Project assignment for CIS382 develop a database for an by shameona


									Semester Project assignment for CIS382: Developing a database for an online sales store Objectives: 1. To have an opportunity to develop a real database system. 2. To get familiar with the database development life cycle. 3. To better understand database concepts and database system. 4. To collaboratively work in a team. Note: make groups of your own. Two or three persons a group. 5. To have fun. Introduction: Suppose you own a company which is selling daily products. With the expansion of your business, you need create a website to sell your goods online. Therefore, you need develop a database system to support your business demand. In your design, you should consider the followings: 1. This database stores all products you ever have. 2. This database stores the information of all employees in your company. 3. This database stores the information of product providers. 4. This database stores the information of customers. 5. This database stores the information of all orders. 6. This database stores whatever other information you think is necessary for managing your online sales and employees. Tasks and Due days: (Your submission can be either hard printing or electronic format by email) 1. (Due day is Thursday, 9/22/05) Analyze your company business and figure out entities and their relationships exist in your system. Your submission should include: a. Describe your business in detail. b. List the resources such as what kinds of people you may consult, what existing tables or lists or forms you may use to gather system information, and so on. c. Describe entities and their relationships in your system. d. Who will use the database and what information will display for the different users? 2. (Due day is Thursday, 10/13/05) Design the database for your company’s business online. Your submission should include: a. The normalization procedure in your design phase. b. The Entity-Relationship diagrams representing your design of the database system. 3. (Due day is Tuesday, 11/1/05) Implement the database in SQL Server 2000. Your submission should include: a. The database file b. A figure shows the relationships among the tables in the database.

c. SQL code shows how you create the database components (tables, views, relationships, and so on) d. An illustration about any update from your first design. 4. (Due day is Tuesday, 11/29/05) Present your database system in class. Your submission should include: a. Oral presentation in the class to introduce your business, your consideration about your database, your design, and implementation, etc. b. Turn in a whole set of documentation for your database, include a copy of previous files, images, handouts, updates, and so on.

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