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1. HDO

Clarity Test

Measures how distinct and sharp an image appears when viewed through a lens. The clarity test
proves that HDO maintains clarity at greater viewing distances than standard lenses. Driven by
seven proprietary technologies plus a level of quality control unimagined anywhere else in the

Prism Test

Measures how lenses bend light. As light is bent by the lens, objects appear to shift from their
true position. If the lenses in a frame bend light in different directions, your brain works harder to
put the images together. With HDO, light stays true. Objects are perceived at their actual position,
and both eyes see the same image.

Refractive Power Test

Measures how lenses magnify images and cause visual distortion. HDO delivers the highest
possible level of optical fidelity by eliminating magnification distortion.

Get a first-hand look at performance. Change the scene below to whatever environment you
want, then drag the slider to compare the lens view with the normal view. Use the tabs to toy with
technologies, and choose lenses at the bottom while keeping our benefits in mind.

       Balanced light transmission and reduced glare
       Improved depth perception/color recognition
       Polarization and other options


Precision filtering balances light for the best optical performance in any sport, and optional
Iridium® lens coatings further tune light transmission.

We engineered lens colors for the ultimate performance in specific sports, like our G30™ tint that
takes golf to a new level.

Block glare with Oakley technology that eliminates the haze and distortion found in ordinary
polarized lenses.

With a smooth transition of darker tint at the top of the lens, light from high angles — such as a
bright sky — is comfortably balanced.

Photochromic technology is combined with optical filtering to create performance lenses that
darken and lighten automatically.

Gravel shoots. Dirt flings. Sand flies. When you‟re out there in the world, your eyes are the target
for a lot of incoming flak. That‟s why Oakley Polarized eyewear is the toughest in the business.
The materials and geometry we use in our lenses and frames pass all American National
Standards Institute impact testing requirements, which is the industrial standard for high-mass
and high-velocity impact testing (ANSI Z87.1.)

High-Mass Impact Test

In the High-Mass Impact Test, the lens is struck by a 500 gram (1 pound, 1.6 oz.) metal spike
dropped from 51.2 inches (4 feet, 3.2 inches). To pass the test, no frame parts or lens fragments
may be ejected during impact.

High-Velocity Test

For the High-Velocity Impact Test, a pneumatic cannon shoots a quarter-inch steel shot at 102
miles per hour (156 kmph) at the lens. The test is conducted from three different distances and
seven different angles. To pass, the lens cannot flex enough to reach the eye, nor can any frame
parts or lens fragments be ejected.

Oakley‟s polarized lenses are protected by breakthrough technology that repels dirt and dust,
sheds water, and is impermeable to and impenetrable by oil and sweat. With Oakley, your lenses
stay cleaner, longer than any other sunglass brand. Whether it‟s mountain biking, fishing or just
laying on the beach, Oakley polarized lenses promise to always stay clean.


Hydrophobic DemoThe hydrophobic lenses repel water, sweat, and other liquids, which bead off
the lens surface without streaking. Liquids that do not slide off the lens with gravity can be more
easily wiped away than with other makers‟ sunglasses.


Anti-static, so dust, dirt and other particles are not drawn to the lens via static electricity. Dirt and
dust degrade optical clarity, prompt more frequent cleaning and increase the likelihood of


Oleophobic DemoThe oleophobic characteristics end the frustration experienced with oils,
fingerprints and other smudges on conventional eyewear. These marks on your Oakley
sunglasses will easily wipe away without residue, eliminating leftover haze and reducing the effort
required to clean the lenses.


We‟ve all been blinded by glare. And it‟s never good. That‟s why Oakley‟s ultra-precise filter
orientation makes sure glare won‟t slow you down. When it comes to cutting glare, it‟s all about
your angles. Experience better eyewear orientation and less glare with a pair of Oakley polarized
lenses, truly the best glare-reducing lenses in the world.

Industry Standards

Industry standards for polarized filters require that polarizing filters are to be fitted in the frame so
that the plane of polarization does not deviate from the horizontal direction by more than five
degrees, and the difference between the left and right filters cannot be greater than six degrees.

Oakley Polarized Filters

Oakley polarized filters are aligned with a far superior degree of accuracy: within 2 degrees from
the horizontal plane and virtually identical, left to right.

Every single pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses achieves 99.9% efficiency in blocking polarized
light waves. In other words, our patented lens technology stops glare-causing light waves dead in
their tracks so they don‟t affect your outlook on life. Literally. With Oakley polarized lenses, you‟ll
definitely keep the sun or any other flaming bright orb, from impeding your vision. So come on,
join the dark side.

Form meets function in everything we do. And the same should apply to the eyewear you choose.
With more lens tint options than any other manufacturer, Oakley gives you the power to pick the
right tint for your polarized lenses. Because eyewear serves a different purpose out on the golf
course than in a fishing boat, each tint is specifically designed with 18 different combinations for
the best balance of light transmission, contrast, tint and glare reduction. Get the right Oakley
polarized lens for your world.

Thermonuclear Protection

Oakley Plutonite® lens material stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun„s
thermonuclear furnace, not just the lower energy form called “UVA.” Even our clear lenses filter
out 100% of all UV. The image at the left shows how harmful rays are blocked while the visible
spectrum passes through.

You Can Be Blinded by What You Can’t See

An invisible form of radiation, UV rays pelt your retinas at 186,000 miles per second. Eye damage
linked to UV includes cataract, photokeratitis and pterygium.

UV damage builds up over time. You generally don‟t feel UV rays, so there is no natural warning
that damage is being done. And although clouds reduce the level of UV reaching your eyes,
clouds don‟t block UV completely — which means your eyes can be exposed to UV rays even on
overcast days.

There are three kinds of ultraviolet light:

       UVA is lower in energy but penetrates more deeply than UVB.
       UVB is a high-energy ray that causes the most damage to eyes.
       UVC is the most powerful form of all.

Most eyewear lenses block some UV so they can claim “UV protection” but Oakley‟s Plutonite®
lens material filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC. The protection is built into the lens
material so it can‟t scratch off and leave your dilated pupils exposed to a UV leak.

Harmful blue light rays are known as High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths. HEV light has been
linked to several forms of eye damage. That‟s why our Plutonite® lens material is engineered to
block 100% of all harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers. In addition to protection, this is a
performance benefit because blue light rays are a major factor in glare.
Making the World’s Best Optics Even Better

Even the world‟s best lenses can‟t do their job if they‟re coated with water, oils or dust. That‟s why
we invented Oakley Hydrophobic, a permanent lens coating that prevents those performance
killers from threatening your vision in the heat of competition. This world-class optical technology
performs three critical functions:

       It prevents moisture buildup, so rain and perspiration won‟t leave streaks and sheens that
        can compromise your vision. Droplets ball up and bead off the surface.
       It repels oils, making it easier to keep lenses clean. Skin oils, fingerprints and lotions are
        easily wiped away without leaving residue, so you won‟t get that blurring film common to
        ordinary lenses.
       It prevents dirt, dust and other particles from clinging to the lens. A lens can carry a static
        electrical charge that acts like a magnet for airborne particles. Oakley Hydrophobic is
        engineered to eliminate the charge, so particles aren't attracted to the lens surface.

With these three performance features, Oakley Hydrophobic technology creates an invisible
barrier that easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust. The lenses are heavenly
to clean and they stay clean longer than ordinary lenses, maintaining the highest level of clarity.


Oakley eyewear frames are engineered to serve the demands of professional athletes. A critical
degree of flexibility allows our frames to absorb impact. Comfort is optimized with lightweight
materials, as well as our renowned Three-Point Fit that also maximizes optical performance.

       Impact absorption for improved safety
       Optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision
       Geometries that extend peripheral view
O Matter®

This lightweight synthetic is engineered for all-day comfort, shock absorption and durability
against the punishment of environmental extremes.

C-5™ Alloy

Five metal compounds are superheated to create this performance alloy that maintains durability,
even in lightweight frame designs.


Metal injection molding allows us to sculpt titanium, the ultra-lightweight and virtually
indestructible metal used for fighter jets.


Forty percent lighter than pure titanium, this durable metal is shaped into eyewear frames with
630 tons of pressure.

X Metal®

Ultra-lightweight titanium alloys are combined with flex couplers to create the only 3-D
sculptured all-metal frames on earth.

Oakley Nanowire™

Ultra-lightweight titanium alloy that creates sculptural contours without sacrificing flexibility. Take
advantage of memory metal that offers an adaptable fit.