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									                                                                                                               Catalog revised 02/03/2010

The MOLDS and Textures Catalog
       Includes exclusive                                  f l e x i M o l d s ™ m a d e O N LY b y
                                                 A r t C l a y Wo r l d , U S A
                          4 5 3 5 S o u t h w e s t H i g h w a y, O a k L a w n , I L 6 0 4 5 3
                                     To l l - F r e e i n U . S . 8 6 6 - 3 8 1 - 0 1 0 0
                         Alternate phone 708-857-8800 Fax 708-636-5408

      Celtic Braid                     Celtic Heart         Ornate Marquis Solitaire                Art Deco                     Blank Signet
         F-078                            F-080                     F-087                            F-088                          F-084

       Jewel Ring Oval                   Rectangle Frame                 Square Frame              Circle Frame                  Oval Frame
           F-082                              F-124                         F-123                      F-121                       F-122

Square Framed                          Heart/Leaf Pendant                 Leaf Frame                  Dog Bone                     Celtic Heart
                    Oval                                                    F-148                       F-092
   Cameo           Cameo                      F-089                                                                                   F-079
    F-077           F-076                                                                                DOUBLE-SIDED
                                                                                                      SILICONE MOLDS
                            BORDER MOLDS

    Au Natural           Ropes & Braids                    Utilitarian                 Simple Elegance         Strawberry Leaf         Rose Leaf
      F-158                   F-159                          F-160                          F-161                   F-248                F-249
                                            TEXTURE PLATES

           Asian              Celtic

        4pk (1ea texture), 5.5”x4.25”
                     F-110                                                             8pk   (1ea texture) 5.5”x4.25” sheets
flexiMolds™—S.A.R.       LINE**


  Flat Square—3sizes        Flat Circle—3 sizes           Flat Triangle—3 sizes                    Domed Oval—3 sizes
        FLX-001                   FLX-002                        FLX-003                                FLX-004

  Domed Circle—4 sizes   Domed Triangle—3 sizes               Domed Square—3 sizes           Domed Heart (Right) —3 sizes
       FLX-005                  FLX-006                             FLX-007                           FLX-008

                           Spade Spoon—3 sizes                 Round Spoon—3 sizes                 Triangle Spoon—3 sizes
 Pillow Square—3 sizes
                                 FLX-010                             FLX-011                               FLX-012

 Faceted Forms—4 sizes       Oval Spoon—3 sizes               Domed Heart (Left) —3 sizes
                                                                      FLX-015                           Leaf Bail—3 sizes
        FLX-013                    FLX-014

  Heart Bail—3 sizes     Triangle Bail (sharp edge)—3 sizes    Triangle Bail (soft edge)—3 sizes         Club Bail—3 sizes
       FLX-101                         FLX-102                              FLX-103                          FLX-104

                                ** S.A.R. South African Range Line designed by
                                           Stanley & Heather Micallef
flexiMolds™—S.A.R.            LINE**

    Scallop Bail—3 sizes               Rope Bail—3 sizes              Long Spoon Bail—3 sizes           X-Large Screw Eye Mold
          FLX-105                          FLX-106                           FLX-107                            3 sizes
EMBELLISHMENTS                                                                                                 FLX-108

                                                                                     Woven Rows
Braided Rows & Circles                                                            & Rounded Squares
       FLX-200                                                                                                   Ribbons
                                                                                       FLX-203                   FLX-204
                                 Woven Rows          Tire Track Rows & Squares
                                  FLX-201                      FLX-202

Side Profile Owl—3 sizes           Front Profile Owl--3 sizes
        FLX-300                            FLX-301                          Crocodile--3 sizes         Horse—Earrings & 2 Pendants
                                                                                FLX-302                         FLX-303

                                                                                                            Short Fish—3 sizes
                                   Sitting Cat—3 sizes                  Standing Cat—3 sizes                     FLX-307
                                         FLX-305                              FLX-306
    Resting Cat—3 sizes

 Long Fish—3 sizes                                       Spiked Chameleon              Gecko—3 sizes
                           Smooth Chameleon                                                                    Lizard—3 sizes
     FLX-308                                                   3 sizes                    FLX-311
                                3 sizes                                                                           FLX-312
                               FLX-309                        FLX-310

                                  3 ** S.A.R. South African Range Line designed by
                                               Stanley & Heather Micallef
flexiMolds™—S.A.R.           LINE**

                                               Frog—3 sizes                                                    Guinea Fowl—3 sizes
        Turtle—3 sizes                           FLX-314                                                             FLX-316
           FLX-313                                                                  Pig—3 sizes

                                                                           Butterflies—3 sizes                   Rabbit—3 sizes
     Extra Large Dragonfly             Dragonfly—2 sizes                        FLX-319                          Symmetric pair
            FLX-317                        FLX-318                                                                  FLX-319


     Star of David—3 sizes          Byzantine Cross—3 sizes               Gothic Cross—3 sizes             Wooden Cross—3 sizes
            FLX-500                         FLX-501                              FLX-502                         FLX-503

  Regimental Cross—3 sizes                                                                                 Double Cross—3 sizes
                                   Modern Cross—3 sizes                  Maltese Cross—3 sizes
          FLX-504                                                                                                FLX-507
                                         FLX-505                                FLX-506

                             Celtic Cross—3 sizes
                                                           Large Celtic Love Knot   Celtic Love Knot—3 sizes      Celtic Knot—3 sizes
                                                                  FLX-509                    FLX-510                    FLX-529
Crusader’s Cross—3 sizes
                                       ** S.A.R. South African Range Line designed by
                                                  Stanley & Heather Micallef
flexiMolds™—S.A.R.          LINE**

   Celtic La Tene—3 sizes
                                     Celtic Triangle—3 sizes       Celtic Square—3 sizes      Left Eye of Horus
           FLX-530                                                                                                Right Eye of Horus
                                             FLX-537                       FLX-538                  3 sizes             3 sizes
                                                                                                   FLX-511             FLX-512

                              Egyptian Ornamental               Large Egyptian      Large Hamsa Hand         Hamsa Hand—3 sizes
 Open Eye —3 sizes
                                     3 sizes                     Ornamental              FLX-516                  FLX-533
                                    FLX-514                        FLX-515

                                   Scarab Top—3 sizes                Scarab Bottom—3 sizes               Winged Scarab—3 sizes
 Egyptian Ankh—3 sizes                                                                                          FLX-536
                                        FLX-534                             FLX-535

 Tall Tribal Mask—3 sizes         Pointed Tribal Mask—3 sizes         Round Tribal Mask—3 sizes          Oval Tribal Mask—3 sizes
          FLX-517                           FLX-518                            FLX-519                            FLX-520

    Elongated Pot—3 sizes                X-lg Elongated Pot            Amphora Round Handle             Amphora Square Handle
           FLX-521                            FLX-522                        FLX-523                          FLX-524

                                  ** S.A.R. South African Range Line designed by
                                             Stanley & Heather Micallef
    flexiMolds™—S.A.R.            LINE**

      Round African Pot—3 sizes           X-lg Round African Pot     Classic African Pot—3 sizes         Short Neck African Pot—3 sizes
              FLX-525                            FLX-526                       FLX-527                              FLX-528

                                                                                                            ** S.A.R. South African
                                                                                                             Range Line designed
                                                                                                                 by Stanley and
                                                                                                                Heather Micallef
                                   Daisy w/ Joining Holes-3 sizes             Daisy—3 sizes
                                              FLX-701                            FLX-702
       Extra large Daisy


         “Decorative”                          “Galaxy”                       “Byzantine”                    “Romance”
  “Stripe Tube” & “Swirly Q”             “Orbit” & “Bulls Eye”              “Fleur” & “Vibe”       “Love Letter” & “Victorian Lace”
            F-162                                F-163                           F-164                          F-165

         “Ornamental”                           “Natural”                        “Flow”                      “Cultural”
“Illusions” & “Fancy Checks”        “Autumnal” & “Tumbling Leaves”        “Foliage” & “Paisley” “Ethnic Borders” & “Ancient Doodles”
             F-166                              F-167                             F-168                        F-169

          “Patterns”                       “Symmetry”                          “Spirit”                     “Flourish”
      “OpArt” & “Crackle”         “Basket Weave” & “Directional”     “Ribbons” & “Hearts Aflame”“Persian Carpet” & “Garden Glory”
            F-170                             F-190                             F-191                         F-192

       “Adornments”                         “Astound”
“About Face” & “Fleur de Lis”        “Tooled Leather” & “Splat”                                                                       6
           F-193                               F-194
TEXTURE MATS—NARROW (6.75”          X   1”)

             Totem Blocks                     Wheat Grass
               MAT-100                         MAT-101

                Ivy Vine                      Celestial Bodies
                MAT-102                          MAT-103

                 Roses                             Shells
                MAT-104                           MAT-105

                Conifer                        Southwestern
                MAT-106                          MAT-107


TEXTURE MATS—WIDE (6.75”      X   2”)

                 Jumbalaya                    Leafy Border
                  MAT-200                       MAT-201

             Reef Rendevous                    Feathers
                MAT-202                        MAT-203

                  Circulate                   Starry Swirl
         7        MAT-204                      MAT-205
TEXTURE MATS—WIDE (6.75”     X   2”)

              Rock Star                Bloomers
              MAT-206                  MAT-207

              Aloe Leaves                Slither
               MAT-208                  MAT-209

                Embellish              Positive Thoughts
                MAT-210                    MAT-211

              Bamboo Fence              Going Geckos
                MAT-212                   MAT-213

                Dog Day                 Hawaiian Hibiscus
                MAT-214                    MAT-215

             Woven Threads                  Lava Lamp
         8     MAT-216                       MAT-217

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