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     Reflecting Growth
     Base your CU’s facilities strategy on your institution’s
     unique market opportunities.
     By Karen Bankston

     A       s credit unions set their
             sights on better economic
     times, their boards should be
                                                 Accomplishing those intertwined goals
                                               yields strategies as individual as the credit
                                               unions that undertake them—from building
                                               brand recognition to forging community part-
                                                                                                   introduction of remote delivery channels
                                                                                                   such as mobile banking.
                                                                                                     “We have a strong equity position,” Hoopert
                                                                                                   says. “We’re very conservative minded, with
                                               nerships to expanding through mergers and           the aim of good controlled growth. We
                                               in-store facilities to relying on e-services—       don’t build just for building sake. We make
     reviewing strategic facilities plans      as the examples presented here demonstrate.         sure that what we’re doing is right for our
                                                                                                   members, so we’ll be there to take care of their
     to assess whether and how they                                                                needs in the years to come.”
                                               Steady Growth, ‘Signature Look’                       Toward that end, Tulsa Teachers CU relies
     take advantage of opportunities for       Tulsa Teachers Credit Union has built seven         on CUES Supplier member BCI (www.bcihq.
                                               branches in the past decade and is currently        com), Milwaukee, to study potential branch
     member recruitment and retention—
                                               seeking a site to start construction on another     sites based on demographics, a census of
     and for commanding a prominent            new facility this year, says Jerry Hoopert,         existing and prospective members in the
                                               CSE, VP/chief administrative officer for the        service area, and size, accessibility and visi-
     position in the marketplace.              $930 million credit union that serves 82,600        bility of the location. “Our goal is to make
                                               members in 14 counties in northeastern              sure branches are in a location to improve the
                                               Oklahoma. Though Tulsa Teachers CU (www.            profitability of the institution,” he adds. “We
                                      doesn’t have a prototypical branch—       have cost centers established for all areas of
                                               its facilities vary in size based on the types of   the institution, including the branches.”
                                               services likely to be in demand in each service
                                               area—its offices have in common a “signature
                                               look,” with a green roof and distinctive            Eclectic as the City it Serves
                                               brick and stone exterior.                           Developed over nearly a quarter-century, the
                                                  The aim of that architectural approach           facilities strategy of generations federal credit
                                               is to evoke brand recognition and a “sense          union ( is nearly as varied
                                               of permanence,” Hoopert says. The credit            as the community of San Antonio, it serves.
                                               union also leases two facilities, one opened        Blending stand-alone, workplace and in-store
                                               last year in a medical parkway area and             branches with a landmark headquarters in a
                                               another shared branch facility in a retail          restored historic train depot, the brick-and-
                                               shopping district.                                  mortar network reflects an approach that
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