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					Midwest Memo
April 2008                                        Newsletter for the Midwest Section of the
                                                  Texas Chapter — American Planning Association

   2007 Midwest Section Awards
   To change things up a bit this past year,      linear footage of trails and sidewalks in        remnants in the region. It was con-
   the Midwest Section Board decided to           locations that will provide the maximum          ducted as a service learning project to
   move the annual section awards banquet         benefit for residents and workers based          benefit the Great Plains Restoration
   from December to mid-January to re-            on the funding available each year.              Council, a Fort Worth-based nonprofit
   duce the number of conflicts that a busy                                                        organization that is promoting the Prai-
   holiday season has on our home and             A multi-department team of city staff            rie Park and other preservation projects
   professional lives. The banquet and            used GIS to prioritize sidewalk projects         throughout the plains states.       Fort
   awards ceremony was held on January            through analyzing sidewalk segment               Worth Prairie Park is a 1,983-acre sec-
   11, 2008 at Brio in the Southlake Town         lengths, availability of curb and gutter,        tion of virgin prairie in southwest Tar-
   Square development.                            preliminary cost estimates, and other site       rant County, and represents some of the
                                                  specific conditions. The resulting prior-        last remaining original Fort Worth Prai-
   Planning Project –Southlake                    ity list was used to identify sidewalk pro-      rie ecosystem.
   The automobile and large lot single fam-       jects for funding through the FY2008
   ily development has historically defined       Capital Budget and future CIP outyears.          While the ecoregion in which Fort
   the growth of Southlake. These two pre-        The list will be reassessed and additional       Worth Prairie Park (FWPP) is located
   dominant factors have resulted in a sub-       segments added (if necessary) on an an-          stretches for several counties north of
   stantial lack of sidewalks in most of the      nual basis.                                      the site and several counties south, the
   city’s existing residential and non-                                                            study boundaries for this report were
   residential developments. Less than 20%        The plan also includes city’s Safe Routes        limited to the counties closest to the site,
   of the city’s residential neighborhoods        to Schools Plan, developed in coopera-           namely: Tarrant County, Johnson
   have any sidewalks at all. As Southlake        tion with the school districts. Six specific     County, and Parker County.
   transitions from rural to suburban and         projects that were identified in the Plan
   unique development continues to create         were submitted for the Texas Safe                The goal of the report is to identify
   a regional destination for retail, office,     Routes to Schools funding program and            which elements of conservation design
   and entertainment uses, the focus has          two were selected by TxDOT for 2008              and conservation biology are most im-
   shifted to improving pedestrian mobility.      funding.                                         portant in establishing FWPP as the core
                                                                                                   anchor of a network of reserves and
   The Master Trail Plan does not address         Student Planning Project                         ecological corridors leading out to the
   existing developments, funding opportu-        Each year the Midwest Section likes to           Western Cross Timbers. Additionally,
   nities, gaps in sidewalks, or “door to         honor a student project that makes a             the report discusses the implementation
   trail” connections. Also, there is not an      significant contribution to the planning         of safe wildlife crossings along the
   official method for identifying and pri-       profession. The city and regional plan-          planned Southwest Parkway extension
   oritizing sidewalk projects. For these         ning program at UT Arlington provides            (State Highway 121) and identifies and
   and other reasons, the city began draft-       opportunities for research on issues of          analyzes legal, political, or jurisdictional
   ing a Sidewalk Plan in 2006. After con-        concern to local governments, public             issues that may hinder this process.
   siderable public and internal input, the       agencies and nonprofit organizations in          Continued on page 2.
   plan was completed and adopted in No-          a wide range of areas. The research is
                                                  conducted by graduate students working
   vember 2007.
                                                  under the supervision of a qualified pro-
                                                                                            Inside this issue:
   The goal of the Sidewalk Plan is to com-       fessor. There are scores of graduates of 2008 Midwest Section Awards                       1
   plement Southlake’s Pathways Plan and          the UTA program working in the Ar- AICP Exam Preparation Webinar
                                                  lington-Fort Worth area, and many here                                                    2
   to identify planning, policy, and imple-
   mentation areas that provide or improve        in the room.                              Complete Streets Seminar                        2
   access to the city’s trail network. Specifi-   The Section is pleased to recognize a          The Future Through Environmental           2
   cally, the Sidewalk Plan identifies side-      project on a proposed Fort Worth Prai-         Innovations
   walk gaps throughout the city and pro-         rie Park, detailing how it could be pro-       Urban Gas Drilling Network Luncheon        3
                                                                                                 2008 Midwest Section Budget                4
   vides a priority list for sidewalk projects.   tected from the effects of the Southwest
   The ultimate goal is to maximize the                                                          2008 Midwest Section Calendar              5
                                                  Parkway and linked with other prairie

      Midwest Chapter Texas APA
      C/O Jayashree Narayana, AICP Section Director —
      Gateway Planning Group The Mallick Tower—101 Summit Ave, Suite 804 Fort Worth, TX 76102
Awards Continued from Page 1
The plan provides guidance to protect        guidance of Assistant Professor Jeff
the biodiversity of an ecosystem while       Howard, who is also co-chair of the
maintaining its ecological integrity; pro-   President’s Sustainability Committee at
vides an overview of the use of wildlife     UTA.
crossings; and explores the possibility of
establishing FWPP as an anchor for a         These students have distinguished them- AICP Exam
wildlife network of connected prairie        selves in their contributions to the pro-
reserves.                                    fession and to the city and regional plan- Preparation Webinar
                                             ning program at UT-Arlington. The
Students working on the project re-          Midwest Section was honored to present AICP Exam Preparation Webinar
viewed relevant literature and collected     the 2007 student planning project award
data through the use of Geographic In-       to the following students:                 There will be a 6-hour AICP Exam
formation Systems (GIS). Information                                                    Preparation Webinar on Saturday,
gathered during the literature review        Sam Hinojosa           Dorothy Lewis       April 12 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
shaped the recommendations and in-           Rachel Roberts         Chris Seale         sponsored by several chapters of the
formed how they determined what crite-       Teresa Valle           Stephanie Willis    American Planning Association,
ria would be used in selecting reserve                                                  including the Texas Chapter. Par-
sites. GIS data was collected from the       Director’s Award                           ticipants will need a high speed
North Central Texas Council of Gov-                                                     internet connection as well as a tele-
ernments, the U. S. Environmental Pro-       The Director’s Award for 2007 was phone. Although the webinar is
tection Agency, the Tarrant County Ap-       given to Curvie Hawkins, Director of free, participants will be respon-
praisal District, and the State of Texas     Planning for the Fort Worth Transpor- sible for any long distance phone
General Land Office. Selection criteria      tation Authority “The T”. In the past call fees. If you are interested, you
were based on habitat need, implemen-        year, Curvie has been the driving force must register no later than Wednes-
tations constraints, and conservation        in presenting multi-modal transportation day, April 9. The registration form
biology and reserve network standards        plans for the area. His recent efforts is available online at http://
outlined in academic journals.               include public involvement processes www.planningmi.org/aicpprep.asp
                                             involving citizens and communities af-
The student team was made up of mas-         fected by the Southwest to Northeast
ters and doctorate candidates in civil       Rail Corridor.
engineering, environmental and earth
science, city and regional planning, and     The Midwest Section Texas APA recog-
geology. The students were enrolled in       nizes all the hard work of our award
SUPA’s Environmental Planning course         winners and congratulates them for their
in the fall semester, working under the      time and effort.

Complete Streets Seminar                                                                 The Future Through
Thanks to the attendees to the AICP/APA
Audio Web Conference on Complete                                                         Innovations
Streets on January 30, 2008. Several answers
to questions unanswered during the confer-                                               The North Texas Association of
ence have been posted on the audio confer-                                               Environmental Professionals
ence website. Please go to                                                               (NTAEP) is hosting a one day con-
www.planning.org/ aud ioconference/                                                      ference on environmental innova-
COMSTR/answers.htm to access these                                                       tion on Wednesday, April 16 in Dal-
questions and answers. Additional questions                                              las. The registration fee is $150,
and answers will be posted as they become                                                which includes breakfast and
available. The Complete Streets organization                                             lunch. Some of the session topics
maintains information on their website:                                                  include green building, water con-
www.completestreets.org.                                                                 servation, rainwater harvesting, sus-
                                                                                         tainable development, and flood
AICP planners can go online to log their CM                                              control/habitat enhancement. For
credits for the program. This program is ap-                                             more information, please visit
proved for 1.5 CM credits, and the online                                                NTAEP’s website at http://
log is available at www.planning.org/cm.                                                 www.ntaep.org/

                Midwest Memo April 2008 —Newsletter for the Midwest Section Texas APA                                       2
                                                         Come and join your fellow
                                                         planners and city officials as
                                                         we hold a discussion on ur-
                                                         ban gas well drilling ordi-
                                                         nances and the effect on ex-
                                                         isting and future develop-
                                                         ment. Speakers include:

                                                         Susan Alanis
Urban Gas Well Drilling Ordinances                       Planning Director
                                                         City of Fort Worth
   Moderated Panel Discussion
                                                         Stephen Cook AICP
                                                         Planning Official
       Midwest Section Texas APA                         City of Burleson
         Networking Luncheon                             Laura Melton P.E.
                                                         Civil Engineer
            Friday, April 18, 2008                       City of Burleson

                                                         Collin Gregory
              11:30am to 1:30pm                          Oil and Gas Development
     Freese & Nichols Auditorium                         City of Burleson

   4055 International Plaza Suite 200                    Ken Stinson
                                                         Environmental Health
           Fort Worth, Texas                             and Safety
                                                         Chesapeake Energy
   $15 Members, $20 Non Members
                 Includes Box Lunch

         RSVP Richard Schell, AICP
    817-748-8602 rschell@ci.southlake.tx.us

   Midwest Section Texas APA is currently seeking AICP   4055 International Plaza
   Certification Maintenance credits for this session.         Fort Worth

         Midwest Memo April 2008 —Newsletter for the Midwest Section Texas APA     3
                 2008 Midwest Section Budget
                                       Proposed 2007 Actual 2007 Proposed 2008
        Quarterly proceeds             $   2,000     $ 4,528    $    2,500
        State Conference proceeds      $     500     $ 539      $      500
        Seminars                       $   3,000     $ 2,395    $    2,500
        P&Z Seminar                    $   2,000     $ 2,920    $    2,500
        Awards Banquet registrations   $   1,500     $     -    $    1,000
        Event Sponsors                 $      -      $     -    $       -
        CD interest                    $      -      $     -    $      300
        TOTAL                          $   9,000     $ 10,382   $    9,300

        Postage & labels               $     300     $    -     $       -
        Workshops                      $   2,000     $ 2,176    $    2,000
        VITAL                          $      -      $    -     $      100
        Director's Travel              $   1,200     $ 346      $    1,200
        Awards Banquet dinner          $   5,200     $    -     $    5,000
        UTA                            $     250     $    -     $      250
        Contingency Fund               $      -      $    -     $       -
        Continuing Education           $      -      $ 305      $      700
        Misc.                          $      50     $    -     $       50
        TOTAL                          $   9,000     $ 2,827    $    9,300

Midwest Memo April 2008 —Newsletter for the Midwest Section Texas APA            4
2008 Midwest Section Calendar
                               APRIL 2008                                            MAY 2008                JUNE 2008                    JULY 2008

2-6 Congress of the New Urbanism Conference—Austin. www.cnu.org               5-19 Window open to take 25—Planning Law Review
                                                                              the May 2008 AICP exam.  3:00pm—4:30pm (1.5 AICP
10– Deadline to transfer payment from the May to November exam window without                          Credits) Audio/Web Series.
incurring a $100 fee.                                                                                  Location TBD.

11—Flexing Your Ethical Muscles: Training in the Ethical Gym. Carol Barrett,
FAICP. Bastrop, TX Hosted by the Central Texas Section. $40—Bastrop Riverside
Convention Center, 1405 Willow Street, Bastrop, TX. 10am-1pm (2 AICP Credits—

18—Networking Luncheon—Urban Gas Well Drilling Ordinances Freese and Nich-
ols Auditorium 4055 International Plaza, Fort Worth. 11:30am—1:30pm. $15 Mem-
bers, $20 non-members. RSVP to Richard Schell, AICP 817-748-8602 or

27-May 1—2008 National APA Conference, Las Vegas NV. www.planning.org

                             AUGUST 2008                                         SEPTEMBER 2008           OCTOBER 2008               NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                Nominations accepted for 1-4 Texas APA Confer- November 2008 AICP Ex-
                                                                                2009 Midwest Section Board ence—Galveston, Texas ams

                                                                                                                                    14—Application deadline for
                                                                                                                                    the 2008 Midwest Section
                                                                                                                                    Texas APA Awards

                                                                                                                                    Midwest Section 2009 Board

          Need to fill a planning or other professional job, or would like to submit an article?
Advertise your positions in the Midwest Memo, tell your colleagues about your recent successes and activities.
               The newsletter is sent to professionals throughout the section and posted on the
                                 Texas Chapter Website www.TexasAPA.org
                                 Next Midwest Memo Deadline June 15, 2008.
     Contact Stephen Cook, Section Newsletter Editor (817) 447-5400 ext 231 or scook@burlesontx.com

                                                  2007 Midwest Section Executive Board
Director                                  Secretary                                   Treasurer                           Student Representative
Jayashree Narayana, AICP                  Clayton Husband, AICP                       Beth Knight, AICP                   Kent Hurst
Gateway Planning Group                    City of Arlington                           City of Fort Worth                  SUPA, UTA 817.877.3753
817.348.9500                              817.459.6668                                817.392.8190                        klhurst@sbcglobal.net
jay@gatewayplanning.com                   clayton.husband@arlingtontx.gov             beth.knight@fortworthgov.org
Director-Elect                            Immediate Past Director                     Newsletter Editor                   Development Officer
Richard Schell, AICP                      Wendy Shabay, AICP, assoc. AIA              Stephen Cook, AICP                  Jenny Crosby, AICP
City of Southlake                         Freese and Nichols Inc.                     City of Burleson                    City of Southlake
817.748.8602                              817.735.7259                                817.447.5400 ext 231                817.748.8195
rschell@ci.southlake.tx.us                wds@freese.com                              scook@burlesontx.com                jcrosby@ci.southlake.tx.us

                     Midwest Memo April 2008 —Newsletter for the Midwest Section Texas APA                                                         5