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					Friday   6 May 2005                                                         “In the last days...”   2005 Part 08

   “Rejoice, For All Is Under My Control!”
                 [0] Review - Fullness… (02 Jul 04) and My Warnings, My Glory! (08 Oct 04)
                 [1] Days Of Awe And Glory! - Dee Hoetmer
                 [2] Go Beyond The Surface - Lanna Perry
                 [3] The Voice of Authority - Priscilla Van Sutphin
                 [4] So It Begins! - Susan Cummings
                 [5] Adjustment Time—Coming To Closure! - Olivia Reitz Long

  [1] Days Of Awe And Glory!                              step forward? Why are you allowing the Enemy to
                                                          bring fear to you?
                    Dee Hoetmer                           Do you not understand what I have spoken? Do you
 Beloved, the „big‟ thing you have waited for, that for   not understand that I am rallying my army together
 which you have had expectancy in your hearts, is „on     and I am calling My children to take their stand?
 the way‟!                                                My precious beloved warriors, I love each of you
 The Days Of Awe And Glory are „almost‟ upon you.         more than you know. I adore you all so very much,
 The fountain of living waters that flows from My         and continue to look to you with such love, but do
 throne will flow through your lives… and that which      not grieve Me any longer.
 you touch will be restored. Where your foot treads       Do not grieve My heart by taking steps back, by
 will be given unto you.                                  hiding behind things and not stepping into the light.
 You will redeem the earth from the curse, operating      Be counted. Be counted. Do you really want to serve
 since the fall of Adam and Eve. You will see signs and   Me? Do you really want to be used in the Kingdom of
 wonders and creative miracles your heart has longed      the Almighty?
 to see.
                                                          Stop hiding! Do you think that I cannot see you? Do
 Yes you have paid a great price to see My Glory. Yes     you think that I cannot see where you are hiding and
 your way has become weary, but wait, I am coming         how many of you are reluctant in sacrificing what is
 to revive your spirits and to restore all things in      needed to serve in My Kingdom.
 greater measure than it was before.
                                                          Be prepared and ready for battle, My children. I do
 Yes you have paid a price. Yes you have held onto Me     not want half-hearted warriors out on My battlefield, I
 when all things seemed lost, seemed impossible. My       want My people who are completely committed to
 Glory does not come without a price and you have         fighting and serving Me.
 counted the cost and walked the path of death to self
 anyway, loving Me more than the things of the world,     I‟ve drawn the line in the sand. I have placed the
 more than the things of the flesh.                       mark before My Church now, and I am calling, come
                                                          out of the darkness, and into the light.
 The days of divine recompense are upon you. That
 which you have sown will be reaped a hundredfold.        Decide whether you want to be counted. Come up to
                                                          the line, and be counted.
 I have heard your cries of agony and despair. The
 days of Awe and Glory are „soon‟ upon you. Hold          Truly worship Me by giving your all to Me, leaving all
 on to Me, Beloved, hold on! Do not give up the fight     behind, leaving all in the background where a lot of
 now. Ask Me for perseverance and to restore hope to      you have been hiding, and come out, and take a
 you. You are my beautiful Beloveds. You will yet see     stand at the line in the sand that I have drawn.
 the days of Awe and Glory!                               I have seen you, I love you and want to use you. So I
                                                          am calling you to come out from the darkness and
                                                          the background and come and stand at the line I
   [2] Go Beyond The Surface                              have placed in the sand.
                     Lanna Perry                          Yes, being counted and standing at the line will be a
 Why are you hiding under rocks? Why are each of          sacrifice it will cost you all that you have, but it‟s
 you taking a step back from My Kingdom and not a         worth it, as it‟s My best for you.

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Friday   6 May 2005                                                            “In the last days...”   2005 Part 08

 Die to yourself, die to your fleshly desires, stop loving   heart and the plans I have for My Kingdom, then
 the chains that have held you down for so long and          press in.
 come to Me.
                                                             Go below the surface. Stop spending all your lives
 Come, be counted. Truly worship and serve Me.               on the surface, but do what I am telling you to
                                                             do, to come deep, and I promise you My Bride,
 The shaking is beginning, soon you will see more of
                                                             once you have a taste of what is below the sur-
 My word being fulfilled, you will see people of power
                                                             face, you will never go back… ever!
 rise up that are not of me, and you must be counted
 and ready.
 You must be at the line, exactly where I need you to          [3] The Voice of Authority
 be, so that you may hear and discern all that‟s going
 on. For many other leaders will begin and have be-
                                                                           Priscilla Van Sutphin
 gun drawing lines that are not of me, lines to confuse      I am the God of glory and I am imparting to My
 My people, do not listen.                                   chosen ones a greater measure of authority. I will not
 My precious children, the only way you can survive          do this before I cleanse them of all the pride and
 these times coming is by being at the line I have           pain.
 drawn and listening to Me. Listening to Me your             I will pour out a mighty measure of My love and joy,
 commander and Father. Listen.                               My peace and power as I break the chains of oppres-
 Come to the line. Come out of hiding, and arise. Stop       sion. Then your words will become life in a more
 hiding, arise!                                              awesome way.

 Many of you are crying out to Me for the revelations        Know that I show no partiality. Do not judge your
 and the intimacy you have been desiring, yet you will       brother and sister. My plan is to renew everyone that
 not make the sacrifice to go beyond the surface.            will bow to Me. My plan is much bigger than you can
                                                             conceive of. Your discernment and all that I‟ve given
 Why do you want to remain just scratching the sur-          to you will increase. Love will be poured in where
 face of knowing Me and My heart? Do you think it is         there has been fear and bondage.
 My heart for each of you to scratch the surface of Me?
 Surely not!                                                 I will make a pure and holy Bride! Come to My heart
                                                             now, and lay down your life and ask of Me, and you
 There is a depth to Me that is not known by many.           will see great change. I am here for you always!
 There is a depth to My heart and Kingdom that few           There is nothing I won‟t do to help you change into
 see. Few see, because few choose to go forward, and         My likeness, if that is your goal.
 go below the surface.
                                                             Come before My throne of grace and ask for help,
 I have called each of you to dig. Dig deep. As you dig      expecting to receive! If you don‟t expect, then you
 deep it means that you must continue to die to your-        will not receive. Some of you have had such broken
 self, and continue to see the state of your heart, but      expectations that unbelief has filled your hearts and
 as you do, you fall more and more into My arms,             souls, and you no longer ask much. You pray less,
 knowing you cannot do anything alone. The revela-           worship less, trust less… but I remain the same!
 tion that you need Me, becomes so much more en-
 grained in each of your hearts.                             I Am faithful… and I still love you and want for you
                                                             the best. I Am your Resource of all you need. You
 Many of you know Me, and are still discontent, why?         have but to spend time with Me, in My presence, and
 Because you are sitting on the surface, scratching the      I will make your heart new.
 surface and not digging deeper into Me… not paying
 the price to go deep.                                       I will share My heart with you in ways you never
                                                             thought. So cast aside all the lies of the Enemy and
 Wake Up My Bride. Have you not realised what I am           of men who have taught you wrongly about My love.
 saying? What I continue to say over and over? Do not
 remain scratching the surface. Die to yourself, and         I tell you now that the voice of authority I will put
 come deeper.                                                in you will make men tremble for their lives. When
                                                             you command healing it will happen right then.
 Many of you are making judgments on Me, that I am
 not providing that which you are continually calling        Creative power and creative miracles will humble the
 out for. I always provide on time, but you must press       most ardent haters of Me. This power comes through
 in. I will not always come to you with what you desire      My compassion and love and walking in that love is a
 on a silver platter. You must hunger and thirst for         part of faith.
 that which you are desperate for.
                                                             Love is not mature instantly. It matures through your
 For if you are not hungry and thirsty for what you          walk with Me… but what I do now will alter how
 desire from Me, then you are not desperate. If My           many have thought and taught. If any man be in
 Bride, you are truly desperate to know Me and My            Christ, he is a new creation I‟ve said.

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Friday   6 May 2005                                                            “In the last days...”   2005 Part 08

 That will be true in the days after I do this. Instantly   be silent. I will no longer wait, for I am coming in,
 people will be saved, healed, delivered! Even before       and I will no longer tolerate sin.
 they get saved, they will get delivered and healed!
                                                            Either you are Mine, or you are not. Either I will live
 This will make them want to get saved. Everything          fully in you, or I will have none of you. For I have
 you have been afraid to do, you will now be able to        called and called to the generations to come unto Me,
 do because you will understand how much I love you.        but very few have waited upon Me and have tarried
                                                            with Me and have allowed Me to change them.
 Condemnation is a religious spirit issue. Grace means
 forgiveness and open communication with Me; inti-          I say, that day is over, for I am now coming in. I am
 macy with Me always.                                       bringing forth those who have been in captivity… and
                                                            those who have been crying out to Me, “How long
 Condemnation means you are listening to the intimi-        until we see?”
 dation of the Enemy. If you are walking in the Spirit…
 in fellowship with the Spirit of grace, then there is no   That day is upon you… for I am coming in with great
 condemnation.                                              liberty. I will not do as you expect and I will not do as
                                                            you have asked Me to do, I will do what I want to do!
 I know your make up. I know your thoughts and              For no more will I be told what to do… and no more
 intents of your hearts. I Am the Almighty One. I am        will I be controlled and be dictated to by men, and no
 not surprised by your weaknesses. I know the roots. I      more, will I allow men to hold back My People from
 Am ever ready to forgive you if your heart wants to        coming to Me.
 change. It is when you fail to want to change, fail to
 care about Me that you are treading on dangerous           Everyone that is Mine will come unto Me and every-
 ground.                                                    one that is Mine will be free from captivity, for this is
                                                            a New Day. This is a new day, for I have broken the
 I will heal and empower My true Church, and there          chains that have held My People in regions, in cities,
 will be freedom to the captives. I am releasing a tide     in churches, and I have called My people out unto
 of truth, and love that will heal her and cleanse her      Me.
 from all unrighteousness. Expect change. Expect
 change of character. Expect suddenlies. Expect and         Do not limit Me by your thinking. Do not limit Me by
 you will receive. I Am doing a new thing.                  wondering and saying, Lord, I‟m not ready. You‟re
                                                            right, but I Am! And I will do it and you won‟t.
 Expect the sinner to be convicted. Expect the lame to
 be healed. Expect the windows of heaven to open.           Because I am in you, and I‟m coming a whole new
                                                            way, because it is a new day, and no longer will I
 Time is short, and there is much harvesting to be          hold back and no longer will you, any more.
 done! Do you remember the excitement of first love?
 This is what I want to restore in you. Ask and you         I told you that I was coming and I told you that I was
 shall receive!                                             going to come in many areas… and I told you that I
                                                            would be birthing forth in the hidden places.
                                                            I say to you many have spoken against My places in
             [4] So It Begins!                              the earth, where I have chosen to give birth, but I
                Susan Cummings                              say to you, I am already birthed and breaking forth.
                                                            What I have begun, I will finish. What I have spoken,
 You have cried out to Me, you have called upon Me,
                                                            I will do. What My Word has told you will come, is
 you have come towards Me, and you have embraced
                                                            already begun, yet men have not even seen.
 Me, and you have given as much as you know how to
 give unto Me, and I have received you, and I have          For I have desired this day from the very foundation,
 heard you, and I have marked you as My Own. So it          and the very beginning that My people would stop
 begins!                                                    their sinning. That My People would despise the
                                                            shame and the disgrace and they would turn to Me
 I‟m fully coming in. No more will My Bride be tied and     and seek My Face.
 bound. No more will My People be slain and lame, for
 I Am Jealous for My Holy Name and I will not allow         I say to you, it has begun. For My People have come,
 her to be profaned.                                        and they‟ve cried out and they‟ve given themselves
                                                            to Me, and now I stand in the midst and I say, I have
 And so it shall begin… and what I have done in the         received thee, and so it begins.
 east will go until I have reached the west, for My
 People shall know that I Am Holy and they will know        For I am fully coming in… and it will be seen who is
 that I Am their God and I will be seen in the land…        Mine and who is not. For Mine will be Holy, they will
 for it is time that My Spirit is no longer bound.          be true, and they will be fully given in the earth, for I
                                                            sow My Life into them.
 It is time that My People are untied and loosed from
 all the chains that have held them. For this is the        Know that I mean what I say, I‟m coming in…
 Hour that I will no longer hold back; I will no longer     and I‟m breaking forth… and I‟m going to make

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Friday   6 May 2005                                                           “In the last days...”   2005 Part 08

 things right in My House… and all that is not built        will not be changed once the sand is emptied. Cause
 and founded upon Me will fall before Me. For they          and effect, it happens in the natural world and it
 did not embrace Me or know Me… but I say to                happens in the Spiritual. My Kingdom-purposes shall
 you, you are Mine.                                         be done.
 For I‟ve called you by name, and I‟ve sanctified           My Remnant shall arise; My Faithful Ones shall come
 you, and I‟ve washed you, and I‟ve measured                forth! It is the last hour, you are entering into the
 you, and I‟ve brought you unto Myself, and I will          final days and you are entering into what I have said
 show you the way… and you will go forth in My              I had for you—My promises fulfilled. You are now
 Name and you will see the promises come, for it            eagerly awaiting those sands to finally trickle out for
 has now begun!                                             you knowing your time is nigh.

                                                            My Faithful Ones, you have been faithful even
         [5] Adjustment Time—                               through rejection and persecution by your own. You
                                                            have persevered and always believed in Me, even in
           Coming To Closure!                               the deepest pits of despair, for even then you have
                   Olivia Reitz Long                        held on to the I Am.
 It is time… time for the I Am to move on with My           Even now many of you wonder how this will all come
 plans and purposes. I have had My people in a sea-         about… but do not fear, I Am all sufficiency for you
 son of adjustment. I have challenged each one going        and the I Am is present with you always. Each will be
 by My Name… I have given warnings both in the              touched by My hand and you will be transformed and
 natural and in the spiritual… warnings that said: It is    changed by My Glory!
 time for an attitude adjustment.
                                                            Much will seek to detract you on this side of the final
 Some have truly heard and have made the necessary          sifting, but fear not… for My will shall be done in your
 adjustments but for many, they go on as before still       life and you will see all that was forfeited returned to
 believing all is well. Unfortunately the sands of time     you seven-fold plus more!
 in My spiritual hourglass for this adjustment season       Prepare to enter into My inner chambers reserved for
 are running out.                                           My Chosen Ones. The place and the way I have pre-
 For those who are still preoccupied with their own         pared for you and the door shall swing wide open for
 individual kingdoms, seeking domination over others,       you to enter. I see your eagerness mounting as you
 seeking identities for themselves, into competition        now watch those final grains of sand sifting through to
 with others, having misplaced priorities and pur-          completion… ending this long, long season.
 poses—the last grains of sand are trickling down and
                                                            You have been taught and prepared by My hand and
 when they are gone, there will be no turning back.
                                                            you have gone through perilous times, times when
 Adjustment time, another transition period for My          even as My Faithful Ones you have wondered if you
 own by My Time Clock. As all transition periods it had     could dare to hope it would still come to pass. Now, I
 a beginning and it has an end and the end is now in        say unto you—be on alert… knowing that I Am Who I
 sight.                                                     say I Am and I will do what I have promised!
 As in all transition periods I have brought to your life   I Am in control in a world out of control… and your
 there have been rules set by the I Am… which you           destiny In Me is sealed and will be delivered. Your
 are to live by and to obey and this season has been        intense training has given you My heart and love for
 no different.                                              all of mankind.
 Many have heeded this adjustment-time and many             As you see the last grains of sand leaving this sea-
 have not—now this season is in the last seconds of         son, it shall light a spark… and this spark will turn
 My Time and then all will move into My final destiny       into a blazing flame as I move you forth. No Enemy
 for the world.                                             can steal what I have for you, for I have placed a
                                                            mantle on you that no Enemy can destroy.
 During this adjustment-time much grace has been
 given, an extension in grace to truly walk My walk in      Rejoice, again I say rejoice, for all is under My
 all ways, not as you speak.                                Control, and what I have purposed before the be-
 The night is far spent—the day is at hand! Gross           ginning of time shall be accomplished shortly.
 darkness will come upon your lands. As the last            The season of adjustment is coming to closure
 sands trickle away—those who have not adhered to           and you are stepping into your destiny while also
 My adjustment-season, your next season and time is         stepping into the final days, the destiny of the
 fixed! There will be no going back for a second            world—filled with My Glory, walking in signs and
 chance.                                                    wonders, healing the sick, raising the dead and
 For My Faithful Ones, your next season and time is         bringing in the final Harvest. Adjustment
 also fixed! All will be in readiness for both sides and    Time—Coming to Closure and now it all begins!

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