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									Profile for Funding Opportunity Database
Sponsored Research Services subscribes to comprehensive databases maintained by InfoEd International, a company dedicated to providing resources to assist researchers in their efforts to obtain extramural funding. GENIUS (Global Expertise Network for Industry, Universities and Scholars) serves as a searchable registry of institutional talent and expertise for use in industry and academia. A GENIUS database profile is also used for SMARTS matching. SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) includes information on funding opportunities from federal, state, foundation, and other types of sponsors. The database is updated daily. SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal System) is InfoEd's electronic notification system for funding opportunity information. When the information in a funding opportunity matches a profile in the GENIUS database, an email message is sent to the faculty or staff member. Using this form, we will create a basic GENIUS/SMARTS profile for you that will enable you to receive funding opportunity notifications based on keyword matching. See page 2 of this form for information on keywords.

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We encourage you to login and update/edit your profile information, narrow or broaden your search criteria, and fill in additional details about yourself that collaborators may be searching for. To retrieve your username and password, or if you have any other questions about this form or about the InfoEd databases, please contact our office, Sponsored Research Services, Ext. 5-7985,

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Funding Opportunity Database - Major Keyword Categories
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INTERNATIONAL/GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS Africa Antarctica Asia Europe North America Oceania (Including Australia) Latin America West Indies Oceans and Seas Hemispheres Ecological Zones International Topics Subdivisions: Economic/Linguistic/Politica AGRICULTURE/FOOD SCIENCES/FOODS Agriculture Food Sciences Foods ARTS/HUMANITIES/CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Area Studies (Arts/Humanities) Arts, General/Other Creative Writing Criticism Cultural Activities Design Arts Folk/Ethnic Studies History Humanities, General/Other Jurisprudence Language and/or Literature Media Arts Museums Music Performing Arts Philosophy Religious Studies Restoration and Preservation Visual Arts Numismatics EDUCATION Educational Administration and Policy Education/Instructional Programs Educational Modes/Psychology/Theory Elementary/Secondary Education Higher Education Pre-School Education Special Education Minority Education Women's Education ENGINEERING Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Ceramic Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering/Electronics Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mining Engineering Petroleum Engineering Photogrammetry Computer-Aided Engineering HEALTH AND SAFETY/MEDICAL SCIENCES/BIOMEDI Anatomical Systems/Sites Biomedical Engineering Disciplines/Fields, Health & Safety/Med/Bi Disease Entities/Medical Problems, Behavio Education/Instruction (Health/Safety/Medic Environment (Health/Safety/Medical) Health Care Instruments/Instrumentation/Devices (Healt Intervention, Agents for (Health/Safety/Me Intervention, Types of (Health/Safety/Medi Materials/Products (Health/Safety/Medical) Methodologies/Procedures (Health/Safety/Me Molecular/Cellular Entities Natural Processes (Health/Safety/Medical) Patient/Volunteer Classification Physiological/Development Process Research Resources (Health/Safety/Medical) Specialties of Medical and Allied Fields Structure/Function (Health/Safety/Medical) Technology Assessment/Transfer/Outreach (H SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY/ MATHEMATICS/COMPUTER Atmospheric Sciences Biological Sciences Chemical Sciences Computer Science Earth Sciences Applied Sciences Environmental Studies Marine and Ocean Sciences Materials Sciences Mathematics Mining Nuclear Sciences Physical Sciences Science, General/Other Space Sciences Technology Textiles Natural Sciences Forensic Science Packaging Sciences OTHER (ANY/ALL DISCIPLINES) Fire/Flammability Studies Housing Library Science Military Sciences Peace/Disarmament/Amnesty Recreation and Leisure Studies University/Industrial Partnership Sports/Athletics Federal Register Weekly Reference Guide ENERGY Automotive Propulsion Systems Direct Energy Conversion Energy Biological/Biomedical Sciences Energy Chemical Sciences Energy Engineering Energy Environmental Sciences Energy Geosciences Energy Materials Sciences Energy Mathematical Sciences Energy Physical Sciences Energy Utilization Fossil Energy Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels Nuclear Science and Technology Renewable Energy Sources Energy Education

BEHAVIORAL/SOCIAL SCIENCES Anthropology Archaeology Area & Population Studies/Services LAW Behavioral/Social Studies/Services/Other Communications MANAGEMENT/COMMERCE Counseling/Guidance Criminology Economics Tips for keyword selection Geography  Specific subcategories and keywords exist within each of these major categories. See Linguistics/Philology Planning/Policy Studies the full list for the best matching. The more specific you make your keyword selection, Political Science the more relevant your matched results will be to your interests. Population Studies  Keyword matching is hierarchical by default (e.g., selecting the major heading Psychology “Engineering” will match all listings for Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering, Ceramic Rehabilitation/Therapy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc.) Social Services  Keyword matching is performed on an “or” basis – e.g. selecting “Mining” and “Music” Sociology will yield results that match either term. Sociolegal Studies  If you are providing your own specific keywords, indicate the category/categories under Public Affairs

which you would expect to find them.
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