SAMPLE Memo Request for a New Account Set-Up by xzibit


									Request for a New Account Set-Up
Date: To: MM/DD/YYYY Lisa Christison – UCT 1200 Office of Institutional Advancement Name of PI/Org Manager Department Name New Gift Account Set-Up



Attached please find a check[s] totaling $Amount for the UT School Name at Houston. Please set up a new unrestricted/restricted gift account to deposit funds for future use, with the following information: Department Code – PeopleSoft Dept. Code Department – PeopleSoft Dept. Name Account Title – Account Name School – UT School Name at Houston Donor Intent – Brief explanation of intended use of funds If you need further information, please contact contact name at 713-500-XXXX.

[Signature] Name of Department Head Title Department Name

[Signature] Name of Chief Business Person Title Department Name

[Signature] Name of PI/Org Manager Title Department Name

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