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					                        Montessori School of Lemont
    N OVEMBER 2008                                                                                      V OLUME 14.4

                                        16427 W. 135th St.

                                                  (815) 834-0607

                       S ILENT A UCTION NEWS                                                        M ARK Y OUR
                                                                                                    C ALENDARS
      B UILDING F UND U PDATE                       A N E VENING      IN  M ONTE C ARLO
                                                                        -Catherine Greenspon     Upper Elementary Visitor
                       -Therese Colby
                                                                                                      November 3
Groundbreaking for the new 6-9 building is          We are excited to announce the details of        Upper Elementary
just a few building permits away! With that         our 2009 Silent Auction: "An Evening in       Field Trip to the Chicago
financing secured, we can now dedicate the          Monte Carlo." The Auction will be held          Symphony Orchestra
Building Fund and our fundraising efforts to        on Friday, April 24, 2009 in Lemont's               November 6
Phase III of our building plan, the much-           beautiful Slovenian Center. Doors will        Parent Association Mtg.
requested Toddler Program!                          open at 7 p.m.                                    November 13
To kick off this next phase, we have received                                                        Manna Order Due
                                                    This year’s goal is to raise money for our        November 14
a $10,000 donation! The Aunt Marlene
Foundation is underwriting our Silent               new Toddler Program. We will be
                                                    sending an Evening in Monte Carlo family          Brookfield Zoo
Auction, An Evening in Monte Carlo, that will                                                          Trim-a-Tree
                                                    packet home next week. Please look for
benefit The Building Fund. The Aunt Marlene                                                           November 22
                                                    the packet as it will contain an abundance
Foundation is an organization committed to                                                          Thanksgiving Break
                                                    of interesting and useful information
making a difference in children’s lives every                                                        November 26-28
day. This year's auction chairs are Catherine       about this year’s event.
Greenspon and Giuseppina Reifel who make a          If you have any questions or comments,
great team.                                         please contact Catherine Greenspon at
‘The Toddler Addition’, which will actually or Giuseppina
include a multipurpose space for all students,      Reifel at
staff and parents will be a 2,500sf addition to     In advance, thank you friends, for all of
the 3-6 building. It will extend east towards       your support,
Oak Hill Drive and angle to the south with a
                                                                                                 Daylight Saving Time:
covered patio connecting the indoor and             Catherine and Giuseppina                      November 2, 2008
outdoor environments.                               Co-Chairs
                       * * *                        Silent Auction 2009                               Overheard
In 1994 the Building Fund was established with
$10,000. By 1998, when 7.5 acres were deeded to                                                  "I am doing
the school, the fund had grown to $100,000                                                       penguin-ship. Only
thanks to fundraising efforts and over $50,000 in                                                kindergarteners get to
donations. In 2000, we were able to secure                                                       do penguin-ship."
financing and start construction on the current                                                               B.W., Age 5
                                                                                                 When asked by a
                    Parent Association Meetings will now take place the second                   teacher if he had a
                    Thursday of each month. Join us on Thursday, November 13 at 8:45             globe at home… "No,
                    a.m. for our next meeting in the main office.                                but I have a lava lamp!"

                    Upcoming meetings include: December 11 and January 15.                                    C.T., Age 4
V OLUME 14.4                                                                                 P AGE 2
Norine Colby
                                              E LEMENTARY H ALLOWEEN P ARTY
VICE PRESIDENTS,                                                                           The elementary classes held
Thomas Donnelly                                                                            their annual Halloween
Virginia Fleege                                                                            Party on Friday, October
James Hilgenbrink                                                                          31. The lively event, which
                                                                                           entailed crafts, games, food
Tom Leonard
                                                                                           and more, began with the
Therese Colby
                                                                                           students giving
                                                                                           presentations on a historical
Norine Colby
                                                                                           figure of their choice.
Divina Cruz                                                                                Dressed as their historical
Tina Davidson                                                                              figure, each student talked
Katya Hayevsky                                about the person’s life and accomplishments. Some of the figures
Marsha LoVerde                                included Rosa Parks and Shirley Temple!
Shamima Malik
                                              In the afternoon, the kindergarteners were invited to attend the
Nancy Rodey
Susan Schmitt
                                                                                                     celebration, which
                                                                                                     not only serves to
Amy Allison
                                                                                                     build community,
Norine Bunales                                                                                       but is also one of
Kelly Catterson                                                                                      many bridging
Therese Colby                                                                                        opportunities to
Rebecca Cullinan                                                                                     help the Ks become
Maria Janik                                                                                          familiar with their
Catherine Lerczak
Shqipe Osmani                                 future classroom and classmates.
Daniela Paulius                               The elementary parent volunteers
Andrea Pintar                                 almost outnumbered the children
Jenna Treanor
Alex Valera de Barrett
                                              (Wow!) and both groups had an
Faye Wheeler
                                              equally great time.
Mary Ann Zolecke
Jeni Clark
Marge Doucet
Louise Egofske
Catherine Greenspon
Zorana Jeffries
Heather Kwasigroch
Maria Mancari
Giuseppina Reifel
Maribel Rivera
                                              The weather, almost 70 and sunny,
Jodie Rosales
Stefania Stojakovic                           was quite a contrast from last week's
Jenna Treanor                                 nasty weather as one parent
Marla Weeks                                   commented, "This was such a great
Hildegard Westphal                            day, it almost made up for the cancellation of Fall Fest."
Alex Valera de Barrett
Kelly Zurek
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                                Montessori Elementary & Preschool is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
V OLUME 14.4                                                                                    P AGE 3

Join us Saturday, November 22 for our
annual Family Field Trip to decorate our
school tree at Brookfield Zoo.
Each year, students at all levels, primary
through elementary, create ornaments for
the Brookfield Zoo’s Annual Trim-a-Tree
Join us at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday the 22nd
of November, where families will meet at
the zoo to decorate the tree and sing
holiday songs.
Our group's tree is number 172 and is
located on the East Mall. Our tree is
under the Town of Lemont group. The
sign in front of our tree will read:
Decorated by Montessori School of
Lemont and Donated by Montessori
Parents Association.
For easy access to the tree, you can park in
the Main Lot, which is located at the
corner of 31st St. and Golfview Rd., just                  Photos from last year's BZ
off 1st Ave. Layouts of each mall will be                    Trim-a-Tree Event...
posted at each gate and at the East and
West Malls to let you know the exact
location of our tree.

                         The holiday       to fine restaurants and grocery stores       everyday expenses. Remember, it is
                         season is fast    like Chipain's, Dominick's and Jewel,        your child(ren) that ultimately
                         approaching       but we also we also offer certificates       benefit.
                         and I want to     to many great stores like A Pea in the       If you have any questions about the
                         encourage         Pod, American Eagle, Kay Jewelers,           MANNA program, you can contact
                         everyone to       Homegoods, Williams-Sonoma, Lord             me via e-mail.
                         take              and Taylor, Macy's, TJMAxx, Harry
                         advantage of      & David, Gap, Mario Tricoci and              Our next MANNA order is due
                         our gift card     more. So be sure to place an order in        November 14. Thanks!
                         program.          the next MANNA cycle.
                                                                                        Theresa Longo
We have a lot of great vendors that        If the thought of the holidays is just to
could satisfy anyone on your list.         stressful for you to think about, then       Manna Chair
Not only do we have gift certificates      please consider MANNA for your
V OLUME 14.4                                                                                      P AGE 4

On October 24-26, Katya Hayevsky           child, who already has a great collection   intricate relationships and
attended a Cosmic Education Workshop       of facts from his primary experience and    dependencies. The ultimate aim of this
for AMI Teachers at the Elementary         is now ready to build upon those            work is for the child to understand his
Level Ages 9 – 12, in Fairfax, VA.         facts. The different approach to the        own place in the world and society,
                                           elementary child in the Montessori          realizing his potential and personal
                 ***                       method is what is know as “Cosmic           responsibility that is central to the law
When the child comes to the                Education”, which seeks to make use of      and order of our world.
elementary program from the                the reasoning mind of the elementary
                                                                                       The drama of the life of the universe is
primary, he is a different child than he   child. He no longer is satisfied with
                                                                                       presented to children as a sequential set
was. He no longer possesses what we        purely sensorial material, and along
                                                                                       of lessons where new elements and
call “The Absorbent Mind.” He is no        with reasoning, needs to make use of his
                                                                                       characters are introduced, building up
longer interested in the collection of     ability to imagine.
                                                                                       to human beings and their
facts for the sake of facts themselves,    Another goal of cosmic education is to      history. Through these stories and
and the process of this type of            connect lessons in one area with lessons    presentations, we hope to help the
memorizing will no longer be               in another area. Montessori believed in     children explore the universe, and their
effortless. Instead, the elementary        integrating the curriculum before doing     function in it. We also show the various
child has entered the period of            so was popular. History involves            tasks of all the elements and beings in
reasoning, a new period of                 language, chemistry involves                the universe - the service rendered to
intellectualism, and longs to know the     mathematics, music involves                 others by everything in the
“why” of everything. Maria                 history. Avoiding a structured schedule     environment. The humans’ task is that
Montessori said, ”Reasoning keeps          in the day helps to emphasize the           of agent of change, as we are the only
things in their relations to one           connections between what the child          species capable of changing the
another, compares them, deduces            learns because he is not limited to         environment. Along with the ability to
from them, arrives at conclusions, and     working with a certain subject at a         change the environment comes the
when the conclusions have been             certain time and allows for more time       responsibility to care for it, not destroy
arrived at, there is a state of psychic    to study many aspects of the same topic.    it.
satisfaction, and with this, a sense of
calm and repose.”                          Cosmic education, however, is much
                                           more than interrelated subjects; it is                           Katya Hayevsky
The traditional system of education        also relating the child to a much bigger                         is a directress in
relies primarily on the faculties of       picture. The children study the creation                         the Upper
memorization and abstraction, which        of the universe, the plants, the animals,                        Elementary
is insufficient to appeal the the          and the humans that inhabit the Earth                            Program.
reasoning mind of the elementary           with the goal of understanding their

F OR S MALL            HANDS
Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year's For Small Hands fundraiser. 45 families purchased over
$4127.60 in merchandise from For Small Hands which means a total credit of $619.14 for the school. The credit per
classroom is broken down as follows:
                                     Blue             $      241.19
                                     Green            $       89.83
                                     Yellow           $      190.74
                                     Elem             $       97.39
Thank you to Blue Room Mom, Kelly Zurek, for chairing the fundraiser! Items are guaranteed to be delivered
before the winter break in time for the holidays.
V OLUME 14.4                                                                                   P AGE 5

S HOPPER ' S G UIDE            TO     P ESTICIDES          IN    P RODUCE - B Y EWG. ORG
                                           analysts at the not-for-profit            RANK ITEM               SCORE
                                           Environmental Working Group               32      Blueberries     24
                                           (EWG) based on the results of             33      Papaya          21
                                           nearly 43,000 tests for pesticides        34      Eggplant        19
EWG always recommends buying               on produce collected by the U.S.          35      Broccoli        18
organic, but we know you can't always      Department of Agriculture and the         36      Cabbage         17
find it. Our Guide features fruits and     U.S. Food and Drug                        37      Bananas         16
veggies with the most and least            Administration between 2000 and           38      Kiwi            14
pesticides so you'll know which ones       2005. A detailed description of the       39      Asparagus       11
to buy organic, and which                  criteria used in developing the           40      Sweet Peas (Frozen) 11
conventionally-grown ones are okay         rankings is available as well as a full   41      Mango           9
when organic isn't available.              list of fresh fruits and vegetables       42      Pineapple       7
                                           that have been tested (see below).        43      Sweet Corn (Frozen) 2
Why Should You Care?
There is growing consensus in the        RANK ITEM            SCORE                  44      Avocado         1
scientific community that small doses    1 (worst) Peaches 100 (highest amt)         45 (best) Onions        1(lowest amt)
of pesticides and other chemicals can    2       Apples          96
                                                                                                             Note: We
adversely affect people, especially      3       Bell Peppers 86
during vulnerable periods of fetal       4       Celery          85                                          ranked a total of
development and childhood when           5       Nectarines      84                                          44 different
exposures can have long lasting effects. 6       Strawberries 83                                             fruits and
Because the toxic effects of pesticides  7       Cherries        75                                          vegetables but
are worrisome, not well understood,      8       Lettuce         69                                          grapes are listed
or in some cases completely unstudied,   9       Grapes (Imported) 68                                        twice because
shoppers are wise to minimize            10      Pears           65
                                                                                                             we looked at
exposure to pesticides whenever          11      Spinach         60
possible.                                12      Potatoes        58                                          both domestic
                                         13      Carrots         57                                          and imported
Will Washing and Peeling Help?
Nearly all of the data used to create    14      Green Beans 55                                              samples.
these lists already considers how        15      Hot Peppers 53
people typically wash and prepare        16      Cucumbers       52                                          Final
                                         17      Raspberries     47
produce (for example, apples are
                                         18      Plums           46                                      Cookie Dough
washed before testing, bananas are                                                                         Results!
                                         19      Oranges         46
peeled). While washing and rinsing
                                         20      Grapes (Domestic) 46
fresh produce may reduce levels of                                                    The results are in and thanks
                                         21      Cauliflower     39
some pesticides, it does not eliminate                                                   to your generosity, the
them. Peeling also reduces exposures, 22         Tangerines      38
                                         23      Mushrooms       37                     Cookie Dough Fundraiser
but valuable nutrients often go down
                                         24      Cantaloupe      34                    made the following amounts
the drain with the peel. The best
option is to eat a varied diet, wash all
                                         25      Lemon           31                    for your child's classroom.
                                         26      Honeydew Melon 31                        Way to go, everyone!
produce, and choose organic when
possible to reduce exposure to           27      Grapefruit      31
                                         28      Winter Squash 31                     Yellow             $         839.55
potentially harmful chemicals.
                                         29      Tomatoes        30                   Green              $         456.75
How This Guide Was Developed 30                  Sweet Potatoes 30                    Blue               $         778.65
The produce ranking was developed by 31          Watermelon 25                        Elem               $         330.60
V OLUME 14.4                                                                                 P AGE 6

                On Monday, November 3, 89-year-old WWII veteran and bicycling enthusiast, Carl Spencer, will
                come and speak to the Upper Elementary. Carl Vernon Spencer was born in Northeastern, OK, in
                Osage County, some 40 miles from Tulsa. Throughout his long, great life, Mr. Spencer has lived
                through the 1929 Stock Market Crash; he worked as a bicycle messenger for The Postal Telegraph;
                became a Oklahoma Bicycle Racing Champion (1936-1942); rode his
                bicycle at total of 1,875 miles from the World's Fair in New York to
Oklahoma City in 1940; became a PFC in the United States Marine Corps (1941-1943);
and celebrated his 50th high school reunion in 1991.
Among his most impressive accomplishments is the fact that in 1975, as part of the Marine
Corps' 200th birthday, Mr. Spencer rose across the country from New York to Sand Diego
(a total of 3113 miles) between October 17 and November 10. He was 56 at the time!
Mr. Spencer will speak about his life and his experiences throughout it. This promises to be an engaging and
wonderful opportunity for the upper elementary students.

T RANSPORTATION R EIMBURSEMENT I NFO                                    THE         08-09 S CHOOL Y EAR
FROM: Tim Imler, Division                3) Does the pupil either live 1 1/2         enrolled by June 30, 2009, to submit
Administrator, Funding and               miles or more from school or live less      claim information. You may provide
Disbursement Services                    than 1 1/2 miles from school but            claim information to appropriate
                                         must be transported due to a                school personnel at your child’s
                                         serious safety hazard approved by the       attendance center until June 30,
                                         Illinois Department of                      2009.
Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who       Transportation?                             Once all claim information is
must provide transportation to and
from school because free                 4) Does the pupil attend a school           submitted at the school, it will be
transportation is not available          within Illinois which meets Illinois        transmitted electronically to the
for their children may be eligible       compulsory attendance laws?                 Illinois State Board of Education. If
                                                                                     your claim information is approved,
to receive money from the state to       5) Did the parent/guardian incur
                                                                                     you should receive a check directly
help offset some of the cost, for        transportation expenses resulting
                                                                                     from the state for the lesser of the
example, bus fares or mileage            from transporting the pupil to and
reimbursement for private                from school?                                cost of transporting your child/
automobiles at $0.505 per mile.                                                      children or the average per pupil
                                         6) Did the pupil not have access to         reimbursement paid to public schools
If you can answer yes to the             transportation to and from school           for transporting regular education
following questions for the 2008-09      provided entirely at public expense?        pupils. If insufficient funds are
school year, you may be eligible to      7) Did the parent/guardian reside           appropriated by the General
receive reimbursement for providing      within Illinois during the time period      Assembly, all claims will be prorated.
such transportation.                     expenses were incurred?
                                                                                             PLEASE NOTE:
1) Will the pupil be under the age of    If you answered yes to the above                THE TRANSPORTATION
21 at the close of the school year?
                                         questions, lived in Illinois and wish to     REIMBURSEMENT FORM WILL
2) Is the pupil a full-time student in   file a claim, you must go to the school       BE AVAILABLE IN THE MAIN
grades kindergarten through 12?          where each of your children is                   OFFICE IN MAY, 2009.
V OLUME 14.4                                                                            P AGE 7

"Go green”, "Save the Earth",             safe for your family and the            Both as a society and personally
"Recycle" are just a few of many          environment. They are plant-based,      we are obligated to move
phrases that have been increasingly       scented with pure essential oils, and   forward in achieving what is
advertised to promote the                 free of dyes, petroleum,                important to our health. Raising
environmental movement of                 formaldehyde and other harmful          our children as healthy and
conserving our planet. As more            chemicals. With safer, non-toxic        ethical members of society will
attention is brought to this issue, it    alternatives there is no need to        promote positive impacts
allows for further awareness on the       tolerate the presence of chemicals in   communally, domestically, and
impact pollution, waste and harmful       everyday products.                      globally.
products have on our Earth and its        Let’s look into the effects of          Montessori School of Lemont
people. And with deeper knowledge
                                          conventional cleaning products and      will keep striving for continuous
and new appreciation for our role in
                                          their impact on our health. Most        “green” improvement and we
this solution, we can begin to apply
                                          household cleaners contain toxic        are open to any of your
meaningful changes.                       chemicals that do not readily break     suggestions, comments, or
At the Montessori School of Lemont        down in the environment and             questions.
we are proud to announce the              accumulate in the tissues of humans.    For further information, please
implementation of this “going green”      In addition, many of these chemicals    feel free to contact Zorana
trend on a smaller scale for not only     can cause the following behavioral      Jeffries at or
the environment, but for our              changes in our children:
                                                                                  Stefania Stojakovic at
children. Taking action is our
                                          • irritability                
opportunity to bring positive change      • hyperactivity
in our school. Therefore, Montessori      • anxiety
School of Lemont has taken the                                                    Stefania Stojakovic
                                          • difficulty learning
initiative to begin using green                                                   Yellow Room Mom
                                          • unclear thinking
cleaning products to promote a safer
                                          • headaches, and many more.             Zorana Jeffries
and healthier working space for our
children. We like that Earth Friendly     Most of today’s ecological issues,      Blue Room Mom
Products are derived from 100%            which impact our environment, stem      Green Moms!
natural, non-toxic ingredients that are   from human activity.

    Congratulations to the Kimantas Family! On October 9,
          they welcomed baby Jonas into the world.

           Donate your Extra Halloween                                Mrs. Treanor's Recital Date Change
         Candy to Operation Care Package                               Please note that Mrs. Treanor's piano
     so it can be included in thousands of holiday care                   students will have their recital on
      packages being sent to our troops overseas. All                    Sunday, December 7 at 3 p.m. (the
       donations will be picked up by noon on Friday,                original date was December 3). The recital
     November 7. Donations can be dropped off in the                 will be held at The Lemont Center nursing
                main office starting Monday.                            home, located at 12450 Walker Road.
                          November 2008
Sun          Mon                  Tues                  Wed                Thurs                  Fri                Sat
                                                                                                "November comes
                                                                                              And November goes,
                                                                                             With the last red berries
                                                                                            And the first white snows."
                                                                                                - Clyde Watson

      3                   4                     5                   6                   7
                          Piano                 Tuition Due
      Tumblebus Fitness   Election Day          Piano                                   Elementary Hot Lunch
      Chess Scholars      6-9 Science Club      Yoga                9-14 Science Club
      Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish       Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish
                                                                                            Book Fair
                                                                                        9:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m
      10                  11                    12                  13                  14
                                                Piano               PA Mtg, 8:45 a.m.
      Tumblebus Fitness   Piano                 Yoga                9-14 Science Club   Elementary Hot Lunch
      Chess Scholars      6-9 Science Club      Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish     Manna Orders Due
      Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish

      17                  18                    19                  20                  21                         22
      Tumblebus Fitness   Piano                 Piano                                                                 Trim a
      Chess Scholars      6-9 Science Club      Yoga                9-14 Science Club   Elementary Hot Lunch           Tree
      Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish       Elem Spanish        Primary Spanish                                 1:00 p.m.

      24                  25                    26                  27                  28
      Tumblebus Fitness                                   T H A N K S G I V I N G B R E A K - CLOSED
      Chess Scholars      NO SPECIALS CLASSES
      Elem Spanish