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					PRINCIPAL - Duane Shartau                                                   ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL – Byron Koop

                                                   News & Notes from
                                           A.E. Cross School
                                             3447 – 37th Street S. W.
                                          Calgary, Alberta     T3E 3C2
                                     Phone: 777-7410            Fax: 777-7419

                                                       May 7, 2009

Principal’s Message

A. E. Cross students have continued to ‘Achieve, Excel and Create’ both within and outside of the classroom. It has been
rewarding to either witness or hear of the many successes that our students have been experiencing. Regardless of the
area, be it academics, athletics, extracurricular or co-curricular activities, such as band, sailing, leadership, or one of many
other endeavours, overall, students at A. E. Cross are having a great year. With less than two months remaining, the end
of the school year is clearly in sight. For grade 9 students, it’s that time when one’s performance (during the last couple
of months) will impact final decisions regarding high school course placements. With final exams quickly approaching
(see attached information), it is essential for all students to be organized and to implement a personalized home study plan
to help them prepare. Critical to the plan is understanding the necessity of reviewing the total year's work. By starting
now, students will avoid being caught unprepared or overwhelmed by year-end schoolwork. Parents, please work with
your child so that he or she will be ready to deal with the rigors of year-end academic demands. Should problems or
concerns arise, or you wish to learn specific strategies about year-end planning, I encourage either you or your child to
connect with his or her teachers.

                        Did you know that this September, all grade 9 and 10 students in the CBE will be
                        attending WorldSkills Calgary 2009? Recently, students currently enrolled in grades
                        8 and 9 took home information letters and registration forms and were asked to
                        select which activity they would most like to observe when they attend this incredible
                        event. In the near future, off-site activity permission forms will be sent home for
                        parents/guardians to complete on behalf of their children. Please be sure to complete
                        and return this important paperwork within the prescribed timeline.

As only the second Canadian host of this event in its 60-year history, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd is proudly
hosting The 40th WorldSkills Competition from September 1 - 7, 2009. Over 1,000 Competitors will compete
simultaneously in 45 skill categories during four-days of intense Competition on Stampede Park. Hailed as the
pinnacle of global skills, trades, and technology competition, this bi-annual event sets a precedence for world-
competency industry standards.

At 2/3 the size of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games hosted in Calgary, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 is the largest
independent event ever hosted on Stampede Park. The actual competition days take place from September 2 - 5,
2009 and are flanked by opening and closing ceremonies, plus the first-ever celebration of World Champions on
the World Stage taking place during the Calgary Stampeder's Labour Day Classic football game held at
McMahon Stadium on September 7, 2009.          For more information about WorldSkills 2009, visit .

Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your effort and the role you play in “Educating Tomorrow’s
Citizens Today”. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Duane Shartau

                                     A.E. CROSS JUNIOR HIGH
                                      CALENDAR OF EVENTS

        May           7      Newsletter
                      8      Track & Field Day at AEC
                      9      Charity “Garage” Sale at AEC - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                     13      Gr. 7 & 8 Language Arts Exam – A.M. (Written Portion)
                             Gr. 9 Language Arts Provincial Achievement Exam – AM (Written Portion)
                             Students dismissed in PM
                  14, 15     Junior Band Camp
                      18     Victoria Day Holiday
                      21     Year End Band Concert – 7:00 p.m. @ AEC
                      25     Divisional Track & Field Meet (Glenmore)
                             School Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
                   25-29     West Coast Sailing Trip (#2)
                      28     School Dance – 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
                      29     Alternate Date- Divisional Track & Field Meet (Glenmore)

        June          3      Grade 9 Farewell Evening – Heritage Park
                      4      Newsletter
                     11      Last Day for Late Bus
                     17      FINAL EXAMS Day 1 – Students dismissed PM
                     18      End of Term 4 & Semester 2
                     19      FINAL EXAMS Day 2 – Students dismissed PM
                     22      Grades 7&8 Awards Assembly (AM) – Students dismissed PM
                     23      FINAL EXAMS Day 3 – Students dismissed PM
                     24      FINAL EXAMS Day 4 – Students dismissed PM
                     25      Organizational Day - No School for Students
                     26      Professional Planning Day - No School for Students
                     29      Gr. 9 Awards and Final Report Cards - AM
                             Gr. 7 & 8 Students Pick up Report Cards - AM
                             Final Newsletter
                             No School for Students in PM
                     30      Appeals- AM - No School for Students
                                         FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE

May 13 Gr. 9 Provincial Achievement Test- Language Arts, Part A (Written)
       Gr. 7 & 8 Language Arts Exam (Written)

June 17 Gr. 9 Provincial Achievement Test- Social Studies
        Gr. 7 & 8 Final Exams- subject TBA

June 19 Gr. 9 Provincial Achievement Test- Language Arts, Part B
        Gr. 7 & 8 Final Exams- subject TBA

June 23 Gr. 9 Provincial Achievement Test- Science
        Gr. 7 & 8 Final Exams- subject TBA

June 24 Gr. 9 Provincial Achievement Test- Mathematics
        Gr. 7 & 8 Final Exams- subject TBA

                                     DO YOU RIDE A BUS TO SCHOOL?

                               TRANSPORTATION FORMS AND UPDATE
Students who have a valid contract in place with the Calgary Board of Education allowing them to access the
charter bus service should have received their 2009-2010 form and brochure home earlier in the week. These
forms are due back to the school by May 15, 2009, with payment to the CBE included.
All grade 9 students will have received the forms outlining the Calgary Transit Bus Pass Rebate process, along
with the terms and conditions. Students eligible to ride the charter bus service (determined by residential
address), currently in grades 7 and 8 were sent Charter Transportation Contracts and brochures. These forms
aid the CBE Transportation Department and the charter bus carriers in planning the bus routes for September
2009 and it is imperative that they be returned on time to ensure busing for your child(ren). Should your child
not have received one of the above forms and you feel that you qualify, please have them stop by the office and
pick one up. The 2009-2010 Charter Bus Route Maps are not provided to the schools until late August and it is
the responsibility of the parent/guardian(s) to stop by the school and obtain one to verify the location of the bus
stop as well as the pick-up and drop off times. Unfortunately, we are not able to fax these forms out.
Please note that if you plan on applying for a waiver for this fee you will need to complete a 2009-2010
Application for Waiver of Fees Form, also available at the school office. The Waiver Forms are also
available on line at:

Should you have any questions regarding the Transportation or Waiver Forms please call the school at
(403)777-7410 or access the above website.
                                                ESL Update

       Students have recently received their third term report cards, and hopefully they are on track
for a good finish to the school year. I am constantly stressing the need to improve vocabulary and
sentence structure, and really hope that students are being encouraged to read at home everyday.
Journal writing is also a good way to build confidence with the language, and can be tied in with a
newspaper article that students find interesting. Developing good habits now will help students
prepare for their Language Arts written exam on May 13, as well as facilitate extended learning over
the summer.
       Grade 9 students have recently been given forms regarding the English 10 preparation course
offered in July at Sir Winston Churchill High School. By all accounts, it is an excellent course that
helps students focus on content and skills that they will be working on next year. If you would like a
copy of this form, please ask your child to see me. Happy Spring!

Leanne Ellis
ESL Learning Leader

Can you dance, sing, or play an instrument native to your country? Are you able to do henna art, origami,
Chinese character writing, sari tying, or African hair braiding? Do you like to cook ethnic foods? Then we
need your help! The Cooking Club and Free the Children Club are sponsoring a multicultural fair to
celebrate the many countries and cultures represented here at A.E. Cross. Events include Multicultural
performance, a Taste of Cross (international cuisine), and workshops to learn about one another’s culture.
These events will be held Tuesday, May 26 till Thursday, May 28th during lunch break. All families are invited
to create a table display or lend items that represent their culture and country. In addition, volunteers are
needed to help organize and set up these events. If you are interested in helping in any way, please come see
Ms. Bell in the Foods room, call me at (403) 777-7410 ext. 2035, or email me at for more
information. All proceeds of these events will go to Adopt-A-Village program. For more information, check
out website:

                                    Grade Nine Farewell Activities

On Wednesday June 3, grade nine students will be celebrating the culmination of their three
years at A. E. Cross by going to Heritage Park for an evening of old fashioned fun. Students
will be bussed to and from the park and will participate in a sit down dinner followed by a
dance in the Wainwright Hotel. Students will be required to return a letter of consent and
payment to the school in order to participate in this event. If the cost poses difficulty,
please contact the school.

On the morning of Monday June 29, the grade nine closing assembly will be held in the
main gymnasium at A. E. Cross.

A detailed information sheet regarding these two events will be distributed to all grade nine
                                                 Grade 7’s
The radio plays were awesome. Grade sevens will be ramping up for their final projects. All classes
will be focused on reviewing what they have learned and using it in their final project. Our masks are
almost finished in one class and our horror movie will be filmed mid month.
                                                 Grade 8’s
Are finishing up their games unit and will be starting individual projects using everything they have
learned this semester. Some students will be helping take down the Sleepy Hollow set and start
working on our Remembrance Day set for Diary of Anne Frank
                                                 Grade 9’s
9-A is attending a performance by The Shakespeare Company on the 21st. We will be watching
scenes from A Mid Summer Nights Dream and reviewing the play before going to see it. We are
amidst a games unit in one class while another will be focusing on building the Christmas set for next
years production of Christmas vignettes. Mulan is going strong. We have a few costumes and are
trying to get together a portable and flexible set. We hope to be able to perform it for students the end
of June just before exams.
                   The Drama Department Hosts:    THE COMEDY CLUB
 Their names were in lights…Wow awesome performances by: Michael, Kieran,
         Riley, George, Liam, Damian, Brodie, Kevin, Eric and Alex

                                   Legend of Sleepy Hollow
                      Congratulations!!! What a fabulous run. You were all so amazing. You
                          performed five shows with poise, talent and hard work.
Sincere Thank you to: Ms. Gibson and Ms. Murphy for the use of their rooms, and all those
                    wonderful people who supported this production.
    We will now take scenes from this play to the Encore Drama Festival on May 12th.

                               YES, VIRGINIA THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS
                   Any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact
                   Mrs. Reid or 403-777-7410 (voicemail 3011)
                            Charity Garage Sale
Please come out and support A E Cross’ Charity Garage Sale on Saturday, May 9th
from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in the school gym. Many great items at a great price!!
(cash sales only please) All proceeds will go to “Free the Children – Adopt a
Village”. Through various fundraising events we have raised approximately
$16,000.00 to build a school, construct a water system and help with an alternative
income program for a village in India. Our goal is $25,000.00.
                 Fun Facts
 When threatened or attacking prey, the
 electric eel will discharge a burst of at
 least 600 volts, five times the power of a
 standard wall socket!

                                                Online practice provincial achievement exam
                                                (PAT): If your son or daughter is in grade 9
How can the volume of a cylinder be             and looking for a way to prepare for the
calculated, what about the surface area of a    math PAT check out this website,
prism? If these questions puzzle you ask your Follow the
Math 8 student to show you. Math 8              links for practice tests. This site has practice
students are currently investigating surface    tests for all subject areas (the social studies
area and volume.                                curriculum is out-of-date).

Math 9 students have recently been learning
concepts and skills related to the Shape and         Does your AE Cross student have a
Space unit. Grade 9 students should be able                     calculator?
to use formulas to calculate volumes and
surface areas for shapes such as cones,                        GAUSS Contests
pyramids and prisms.
                                                Students in Grade 7 and 8 are encouraged to
Math 7 students are working on a variety of     participate in the Gauss Mathematics
topics depending on the class. 7-19 and 7-20    contest. These contests are produced by the
are investigating the addition and              Centre for Education in Mathematics and
subtraction of fractions with unlike            Computing at the University of Waterloo in
denominators, and class 7-23 are beginning      Waterloo Ontario. Each year thousands of
investigations into integers.                   students participate in these contests. The
                                                contests are meant as an enrichment activity
                                                for any student in Math 7 or 8. Please ask
                                                your student to see their Mr. Thomas in
                                                room 8 for details about these contests.
                                             Science Fair News

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Tuff and her students who had great success at the recent City Science Fair! The
2009 science fair, held in April at the Big Four Building on the Stampede Grounds, was the 48th annual Calgary
Youth Science Fair. The mission of the Calgary Youth Science Fair Society is "to promote an appreciation for
scientific principles and method in the youth of Calgary by means of an annual science competition". Every year
almost 1000 students from schools in and around Calgary gather to take part in Canada's largest science fair.
Special congratulations to the following A. E. Cross students that participated:

                         Richard L, grade 9 – Carbon Dioxide Infusion Lab, honourable mention
                         Jack S, grade 8 – Homemade Lava Lamp, silver medal
                         Duncan M, grade 8 – The Science of Sound, honourable mention

                                         From the School Council
                               Volunteers Needed for Baking & Snack Food
                                       Teacher Appreciation Day
                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009

The A.E. Cross School Council & Parents’ Association would like to ask for your support to thank the
excellent staff at A.E. Cross for another successful year.

We are requesting families donate baking or other snack foods as our show of appreciation to the
wonderful staff at AE Cross Junior High School. Thanks to these dedicated professionals, our children
have had another successful year. Students at AE Cross are extremely fortunate to have an
enthusiastic group of teachers who are willing to take them on a wide variety of off-site activities
and trips.

Students do not attend school on June 25th, so please drop off your baking or snack contribution to
the school on Wednesday, June 24th if you are not able to bring your donations to school on the
morning of June 25th (preferred date if you can). If you can help set-up the baking/snacks or have
questions, please email Kathleen Henning at

AE Cross School Parent Council
May and June are the months in which all students       Much valuable information is gathered in our
in Grades 3, 6, 9 and 12 are expected to write          classrooms daily. Teachers often develop their
Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams          own tests and quizzes, tailored to the material they
in the province of Alberta. The provincial testing      are teaching. Ongoing student assessments also
program is an example of summative assessment,          include daily observations, the use of locally-
or assessments given to students at the end of a        developed assessment rubrics, group work, project
unit or program of study. Although there has been       work, oral presentations, multi-media presentations,
a great deal of debate and discussion over the past     large and small group discussions, interviews and
number of years regarding the value of these tests,     student-teacher conferences.
they continue to be used as one measure of
accountability for all schools and school systems       When discussing the variety of assessment
across the province. Summative assessments, like        strategies used throughout our school system, it is
the provincial achievement tests, are one measure       also important to acknowledge the value of student
of a student’s achievement, and should be used in       self-assessment.      An individual student’s self-
combination with a number of other assessments to       evaluation is a very credible source of information
determine a student’s achievement as well as their      for teachers. Students can articulate what they
learning needs.                                         have learned as well as identify areas where they
                                                        need more assistance. An effective method of
Referring to Alberta Education’s website,               allowing students to examine their own body of      work is through the development of student
s.aspx, the purpose of the provincial testing           portfolios.    By gathering examples of student
program is to:                                          learning over the course of a semester, a year, or
 determine if students are learning what they are      multiple years, students, parents and teachers can
   expected to learn;                                   measure the growth and development of a
 report to Albertans how well students have            student’s skills and knowledge.
   achieved provincial standards at given points in
   their schooling;                                     Both formative and summative assessments assist
 assist schools, authorities, and the province in      educators in truly meeting individual student
   monitoring and improving student learning.           learning needs through the personalization of
                                                        student learning.
Information about student performance on
achievement tests is provided to schools, school        Personalizing learning for all of our students is a
authorities, parents, and the public so that they may   primary focus in the Calgary Board of Education’s
know how well students in their schools are             Three-Year Education Plan (2009-2012). In order to
meeting local targets and provincial expectations.      effectively meet all students’ learning needs, each
                                                        teacher must constantly assess the skills and
Monitoring and improving student learning involves      knowledge students are gaining in each curricular
much more than administering an annual test on a        program of study.       Using both formative and
single day. Ongoing assessment, or formative            summative assessments allows educators to gain
assessment, takes place in our schools and              the most comprehensive view of a student’s
classrooms daily, providing timely and pertinent        achievements and their future learning needs.
information for teachers to use in guiding students’
                                                        Beverley D. Hubert
                                                        Chief Superintendent
                                                        Calgary Board of Education