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                                                    Call to Artists


Artists are presented with the chance to display their skills along our natural art gallery – between

Government Cut and 23rd Street, Miami Beach - by submitting "Eco-Art Gallery by the Sea" sketches to the

Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach. All submitted sketches will be featured in a menu booklet that

ECOMB will use to present to potential sponsors, allowing them choose their preferred designs, which will

then be installed on beach trash can(s). Funds raised from the campaign will be used to underwrite

additional beach clean-up initiatives and educational projects provided by ECOMB, the City of Miami Beach,

and Miami-Dade County. Artwork should focus, as much as possible, on South Florida environmental

themes, such as animal or plant life, habitats, etc. But we do not want to limit your creative ideas and we

will consider other South Florida related themes.

Compensation & Copyright

Artists will be paid $200 for each sponsored design that has been (1) approved by the “Eco-Art Gallery by the Sea” Design Review

Committee, (2) printed and (3) officially featured on beach trash cans. ECOMB holds exclusive rights to market the artwork for use

on any trash cans or recycle bins, in a coffee table book and other revenue generating ideas. The artist retains the copyright of the

original artwork featured on adopted trashcan(s) and may choose to donate it to ECOMB for future fundraising purposes. To deter

theft and vandalism, the opportunity to purchase prints on ECOMB's website will be clearly marked on the plaque. Funds raised

from the website sale of print replicas will be split 50% - 50% with participating artists and ECOMB.

Submission Guidelines

•   Canvas size for the Eco-Art Gallery by the sea is sixty-two (62) inches wide by seven (7) inches tall
•   Eco Artwork Sketches must be submitted in digital format (.pdf) and delivered by either by disc to ECOMB office or emailed to
•   Artwork must be delivered with a label containing the following information: (1) First and Last Name of Artist, (2) Title of Work, (3)
    Address, (4) Telephone Number and (5) Email Address

•   Decorated trash cans will be unveiled at the Eco-Art Gallery by the Sea party and eco-fashion show on Earth Day - April 22nd 2008

                                      ECOMB · Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach
                                     945 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 9 • Miami Beach • Fl • 33139
               T: 786.357.1485 or 786.853.1855 • F: 208.979.2806 • E: •

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