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					                                                                                       FROM THE HEADMISTRESS
                                                       As the coldest February on record for                                              Michael Evans and Alex Mathews in
                                                       many years has finally departed, with                                              the senior section, and Finlay
                                                       no school days lost due to the snow                                                Pilkington and Sylvie Christian in the
                                                       (much to the disappointment of                                                     intermediate section all achieving
                                                       some!) I welcome you to the Spring                                                 Gold awards!
                                                       Term edition of the Broadsheet.                                                 Listening to the news and reading the
                                                       Public Examinations and Year 11                                                 newspapers at present can be pretty
                                                       Mocks dominated the Sports Hall in                                              gloomy – we are all aware that times
                                                       January and set the pace for a very                                             are challenging. However if the
                                                       busy few months.                                                                commitment and talent I see in action
                                                       We welcomed Rebecca Walker to                                                   every day at Abbey Gate College are
   Abbey Gate College                                  lead Aldford in January and she has                                             indicators then I would suggest that
                                                                                                                                       the future is still bright and in safe
                                                       settled in very quickly. Celebration
          at                                           assemblies each Friday, a new code                                              hands. Every year I attend the SHMIS
   Saighton Grange                                     of conduct and “Pupil of Week” for
                                                       every class have helped create a vibrant tone that
                                                                                                                                       annual Head’s Conference and I
                                                                                                                        return feeling very proud of the progress made at
        Chester                                        has Aldford buzzing. The J3 & J4 Concert was a                   the College and confident about the steps yet to be
                                                                                                                        taken. I encourage all our young people to be bold,
         and                                           new venture this term and it was indeed a treat for
                                                       parents and pupils alike. Congratulations to all those           brave and innovative in all they undertake; I
        Aldford                                        talented children involved and a big thank you to                commend the dedication of staff and Governors
                                                       the staff who contributed to its success.                        and thank the parents and friends of the College for
                                                       Musical, artistic, sporting and intellectual activities          their support and faith in us.
                                                       within and beyond the classroom have been as                     I hope you enjoy this term’s regular snapshot of life
                                   Spring 2009

                                                       diverse as ever. The ski trip to Jasper was a great              at Saighton Grange and Aldford and remember that
                                                       success and our competitive team skiers returned                 it only brushes the surface of the life of our busy
                                                       from the British Championships with Sophie                       school. Keep an eye on our website for more
                                                       Caldwell clutching yet more silverware. Well done                frequent updates.
                                                       Sophie! I am also delighted that our pupils have                                                     Mrs. L. M. Horner
                                                       participated in the UK Mathematics Challenges with

                                                                                                                                   e      g             m e
                                                                                                                          Abbey Gate College Sociial Committee
                                                                                                                                               inviites you to

                                                             Burleydam Garden Centre
                                                                                                                                  The Oscars Ball
                                                              is happy to sponsor the                                                            e
                                                                                                                                   att Abbey Gate College
                                                           U.15 Hockey Tour to Germany,                                                u               0
                                                                                                                                on Saturday 4th July 2009
                                                                    Easter 2009.
                                                                                                                            3        n
                                                                                                                          7.30pm Drinks
                                                                                                                            0      r a
                                                                                                                          1.00am Carriages
                                                         The PE Department are organising a
                                                                                                                                                    a         d     o
                                                                                                                                                  Black Tie and Glamour
                                                             Gymnastics Display
                                                                 on the 28th of April 2009                                Please make a note of the date in your diary.

                                                                          6:30pm to 8pm
                                                                                                                          Further information and ticket details will be
                                                                                                                                        available shortly.

                                                             For details see Gymnastics report on page 14                   Seating is usually in tables of 10 but if there is a
                                                                                                                          group of fewer guests we will try to seat them with
                                                                                                                             parents of children in the same school year.

                                                                                    for up-to-date information, news and pictures

      •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E         •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •
    On 30th Januaary The Music Teachers gave a Charity Concert in the                        playing three of Finzi's Bagatelles. These pieces and later his Saxophone
    Theatre which also involved pupils in the School Concert Band                            solo showed great skill in not only technique but also in repartee with
    conducted by Tony Lewis.                                                                 the piano accompaniment. On the piano Miss Banerjee gave a
     The Concert opened with Mr Smith playing Bach's Toccata in D minor                      beautifully sensitive performance of Debussy’s Claire de Lune.
    on the Organ. Later he returned to the Organ to play a Carillon by Louis                 The second half of the Concert opened with the Concert Band playing
    Vierne which he introduced by telling the audience about the sudden                      two pieces and these were followed by Mr Hardwick (Drum Kit) giving
    death of Vierne during a recital at the Organ of Notre Dame in 1937. Mr                  us a 10 minute captivating drum solo. We were delighted to hear Mrs
    Hartwell Jones sang music by Vaughan Williams and two songs from Les                     Goodwin perform with such gusto and expression on the violin
    Miserables which showed great versatility and drama. Miss Owen's 10                      accompanied by Mrs Dukes. The Concert ended with 4 hands on 2
    minute long flute solo held the audience capivated as the long scalic                    pianos in a piece by Smetana.
    passages seemed to get more and more complex as the piece                                Thanks go to all the performers who worked so hard to make the
    progressed. Mr Rushforth (violin) was accompanied by his wife Fiona                      evening such an enjoyable evening for a packed audience. This event
    on the piano, then later on the Organ by Mr Smith with music by Elgar                    was in aid of the Charity ‘BIRD’ and raised over £550 .
    and Rheinberger, both of these Romantic pieces showed great emotion
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. S. Smith
    and sensitivity. Mr Macey's first appearance was with his clarinet

2    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •

                                                                                                                             17th December 2008
                                                                                                                                 Chester Cathedral

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •   3
    Last term the U6 Chemistry group travelled to Shell Global Solutions at                 By the end of the day the students had a greater appreciation of how
    Stanlow to visit their analytical techniques department. Having already                 these techniques can be used forensically and as a research and
    studied the theory of mass spectroscopy, infra-red spectroscopy and                     development tool. For instance seeing how Shell develops fuels for
    nuclear magnetic resonance the students were keen to see these                          Ferrari’s formula one team really puts theory into practice.
    techniques in action. During the tour of the facilities the students were                                                                                   Mr. J. Gallagher
    posed lots of questions by the resident scientists and displayed good
    knowledge of their subject matter in their responses.

    It is the 28th of January and my fellow                                                                                We were told how Shell are looking at ways
    Biology students and I are sitting around a                                                                            of using the microscopes and harnessing
    conference table in Shell Global Solutions,                                                                            the energy in marine algae. We were
    Thornton. We are here to see the electron                                                                              shown cross sections of some, which was
    microscopes as they appear in our AS                                                                                   fascinating.
    level course. We were welcomed by Jane                                                                            Next, we visited the Scanning Electron
    Davis with tea, coffee, biscuits, pastries                                                                        Microscope (SEM). Whereas the first
    and orange juice. We were immediately                                                   microscope had shown us 2D pictures the SEM had 3D images which
    certain this was going to be a very good trip.                                          were beautiful to look at. We could look at the hair on a fly’s wing
    Jane gave us a small background talk about Shell and what they do.                      and then through the eye of a needle! The equipment was so
    We found out that Shell have offices and laboratories all around the                    complex in what it was (an electron microscope!) but was so easy to
    world and are involved in making fuels and lubricants for many                          operate. A few of us volunteered to have a go and it was a bizarre
    companies such as Ferrari, Ducati and Audi.                                             feeling that we were controlling this immense piece of technology.
    After finishing off our mid-morning feast, Jane introduced us all to                    From what we were told, the developments in these microscopes
    George Haddock and Graham Smith, two scientists working in the                          have been tremendous over the past 10 years. They used to have to
    electromicroscopy laboratory. Much to the delight of these two, we                      capture the images on film and this could take weeks to develop.
    were split into two groups as there were so many of us.                                 Now, with a click of a mouse, the image can be captured and sent
    The first electron microscope my group visited was the Transmission                     anywhere around the world in a matter of seconds. Shell use their
    Electron Microscope (TEM). It was a lot bigger than expected, a                         microscopes to look at nuts and bolts used on the cars and to analyse
    column roughly 1.5m high and a large box behind it containing the                       the lubricants’ consistencies along with many other things.
    electron source which enabled us to see the image. The resolution of                    All in all, it was a very informative trip and thanks to Mr Gallagher for
    the image was fantastic and the magnification was 400,000x                              organising this visit.
    (compared to a normal microscope with magnification of 400x - this                                                                                     Emily Burnett, L6
    is revolutionary!)

4    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     broadsheet •
     Travelling to the Lake District for our Sixth Form team building trip, all of                amusing arm and leg actions. We also then had to rope walk back
     us were completely curious as to what we should expect. We’d heard                           holding a rope to cross the river, which tested our own self belief.
     stories off previous years’ trips from the Upper Sixth, but considering                      The evenings were occupied with dinner, talks from Mr Allmand about
     we were with Mr Allmand and Mr Austen, we were all still pretty                              University choices, preferred learning styles and our multiple
     concerned as to what they would try to put us through in order to ‘get                       intelligences (yes, apparently some of us have more than one!!), and
     us to know ourselves’.                                                                       then some very funny games. The Chair Game was very enlightening and
     Arriving at the Glaramara accommodation, which I might add we all                            we all learnt a lot about each others previous exploits and
     loved, we were instantly set team building tasks, these being Tree                           habits…maybe too much in some cases. On our last day the Lower
     Climbing, the Spider’s Web, Orienteering, or Log Balancing. Needless to                      Sixth were separated into different smaller groups and sent orienteering.
     say the Tree Climbing received some pretty spectacular screams, with                         The aim was to collect as many points as possible within the hour. This
     the most comical one possibly coming from the person who went first;                         tested our strengths and weaknesses within our groups and our ability
     with violent leg kicking and loud screams at hand. The Spider’s Web                          to adapt and work to our strengths as well as possible. With some stops
     showed off some rather spectacular and unexpected gymnastic skills                           at the children’s rope swing on the way, everyone did well at this, with
     from fellow pupils and the Log Balancing also tested our coordination                        four teams coming joint third and the winning team being James Roden,
     and team work… as well as giving us all some laughs.                                         Emily Dyer, Rob Taylor, and Jordan McSally-Parson.
     On the morning of our second day we all went on a hike in different                          Coming home the common phrase in the minivan was ‘please can we
     groups. The miserable weather made this perhaps less enjoyable than it                       go back’ and I think that this shows just how much fun we had and how
     had been in previous years, but we were all able to talk and get to know                     much we appreciated our trip. Huge ‘Thank You’s’ go to Mr Allmand,
     people that perhaps we hadn’t really known before. In the afternoon,                         Mrs Russell, Mr Austen, and Mr Tempest for everything they did and if
     with the aid and bribery of Mr Austen, all of us made it across a 70                         you need any people to help on the trip next year you won’t have to ask
     metre deep gorge on a Zip-Wire, again with several scream fests and                          twice!
                                                                                                                                                           Emily Dyer, L6

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •      b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •    5
      NEW ERA ACADEMY - SPEECH AND                                                                               MATHS
      DRAMA EXAMINATIONS - November 2008                                                                        If you have ever gained any
                                                                                                                satisfaction from solving a knotty
     YEAR 7                                                                                                     mathematical or logic puzzle
     Sam Arnold & Henry Mackie                           Grade 3 Mime Duologue             (Distinction)        (and given the popularity of
     Fergus Cowper &Alistair Marks                       Grade 3 Mime Duologue             (Distinction)        sudoku, kakuro, killer and
     Alex Donaldson                                      Grade 4 Mime                      (Distinction)        their many offspring, a number
     Rebecca Cooke & Lucy Hopewell                       Grade 4 Mime Duologue             (Distinction)        of people would fit into that
     Ben Goodwin & Connor Norbury                        Grade 4 Mime Duologue             (Distinction)        category), you will understand
     Rebecca Morris                                      Junior Medal                      (Distinction)        the appeal of the national Mathematics challenges.
     Zoe Karavasili & Emma Morgan                        Junior Medal Mime Duo             (Distinction)        Every year, pupils of all ages have the opportunity to
     Theo Spofforth                                      Grade 4 Acting                    (Distinction)        compete with other pupils regionally and nationally,
                                                                                                                both in individual and team challenges, solving the
     YEAR 8                                                                                                     kind of mathematical conundrums you might not see
     Helen Ford                                          Grade 3 Speech & Drama     (Distinction)               in a GCSE or A Level paper.
     Sophie Caldwell                                     Junior Medal Speech & Drama                            In the Senior Maths Challenge in November, our Year
     (Distinction)                                                                                              12 and 13 pupils performed very well on a set of 25
     Evie Brereton                                       Grade 3 Mime                      (Distinction)        challenging questions (the last few would even tax
     Molly Barendt                                       Grade 4 Mime                      (Distinction)        the teachers)! Between them, they achieved an
     Emily Hopewell & Sarah Wood                         Grade 3 Mime Duologue             (Distinction)        impressive two Gold (Mike Evans and Alex Mathews),
     Christina Bell &Emily Cornelissen                   Junior Medal Mime Duo             (Distinction)        one Silver (Will Hockedy) and two Bronze (Katie Bates
     Lauren Bell & Emily Vernon                          Junior Medal Mime Duo             (Distinction)        and Jake Feather) awards from nine entrants, in this
                                                                                                                individual competition.
     Katie Dutton, Phoebe Evans,                         Intermediate Grade Group
       Imogen Hill &Katie Nicholson                        Mime                            (Distinction)        In December, a team of four were selected to
     Connor Bloodworth, Thomas Dixon                                                                            represent the college in the Senior Team Maths
       Ben Hall, Edward Hockedy &                        Intermediate Grade Group                               Challenge regional finals at Christleton High school.
       George Tomlinson                                    Mime                            (Distinction)        Year 13 pupils Mike Evans and Alex Mathews and Year
     Eve Elliott, Emily Gidge                            Intermediate Grade Group                               12 pupils Will Hockedy and Annabelle Edge all gave
                                                                                                                up a couple of lunchtimes to “train” for the event,
       & Holly Jenkins                                     Mime                            (Honours)
                                                                                                                before setting off to compete against 17 other
     Joe Kelly & Sam Jones                               Grade 4 Acting Duologue           (Distinction)
                                                                                                                schools from Cheshire and North Wales. The
                                                                                                                afternoon was a non-stop merry-go-round of
     YEAR 9
                                                                                                                mathematical competitions, consisting of a number
     Imogen Arnot, Ella Biggs,                           Intermediate Grade Improvisation
                                                                                                                crossword, a mathematical relay and some testing
       Hannah Robinson & Francesca Shaw                                               (Distinction)             team problems. The Abbey Gate team worked very
     Amy Cowper, Georgia Makin-Hughes                    Intermediate Grade Improviation                        effectively together, co-operating and pooling their
       Abigail Stubbs & Katie Tighe                                                   (Distinction)             mathematical expertise to crack a number of tough
     Jack Williams                                       Grade 6 Acting               (Distinction)             questions.
     Poppy Parker                                        Grade 7 Acting               (Honours)
                                                                                                                At the end of each round, the top four (but in no
                                                                                                                particular order) was announced, and at each stage
     YEAR 10                                                                                                    we were delighted to find that Abbey Gate was
     Ellie De Bolla                                      Senior Verse Speaking             (Distinction)        included. At the end of the competition, we were
     Sylvie Christian & Ceri Proffitt                    Grade 7 Acting Duologue           (Distinction)        pleased to find that we had finished a very creditable
                                                                                                                fourth, beating a number of our local competitors.
     YEAR 11                                                                                                    An excellent effort from all involved!
     Christina Ioannou, Georgia Ioannou,                 Advanced Grade Group Mime
                                                                                                                With more individual competitions to come (the
       Elizabeth Nock & Georgia Witt                                                (Honours)                   Intermediate Maths Challenge for Years 10 and 11 and
     Charlotte Byrne & Gareth Jones                      Bronze Medal Acting Duo    (Distinction)               the Junior Maths Challenge for Years 7 & 8) and a
     Rebecca Haslam & Lucy Fenton                        Bronze Medal Acting Duo    (Distinction)               Junior Team Competition in May (Years 8 & 9), there
     Blake Forrester & David Kelly                       Bronze Medal Acting Duo    (Distinction)               are further opportunities for Abbey Gate College
     Jenny Jardine & Amy Kite                            Bronze Medal Improvisation (Distinction)               pupils to enjoy the creativity and challenge of
     Matthew Heath                                       Silver Medal Acting        (Honours)                   mathematical problem solving and discover that
                                                                                                                Mathematics really is beautiful.
     LOWER VI                                                                                                                                                    Mr. M. Cavellini
     Rosie Hanratty                                      Silver Medal Acting               (Distinction)
     Conor Greenwood & William Hockedy                   Silver Medal Acting Duo           (Honours)

    Visit for up-to-date information,news and pictures.

6     •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     broadsheet •
       DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY                                                                       READATHON
     Building Industrial links in Design and Technology
     Experience of meeting real designers and seeing real manufacturing is an
     important strategy for learning in Design and Technology. The College is
     currently developing links with several local manufacturers including
     Bentley, Airbus, Cytech and most recently Tetra Pak.
     D&T Product Design students from GCSE and A level courses recently
     visited World Class Manufacturers Tetra Pak in Wrexham. The visit was
     intended to support important theory areas covered in class but turned
     out to be much more. Students met senior management, environmental,
     marketing and production staff and talked about the company’s vision for
     sustainable packaging production. They also enjoyed a tour of the high
     speed printing and lamination processes used by Tetra Pak.
     The company marketing staff then hosted a design challenge based
     around a Dragons Den style format where groups of four or five students
     were given a short amount of time to develop a concept for a new
     product then had to pitch it to the dragons from major retailers including
     Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer, Asda and Morrisons.
     All students really rose to the challenge and as you would expect, their                                   All Year 7 pupils took part in ‘Readathon’; a sponsored
     enthusiasm and performance did the College proud. It was great fun too                                     read raising money for charity. They raised over £700 –
     and we hope to further develop the link with Tetra Pak next year with                                       the most we have managed since participating in this
     another visit.                                                                                              event.
                                                                           Mr. D. Stockley                      The charities which benefit from ‘Readathon’ are:
                                                                                                                        Sargent Cancer Care for Children
      ROAD SAFETY                                                                                                       The Roald Dahl Foundation
      On Thursday 11th December the Sixth Form were visited by Cheshire
      Road Safety Department and members of the Cheshire Fire Brigade to
      talk about the dangers of drink driving. Pupils talked with the fire
                                                                                                  GEOGRAPHY FIELD TRIPS
      officers about their experiences and students completed a series of                         So far this academic year the geography department have been on
      tasks which demonstrated how impaired their vision and judgment can                         two field trips.
      be after only a few drinks. Laurian Campbell is pictured trying to 'walk
      the line' with beer goggles on - his feet should be on the white line!!
      Fire officers then asked students to pick up a set of keys off the floor                    Year 8 Stockley Farm
      whilst wearing the goggles, which left many students scrabbling around                      On the 18th October the whole of Year 8 visited Stockley Farm. This
      on the floor or groping in thin air.                                                        fieldtrip is an important part of our ‘Primary Industry’ topic. Stockley
      Also pictured are Helena Heylings & Katie Bates with members of the                         Farm has diversified into a number of different enterprises.
      Cheshire Road Safety team. We hope to encourage all our students to                         During the farm visit the pupils had the opportunity to feed the lambs,
      never drink and drive (including the morning after) and not to get in cars                  see the birds of prey, visit the milking parlour and learn about how an
      with people who have been drinking. A big thank you to the team from                        organic farm works. The pupils then had a great time during a tractor-
      Cheshire Road Safety and to the fire officers who unfortunately had to                      trailer ride which allowed them to see the whole farm from the
      leave early due to a 999 call.                                                              comfort of a straw bale.
                                                               Mr. G. Allmand

                                                                                                  Year 9 Snowdonia National Park and Betws-Y-Coed
                                                                                                  On 7th October Year 9 visited North Wales as part of their ‘Tourism’
                                                                                                  topic. The pupils visited Betws-y-Coed to look at how the settlement
                                                                                                  had developed to attract tourists, they also thought about what type of
                                                                                                  visitors were particularly attracted to the attractions in Betws-Y-Coed.
                                                                                                  They then went to Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia National Park. We were
                                                                                                  met by a National Park Ranger who guided us up to the lake, the pupils
                                                                                                  looked at the impact the visitors were having on the environment and
                                                                                                  what the National Park were doing to alleviate the problem. It was a
                                                                                                  very wet and windy day but the students were fantastic and all
                                                                                                  managed to keep warm and mostly dry.

                                                                                                  Look out in future issues for reports on our trips to Liverpool
                                                                                                  Airport, Y10 four day fieldtrip in Borth, Lower 6th by the sea in
                                                                                                  Mid Wales and our eagerly anticipated trip to Iceland.

                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. S. Parker

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •         7
    Science club for Year 7 pupils has started this term and pupils have been able to carry
    out experiments and scientific investigations that are interesting and fun to do. Each
    session has a maximum of 15 pupils at a time to ensure that everyone has chance to
    experience the activities .
    We got off to an exciting start on the first week where we made bath bombs which
    we added to warm water the following week. We stood back and watched them fizz
    about perfectly. The second week we experienced science in a pop bottle, which
    included making a tornado, a Cartesian diver and a homemade lava lamp and last
    week we set up some crystal gardens.
    This has been a fantastic opportunity to share some scientific theories with the young
    keen scientists and to let them experience the activity for themselves and to watch
    others and ask questions. There has been a real buzz in the room as they see the
    activity or experiment unfold and a real sense of achievement when they see the
    scientific principal in action. Science club will hopefully spark an interest and
    enthusiasm for an exciting and hands on subject where the pupils’ imagination can run
    wild as they investigate and experiment. The enthusiasm from the pupils is contagious
    and it inspires me to plan exciting challenges for them as they are the next generation
    of scientists.
                                                                                          Mrs. L. Poyser

                                                                        Today we were creating crystal gardens.
                                                                        This is how we made them. It was very important that we put on safety goggles and
                                                                        did not touch the crystals with bare skin.
                                                                     First we got a glass of hot water and then poured a solution of sodium silicate into it.
                                                                     The seeds of the garden are crystals made of different metal salts. We dropped the
                                                                                                             seed crystals using tweezers into the solution
                                                                                                             and long shoots of fantastic shapes suddenly
                                                                                                             started to grow (in picture). We found out that
                                                                                                             different types of salt crystals made different
                                                                    you                                      colour shoots. We are going to leave them for
                                                   don’t do what
                   is really fu  n because you                  e made                                       a week till the gardens have developed.
     Science Club                               e first week w
                    science    lessons. In th                       yo  u                                    Science Club is really great fun, plus we are
     do in normal                                  To make them
                                  as really fun.                        r.
     bath bo   mbs, which w                id, oil and  baking powde                                         learning at the same time!
                     ,a  stirrer, citric ac                    id in  the
      need a beaker                            r and citric ac                                                                            Richard Gunther 7Z
                            baking powde                               oil
      Firs t you add the                  u add a fe  w drops of the
                       them. Then yo                     t them on a tra
      beaker and stir                  ng more oil. Pu
       and keep stirring and addi                             em  in your
                                             t don’t have th
                          for a week bu                         them the
       and leave them                    When    we dissolved
        bath, they are chemicals.
                                            to watch.
                        were really fun
        next week they                                    Zoe Karavasili 7Z

      Science Club is
                        a joy to do, an
                                         d the experimen
      On the second                                      ts are daring bu
                       week we did ex                                      t safe.
      was made out                        periments with
                      of two bottles                      bottles. First of
     bottles (but no                     and a connec                       all we made a
                     t too much). W                    tor, so the wat                      tornado. This
                                        e then put wat                  er could pass
     To make a torn                                   er in one of the                  through the tw
                   ado you have                                         bottles (3/4 of                 o
    the bottom bo                    to get the bottl                                   the bottle).
                    ttle, then turn                  es landscape an
    and the water                    the bottle upsid                  d make sure th
                   should be com                      e down and sh                    at the water is
                                       ing down into                    ake the bottle.                in
                                                       the bottom bo                     After that stop
                                     bottle makes bu                    ttle. The air fro
                                                      bbles which tu                     m the bottom
                                                                       rn into a tornad
                                                                                              Libby Smith 7Z

                                                                                                                                                   keen group
                                                                                                                                   ? If the same
                                                                                                                an d Science club                oject that the
                                                                                                e for next term                  lving a mini pr
                                                                                  What's in stor              can embark on so                ad to a bron
                                                                                                 continue we                  hich could le
                                                                                  would like to                 themselves, w                  lving skills and
                                                                                                 an and design                 ’ problem so
                                                                                  pupils can pl                   p the pupils                       g areas in
                                                                                                  he lp to develo          importan    t and excitin
                                                                                  Crest Award;                owledge of
                                                                                                 rests and kn                                       Mrs. L. Poyser
                                                                                   develop inte

8    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •
        ART & DESIGN
      The lower sixth ‘Art and Design’ students have been studying                            costumes and all eventually put together a performance art piece,
      ‘Deconstruct / Reconstruct’. They have each made their own                              (Fashion Show)!                                     Mrs. N. Burton

                                                                                    In January the printmaker Ann Bridges came to work with students from Year
                                                                                    10 for part of their GCSE coursework. They all produced a series of prints.

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •   9
                                                                                             In PSHE, the J4 children have been studying the topic of ‘Disability’.
                                                                                             To enhance their understanding they have been visited by two experts
                                                                                             in the field.
                                                                                             One was a talk by Mrs. Kresnyak, a guide dog trainer, who is at present
                                                                                             training a dog called Gem. The other was a talk given by Mrs Webb,
                                                                                             who is a physiotherapist.
                                                                                             Below are some pictures and photographs from the visits. The children
                                                                                             even wrote about the talks given. Here are a few of their responses:
                                                                                                                                                             Mrs. A. Williams

                                                                                             Guide Dogs
                                                                                             When I am about 6-8 weeks old,
                                                                                             I will go to a volunteer family
                                                                                             (like my friend Rachel!) and I will
                                                                                             stay with them until I am about
                                                                                             12 months old.
                                                                                             I need to be taught to walk
                                                                                             ahead on the lead and to obey
                                                                                             commands such as….
                                                                                             “Stay” and
                                                                                             I learn lots of new skills when I am at school such as how to deal with
                                                                                             traffic, how to judge the size of things, to stop and wait at kerbs and
                                                                                             corners until I am told to go and to walk in a straight line in the centre of
                                                                                             the pavement.
                                                                                             I won’t get my white harness until my training is complete.
                                                                                                                    I will then spend about 4 weeks getting to know
     Physiotherapists                                                                                               my new owner and I will stay with them, after my
                                                                                                                    owner has paid 50p, for about 7 years until I retire.
     In PSHE, the J4 class has been learning about
                                                                                                                    I even get told when to go to the toilet!
     disabilities and how children, adults and elderly
     cope with it. Some children, adults and elderly are                                                            Great! Now I’d better go and start my training. Bye!
     born with disabilities. In other cases, it can happen                                                                                         Josh Rawlinson-Smith, J4
     in an accident. They all would have to go and visit
     (on a regular basis) a physiotherapist like Mrs Webb.
     She chose several volunteers. They were Dominic
     Clarke who had his legs bound together, Zoë
     McDonald with her right arm taped across her
     stomach and only her left arm free. George
     Macready with crutches, Charlotte Littler with one
     leg and a zimmer frame and Larissa Solan hobbling
     along with a walking stick.
     Mrs Webb’s job is very important to every disabled
     human. Even if you have disabilities… you can still
     do the most AMAZING things! In the Paralympics, a
     lady won five GOLD medals when both her legs did
     not work!!!
                            Holly Gray and Charlotte Littler, J4                                                         ‘Keystrings’
                                                                                                                         The children at Aldford were treated
     On Tuesday 16th December a physiotherapist came
                                                                                                                         to the musical delights of ‘Keystrings’.
     into Aldford School for P.H.S.E. and talked about
     disabled people. We asked good questions from                                                                       The children listened to fantastic
     the beginning to the end. Mrs. Webb, who was                                                                        songs and stories performed on a
     talking to us, let us use a walking stick, a walking                                                                variety of string instruments ranging
     frame, and two crutches so we could try and realise                                                                 from a viola to a double bass. They
     what it is like to be disabled. We found it very                                                                    learnt about timbre and pitch and
     interesting.                                                                                                        even had the opportunity to play the
                           Henry Kershaw and Sam Burns, J4                                                               stringed instruments!
                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. J. Dukes

10    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •

     Infant 2 went to Liverpool for adventure on the high seas!                                                                sound, using the senses, wall climbing,
     They spent the morning being pirates at the Maritime                                                                      making magnets, role play and much,
     Museum. They learnt all about life on board a pirate ship,                                                                much more! The children (and teacher!)
     dressed up as pirates and took part in a treasure hunt                                                                    were very tired after such an exciting and
     around the museum. To finish off they sang sea shanties with                                                              fun packed day. Mrs Courtney was very
     ‘Shanty Colin’. Then the class went to Underwater Street                                                                  pleased with the behaviour of all the
     Discovery Centre. Here they participated in many activities                                                               children. Thank you to Mrs Dukes & Mr
     relating to all areas of the curriculum. These included making                                                            Sutton for their help.
     and racing balloon powered vehicles, investigating light and                                                                                             Mrs. H. Courtney

     POWERWISE                                                                                    DICKENS
     Tony, from Powerwise, came to Aldford School to teach the children                           Infant 2 spent a morning at Dickens Vauxhall in Wrexham. As part of
     about the dangers of electricity and how to be safe around electricity                       their design and technology project on vehicles the class had a behind
     both indoors and out. The children in Infant 2 recalled what they had                        the scenes tour of a working car garage. The children will be designing
     found out; Molly learnt how to use plug sockets safely, Harry                                their own vehicles and asked appropriate questions to help the design
     understood what the yellow warning signs meant and Ellie found out                           process, such as ‘Why does that car need big, wide wheels? Why is
     why we don’t use broken or damaged electrical wires. A very                                  the exhaust made up of different parts?’ They were shown the parts
     informative and interesting visit for all pupils.                                            department, preparation
                                                           Mrs. H. Courtney                       area and service workshop.
                                                                                                  The children had a very
                                                                                                  informative tour and came
                                                                                                  back to school filled with
                                                                                                  enthusiasm ready to design
                                                                                                  their own vehicles.

                                                                                                               Mrs. H. Courtney

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •        11
     Horatio’s Sighting of King Hamlet’s Ghost
                                                                                                                     Ghost of King Hamlet by Amy J5
     Hamlet, Hamlet, you will never guess what has just happened!
     Francisco, Marcellus and Barnardo were on their posts as usual. They
     told me they had seen a ghost! Of course, I did not believe them.
     So, at midnight I met them at their posts. Just as they were about to
     start their story, it reappeared! You will never guess what it was wearing,                                                    Prince Hamlet
     your dad’s armour! The King’s armour!                                                                                     by Jessica Doak, J5
     It was all too much for Marcellus and Barnardo. They got out their
     spears and tried to stab the ghost. But it was useless of course.
     It was I, Hamlet, who was the one who stood up to it. I was the one
     who decided to confront it.
     I said, loud and clear, “ Who art thou?” The ghost turned its back
     directly at me.
     Suddenly, the cockerel crowed and the ghost disappeared into thin air!
     Hamlet, listen, you must come tomorrow and speak out loud. This
     could mean bad news for Denmark!
                                                              Thomas Reynoldson, J5

     Hamlet’s Diary
                                                                         Queen Gertrude by Emily Muir J5
     1st April 1485
     Dear Diary,
                                                                                                 Macbeth Meets the Witches
     Oh my heart has been broken into a million pieces. Today, I was
     reminded about my father.                                                                   The sky was a giant red ceiling with menacing clouds,
                                                                                                 Trees were like mountain trolls, all hunched and crooked.
     This morning, my mother was wed to my Uncle Claudius, the worst
                                                                                                 Fog was spreading low across the slimy, brown marsh
     person to ever walk the earth! They had their party this afternoon and
                                                                                                 With Satan’s shadow lurking in its depths.
     my mother humiliated me in front of everybody!
     She said that everything that lives has to die, and what made matters                       Two soldiers staggered from a place like the underworld
     worse was that my Uncle said I was his son and told me to call him                          Clumsily, like sheep on a cattle grid.
     ‘father’.                                                                                   Their faces were like the devil’s bloody mask
                                                                                                 Trudging towards the unexpected nightmare.
     It’s just outrageous!
     Just as I was departing to my chamber, I bumped into Horatio. He told                       Three hags, like goblins, appeared,
     me about a ghost that looked exactly like my real father! I was                             With shadows as black as midnight’s lair.
     astounded.                                                                                  Their faces were wrinkled, covered in boulder like warts
                                                                                                 Bodies skinny and as lumpy as rice pudding.
     Diary, I think Elsinore castle is in grave danger. I must go now, I’ve got to
     try and see my real father with the guards.                                                 Predictions were chanted to the soldier who held his sword aloft!
     I’ll write again soon, maybe tomorrow and all will be revealed.                             All Hail, Thane of Glamis!
                                                                                                 All Hail, Thane of Cawdor!
     Yours,                                                                                      All Hail, Macbeth, King of Scotland hereafter!
                                                                     Amy Gillespie, J5                                                                     Tom Gideonse, J6

     Reception has been using the outdoor areas over the past few weeks to extend their learning in
     the classroom. They have been sketching maps, examining the pond and wildlife area in winter,
     investigating ice and frosty days and of course exploring snow on our snowy days.
                                                               The children put on Wellingtons and
                                                               waterproofs (as well as hats, scarves and
                                                               gloves) and headed outside. We found
                                                               different animal prints in the fresh snow and
                                                               tried making different prints of our own. The
                                                               children tried writing their names in huge
                                                               letters in the snow and some made a
                                                               snowman. They also explore what happened
                                                               when we filled different shape containers with snow – we had snow boulders, snow tubes and
                                                               snow cylinders!
                                                               We all thoroughly enjoyed our days in the snow. We just need to thaw out now!!!
                                                                                                                                                                 Miss C. Holman

12    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     broadsheet •

    Junior Cross Country Team                                                                U12 Cross Country Team
    In the recent ISA North Cross Country Championships, Abbey Gate                          The following Wednesday, 4th February, it was the Juniors’ competition
    College had some great success. In the senior competition on Friday                      at John Leigh Park in Altrincham. With a large and strong team and great
    30th January, a group of very cold and reluctant pupils went to                          weather, everyone competed very well on the lengthy course.
    Kingswood College in Ormskirk. Through the mud puddles, rain and                         The Under 12 Girls maintained their extremely high standards with every
    hail all runners performed extremely well, considering the miserable                     individual working hard for their places. Amy Williams ran an
    conditions.                                                                              exceptional race for an outstanding 1st place, followed by Nia Jones
    The Under 16 boys were second overall with Finlay Pilkington in 9th,                     6th, Charlotte Williamson 9th, Natasha Tudor 25th, Ellie Parker 28th and
    Myles Reid 10th, Barnaby Hollingsworth 16th and Hugo Norris 17th out                     Beth Jones 43rd. The fantastic team effort meant the girls were crowned
    of 69 runners- a fantastic effort!                                                       champions and awarded the Under 12 Girls North ISA Cup!
    The Under 14 boys were 4th overall, with good performances by                            The Under 12 Boys also had some success with Charlie Williams coming
    Joshua Marrs 9th, Eddie Speed 16th, Connor Norbury 35th and Toby                         9th and the rest of the team, including Jack Dudley 63rd, Tom Gideonse
    Reid 39th out of 73 runners.                                                             66th, James Kelly 76th and Alex Hughes 84th working hard to complete
    In the Under 14 girls, again, a consistent team performance meant an                     the rather difficult Under 12 Boys’ Course.
    overall placing of 5th with good runs from Libby Smith 20th, Emily                       In the U11 boys section, Abbey Gate College runners gave their all and
    Hopewell 30th, Rebecca Morris 33rd, Ellie Meredith 36th and Emily                        finished the course in respectful positions. Will Tomlinson produced a
    Vernon 48th out of 70 runners.                                                           fantastic display in order to finish 4th followed by Charlie Dearling 33rd,
    Well done to all runners for competing on such difficult terrain and in                  Sam Stratton 35th, Will Smith 49th, Ben Shaw 75th, and Rory Goodridge
    such horrible weather.                                                                   101st. Well done to all.
                                                                     Miss S. Fitzpatrick     A special mention must go to Joshua Marrs, Finlay Pilkington, Myles
                                                                                             Reid, Amy Williams, Nia Jones, Charlotte Williamson and Charlie
                                                                                             Williams who were all successful in being selected to represent the
                                                                                             North at the ISA Nationals at Princethorpe College on Friday 27th
                                                                                                                                               Miss S. Fitzpatrick
     Sporting Achievements & Successes in Brief
       #      7 pupils selected for the ISA National Cross Country
              Championships                                                                                                             ACTIVE KIDS
       #      ISA North Championships Team Results:
              U.12 Girls = 1st; U.14 Girls = 5th; U.14 Boys = 4th;
              U.16 Boys = 2nd.                                                                                                      Last year with your support we
                                                                                                                                    collected over 14,000 vouchers
       #      Chester & District Gymnastics: Team = 3rd;                                                                            for the PE department. These
                                                                                                                                    were then turned into valuable
              Libby Smith = 1st - individual vault.                                                                                 pieces of sports equipment
                                                                                                                                    which your children have
       #      Liam Moses and Stephanie Campbell-Woodward have received                                                              enjoyed using this year. Please
              Sports Personality Awards from the Mayor - this is a Chester and                                                      support us again with the 2009
              District initiative whereby all schools can nominate potential                                                        campaign and send each
              recipients that deserve recognition for their sporting                                                                voucher you collec t into
              achievements and commitment to school sport.                                                                          school.
                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. E. Sanders

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • 13
                                                         Daniel Ting has recently             model always giving 100% and playing in a variety of positions
                                                         been offered a 2 year                whenever asked.
                                                         football scholarship with            Daniel must be congratulated on his positive approach to College
                                                         Crewe Alexandra Football             sport. He always makes himself available to play and has matured into
                                                         Club. I am sure this is every        a highly respected and humble pupil in regards to his sporting
                                                         schoolboy’ dream. Daniel is          prowess. We even had to ask him whether or not he had been
                                                         the first College pupil in 30        accepted as even his close friends did not know!
                                                         years to be accepted on the
                                                                                              We cannot speak highly enough of Daniel’s achievements and
                                                         books of a professional
                                                                                              combining this with a well rounded approach to his academic studies
                                                         football club.
                                                                                              he still has other options should he not make it to the very top. We
                                                  Daniel has represented the                  wish Daniel well for the future and will watch his progress with interest
                                                  College with distinction at                 over the coming years. Good Luck.
       football, rugby and athletics. He has won honours in athletics in the
                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. C. Cutler
       sprint events and also in high jump at District and ISA North events. As
       part of the successful Under 16 football team he is an excellent role

      GYMNASTICS DISPLAY                                                                       U15 HOCKEY TOURNAMENT
     During the autumn term pupils from Year 7 and Year 8 have been taking
     part in Gymnastics as one of their PE subjects. It has been very popular
                                                                                              Hull, 9th-10th December 2008.
     for many individuals from both years, and they have produced some                       The U.15 girls travelled to Hull on Tuesday, 9th December in readiness
     exceptional sequences during lessons. From this enthusiasm, the PE                      for their ISA North tournament the next day. They have worked hard in
     Department set up a Gymnastics Club where the aim was to further                        practices this term and enjoyed some very good results in matches so
     improve pupils skills and knowledge of the subject. As a result, five                   far this season so, in recognition of their commitment and hard work,
     girls including Libby Smith, Emma Morgan, Zoe Karavasil and Megan                       were treated to a meal at ASK Italian restaurant……once we found it!
     Thwaites in Year 7 and Amber Simon in Year 8 went on to represent                       The morning of the tournament was extremely cold and frosty. The pitch
     Abbey Gate College in the Chester and District Gymnastics                               was passed as playable and our girls eagerly warmed up and prepared
     Competition at the Catholic High School in December 2008.                               themselves for their matches. Hull Collegiate College hosted the
     The girls performed a paired sequence to music and competed at the                      tournament and were very strong – both physically and with raw talent,
     Vault. They performed extremely well and demonstrated exceptional                       eventually becoming the tournament winners in both age categories.
     skill in order to finish 3rd out of nine schools competing. Libby Smith                 Whilst Abbey Gate were unsuccessful in their matches the team
     gained a gold medal at the vault by performing two world class round-                   bonded well and have had a taste of things to come as we prepare for
     offs.                                                                                   a hockey tour to Germany over the Easter holidays. Outstanding
                                                                                             performances from Sylvie Christian and Abigail Stubbs in two of the
     Due to this success, the PE Department are organising a Gymnastics
                                                                                             three matches secured them ‘Girl Of The Game’ recipients.
     Display on the 28th April 2009 which will consist of junior school
     pupils from Aldford and Year 7 and 8 pupils from Saighton Grange.                       Thank you to ‘Burleydam Garden Centre’ for their support and
     The Display will commence at 6:30pm and end at 8pm, all parents and                     sponsorship of the U.15 Hockey Tour to Germany, Easter 2009. Please
     friends of the school are welcome. In order to book tickets, please                     access their web site at: . Thank
     contact Mr Barton at Saighton Grange but hurry, places are limited. We                  you also to Mr. and Mrs. Haslam for kindly sponsoring the team shirts.
     hope you will come and support this event and hopefully walk away                                                                                           Mrs. E. Sanders
     with a smile on your face.
                                                               Mr. G. Barton

      YR 7 FOOTBALL                                                                            SOPHIE JONES
     On Monday 10th November the Girls Football Team took part in the                        I became a black belt 1st Dan in the martial art of Ju-Jitsu having passed
     Chester and District 5-a-side competition. This was their first ever                    the black belt grading exam in September. I have been doing Ju-Jitsu
     competition and they acquitted themselves very well. The first two                      for 3 years at the Dragons health club
     games were very equal affairs though they lost 3-1 and 2-0. The girls                   in Chester. I have been taught by my
     dominated their third match and Zoe Karavasili, who took over in goal                   Sensei James Hannath 4th Dan black
     for this game had very little to do. They could not however break                       belt.
                                         down a stubborn Catholic High                       My aim is to get to the highest level in
                                         defence and the game ended 0-                       Ju-Jitsu which is a 9th Dan although it
                                         0. The Girls finished 3rd in their                  will take many more years to achieve,
                                         group and just missed out on                        my exam took 2 hours and I had to
                                         qualifying for the next round.                      do throws and locks.
                                         Congratulations go to all of the
                                                                                                                    Sophie Jones, 7Z
                                         players, especially Libby Smith
                                         who currently has the accolade of
                                         being the top scorer

                                                                        Mr. G. Allmand

14    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •     broadsheet •
      SKIING - British Schoolboys’ International Downhill Racing Championships
    Hasliberg, Switzerland - 26th-27th January 2009
    The event this year began with 2 days of
    training then two days of competition.
    Ben Goodwin, Cameron Ryalls, Robert Cross,
    Rob Marks, Alex Shaw, Robbie Dudley, Matt
    Clauson and Tom Dickinson, all acquitted
    themselves well in the Giant Slalom. Robert
    Cross came 15th in the Giant Slalom after 2
    successful runs in the Junior section and
    Cameron Ryalls was the best placed in the
    Children 2 category coming 54th out of 101
    The treacherous Slalom course the next day
    claimed many casualties but the boys braved
    the conditions of low cloud and poor visibility
    to all finish in highly respectable times (even
    though the time keeper struggled due to the         Our team of 8
    cheering and cowbells)! Cameron Ryalls
    improved on his performance of the day                                                     outstanding levels of commitment, waking at 6.30am for early breakfast
    before coming 36th and Ben Goodwin, as a newcomer to competition                           before being first on the slopes at 7.45 before it was light. The Slalom
    skiing, completed two successful runs as well. The Junior race saw the                     courses, looking from the start gate, are very daunting experiences and
    worst of the weather as Matthew Clauson finished 26th, Robert Cross                        the heavily rutted steep descent takes not only bravery and skill but a
    30th, Robbie Dudley 34th and Thomas Dickinson 35th.                                        little bit of madness to attempt at the speeds they do!
    At the prize giving evening Robert Cross was awarded a free place on                       Well done to everyone and many thanks to the parents of all the pupils
    a Level 1 Instructor Course for his commitment to skiing within the                        who joined us in Hasliberg.
    Schoolboy Racing teams. All the boys are to be commended for their
                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. C. Cutler

                                Many thanks go to Caldwell Manufacturing and Windowseal, Winsford
                                             for sponsorship of the Ski Team Jackets.

    All pupils in Years 7-10 have           competed in house netball,              NETBALL RESULTS - MARMION WIN
    football and cross country this         term. The frosty weather did
                                                                                    YEAR             SCORE             M         H
    not deter our runners and               some excellent individual
                                                                                                   M       H
    performances - across all age           groups, were encouraging to
    see.                                                                            7a             3       1           5         1
                                                                                    7b             8       0           5         0
    The netball and football matches were highly competitive and
    all participants played their best for their respective houses.                 8a             1       4           1         5
                                                                                    8b             1      12           1         5
                                                              Mrs. E. Sanders
                                                                                    9              9       7           5         1
                                                                                    10             6       9           1         5
                                                                                    TOTAL          18         17
    FOOTBALL RESULTS - HASTINGS WIN                                                  POINTS
                                                                                     5 = win 3 = score draw 2 = no score draw 1 = scorig loss 0 = loss, no score
                       Year 7        Year 8     Year 9       Year 10
                       A GAME A GAME A GAME A GAME
    HASTINGS           5             7          3            0
                                                                                     CROSS COUNTRY - HASTINGS WIN
    MARMION            3             4          3            6
                                                                                     YEAR            HASTINGS              MARMION
                       B GAME B GAME B GAME B GAME
                                                                                                  BOYS        GIRLS    BOYS          GIRLS
    HASTINGS           3             NO GAME 9               12
                                                                                     7             13          12          18         9
    MARMION            1                        11           7
                                                                                     8             15          12          14         11
                       POINTS                                      OVERALL
                                                                                     9             11          8           17         9
    HASTINGS           5             3          1            2     11
                                                                                     10            17          7           19         10
    MARMION            0             0          3            3     6
                                                                                     Average       14          10          17         10
                                                                                      Totals             24                     27
                                                                                     (Lowest score wins for Cross Country)

•   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • 15
      SKIING - British Schoolgirls’ Races January 2009
     Five girls from Abbey Gate College travelled to                                                                    down the course and skied into a top 15
     Flaine in France to participate in this year’s races.                                                              position. The cloud dropped for Georginas’s run
     Stephanie Campbell-Woodward in Year 13,                                                                            and unfortunately she straddled a gate but
     Georgina Gardner Stockley in Year 11 and Sophie                                                                    fortunately it lifted for Sophie, who blitzed the
     Caldwell in Year 8 were skiing for Abbey Gate.                                                                     competition in her age group. Stephanie had to
     Evie Brereton in Year 8 and Zoe Karavasili in Year                                                                 play it safe in the second run to ensure a team
     7 were skiing for the Snowsports Club team                                                                         result, finishing 18th and 4th in her age group.
     ( Training was                                                                          Having just missed out on the medals on the
     provided by Lucy from Snowsports and after a                                                                       previous day, Sophie was in no mood for
     day’s training in excellent conditions of fresh                                                                    compromise. She showed great determination
     snow, blue sky and sunshine the girls were ready                                                                   and focus on the second run, skiing into 35th
     for action on Monday morning. The weather was                                                                      position and 1st in her age group, securing
     kind to the skiers, although the snow was a little                                                                 another 8th position for the team.
     soft and it was rather cold for the support crew                                                                The younger Snowsports team was not so
     at - 7 °C! In both runs of the Giant Slalom the                                                                 successful on paper, but skied well and I was
     course was tight which did not favour the taller                                                                very proud of them. Evie was the only member
     girls. However, Georgina and Stephanie scored                                                                   of that team to complete all four runs
     good times to finish as 8th fastest British-based                                                               successfully, finishing in 77th place out of 144 in
     school team. The Snowsports team finished in                                                                    the two day competition. This was a fantastic
     38th position, out of the 48 teams taking part.                                                                 result for her first races. Had Zoe not missed a
     This was good as both Evie and Zoe were                                                                         gate in both the slalom and the Giant Slalom
     competing for the first time. The best                                                                          races, she would have finished in the silver
     performers of the day were Stephanie, who                                                                       medal position for non-registered skiers. Both
     finished 18th fastest and 5th fastest in her age                                                                girls showed considerable promise for future
     group, and Sophie, who finished 65th but 4th in her age group.                           years and should feel pleased with their achievements.
     The afternoon provided great excitement in the head-to-head parallel                     At the prize giving ceremony in
     slalom competition. The Abbey Gate team was one of only 5 school                         the Flaine Auditorium on
     teams to make it through to the quarter-finals and just missed a place in                Tuesday evening, Sophie’s
     the semi-finals by the length of a ski boot!                                             Slalom result was so good, that
     The next day, the weather for the slalom was overcast and the snow                       in addition to the Dolphin Cup
     conditions were soft which was far from ideal. Stephanie had to                          for the Children 1 Slalom, she
     struggle with her nerves. Starting as number one, she was first racer                    also came away with the Argyll
                                                                                              Cup for the Combined
                                                                                              competition. Although it is too
                                                                                              early to predict, (and I would
                                                                                              hate to put a jinx on Sophie’s
                                                                                              skiing career,) the name of the
                                                                                              current British No.1 skier,
                                                                                              Chemmy Alcott, is engraved on
                                                                                              both of those trophies, and
                                                                                              Sophie Caldwell has already
                                                                                              proved that she is a force to be
                                                                                              reckoned with. Watch out! Her achievements come as a result of the
                                                                                              effort she puts into her fitness levels and training. Although this was
                                                                                              Stephanie’s last year, the team has the potential to equal, and even
                                                                                              improve on their final position as 8th fastest British-based school team
                                                                                              on snow next year.

                                                                                                                                       Thanks must go to the supporting
                                                                                                                                       parents, Janet Gardner, Martin
                                                                                                                                       Stockley, Andrew Caldwell, Mark
                                                                                                                                       Brereton, Fran Karavasili and David
                                                                                                                                       Woodward for all the apartment
                                                                                                                                       organisation, shopping, sandwich
                                                                                                                                       preparation, fetching and carrying,
                                                                                                                                       (both on and off the ski slope),
                                                                                                                                       photography and restaurant
                                                                                                                                       booking. You are a wonderful
                                                                                                                                       team and it would be so much
                                                                                                                                       more difficult without you!
                                                                                                                                              Mrs. S. Campbell-Woodward

16    •   A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E   •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   b r o a d s h e e t • A B B E Y G AT E C O L L E G E •   broadsheet •