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Authors Hobbies                 Authors                   About
• Writing                       interests                The Author
• Telling stories to his   • Teaching              •   His son gave him
  son                      • English and history       the idea for the
• reading                                              Percy Jackson
                           • Mythology                 series
                                                   •   Rick was born and
                                                       raised in San
                                                       Antonio, Texas
                                                   •   He now has a
                                                       wife and two sons
                                                   •   Ricks real name is
                   Character Analyst
                                Character actions
Books and                       •   Percy: A half blood, smart, can       Character idea
                                    pretty much find a way out of        My character idea is to have
  characters                        every situation
                                                                             Lexis, Percy’s half sister,
• The Lightning Thief:          •   Annabeth: A half blood, smart,
                                    wants to be an acetic, and once         join camp half blood. She
    Percy, Annabeth, Luke,                                                   wants to be a teacher so
                                    she puts her mind to something
    Chiron, Grover, and the         you can’t stop her                     she is very smart and loves
                                •   Grover: a satyr, sensitive, eco          little kids. Lexis is funny,
•   The sea of monsters:            friendly, and always has Percy’s        creative, and she’s tough.
    Percy, Annabeth, Grover,        back
    and Tyson.                  •   Luke: a half blood, bad guy,
•   The Titans Curse: Percy,        doesn’t like his dad (Hermes)
    Annabeth, Thalia, Grover,   •   Chiron: Centaur, caring, the          Things in common
                                    trainer of the gods.
    Zoë Nightshade.                                                             between
•   The Battle of the
                                •   The gods: POWERFUL, kind of
                                    sensitive.                                 characters
    Labyrinth: Percy,
                                •   Tyson: Cyclops, clumsy, strong               Did you notice that
    Annabeth, Grover, Luke,
    and Nico                    •   Thalia: a half blood, smart, , and      Thalia, Percy, Annabeth,
                                                                               and Luke are all half
                                •   Zoë Nightshade: A follower of
                                    Artemis, tough, wants thing to go      bloods, or that Zoë, Thalia,
                                    her way                                   and Nico are all pretty
                                •   Nico: Son of Hades, tough, and                    tough?
                     Theme Analyst
                 Books                                 Themes
          The Lightning Thief:                 : You never know what life
                                                   will throw at you next.
         The Sea of Monsters:                  :Friendship is all about the
           The Titans Curse:                   :There is more than meets
                                                            the eye.
                                                  :Life is one big maze.
           The Battle of the

                            My theme idea
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” and what that means is to
                always keep an eye out for the unexpected.
                       Language Analyst
   The Lightning              The Sea of
         Thief                                        The Titans            The Battle of
Some interesting words in Some interesting word          Curse                   the
    this book are:            are “cannibal” and
    “minotaur” and “Myth.”    “demigods.”
                                                    An interesting word       Labyrinth
    A minotaur Is a a         Cannibal means            is prophecy and
    monster that is half                                                   An interesting word
                              something that            a prophecy is a
    man half bull. A myth     only eats meat and                                is sprawl and
    is a legend that gives                              telling for the
                              a demigod is                                    what that means
                              someone who has           future.                is to spread. An
Some interesting phrases      a god as a parent
    are, “A leave of          and a mortal as a     An interesting                 interesting
    absence” and “The         parent.                   phrase is “The
    game goes to me.”                                                             phrase is “A
                           Some interesting             young heroes
    The phrase “a leave       phrases are “A                                     mysterious
    of absence” means to      stunning new              have just              acquaintance
    go away for a while.      secret” and
The phrase “The game                                    fallen prey”          with a mortal”
    goes to me” means         quiet,” which             and what that           and what that
    that you won the          means it is usually       means is to                means is a
    game.                     loud. The phrase,
                              “a stunning new           become what             meeting with a
                              secret,” means a          another wants.               human.
                              not expected
                              knowledge.                   My words/phrases ideas
                                                       My word ideas would be shiver and
                                                    crimson. My Phrases would be “You send
                                                    shivers down mine spine” or “Her hair
                                                         was as crimson as a ruby.”
                     Story Idea
      When Percy meets his half sister, Lexis, thing take a turn for
the worst when Lexis gets kidnapped by Luke, Percy’s enemy. While
trying to save Lexis, Percy begins to wonder why Luke would want
Lexis. Could it be that Lexis has something Luke wants or is it just a
trap for Percy? Find out in the next Percy Jackson series: Hide and I
Shall Seek.
•   The Lightning Thief
•   The Sea of Monsters
•   The Titans Curse
•   The Battle of the Labyrinth
•   http://www.rickriordan.com/
•   http://www.kidsread.com/authors/au-riordan-rick.asp

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