                                                                                          American National Standards                        training resources.
 Tracey Holley, Assistant Sales Director                          MARRIOTT & RENAISSANCE
 (202)222-4816 Direct                                               HOTELS AND RESORTS                                    Institute’s Standard of Good Prac-                    The seminars in AMA’s new port-
 Joe Koch, Assistant Sales Director                     Dave Nostrand, Vice President National Accounts                                                                      folio include the Essentials of Stra-
 (202) 222-4817 Direct                                                                                                    tices for Association Management
                                                        Richard Green, Vice President Assn. Sales                                                                            tegic Alliances and Partnerships,
 (202)222-4810; (202)222-4819 Fax                                                                                         Companies.
                                                        (800)442-0440; (703)356-6519 Fax                                                                                     Launching and Managing Strategic
      FAIRMONT HOTELS & RESORTS                                                                                                                                              Alliances and Partnerships, and
 Ms. Cristie Gillis, Director, Global Accounts                STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS                                     CEMA Teams with nTAG for Sec-
 703-461-3942                                                      WORLDWIDE, INC.                                        ond Year to Deliver Striking Real-                 Measuring the ROI of Strategic Al-                            1015 15th Street NW, Suite #350                                                                                      liances and Partnerships. They are
 Ms. Jennifer Erney, Director, Global Accounts          Washington, DC 20005
                                                                                                                          time Event Data Management and
 703-754-3519                                           CaraBanasch, Senior Director of Global Sales                      Social Networking Services at 2007                 endorsed by the Association of                            (202) 289-5759                                                    CEMA Summit                                        Strategic Alliance Professionals and
 Ms. Rachel LeBlanc, Sales Coordinator                                                                                              will prepare alliance managers for
 866-560-5066                                           Frances Sankey, Assoc. Director of Global Sales                     nTAG Interactive, the premier pro-
                                                        (202) 289-5742                                                    vider of real-time event data man-                 ASAP certification.

                                                                                                                                                                             CEIR page 10
                                                                                                                          agement (EDM) solutions, today an-
       FOXWOODS/ MGM GRAND AT                                                                                             nounced that CEMA (Corporate
             FOXWOODS                                            WYNDHAM INTERNATIONAL
                                                        Denise Benyak, National Director of Sales                         Event Marketing Association), a                    Continued from
 Kathleen Ceseretti, CMP, CEM
 Director of National Accounts                          (410)349-2804; (410)349-3505 Fax                                  national non-profit organization for
 202-742-4476 Direct                                    Carol Diaz, Sr. Director of National Sales                        technology industry event market-                  that had growth of 4.8 percent.
 202-742-4475 Fax                                       Office NYC - (646)918-6232                                        ing professionals, used the nTAG                      Close to 300 events contributed
 Tollfree: 800-488-7777 ext. *23461
                                                              HOTEL REPRESENTATION                                        EDM system this past summer at                     data for the 2006 index and the growth                                                                                                                                                     is based on net square feet, attend-                                                  COMPANIES                                              the CEMA Summit 2007 held re-
                                                                                                                                                                             ees, exhibitors and revenue.                                                                                                    cently in La Jolla, Calif. nTAG was
                                                                      THE HYLAND GROUP                                    used extensively to achieve the                       Of the four variables revenue was
                GAYLORD HOTELS                          DC Office:                                                                                                           up the most for 2006 with a 9.7 per-
                                                        Peter Hyland, President                                           Summit’s key objectives, share best
 Jamie Murdock                                                                                                                                                               cent increase. Attendance was up 4.6
 Executive Director of National Accounts                Steve Beamer, Executive Vice President                            practices and build and maintain an
 Gaylord Hotels                                         Amber Levy, Director of Sales                                     active community of event profes-                  percent, but exhibitors only up 1.3
 4703 31st Street South                                 Breanne Hyland, National Sales Manager                                                                               percent.
                                                        Ryan Keedy, National Sales Manager                                sionals.
 Arlington, VA 22206                                                                                                                                                            All four of the variables saw growth
 703-717-9397-office       240-383-6933 cell            (703) 812-9400; (703) 812-5024 Fax                                  CEMA also made use of nTAG’s
 615-316-6755-fax                                       Chicago Office:                                                   messaging features to communicate                  in during the 2000 to 2006 time pe-                             Tracy Stein, Executive Vice President                             late-breaking news and reminders                   riod. The net square feet went up by
                                                        Stephanie Morales, Director of Sales                                                                                 3.6 percent, revenue up by 2.6 per-
                                                        Nicole Himsel, National Sales Manager                             to attendees in order to ensure a
                                                        (312) 523-2016; (312) 523-2001 Fax                                smooth-running meeting, on time                    cent, attendance up by 1.6 percent
                                                                                                                          session attendance and higher at-                  and the number of exhibitors up by
                    Please see complete listing on our website                                               tendee satisfaction.                               1.5 percent.

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