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									           Prophetic Atmosphere
► Prophetic Atmosphere is an environment.
      The components of the prophetic environment work
      collaboratively to create the mode and tone of its

       It is a pervading spiritual environment. Just as the
  earths environment is affected by the inhabitants within
  the environment and other elemental components may
  change or affect our environment even so spiritually.
  Things and people can influence the environment of the
           Prophetic Atmosphere
► The components that comprise the prophetic
  atmosphere as I understand it are:
     the spirit
     words (the mode of operation for the prophetic)

These three in conjunction with each other create the
  environment of the atmosphere.
            Prophetic Atmosphere
► Other   influences in the environment
   you
   satan
   time

  All of these have access to operate in the prophetic
   atmosphere and can influence the mode or tone of
   the prophetic environment.
         Prophetic Atmosphere
► The prophetic atmosphere is the environment of the
  kingdom of God. It is the influence that we are under.

► The prophetic kingdom is distinctive and has a definite
  tone and mode of operation.

 The   Kingdom is God’s
 It has governing principals and operating measures
 It has a distinctive and should be the predominate
  place from which we operate.
      Operating in the Prophetic

► We must  learn how to function,
 Make useful that which has been provided
 for us and for our benefit and use.
       Operating in the Prophetic

Just as a baby must learn how to live, how to
  survive in another atmosphere once exiting his
  mother’s womb, even so must we learn how to
  function, live in this prophetic atmosphere as
  we are exposed to it.
     Understanding the Prophetic
                        Session I, Week One
   To be Prophetic by definition means:
        * Of or having the nature of prophecy
        * It is a Prophetic utterance
   It also means:
         One who contains a prophecy
   In addition to that it is :
        One that prophesies, predicts or foreshadows.
    (We will deal with the nature of prophecy in later discussions
    dealing with the flow of the prophetic, and so we will not deal
    with it here)
We are Containers of
    Revelations 19:10c
 “The testimony of Jesus is the
      spirit of prophecy.”
           Containers of Prophecy
►   We possess the prophecy. Christ is prophecy manifested.
    When we take on Christ we take on the prophetic word
    spoken regarding our salvation. That which was
    manifested in the person of our prophesized messiah,
    Jesus Christ.
►   We bear in us the prophetic chimes that were spoken by
    the prophets of old. The prophesies concerning the birth,
    death, person and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. As
    well as prophesies concerning the times in which we live.
►   The prophetic words of our destiny are embedded and
    encased within us and we have become containers of the
     Containers of Prophecy
  Understand that the Word of God
 contains prophecy and when we ingest
spiritually the Word of God we become
containers of prophecy and by definition
         that makes us prophetic.
      Containers of Prophecy
When we receive the released prophetic words
to us they become a part of us when we ingest
and digest these prophetic utterances they
become the word of God to us and thus a part of
us, making us containers of the prophetic words
to us.
        Containers of Prophecy
► Now  does that mean because all believers
 possess Jesus that all become prophets, No! But
 it does however confirm that because we have
 received Christ and the work on Christ on the
 cross. We have received such by faith. It
 means that we also take on the prophetic
 nature invested, imbedded in the life of Christ
 and in his redemptive act upon the cross that
 makes us a people containing, housing the
 prophetic nature.
          We Are Prophetic
► Prophetic is therefore not something that we
  must strive to achieve
► We are prophetic by the nature of Christ
  that is within us.
       Containers of Prophecy
 We are a prophetic people because we
 house the prophetic words that we have
 ingested spiritually from scripture.
 We are prophetic because we carry the
 prophetic within us spiritually. Even if we
 don’t use it or recognize it or give it proper
 acknowledgement. We are carriers of
 From the beginning we were
   exposed to the prophetic

► God  spoke the world into being by releasing his
  mind/will into the earth
► God breathe on us / spoke over us His will and
  man became a living soul.
► This soul came into existence as a result of
  prophetic release.
                 The Soul
► Pneuma the  breath of God in us is the invisible
 spiritual atmosphere that makes us unique.
► The soul is the atmosphere or the environment
 that influences who we are
   The soul atmosphere is invisible yet it is
  characterized by the actions, emotions and
      desires of the one who possesses it.
                  The Soul
 It is the unseen part of man yet it is from this
            atmosphere that we function

 Everything we  are, everything that we do flows
 trough or emanates from our soul. Therefore it
 is important that we maintain our soul state in a
 condition that is conducive for us to be a clear
 conduit for God’s prophetic voice.
 The Prophetic Kingdom
        Colossians 1:13
Who hath delivered us from the
 power of darkness, and hath
    translated us into the
   Kingdom His dear Son.
          The Kingdom of God
► Is   Prophetic.

► It   is invisible yet tangible

► It   is by God design

► It   is by Faith
       Operating in the Prophetic

Just as a baby must learn how to live, how to
  survive in another atmosphere once exiting his
  mother’s womb, even so must we learn how to
  function, live in this prophetic atmosphere as
  we are exposed to it.
► Homework assignment: Read     Lesson One in
 your books and complete the homework
 assignment at the end of the chapter. Be
 prepared to turn those in next class time.

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