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[...] it is our responsibility to operate your association in ways that honor these commitments. The New Flyer buses, for example, are powered by cutting edge technology: a diesel electric hybrid engine that has extremely low levels of emissions while providing power and improved gas mileage. (c) Food and Beverage * NEHA has requested a copy of the hotel and convention center's waste management plan and energy savings plan in an effort to hold these facilities accountable for taking steps to be green. * Leftover food will be served in the employee cafeteria or donated to a local charitable food distributor. * We will again use locally grown and organic food wherever possible in our meal functions. * A percentage of food for all meals will be prepared as vegetarian or vegan, thereby reducing the number of greenhouse gas emissions it would have taken to farm and ship animal products served at the conference. * Condiments will be served in bulk containers, when possible, to reduce waste. * Large hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the facilities, as opposed to handing out small, plastic containers, to reduce waste and the spread of germs. (d) Transportation * NEHA is helping attendees make informed decisions about their transportation by recommending airlines and car rental companies that have green initiatives in place, including opportunities for attendees to purchase carbon offsets. * We are recommending "Green Travel Tips" for conference attendees. * NEHA has contracted with a bus line that runs on alternative fuel that will transport guests to and from the UL event.

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                                                 The Greening of NEHA

          nelson fabian, mS

        he environmental health profession                                                        hotels to ensure that they are implementing
        that NEHA represents is committed to                                                      green practices. Recycling bins are now lo-
        fostering both environmental quality
                                                        NEHA is among                             cated throughout the halls, and laptops, in-
and a healthful environment. Accordingly, it             a small (though                          stead of desktops, are offered at computer
is our responsibility to operate your associa-                                                    cafés. After the 2009 AEC & Exhibition, all
tion in ways that honor these commitments.            growing) number of                          conference surveys were completed elec-
   We’ve been looking for and implementing                                                        tronically (versus paper conference sur-
a host of measures that enable us to increas-
                                                        associations that                         veys that attendees have submitted on site,
ingly green our office operation, our journal,       are making the effort                        mailed, or faxed in the past).
our communications, interactions with the                                                            We now steer you to register online, which
membership, and various business practices.            to transform their                         greatly reduces the number of mailed regis-
We have been particularly focused on mea-                                                         trations. Exhibitors can promote their com-
sures that will increasingly green our Annual
                                                        annual meetings                           panies via the virtual platform and are also
Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibi-                  into increasingly                         asked to use recyclable or reused materials
tion, which is the single largest program that                                                    for signage in their booths at the conference.
NEHA sponsors. With the AEC & Exhibition                    green and                             Our planning with presenters is now all tak-
now just around the corner, I thought that                                                        ing place through e-mail. In addition, we’ve
the membership might enjoy getting a brief-
                                                      sustainable events.                         been discouraging our presenters from cre-
ing from me on what we’ve been doing to                                                           ating hard copy handout materials. Instead,
green your annual conference and by doing                                                         such material has been electronically com-
so, to support the very goals that you work to                                                    piled and incorporated into the CDs we’ve
achieve each and every day.                      per. This saves significant paper and postage    been providing our attendees.
   Over these past several years the meetings    costs. The entire conference program layout         For our last two AEC & Exhibitions,
literature has been growing insofar as the is-   (which spells out in enormous detail all of      we’ve coordinated a carpool system to
sue of green meetings is concerned. However,     our room sets, F&B needs, AV needs, event        transport attendees from the airport to the
NEHA is among a small (though growing)           times and locations, etc.) is now developed      hotel. In Atlanta, we collaborated with the
number of associations that are making the       and determined in a paperless e-format. We       Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Author-
effort to transform their annual meetings into   produce the conference program guide us-         ity to make public transit passes available
increasingly green and sustainable events.       ing sustainable options, and have greatly re-    to our AEC & Exhibition attendees. In ad-
   We hope, e.g., that you’ve already noticed    duced its size over the years. It is now also    dition, we’ve been providing attendees with
our switch from paper to more electronic         printed locally in our conference city, there-   the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets
mediums for our promotions and even con-         by eliminating the need to ship these heavy      through TerraPass. (See www.terrapass.
ference newsletters. We’ve also extensively      booklets from Denver. Contracts with con-        com/about/how-carb
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