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DMD Fall accounting degree


									                                                                                                            Volume XLIV
                                                                                                              Fall 2007

                   Scholarships Lead to Greater Things
Where Are They Now?                                                                 I received a Delta Mu Delta scholarship
                                                                                    in 1997, the $1,500 Albert J. Escher
Over the years Delta Mu Delta has collected much                                    Award, while I was a student at Baker
anecdotal information about the careers of our members                              University. After completing my
                                                                                    accounting degree at Baker, I enrolled
and scholarship recipients. The society would like to
                                                                                    in law school at the University of
embark on a more regular anthropological study of                                   Illinois College of Law. My accounting
members' careers and lives, but we need your help.                                  background and my law school success
                                                                                    provided me with a wide variety of
Membership of DMD is a lifetime relationship, and                                   exciting career options.
through articles in the Vision we would like to share
your career achievement with other members. Our                                    I spent one summer in Washington
members are committed to academic excellence,                          Emily       D.C. working with the Federal Bureau
                                                                      Neufeld      of Investigation. Then, several years
outstanding performance in business, and community                     Grant
                                                                                   clerking for federal judges in the
service … so tell us more about your ongoing academic           United States, and one unforgettable year clerking for the
achievements, career highs, and volunteer work.                 Palau Supreme Court, which serves a small island nation
                                                                in the Pacific Micronesian region.
One such story comes from Butler University and the
achievements of Emily Grant Neufeld, a scholarship              I was also able to secure a teaching position at the
recipient of 1999. Please send us more!                         University of Illinois College of Law, teaching legal
                                                                writing to first year students and international masters
                                                                degree students. Currently, I am a legal writing specialist,

Past Scholarship Recipients:
                                                                working as an independent consultant for law firms and
                                                                lawyers across the country.
What Did They Achieve
Life at college is full of unknowns. What skills am I
                                                                 Inside this issue
developing? Will I make the grade in the 'real world'?           Last Triennial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 2
How are best efforts viewed by my professors? Was it             Presidents' Messages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 3
worth the time I spent applying for that Delta Mu Delta          Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 4
scholarship? However, the joy and pride of recognition
                                                                 Chapter News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 5
for academic excellence helps to create self-confidence
that will see an individual through many new and different       BusinessWeek Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 6
challenges in life. In the first of series of articles, Emily    Looking Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 7
Grant reviews her achievements after a DMD scholarship           Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg 8
award and graduation from Baker University.

Delta Mu Delta                                   The Last Triennial                                 Region 3 Representative
                                                                                                         Dr. Brenda Harper holds a Doctorate in
 International                                        The last Triennial was held in                Organizational Leadership (DOL, EdD) from
                                                 Philadelphia and closed on Sunday, November
Honor Society                                    4th. Why the “last” do you ask? Because the
                                                                                                    Nova Southeastern University. She is
                                                                                                    currently an Assistant Professor of Business &
                                             ®   new bylaws took effect on November 1, 2007,        Management for Athens State University,
    National Executive Council                   shortening all officer terms to two years - and    Huntsville, AL.
                  President                      limiting terms in all positions - therefore, the         During the past nine years, she has
           Dr. Michael V. LaRocco                change to “biennial” in the future.                facilitated seminars for businesses throughout
           University of St. Francis                   Many other changes were effected as the      the Northern Alabama area. Her main focus is
               Vice President                    proposed bylaws were sent to all chapters in       to help the entrepreneurial spirits get their
             Dr. Sandra J. Kiehl                 late August for their review and approval. The     businesses successfully operating, having
              Linfield College                   result was overwhelmingly successful and the       conducted over 100 seminars and workshops
    Vice President Extension Development
                                                 Triennial's Business Meeting of the National       in many areas of business management.
          Dr. Charles (Chuck) Fazzi              Chapter was held under the new rules. Visit our          Brenda has served as the faculty adviser
            Saint Vincent College                web site under “About Us” and view the             of the Athen's Alpha Iota chapter since ’04
                                                 bylaws at Governance.                              where the chapter just received the coveted
                                                        A new slate of officers and regional        “Tony” Award.
            Dr. Perry Glen Moore
             Lipscomb College
                                                 representatives was elected and we would like
                                                 to introduce those new faces. We are pleased to    Region 4 Representative
                  Secretary                      welcome these new members to our board and              Dr. Thomas C. Head, holds a PhD in
             Mr. R. L. Sosnowski
                                                 the full slate, with pictures, can be viewed at    Business Administration from Texas A&M
              DePaul University
                                                                    University. He is the AMOCO Distinguished
           Immediate Past President                                                                 Professor of International Business
              Dr. Janis Petronis                 National Treasurer                                 Management in the Walter E. Heller College
           Tarleton State University                                  Dr. Perry Moore is Prof.      of Business Administration at Roosevelt
                                                                      of Accounting, Director of    University, IL. Tom has a wide range of
     Regional Representatives                                         the Master of
             Dr. Charles B. Finn
                                                                                                    consulting and research interests, currently
                                                                      Accountancy Program,          being dominated by global organization
             College of Saint Rose
                                                                      and is Assistant Director     development and has worked on projects in a
               Dr. Marie Gould
                Pierce College
                                                                      of Graduate Business          widely diverse set of organizations ranging
              Dr. Brenda Harper                                       Programs at Lipscomb          from Fortune 15 corporations to small start-
             Athens State College                                     University in Nashville.      ups, and they have taken him to a number of
             Dr. Thomas C. Head                                       He holds CPA and CIA          different countries on three continents.
             Roosevelt University                certifications and completed graduate studies           Tom is a prolific writer with 17 books
             Dr. John Lewington                  at the Universities of Alabama and Georgia.        and over 60 scholarly articles and 130
             Maryville University                     He serves as Treasurer of the Nashville       conference presentations to his credit. He has
              Dr. Kitty Campbell                 Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors      served the Roosevelt Epsilon Xi Chapter since
    Southeastern Oklahoma State University       and as the chair of the Tennessee Society of
             Prof. Carol Farabee                                                                    '06 and is the originator of the silent auction
                                                 CPA's “Accounting Education and Career             within ACBSP, contributing to the scholarship
       Western International University
              Dr. Janis Petronis
                                                 Awareness Committee.” He is the founding           funds of three business honor societies.
           Tarleton State University             faculty adviser (1995) of Eta Mu Chapter.
                                                                                                    Region 7 Representative
            Advisory Board                       Region 2 Representative                                 Prof. Carol Farabee holds an MBA and
            Prof. Kathleen Bauer                      Dr. Marie Gould holds a PhD in                MS in Information Systems Engineering from
           Mr. Anthony Jablonsky                 Organization and Management, Capella               Western International University, WIU. She is
           Prof. Robert L. McCall                University. She is Associate Professor and         currently working on her PhD in Applied
           Dr. Randall M. McLeod                 Faculty Chair of the Business Administration       Management and Decision Sciences with
           Dr. Terry L. Mendenhall               Program at Peirce College, teaching in the         emphasis on Learning Management from the
           Dr. William H. Brunsen                areas of management, human resources, and          Walden University.
                                                 entrepreneurship.                                       A Professor of IT and Management at
         Central Office Staff                         Marie has assisted several colleges with      WIU, Phoenix, AZ, Carol served as the chair
     Rich Sosnowski, Executive Director          developing and implementing an online              for the charter of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon
          Mickey Wendorf, Editor
                                                 presence. As a Strategic Human Resource            Honor Society at Western International
             Renae McFadden
                                                 Partner, she assisted senior management teams      University.
              Mary Boettger
                                                 with coordinating human resource capital with           She has been the Faculty Adviser for the
         Need to contact us?                     business projects in order to move                 Zeta Iota Chapter of DMD since 2002. The
                Central Office                   corporations into new directions for the           chapter received the Star Chapter Award, ’04,
            9217 Broadway Avenue                 business. A frequent presenter at ACBSP            and the Outstanding Chapter of the Year
                 Brookfield, IL
                                                 conferences, Marie serves as the founding          Award, ’05. They were instrumental in
    Phone: 866/789-7067 Fax: 708/887-5469        faculty adviser of the Kappa Nu Chapter,           supporting the creation of the DMD Honor
                        since their 2004 installation.                     Society patch for members.

Outgoing President                                 Incoming President                               Regional Representatives
                          As I write this, we                                When I was
                          are preparing for                                  inducted into the            REGION 1 - NORTHEASTERN
                                                                                                          Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
                          Triennial 2007. It                                 ETA chapter of               New Hampshire, New Jersey,
                                                                                                          New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode
                          seems like only a                                  Delta Mu Delta at            Island, Vermont and Virgin Islands,
                          few weeks ago that                                 DePaul University, I         Canada: Newfoundland, Labrador,
                                                                                                          Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia,
                          we were gathering                                  could never have             New Brunswick, and Quebec
                          in Fort Worth for                                  dreamed that, 30             Dr. Charles B. Finn
                          Triennial 2004 and I                               years later, I would         College of Saint Rose
                          anticipated taking                                 be serving as
the reigns of Delta Mu Delta for a term as         President of this great, international honor
                                                                                                          REGION 2 - EASTERN
President. It has been a fun, exciting, and        society. Tony Jablonsky, president of DMD              Delaware, District of Columbia,
challenging ride!                                  at that time, was at the ceremony, and                 Maryland, Pennsylvania,
                                                                                                          Virginia, and West Virginia
     As an organization we have maintained         handing me my certificate and key was Rich
                                                                                                          Dr. Marie Gould
stable growth, offered our members more            Sosnowski, who was the president of the                Peirce College
and better services in an attempt to add           ETA Chapter. Tony and Rich have served       

value to DMD membership, and worked to             DMD with honor and distinction; they've
                                                                                                          REGION 3 - SOUTHEASTERN
build a better organization for the future. In     been my role models. Their example of                  Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
the past three years we have added                 service inspired me to be an active                    Kentucky, Mississippi, North
                                                                                                          Carolina, South Carolina, and
recognitions for faculty advisers with the FA      participant in the growth of the society.              Tennessee
of the Year and FA Service Awards, as well              During the years, I have served as                Dr. Brenda Harper
as expanded the numbers and amounts of             National Treasurer, Member at Large to the             Athens State College
DMD scholarships and awards. The Spring            National Executive Council, National
Edition of the Vision is now delivered             Scholarship Judge, Founding Faculty                    REGION 4 - NORTH CENTRAL
                                                                                                          Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota,
online, and with this Fall Edition, we have a      Adviser of the Delta Kappa Chapter,                    Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin,
full-color version.                                University of St. Francis, IL, and most                Canada: Ontario

     Your DMD Board developed a strategic          recently as Vice President of Extension and            Dr. Thomas C. Head
                                                                                                          Roosevelt University
plan for each of the past three years,             Development. I will be calling on this       
strengthened our committee format by               experience as I go forward in my new role
allocating more time for committee work at         as President.                                          REGION 5 - MIDWESTERN
                                                                                                          Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,
our Board meetings and giving those                     I would like to acknowledge the                   Nebraska, North Dakota,
committees more responsibilities and               outstanding leadership that has made our               South Dakota, Canada: Manitoba

accountability. This fall we proposed some         society such a great organization. It has been         Dr. John Lewington
dramatic changes for your approval,                my privilege to have served under past
                                                                                                          Maryville University
including moving to biennial national              presidents such as A. J. Foranoce, Randall
meetings, placing limitations on Board and         McLeod, William Brunsen and Janis                      REGION 6 - SOUTHWESTERN
                                                                                                          Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico,
Officer terms, and better defining Board           Petronis. These past presidents, and their             Oklahoma, and Texas
roles and responsibilities.                        executive boards, have worked extremely                Dr. Kitty Campbell
     To you, DMD members, thank you from           hard over the years and have all given of              Southeastern Oklahoma
                                                                                                           State University
the bottom of my heart for the honor of            themselves for the good of our society. I    
serving as your president over the past three      thank them for their contributions and
years. I want to extend my most sincere            service. My goal is to live up to the                  REGION 7 - WESTERN
                                                                                                          Alaska, Arizona, California,
thanks and deep appreciation for their hard        standards they have set.                               Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,
work and dedication: to Rich Sosnowski,                 Our new National Officers are                     Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington,
                                                                                                          and Wyoming, Canada:
DMD Executive Director, and the members            outstanding and dedicated: Vice Presidents             Saskatchewan, Alberta, British
                                                                                                          Columbia, Yukon, Nunavut and
of the DMD Board of Directors. Finally, and        Sandra Kiehl and Chuck Fazzi, Treasurer                Northwest Territories.
foremost, my thanks and love to my husband         Perry Moore and Secretary Rich Sosnowski               Prof. Carol Farabee
Richard, my children Renee and Brian, Kelli        have been serving for years. We have a                 Western International University
and Mike, and Richie, and my wonderful             strong team in place and together we will
granddaughter Briann for your patience,            strive to grow DMD with an even larger                 REGION 8 -
understanding, and support.                        number of schools, and have the society play           All but North America.
     It is with a great deal of pride that I now   a more valuable role in the lives of even
pass the reigns of Delta Mu Delta to Michael       more students. I look forward to working               Dr. Janis Petronis
LaRocco and wish him and Delta Mu Delta            with them to raise the standards of Delta Mu           Tarleton State University
the very best.                                     Delta to new heights.

   Alpha Iota at Athens State Three Time “Tony” Winner
     Delta Mu Delta's Alpha Iota Chapter at Athens State               To increase visibility on campus, in addition to activities in
University, Athens, Georgia, is proud to be this year's Anthony    the charitable sector, Alpha Iota sponsors and participates in
J. Jablonsky Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award winner.         campus activities. The chapter's American Idol contest attracts
This isn't a new feeling for the chapter or for faculty adviser,   quite a crowd as part of the welcome back to campus. The
Brenda Harper. Of the last nine years, Athens has won the          chapter partnered with a local franchise of a national company,
award, affectionately known as the “Tony,” three times: 1999,      Bojangles Chicken, to provide food at a campus event.
2001, and this year, 2007.                                         Students involved learned a lot about operating a business in
     Alpha Iota should be proud. The “Tony” is the highest         addition to gaining visibility for DMD and increasing their
award a chapter can earn. The winner must be a dedicated,          scholarship fund. The chapter members also write articles for
active, community oriented chapter whose members                   many of the campus publications.
understand the obligation that accompanies being among the             The award is named for Anthony “Tony” Jablonsky. Tony
best. Alpha Iota is all of that.                                   has served the society in many ways. He was the national
     The chapter increases its visibility on campus through                                            president for 14 years, vice-
activities that benefit both the college community and the                                             president of extension and
greater community as well. Alpha Iota raises money and                                                 development and has been on
collects other donations to support local efforts to help                                              the advisory board for many
community members. The group sponsored seven needy                                                     years. He served as the faculty
children through the Salvation Army's Christmas “Angel”                                                adviser for DePaul's Eta chap-
program. They collected 1100 non-perishable food items for                                             ter for more than 20 years.
the local “Food and Shelter” program as well as provided
items for a holiday meal for 8 families through their own                                              Brenda Harper holds
“Operation Feed a Family.” They raise funds in a number of                                             the “Tony” presented by
ways to provide two scholarships for Athens students with a                                            Dr. Janis Petronis National
value of more than $1,700 last year.                                                                   President.

            LaGrange Professor Receives “Rich” Award
     Professor Cindi Beardon is no stranger to awards. Among           In that capacity, she has supported chapters in the
the awards Professor Bearden has earned are several “Teacher       Southeastern region since fall of 2004. During those years she
of the Year” Awards and a 15-year service award as adviser. This   has installed four new chapters on campuses in her region.
year DMD added yet another. Professor Bearden has been named           A 2003 graduate of the Master Teacher Program of
the R.L. Sosnowski Outstanding Faculty Adviser of the Year.        Georgia State University in addition to holding a masters
     Professor Bearden currently advises the Zeta Pi Chapter of    degree in accounting, Professor Bearden is active in the
Delta Mu Delta at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia.           Georgia Association of Accounting Educators and the National
Her work with the chapter was instrumental in the chapter          Business Education Association. Her passion for education is
achieving Star Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2007. She has also        also reflected in her invitation to be the keynote speaker at
served as adviser for chapters at Birmingham-Southern              Albany State University's 2006 College of Business Dean's
College and the University of North Alabama. For both              Lecture Series. Her presentation emphasized what students
previous chapters, she                                             need to be marketable in today's economy.
was a founding faculty                                                  The R.L. Sosnowski Outstanding Faculty Adviser of the
advisor. In addition to                                            Year Award, presented for the second year, is named for Rich
her role as adviser, she                                           Sosnowski, a DMD member since 1974, and the current
also serves DMD as a                                               Secretary and Executive Director of the Society. At the
regional representative.                                           national level he has served as a scholarship judge, as co-chair
                                                                   of the Central Office Development Committee, and was the
                                                                   driving force behind automating the Central Office. Before
                                                                   serving as Executive Director, Rich served as National
Robert McCall
presents the “Rich”                                                Treasurer, then Secretary/Treasurer. The Outstanding Faculty
award to Professor                                                 Adviser of the Year is equally a thoughtful steward of Delta
Cindi Bearden.                                                     Mu Delta principles.

La Roche Chapter Holds Delta Mu                                                    In Memory of Rickey Tribble, Sr.
Delta Annual Induction Ceremony
                                                                                                                      The headline of
    Seventeen students were inducted into the Eta Psi chapter                                                     Rickey Tribble's obituary
of Delta Mu Delta at LaRoche College in Pittsburg, PA. Eta                                                        in The Huntsville Times
Psi also selected two individuals for honorary Delta Mu Delta                                                     read “wanted to do
membership: Astrid Kersten, PhD, La Roche College professor                                                       something with his life”,
of management, and James Brown, a LaRoche alumnus.                                                                and he certainly
    Dr. Kersten received honorary membership in recognition                                                       followed his dream.
of her 27 years of teaching, administrative and scholarly                                                         Rickey was a machinist
contributions to the business programs, most recently as
                                                                                                                  at Teledyne Brown
director of business programs. The other new honorary
member, James Brown, is a managing principal of TAG Equity
                                                                                                                  Engineering for most of
Partners in Pittsburgh. Mr. Brown was the keynote speaker for                                                     his career. In 2003, at
the event. His remarks focused on the importance of                                                               the age of 49, he
                                                                                                                  decided to enroll at
                                                                                   Athens State University as a business major to gain the
                                                                                   baccalaureate degree that had always been his goal.
                                                                                       Rickey had always been active in the community
                                                                                   as a Boy Scout troop leader, so joining the fund-
                                                                                   raising activities of Athen's Delta Mu Delta chapter
                                                                                   activities was a new outlet for his philanthropic spirit.
                                                                                   “He always took the lead” said Dr. Brenda Harper,
                                                                                   Athens’ DMD adviser, and so quite naturally he
                                                                                   became a two-time president of the university's DMD
                                                                                   Alpha Iota Chapter.
Delta Mu Delta honorary inductees celebrate after the ceremony. From left,             He was working full-time, raising a family,
M.H. Sidky, Ph.D., husband of Astrid Kersten, Ph.D. (second from left),
James Brown and his wife, Marcia. Both Browns are La Roche College
                                                                                   helping others, and through all this he maintained a
graduates: James was Class of 1994, and Marcia was Class of 1995.                  perfect 4.0 academic record. In 2006 he was a DMD
                                                                                   scholarship recipient - the Abderrahman Robana
establishing relationships in business and how his experiences                     Award of $1,000. Unfortunately, Rickey passed away
at La Roche College provided him with the inspiration to                           a few days before graduation. His children had the
develop and maintain relationships in business, community
                                                                                   honor and pride of receiving their father's diploma at
and private life.
                                                                                   graduation. This summer, Athens State University
    Harry Strickland, PhD, professor of business management
and administration, provided opening comments and served as                        received the Anthony J. Jablonsky Outstanding
Master of Ceremonies. During the ceremony, Professor Mark                          Chapter Award - a national tribute to Rickey's
Dawson presented each of the candidates to Judith Boros, Eta                       leadership skills as chapter president.
Psi chapter president.                                                                 Rickey did many things with his life; and all of them
                                                                                   exemplified the values of a Delta Mu Delta member.

                                                                             Arcadia University's Kappa Upsilon
                                                                             Chapter of Delta Mu Delta held its
                                                                             second induction on April 9, 2007.

                                                                             Pictured from left: Olivia Amspacher, Stephanie
                                                                             Greenwood, Melissa Maylott, Dr. Annette L. Halpin,
                                                                             President Kappa Upsilon Chapter, Dr. Sassan Hejazi,
                                                                             Faculty Adviser Kappa Upsilon Chapter, Jeffrey Kelly,
                                                                             Bindu Ghimire, Krystal Gula

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                 Newest Chapters hold DMD Installations
    Three Delta Mu Delta chapters were installed and held           and four honorary members were inducted in a mid-afternoon
their first induction ceremony this spring. The newest chapters     ceremony at the Billingsly Student Center on the MSSU
are Lambda Gamma at Missouri Southern State University in           campus. Among the new honorary members was Dr. Carla
Joplin, Missouri, Lambda Epsilon at Edgewood College in             Stalling Huntington, faculty adviser for the chapter.
Madison, Wisconsin, and Lambda Zeta at Alvernia College in              Later in May, Lambda Epsilon's installation at Edgewood
Reading, Pennsylvania.
                                      Regional Representative
                                 Chuck Fazzi installed Lambda
                                 Zeta on April 26th. Fazzi
                                 presented the chapter's charter
                                 to Dr. Shirley J. Williams,
                                 Provost at Alvernia. Forty-four
                                 students were inducted into
                                 life-time membership in Delta
                                 Mu Delta. Honorary                 College was attended by Regional Representative Ashton
memberships were awarded to the six members of the business         Vermallay and DMD National's Secretary, Rich Sosnowski. Dr.
faculty, including the Faculty Adviser for Lambda Zeta, Dr.         Vermallay presented the charter, installed the chapter and
Mary Ellen Wells.                                                   inducted the honorary members. Sosnowski addressed the
    Early May saw the                                               gathering after the installation. Dr. Moses Altsech, co-adviser
installation of Lambda Gamma                                        with Dr. Dennis Colllins, inducted the student members. After
at Missouri Southern State                                          the keynote speaker, Robert Schlicht, who is a former
University. Dr. John                                                president of M&I Bank, Mary Kelly-Powell, Vice President of
Lewington, Midwestern                                               Academic Affairs, made closing remarks.
Regional Representative,                                                We give our congratulations and a warm welcome to these
presented the charter to Dean                                       new chapters.
Brad Kleindl. Twelve students

                                         Mildred Ruth Marion
      Few members of Delta Mu Delta have served the society             Muriel Reder served on the national board with Ruth for
  as well or as long as Mildred Ruth Marion. Known to us as         many years and describes Ruth as “…a person who believed
  Ruth, she was inducted into DMD's Beta Chapter at                 in working to achieve the best and the most that she could
  Northwestern University around 1950. In 1960, Ruth                out of life and worked untiringly toward that goal.” Ruth
  accepted the office of DMD's Chairman of Extension and            was the first woman to achieve the status of Chartered
  Development. By 1962, she was National President of the           Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). She worked for
  Society, and served in that capacity until 1966. After this she   Liberty Mutual her entire professional career and advanced
  served as Executive Secretary from 1971 until her death in        to positions that women rarely achieved.
  1996. Ruth also served in many other capacities, as diverse           Delta Mu Delta was not the only society to benefit from
  as Newsletter Editor, Bylaws Committee Chair and Chair of         Ruth's attention. She was a national officer of the Women's
  the Scholarship Committee. The national office operated           Business & Professional Society, Phi Chi Theta, beginning in
  from her home in Evanston from the mid-1950's until it was        1960, and culminating as National President in 1970. After
  moved to St. Louis in the early 90's.                             that she served the Chicago Alumni Chapter in various
      Not only did Ruth serve capably in all these positions,       capacities until 1994. Students attending Northwestern's
  but she was responsible for the foundation and structure of       Evening Division also benefited greatly when Ruth worked
  the Society that DMD is today. Ruth, assisted by Genevieve        as a student advisor there.
  Duffin, spearheaded the incorporation of DMD. She was the             Ruth also found the time to enjoy life. She traveled
  motivating force behind the Society qualifying for                extensively. Emily Novotny, a Phi Chi Theta friend, made
  membership in the Association of College Honor Societies          seven overseas trips with her. Ruth attended the Chicago
  (ACHS) in 1963. Ruth and Tony Jablonsky started the               Symphony, the opera and National Geographic Society
  Scholarship fund in the mid-60's with a contribution from         lectures, continually expanding her horizons.
  each of $50. In 1970 the first $100 scholarship was awarded.
 8                           Forever Dollars Scholarship Fund Contributors
             Delta Mu Delta would like to thank the following for their financial support to the Society (January 1 - June 30, 2007)

Corporate Sponsors                    Ashland University
                                         Quazi A. Ahmed
                                                                               Fayetteville State University
                                                                                   Cynthia E. Davis
                                                                                                                  College of Mount Saint Vincent
                                                                                                                      Lucie Pfaff
                                                                                                                                                        The College of St. Catherine
                                                                                                                                                            Mary D. Martin-Kahn
If you are considering a donation,                                                 Victor J. Robinson
                                         Vickie L. Molenda                                                            Melchora C. Uyeke                     Shari L. Nepper
please check with your company -                                               Fisk University
                                         Eduardo E. Molina                                                        Nebraska Wesleyan University          St. Edward's University
through Matching Grants your                                                       Deborah E. Story
                                      Athens State University                                                         Laverne Rudell                        Jeanne E. Weiss
donation will assist more students!                                                Nicholas M. Umontuen
                                         Douglas T. Long, Jr.                                                     New Jersey City University            University of St. Francis
   Grants Appliances                     Deborah J. Miller                     Fontbonne University                   Kathleen L. Bird*                     Darren K. Gagnon
   Electronics & More – $100.00          Barbara S. Parrent*                       Rebecca G. Anthony                 Antoinette Maria Marmora*             Kenneth H. Whitman
                                         Janie Ann Wilson*                         John P.S. Barrett                  Paul Ernest Natalizio, IV         St. Joseph's College New York
   Rio Tinto Energy America
                                      Atlanta University                           Frank A. Craig, III                Gerald J. Mangine                     Brianne Krakaur
   Services Co on behalf of
                                         Preston Edwards                           Bernice F. Heavilin            New York Institute of Technology      The College of Saint Rose
   Mary Landreth – $25.00
                                      Bowie State University                       Joyce Kettenhofen                  Shahar Cohen                          Joseph Marshall
                                                                                   Jeff Lee Smith*                    Joyce C. A. Ehrhardt*
                                         Johnetta McCrae                                                                                                Saint Xavier University
                                      California State University,             Gannon University                      Raymond Stefanowicz                   Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
Our First “Patron” Donor              Dominguez Hills                              Patrick John Agnello
                                                                                   Gene Friedman
                                                                                                                  Nichols College                       Salem State College
                                         William J. Martinez                                                          Michael Allard                        Janice A. Crowley
                                                                                                                      Patricia R. Doyle*
   Pat & Tony Jablonsky
                                         Luther J. Reddick                     Geneva College                                                           St. Bonaventure University
                                         Hesam Shamshiri*
$100 and over
                                                                                   Sarah F. Young                     Sheena M. Morin                       Sandra Fabi
                                      Central Connecticut State University     Georgian Court University              Susan C. Ouellet                  Southern Connecticut State
Athens State University                  David H. Lyon                             Dawn R. Daniele                    Vivian A. Spacek                  University
   Robert L. McCall                   University of Central Oklahoma               Camilla R. Lauricella          University of North Alabama               Megan A. Lynch
   Barbara I. Engelbrecht*               Kellie Ann Eastham                        Susan Milano                       Martin R. Abroms                  Southern Nazarene University
   Wallace E. Kirkpatrick                Maryellen P. Epplin                   Illinois College                       Ashley Nicole Brown                   Jessie L. McMullen
University of Central Oklahoma        Chaminade University of Honolulu             J. Arlin Boles, I                  Keri Lynn Covington                   Cynthia R. Singer
   David H. Hartmann                     Patricia E. Corbaley                      Alaina Marie Heitz             Northeastern State University         Southern New Hampshire University
University of Cincinnati                                                       University of Indianapolis                                                   Steven M. Buyck*
                                                                                   Scott L. Parker*
                                         Arthur Russell McNamara                                                      Kimberly Ann Hobbs
   Stanley Quay                          Brian Sekiguchi                                                          North Park University                     Sheryl B. Craun
Dallas Baptist University             University of Cincinnati                 Keene State College                    Michael Sieg                          Jennifer L. Desrosiers
   Clifton E. Marks                      John Barnhorst                            William Francis Lynch              Gregory Weider                        Lucia Johnston
DePaul University                        William Brown                         Lambuth University                 Northwest Missouri State University       Penny M. Lashua
   Thomas Deming                         Jane Collins                              Malinda Simpson                    Tracy Lynn Weller                     Adrienne E. Morgan
   Anthony J. Jablonsky                  Sharon Morris                         Le Moyne College                   Northwest Nazarene University             Bradford Parkhurst
   Thomas J. Macciaro                    Barry S. Porter                           Dustin Paul Boomhower              Donnita Sue Richardson Liechty        Cynthia A. Pilla
Dowling College                          Bruce Ring                            Long Island University - CW Post   College of Notre Dame of Maryland         Rose L. Ruggiero
   Lawrence J. Longua*                   William Shebesta                          Michael C. Mulcahy                 George M. Evans, Jr.                  Patricia L. Sangillo
Eastern New Mexico University            Albert Werner                             Norman Wagner                      Constance Ann Garner                  Antonio R. Seales
                                                                                                                      Janise A. Kilar*
   William H. Brunsen                                                          Lycoming College
                                         Donald Wesley                                                                                                      Sandra Swallow
                                                                                                                      Melissa M Mullan*
Hawai'i Pacific University                                                         Robert R. Houck
                                         Katherine Westbrook                                                                                            The Richard Stockton College of
   Temaleti K. Uluave                                                          Madonna University
                                      Delta State University                                                          Peggy A. Weber                    New Jersey
Indiana University East                                                            Jane E. Caplinger
                                         Margarita S. Carter-Niewald                                              Ohio Northern University                  Bernadette Brown
                                                                                   Loree Ann Collett
                                                                                   Janice M. Dandrea*
   Ashton I. Veramallay               DePaul University                                                               Carl K. McMaken                       Carmen Campise, Jr.
Long Island University - CW Post         Steven Cappaert                                                          Oklahoma City University                  Elan A. Carr
   Linda A. Ferraro                                                                Antoinette S. Knechtges
                                         Dennis A. Carr                                                               Clinton N. Duty                       Kathleen Kimmerle
                                         Diane Chomiak*
Manhattan College                                                              Manhattan College
                                                                                                                  Our Lady of the Lake University           Daniel D. Lanzoni
                                                                                                                                                            Louise Seitman*
   Dany Sfeir                                                                      Anne C. Cehelsky
                                         Phillip Anthony Chomiak                                                      Gary Grey Abernathy
Marymount University                                                               Janine M. Illiano
                                         Joseph E. Furman                                                             Roy D. Baird                      Tarleton State University
   Louise Marshall                                                                 Mohamed Qualander
                                         Walter A. Gregory, Jr.                                                       Edward E. Hester, Jr.                 Zebulon Heath Pomerenke
                                                                               Marymount University
                                                                                   Helen Clark*
Massachusetts College of                 Oscar Griffin, Jr.                                                           Richard & Carol Jones                 Stacy L. Raney
                                                                                   Michael J. Parkinson*
Liberal Arts                             Paula S. Gruner                                                              Mary T. Perrone                       Meredith Bernard Stewart
   Robert A. Wells                       Michael V. LaRocco                    Maryville University                   Hajar Sanders                         Anita J. Terpstra-Meeves*
Mount Saint Mary College,                Martha A. Lenz                                                               Randall D. Scallan                    Donna Kay Thornbrue
New York                                                                           Teresa Huxford
                                         Carole Ann Long                           John A. Lewington                  Cynthia M. Stephens                   Vickie K. Williams
   Laura Ann Grandstaff                  Lori Coleen Mandel                                                           Matthew P. Streger                Tiffin University
Mount St. Mary's University,                                                       Robyn Annette McNew
                                      DeSales University                       Marywood University                    Gloria Jean Tobin                     Jill E. Groves
Maryland                                 Matthew D. Boldt                                                             Richard Paul Zimpfer, II              Charlene Marie Prochazka
                                                                                   Ann Janowicz
   Joshua Gerard Dzyak                   Michael A. Coakley                                                       Paine College                             Lucy Jane Thomas
                                                                                                                      Dianne Cunningham*
                                                                               University of Massachusetts -
New York Institute of Technology      University of the District of Columbia                                                                            Wagner College
   Frank E. Cowell, III*
                                         Dale Eugene Lee                           Nancy J. Goulart               Peirce College                            Victoria Consentino
   Angelo Girolamo                       Tu-Hue Mong Mahan                                                            Christine M. Beady                    Lynne Gable Pizor
                                                                               Menlo College
University of North Alabama              Joseph D. McDonald                                                           Joyce M. Nelson                       Robert Huffert
                                                                                   Terence T. Kyaw
   Henry L. King                      Dowling College                                                             Pepperdine University                     Anita Petersen-Schmidt
                                                                                   Tracy L. Shwan
   Michael Clayton Waldrop               Barry S. Kaufman                                                             Ruth D. Atteberry                 Walsh College
                                                                               Mercy College
College of Notre Dame of Maryland        Joseph W. Petrauskas, Sr.                                                    Hugh Rose                             Ayesha Sheharyar Mehdi
   Mildred D. Owens*                     Ann Marie Ryan*
                                                                                   B. Timothy Allport
                                                                                   Daniel A. Ferguson*                Melinda A. Thaler                 University of West Alabama
                                                                                   Victoria Garbarino*
Sacred Heart University                  Mary Wayne                                                                   Calvin C. Waller                      Hester M. Brown
   William M. Lawler                  Eastern Connecticut State University                                        Philadelphia University               West Virginia Wesleyan College
                                                                                   Ivan Georgiev
University of St. Francis                Joseph Antonelli                                                             John F. Boyle                         Max R. Lewis, II
                                                                                   Janice A. Heim
   Bob Wysocki                        Eastern New Mexico University                Arlene Hendricks                   Catherine Korman*                 Western International University
Southern New Hampshire University        Dale Davis                                Kevin S. Noonan                    Sylvie Kral*                          Bryan Bundy
   Douglas P. Howell, USN             Eastern University                           Linda M. Sulsenti              Pittsburgh State University           Western New England College
   Bozena Toczydlowski                   Lynn D. Burkett                       Methodist College                      Brenda S. Winters                     Wayne J. Atkins
Walsh College                            Dina M. Gribbin                                                          Prairie View A&M University           Western New Mexico University
   John E. Mullins*
                                                                                   Pamela Strickland
                                         Barbara Jean Kappler                  Monmouth University                    Awilda Paulette*                      Mary Landreth*
Westminster College                   Edinboro University of Pennsylvania                                         Quinnipiac University                 Westminster College
   Vaughn Marie Gouff*
                                                                                   Martin F. Byrne
                                         Yewebdar Tadesse                          Cynthia J. Miglin                  Jorge R. Adrian                       Reece E. Newman

Other Generous
                                      Elmhurst College                         Morehead State University          Ramapo College of New Jersey          Woodbury University
                                         Christine Celik                           Thomas Philip Hurd                 Robert L. Favocci, Jr.                Keith R. Crasnick

Donors                                Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
                                                                               Mount Saint Mary College,
                                                                               New York
                                                                                                                  Roosevelt University
                                                                                                                      Linda S. Novak                    * Denotes multiple contributor
Adelphi University                       James Robert Swanson                      Marilyn Karlich*                   Sharyne Marie Pellegrini          during this period.
  Joseph S. Castro
  Ernest P. Scarola*
                                      Fairleigh Dickinson University -             M. Dunbar Ashbury, Jr.         Sacred Heart University
                                      Rutherford                                   Harry C. Benjamin, Jr.             Mary D. Campbell
  Jennifer Lynn Wagner                   Marguerite Susan Bremner                  Kathleen M. Burns                  Michael G. Kuruc
                                         Elizabeth Anne Voight                     Robert B. Karsteter

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