Minutes of the Cheshire East and Cheshire West and by bgc15733


									             Minutes of the Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester
                          Local Safeguarding Children Board
                          Training & Development sub group

         Date:    16 November 2009
         Place:   The Mercury Meeting Room, Universal House, Middlewich
         Time:    2.00 p.m.
 Fiona Field (Chair)       Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT
Bill Joyce                 Cheshire West and Chester LSCB
Vicky Moran                Cheshire East LSCB
Vicki Silver               Cheshire West and Chester
Melanie Kelsall            Connexions Cheshire & Warrington
Chris Greenwood            Cheshire East Safeguarding Children in Education Team
Judith Gibson              Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Partnership
Moira McGrath              Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT
Carron Pygott              Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Trust
Anne Eccles                Western Cheshire PCT
Debbie Kirkup              Cheshire East LSCB
Afy Afrouz (Minutes)       Cheshire East LSCB

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1.     Apologies:

       Sally Hesketh – Cheshire West and Chester
       Paul Jackson – Cheshire East LSCB
       Naomi Smith – Connexions Cheshire & Warrington
       Heidi Randle – Cheshire West and Chester Safeguarding
                       Children in Education team
       Phil Spilsted – Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Trust

       Did not attend:

       Sue Atkinson – Cheshire West and Chester
       Cheryl Hood – Cheshire East
       Leigh Edwards – Connexions Cheshire & Warrington
       Philippa Carrington – Connexions Cheshire & Warrington

2.     Minutes of previous meeting and Matters Arising

       Minutes from meeting 12.8.09 agreed as true record

       BJ raised the issue with the Engaging Partners and Community
                                                                            Action By:   Timescale

     Subgroup regarding basic safeguarding information being sent to
     members of the public. They are going to do some work on this.

     BJ and FF have not yet found a representative from the Police.
     BJ will take this up with Geraint Jones who represents the Police      BJ           By next
     on the East LSCB Board, and Phil Jones for the West. VM thinks                      meeting
     Nigel Reid who is currently a member of the Training Pool may
     want to join.

     Two dates have been arranged for Serious Case Review                   AA and
     Independent Management Author training- 15th December and 7th          VM           ASAP
     January. Training will be delivered by Eddie O’Hara who has had
     several outstanding reports. Information has yet to go out to
     potential delegates and group worried this is very late. AA and
     VM to chase up with Paul Jackson.

     VM gave an update on the online training package. It will be a         AA           Next
     slow process getting it up and running, plus both websites need                     meeting
     improving first as access to them at present is very bad. FF
     would like this to be on the agenda at the next meeting. AA will

     The group looked at the audit which Matt Johnston produced
     showing who from the Training Pool has helped out with training        BJ, VM       Next
     last year and this year up until his secondment post ended in          and AA       meeting
     August. FF would like to see this brought even more up to date
     as she is going to report to both Boards regarding those
     organisations helping and those not. BJ and VM will do this. FF
     would also like a copy of the minutes from the last Training Pool
     CG asked whether it is felt that this audit should also include work   VM
     done by agencies to help out with conferences? VM felt this a
     very good point and will add this to the audit.

     Recommendation: None

3.   Safeguarding Children and Domestic Abuse training

     JG put a proposal forward regarding the Cheshire Domestic
     Abuse Partnership (CDAP) and the LSCB joining together to
     produce and deliver Domestic Abuse training. They will need
     £5,000.00 from the LSCB to cover the costs of this, however it will
     mean that the LSCB do not then need to worry about producing
     and delivering the course themselves. Domestic Abuse was one
     of the subjects mentioned at the last Training Pool meeting as a
     potential future training course. CDAP have a bank of trainers
     they can commission to deliver the training, and someone
     available to begin developing it. Group in agreement to fund the
     cost, and CG can commit two trainers from the SCiE team.

     Recommendation: The LSCB will fund the cost of Domestic
     Abuse training
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4.   New CWDC Safeguarding Induction material

     VS showed the group some new Common Core Standards that
     the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) have
     produced, that need to be in place by April 2010. Standard 6
     refers to Safeguarding Children, and states that an induction
     workbook must be completed by ALL professionals within the first
     six months of working with children and young people. This
     workbook asks that multi-agency training is completed, and so
     has implications for all agencies.

     The group discussed this. BJ feels that every agency would need
     to stop delivering single agency training in order for this to be
     possible. VM feels that the LSCB would need to contribute to the
     content. FF thinks this needs a working group look into it.

     Recommendation: Working group needed to look into integrated
     workforce planning.

5.   Integrated Induction to Safeguarding for the Children’s
     Workforce – strategy and delivery plan for CWAC

     Included in item 4.

     Recommendation: None

6.   Training programme 2010-11

     Next year’s training programme needs to be produced and online
     very soon, and VM needs to know whether she should just
     produce East’s. MM feels the dates are needed ASAP so the
     training pool can commit to training.

     An update was given regarding the Training and Development
     Manager’s post for both LSCBs. In the West they are going to
     appoint someone in a full time post, this is currently with HR. And
     in the East they are looking at appointing someone part time to
     backfill the days that VM does not work.

     FF feels that as this is still the Subgroup for both LSCBs then
     training programmes for both the East and the West must be
     produced. VM would therefore like some help in producing
     separate programmes for both authorities. The East have
     requested certain training which the West have not. And VM is
     also concerned that her producing both will take up all the time
     she has spare, leaving no time for any development.

     FF therefore proposes that VM stops delivering training for the
     West. FF will write to both Boards giving them two options- from
     1/1/10 VM will stop delivering training in the West, or the number FF              ASAP
     of courses due to run from 1/1/10 until 31/3/10 is halved in both
                                                                           Action By:   Timescale

      Recommendation: The 2010-11 training programme needs to be
      produced ASAP and VM’s capacity to continue delivering training
      to both authorities needs to be addressed by both Boards.

7.    Training East and West

      Included in item 6

      Recommendation: None

8.    LSCB Training Officer Cheshire West

      Included in item 6

      Recommendation: None

9.    Subgroup memberships and terms of reference

      VM feels that certain people are always missing from this
      Subgroup, for example, Police, Fire Service, Probation and Social
      care, and that the Terms of Reference need to be looked at
      regarding who needs to be on the Subgroup.

      FF would like revised Terms of Reference and membership to be AA                  Next
      on the next meeting agenda. AA will do.                                           meeting

      Recommendation: The Terms of Reference and Subgroup
      membership needs to be looked at.

10.   Single agency training policy and standards

      VM informed the group of the new guidance from Ofsted for
      schools and colleges regarding Child Protection training.
      Colleges are in the worst situation as Ofsted have requested that
      ALL members of staff complete LSCB Level 2 training. VM is
      concerned that this guidance will result in schools and colleges
      attending training purely to ‘tick boxes’ with Ofsted, rather than
      because they feel safeguarding children is important.

      However there is no guidance from Ofsted as to what constitutes
      as Level 2 training, therefore VM feels that it is worth revising
      single agency training so that this covers Level 2 also.

      Other suggestions made regarding this matter were actually
      contacting Ofsted and finding out what exactly it is they are
      looking for? Or VM accrediting the SCiE team’s training so that it
      meets Level 2 also.
                                                                        Action By:   Timescale

      CG mentioned that some Head teachers have been asking her for
      names of external trainers, however at present none are LSCB
      verified. BJ has met with chairs of head associations in West. It
      was agreed that we should check the state of play regarding who
      has and has not been trained, as the situation may be less
      concerning than some schools think. Also there are a number of
      issues to consider in terms of schools and colleges receiving
      training that not from the LA & LSCB; should there be
      accreditation of private providers; should schools have clear
      LSCB standards that private providers have to meet to be
      commissioned; we should be clear which training we are talking
      FF would like VM and CG to produce a paper regarding this and VM and           Next
      bring it to the next meeting.                                     CG           meeting

      Recommendation: To help schools and colleges meet Ofsted’s

11.   Ofsted requirements for schools

      Included in item 10.

12.   LSCB Launch events

      FF confirmed that the East LSCB Board had an Away Day in
      October where they decided on a new logo, and currently have no
      plan to have a launch event. The West Board have their Away
      Day in December where they too, will choose their new logo, and
      cannot commit to a launch event.

      VM wondered whether there will be any conferences for either
      Board this year? MM suggested to concentrate on holding one AA                 Next
      next year as it is too late to have one this year. FF in agreement             meeting
      with this. VM would like this as an item on the agenda for next
      meeting. AA will do. BJ did report that the EP&C sub group were
      talking about a conference particularly for the third sector

      Recommendation: Look at planning a conference for next year
      at the next meeting

13.   SMART Plan

      It has been three years since VM last produced the SMART plan
      so it needs re-doing and as two separate plans.

      Recommendation: None

14.   Ways to better publicise training

      FF feels we have a good training brochure, but we need more
      than just having printed brochures so asked is it worth sending
      the link to the training dates on the websites out to everyone
      again? VM confirmed that the remaining courses on the 2009-10
      training programme always have a good turn out because of the
                                                                      Action By:   Timescale

      time of year, so there is no need.

      Recommendation: None

15.   AOB

      MM mentioned that there is still no training in Styal Prison, no FF and      Next
      meetings arranged and no one is contacting her. FF will take this DK         Board
      to the East Board and asked DK to put this on the agenda for the             meeting
      next Board meeting.

      FF asked the group what their views about each LSCB
      establishing its own training sub group within their area, so each
      LSCB clearly managed its own business, but collaborating on
      certain areas, or training continued to be delivered jointly across
      the 2 authorities. The views were mixed, and pro’s and con’s
      could be seen for both options. FF will produce a paper for the FF           ASAP
      Boards with both options.

16    Next Meeting
      Date: 11 January 2010
      Place: The Neptune Meeting Room, Universal House, Middlewich
      Time: 2.00 p.m.

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