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									                                                                                                                      By Mac Kemp, MEd, EMT-P

                                                                                                                 Applying for grants
                                                                                                                      need not be a
                                                                                                               daunting experience.
                                                                                                                  Here’s how to get
                                                                                                                     started and be

To many people, grants are a mystery. They can seem like magic money that comes
from secret places. Nowhere in the EMS curriculum do you learn how to look or apply
for them. So how do you decide to apply for a grant and go about getting it done?
  Grants are simply money that is         but you can start making progress and      guidelines, not following instruc-
earmarked for very specific purposes.      set goals along the way to make your       tions or because there were too many
Grant makers have money they want         appeals successful.                        applications to fund them all. You can
distributed to further their unique         The good news is, yes, you should        increase your odds if you follow a few
missions, and if you can be part of       apply. Every year the federal govern-      simple steps. As one grant consultant
their mission, they are willing to give   ment, states and private foundations       says, “The money is there, and it is
you money. That is truly the key to       give away literally billions of dollars.   going to be given to somebody. It might
successful grant writing: making your     All of these funds fall into specific       was well be you!”
priorities fit with granters’. In this     categories with specific requirements,                                                Jules Scadden will present

article we will walk through getting      but when you are eligible for a grant,     STRATEGIC PLANNING                        a session on grantwriting
                                                                                                                               at EMS EXPO, 2010, Sept.
ready to apply for grants in a system-    you should go for it. The fact of grant      Most people and agencies determine      27–Oct. 1 at the Dallas
                                                                                                                               Convention Center, Dallas, TX.
atic way that anyone can follow. Grant    writing is that most applications are      they need a grant when they decide          For more information, visit
writing takes time and experience,        turned down—many for not meeting           they want to purchase something they

                                                                                    EMS JUNE 2010                   43
grant writing

                                                                                                                    may really want to get cardiac moni-
                     Pork: The Other Sustenance                                                                     tors, but the first grant that comes up
                         There is another type of funding out there for EMS agencies, but it is a limited,          may be for data collection. You have to
                     one-time source. This funding comes through your local congressional representatives.          be prepared to fit the grant processes
                     Many people refer to this funding as pork or earmarks. Although there is always talk
                     about ending this funding, it is highly unlikely to disappear. Someone in your district will   you find to a variety of needs within
                     get this funding, and it may as well be you.                                                   your organization.
                         The process is fairly simple: If you know a member of Congress, simply make contact          The other thing a strategic plan does

                     and follow up with a straightforward proposal. Include what you want, why you need it,
                     how it will improve your service, and what the costs will be. Generally, requests should
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