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									The Quality Professional’s Role in Sarbanes Oxley Implementation

The Sarbanes Oxley law was not aimed primarily at quality systems. It was aimed at all
systems that may impact a company’s financial information. The system of financial
controls is remarkably similar to the system of quality controls and sometimes they
overlap. The quality department owns and maintains a great many documented
procedures in many companies and some of those policies or procedures potentially
impact the company’s financial information. This would be true in areas like inspection
of incoming items, systems for handling warranty returns, handling and accounting for
inventory, and conformity with government regulations, e.g., FAA regulations.

After reviewing some real life examples of compliance efforts involving the quality
department, the quality professional should come away from this clinic with:

     An appreciation of the relationship between the Quality Professional and
      Sarbanes Oxley
     An understanding of exactly what quality policies affect Sarbanes Oxley
     A better understand of their role in helping their company achieve and maintain
      compliance with Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

Speaker: Donald E. Bradshaw, Kaiser Electroprecision, a Rockwell Collins

Biography: Accounting department manager for Kaiser Electroprecision, an aerospace
manufacturing company and champion of their Sarbanes Oxley compliance effort for the
last three years. He teaches financial accounting and taxation at Golden West College in
Huntington Beach. He spent fifteen years in the nursing profession before becoming a
CPA, where he gained significant auditing experience over approximately seven years in
public accounting. Ironically, his first job out of college was with Arthur Andersen &
Co., the accounting firm that audited Enron. More recently he became a Six Sigma Black
Belt as his company sponsored an initiative to spread appreciation and understanding for
the quality function throughout the different areas of the company. He spends his free
time catching extraordinarily large fish while not even thinking about Sarbanes Oxley.

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