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									             Lahore University of Management Sciences
                    Computer Science Department

Course:                  CS 462 Software Engineering (4 units)
Quarter:                 Winter 2004

Instructor:              Saima R. Shaikh
Office:                  Room 411

Lectures:                Mon (8.30 am - 10:10 am)
                         Fri (8.45 am - 10:35 am)

TAs:                     yet to be announced

Course Description
This course is designed to provide understanding of the concepts, techniques and tools
for the definition, design, development, testing and maintenance of software systems.
The main objective is to emphasize the need for a systematic and managed approach to
software development. This course uses the structured approach to software
development as a vehicle to illustrate various aspects of software engineering.

Senior level standing.

Roger S. Pressman (T1)
Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, Fifth Edition.
McGraw-Hill, 2001

Ian Sommerville (T2)
Software Engineering, Sixth Edition
Addison-Wesley, 2001

Quizzes                        15%
Project                        25% (details to be distributed later)
Midterm Exam                   25%
Final Exam                     35%

                                  CS462: Software Engineering
                                   Saima Shaikh, Winter 2004
Topical Outline and Readings
Module              Topic                                       Weeks           Readings
Introduction        The Need for Software Engineering
                                                                    2           T1
                    The Software Product and Process                            Chapters 1 - 3
                         - Software Charateristics,                             T2
                           Applications and Myths                               Chapters 1 – 4, 22

                         -SW Process
                         -SW Process Models

                      Project Management Concepts
                      Managing People

Analysis            System Engineering                              2           T1
                    Requirements Engineering                                    Chapters 10, 11, 12
                    Analysis Concepts and Principles
                    Analysis Modeling                                           T2
                                                                                Chapter 5

Design              Design Concepts and Principles                  2           T1
                    Architecture and detailed design                            Chapters 13 - 15
                    User-interface design*
                                                                                Chapter 15

Verification        Process Improvement                          2-3            T1
and                 SW Quality Assurance                                        Chapters 8, 17, 18, 26
Validation          SW Testing Techniques
                    SW Testing Strategies
                    Clean room SW Engineering*

Software            Legacy systems                               1-2            T1
Evolution           Maintenance                                                 Chapters 9, 29, 30
                    Configuration Management
                    Re-engineering*                                             T2
                    Web Engineering*                                            Chapters 26 - 28

* if time permits

Note: Readings for some sessions may be supplemented with additional material

                                      CS462: Software Engineering
                                       Saima Shaikh, Winter 2004

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