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                              TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                                   T230 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT
RECOMMENDED USE          Auto Refinish within E.U.   YES     Auto Refinish outside E.U.     YES    Industrial use   NO

                                           PRODUCT RANGE
                             T230 2K ANTI-SCTRATCH CLEAR COAT
                             T352 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEAR COAT HARDENER
                             T355 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEAR COAT HARDENER
                             T356 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEAR COAT HARDENER
                             T104 2K THINNER
                             T132 2K THINNER
                             T405 2K SPEEDER

T230 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT when used correctly it fully meets the current European VOC Legislation of
840g/l. .

T230 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT is a top quality, 2 pack acrylic clear containing anti-scratch additives and
reflow resin. It is suitable for air-drying or stoving. It has a brilliant and durable gloss and may be applied directly over
correctly prepared original finish, or over various water based and solvent based basecoats as part of a repair process.
It should not be used over synthetic finishes or acrylic thermoplastic finishes. It has excellent application properties, is
quick drying, has good abrasion and chemical resistance and is easy to polish.

The choice of hardener is dependent upon the work to be done:

T356 ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT HARDENER is for fast air dry work in cold conditions at 5° - 15°C or for small
areas at temperatures of up to 20°C.
T355 ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT HARDENER is for air dry work in normal conditions at 15° - 25°C and low bake
work up to 80°C.
T352 ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT HARDENER is for low bake work at 60° – 80°C, especially large areas, or air
dry work in very warm conditions above 25°C.

Mix by volume 2 parts of T230 2K ANTI-SCRATCH CLEARCOAT: 1 part 2K Technico Hardener to give a viscosity of
15-16 sees DIN 4 @ 20°C.

Up to 10% T104 2K THINNER may be added if required. T132 2K THINNER may also be used but is only suitable for
very warm conditions where the area to be painted is very large. Stir well and filter before use.

60 - 65 PSI (4 - 4.5 bar) at the gun.

                                                                                                    Continued Overleaf....
1.4 -1.7 mm. nozzle

Spray 2 - 3 normal coats with approx. 2 - 3 mins. flash-off between coats.

A minimum of 1hr. depending on the hardener being used.

Air Drying
At 200C the film is dust free after 30 mins., may be handled with care after 90 mins. and may be re-coated after drying
overnight (18hrs.).
Stoving          25 mins. at 60 C (panel temperature).
                 12 mins. at 80 C (panel temperature).

Infra- Red       10-15 mins. using conventional infra-red.

Air drying and stoving times can be reduced by using T405 SPEEDER 2K - SUPER ACCELERATOR. It offers
increased throughput and energy-savings in the bodyshop. See Technical Data Sheet for T405 SPEEDER 2K -
SUPER ACCELERATOR for more details.

After cooling following the above stoving schedules, defects and runs can be removed using P1500 Wet or Dry. The
paint surface can then be polished using a fine polishing paste or an ammonia-free compound.

22 C-32°C except T306 which is below 22°C.

Unmixed, correctly stored material, in firmly closed original containers, has a shelf life of over 1 year. Contents of
opened containers should be used up quickly. Always replace closures immediately after using product. Hardened
mixtures cannot be stored.

Please refer to Heath and Safety Data Sheets reference nos. T230, T352, T355, T356, T104, T132 and T405

This data relates only to the product designated herein and does not apply to use in combination with any other
materials or in any other process.
The data is not to be considered as a warranty or quality specification and we assume no liability in connection with its
Our product range is under continuous development and therefore products and specifications are subject to change
without notice.
This product is for professional use only.
All trademarks, registered trademarks, brands and product names respected.

  The E.U. limit value for this product (product category: IIB. e) in ready for use form is max. 840g/l of VOC.
  The VOC content of this product in ready for use form is max. 660 g/l.

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