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									                          2 0 05 A n n u a l R e p o r t
                    Fa i r v i e w & E b e n e z e r F o u n d a t i o n s

                    supporting our legacy of car e

   1906 - 2006

                    Chase &
                    Brad Rosen

   1906 - 2006

Fairv iew Foundation

 Fairview Foundation Board ............................................................................4

 Fairview Foundation Mission ..........................................................................4

 Letter from President and Board Chair ......................................................5

 a world of Care ............................................................................................. 7

 our Year in review ..........................................................................................8

 2005 Special events ..........................................................................................9

 Statement of activities ................................................................................ 10

 Statement of Financial Position .................................................................. 11

 2005 donor organizations ...........................................................................12

 2005 individual donors .................................................................................14

 next Generation Circle ...............................................................................24

 2005 in Kind Gifts .......................................................................................... 25

eBenezer Foundation

 ebenezer Foundation Board ......................................................................... 27

 ebenezer Foundation Mission ....................................................................... 27

 Letter from President and Board Chair ....................................................28

 Statements of activities & Financial Position ...........................................29

 Bringing Families together......................................................................... 31
2 0 05 Fa i r v i e w F o u n d a t i o n
  Foundation Board

             rolf F. Bjelland
               terry L. Bock
                 Lita Claar
               Sandy dahmer
             Janet G. dietrich
         Kent eklund, President
                 Gary Fink
                Lou Gomez
               william Joyce
              Louis J. King, ii
              eric Lindstrom
        rodger r. Lundblad, M.d.
           John a. nilsen, M.d.
             Joey B. northrup
           Constance J. o’Hara
               donnis olson
               david r. Page
        Bernard e. wagnild, Chair
                Linda zelm

         Our Mission

     To promote philanthropy and build
relationships in support of Fairview’s mission
  to maintain and to improve the health of
      the diverse communities we serve.

                                      Kent Eklund                Bernard Wagnild
                                      President,                 Board Chair,
                                      Fairview Foundation        Fairview Foundation

Dear Friends,

             hat a milestone Fairview has accomplished–
             a 100-year legacy of care. From the United
             Church Hospital Association’s first meeting
to our current system board meetings, our mission has
always guided our efforts – to improve the health of the
diverse communities we serve. For one hundred years,
our generous community has supported our mission.
                                                                  More recently, Fairview, as a member of Faith in
                                                                  the City– a group of seven Lutheran organizations,
                                                                  established a neighborhood education program to
                                                                  help immigrants navigate the complexity of American
                                                                  health care systems.

                                                                  To support the future, we help support the education of
                                                                  youth who wish to pursue a health care or medical career.
In fact, we are the “family hospital and clinic” for many of
                                                                  Fairview Foundation works hand in hand with Fairview
you – through several generations. We bring new members
                                                                  leadership to assess needs in the system where a donor’s
into your family at our Birthplace locations, provide care
                                                                  gift can make a difference. Fairview Foundation staff
for your growing family through Fairview clinics close to
                                                                  and volunteers build relationships with donors updating
you, treat your special medical needs with the help of our
                                                                  them about Fairview’s advances in medicine. This
partners at the University of Minnesota and the Academic
                                                                  year, Fairview Foundation began an “Innovations in
Health Center, and provide palliative and end-of-life care
                                                                  Medicine” series as an opportunity for our physicians to
for your loved ones when the need arises. You trust us to
                                                                  highlight their ground-breaking work.
provide exceptional care, putting the patient first. Through
our medical innovations, we will continue to provide that         From the first financial gift – a one-dollar donation
exceptional care for future generations.                          given in 1906 – a vision for exceptional care has been
                                                                  Fairview’s driving force for 100 years. The community
Since 1906 we have taken seriously our role as a local
                                                                  spirit that honored the first dream still thrives today.
community partner. We are proud to say we have and
                                                                  This caring spirit is in each person who supports
will continue to provide care for those who need special
                                                                  Fairview programs and services.
payment plans or who cannot pay for medical procedures
and care. Since its inception, the Fairview Foundation            Fairview Foundation’s work is based on commitment,
has included special patient assistance funds to help with        trust and a belief in the future. We hope all of you will
care and medication costs as well as incidental expenses.         join us to make the new dreams at Fairview become
Your generous gifts, as well as those of our community,           realities for another hundred years of exceptional care.
support these safety nets for patients and their families.

Kathleen Kimball-Baker
holds a photo of her mother,
Celia Kimball, who received
caring comfort from
Fairview Hospice staff.
                                           a world of car e

         espect, dignity, minimal discomfort and
         the presence of family and friends can
         bring peace and meaning to the end of life.
Celia Kimball, a multi-lingual world traveler who
overcame poverty and breast cancer, found peace
and comfort from Fairview Hospice and Transitions
and Life Care (TLC) staff during her last days.
                                                                  quality of life. Patel recommended the family consider
                                                                  hospice care (non-curative, comfort care) and arranged
                                                                  for a visit from the Transitions and Life Choices
                                                                  (TLC) team who could recommend ways to keep
                                                                  Celia comfortable. The family chose to begin hospice
                                                                  services for Celia. A hospice staff member provided
                                                                  Kathleen with a book about the stages of dying.

In October 2005, Celia Kimball was diagnosed                      “The pieces came into focus,” says Kathleen. “I
with aspiration pneumonia associated with Alzheimer’s             learned that for three months my mother had
disease. Her daughter, Kathleen Kimball-Baker,                    been in the process of dying. This information
rushed home from a work conference. In her                        united our family: we understood what we needed
mother’s hospital room, Kathleen and a nurse viewed               to do to make mom comfortable. The Hospice
Celia’s chart. The identified prognosis: poor. The                and TLC team members each had a remarkable
nurse hugged Kathleen as the words sunk in.                       sense of how to be with a dying person.”

Stephanie Patel, M.D., Fairview Home Care and                     “My mother was cared for by concerned Fairview
Hospice medical co-director, explained Celia’s condition          staff, many of whom had immigrated from all over
and presented the family with options. While the                  the world,” says Kathleen. In the end, Celia was
lab results looked good, Patel doubted that Celia                 able to continue her life-long quest to meet people
could beat the pneumonia. Due to Celia’s impaired                 from other cultures, according to her daughter.
swallowing ability, additional episodes of pneumonia              “The last person to wash mom’s legendary snowy
likely would bring about multiple trips to the hospital.          white hair was Tibetan,” says Kathleen.

“Dr. Patel was incredibly kind, honest and sensitive,”            The night Celia died, Kathleen and her sister slept
says Kathleen. “She answered all our questions. She               in their mother’s room, one on each side of the
was our guardian angel – we needed her because                    bed. Kathleen awakened, aware that her mother’s
it was difficult knowing what to do next.”                        breathing had become labored. Kathleen moved to
                                                                  the bed and held her mother, stoking her hair and
Options included a gelatin-like diet, or placement of
                                                                  kissing her head. Celia drew her last breath, calmly,
a feeding tube that would significantly change Celia’s
                                                                  without pain and in the company of her loved ones.

    Celia Kimball was born in Texas to Rita and Joseph Cruz. She was the first family member to learn English, ultimately
     becoming fluent in three languages. She overcame the poverty and shyness of her childhood, finding work in a foreign
        consulate, the Houston Chamber of Commerce, two airlines and two travel agencies. She raised three children.
          Fairview eased the final chapter of Celia’s life through the special care of Fairview Hospice and TLC teams.

                                     Our Year in R eview

                                            2005 grants received

Minnesota department of Human Services                        randy Shaver Cancer research & Community Fund
$37,891                                                       $25,000
This award supports the Preventing Falls in Older             This grant provides continued funding for a high-risk
Adults program at Fairview Ridges Hospital. It is a           clinic at Fairview Southdale Hospital’s Breast Center.
primary and secondary prevention project serving the
                                                              Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, inc.
Minnesota Valley. Primary prevention efforts include
education and awareness for the senior population, their
caregivers and their providers. Secondary prevention          This award supports the Intergenerational Program
targets those at risk to reduce falls in the 60 and older     at Ebenezer Ridges Care Center. The program gives
age group by promoting intervention for risk factors.         children at its Child Day Center increased encounters
                                                              with older adults in the Adult Day Center - to help
Minnesota department of Human Services                        bridge the generational gap. Children learn respect for
$200,000                                                      the elderly and compassion for their physical limitations.
In support of the chronic disease management program
                                                              Minnesota Job Skills Partnership
at our Fairview Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center.
Minnesota dept of Health & Human Services                     “Fairview Rehabilitation Services Transitional DPT
$396,700                                                      Program” a two-year grant, in partnership with the
This two-year grant provides continued funding of the         College of St. Catherine, will advance job placement
Chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard                 opportunities for qualified physical therapists. The
of Hearing Individuals. This program is nationally            model of education developed will continue to provide
recognized by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment        qualified physical therapists for the state. Fairview is the
(CSAT) as a model substance abuse program for Deaf            business partner of the grantee, College of St. Catherine.
and Hard of Hearing adolescents and adults. Since 1989,
the program has provided treatment to more than 1,020         Medica Foundation
individuals, training to more than 3,000 professionals
and hundreds of hours of prevention/education in              This grant supports our Computer-Generated Asthma
schools and communities. The Department of Health &           Action plan project. This is a pilot project for three FPA
Human Services has been a supporter of this program           clinics to serve approximately 400 patients with asthma.
since 1997.
                                                              dakota County/u.S. department of Labor
agency for Healthcare Quality and research                    $49,284
$1,482,674                                                    This is a technical skills training grant awarded to
This grant funds a three-year implementation process          our Workforce Development and Placement office
for shared community ambulatory medical records.              that will help current employees learn new skills
This project is a collaboration among Fairview, Allina,       and be able to advanced in the organization.
HealthPartners and the University of Minnesota.

                                                2005 Special Events

Turtle Derby                                                        Fairview Society Dinner
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
                                                                    Each year Fairview Foundation honors those who have
Total raised: $21,046
                                                                    made a significant financial commitment to Fairview
Proceeds from the 19th annual 2005 Turtle Derby held on             programs and services at the Fairview Society Dinner.
June 24, 2005 were used to purchase items to furnish a medical      This past year at the dinner, 80 guests learned about
playroom to help familiarize child patients with various exams      advances in neurosciences from Andrew Freese, M.D.,
through exploration and play. A child-sized play CT scanner         Ph.D., University of Minnesota Medical Center,
made of wood allows children to be able to practice lying           Fairview Neurosurgery Clinic. Freese provided
on it and holding still so they feel more comfortable during        special emphasis on the advancements made in the
an actual CT procedure. Another addition is a distraction           treatment of Canavan’s disease – a fatal, inherited
unit, complete with fiber optics in tail-like strings, a bubble     degenerative brain disorder that affects children of
column similar to a lava lamp, an aromatherapy kit and              eastern and central European Jewish descent.
a projector that will cast images onto the wall or ceiling
                                                                    This annual event recognizes our generous supporters who
to help create a diversion for children during exams.
                                                                    make annual gifts to Fairview of $500 or more, who have
                                                                    given $10,000 or more over their lifetimes and/or have
                                                                    made a commitment to Fairview in their estate plans.
Fairview Ridges Hospital Community
Golf Benefit
Total raised: $29,546
                                                                    Leading the Way
112 golfers participated in the 2005 Fairview Ridges
                                                                    Fairview Foundation instituted the “Leading the
Hospital Community Golf Benefit at Brackett’s Crossing
                                                                    Way” breakfast series in 2005. Each event provided
Country Club to raise money for children’s grief
                                                                    an opportunity to meet a medical leader from the
support and falls prevention for seniors programs.
                                                                    Fairview system and learn about advances in medicine.

                                     Fairview Foundation
                                     Financial Statements

                         statement of activites (for the period ending December 31, 2005)

	                                                  Unrestricted	 Unrestricted	 Temporarily	 Permanently	
	                                                 UnDesignated	 Designated	 Restricted	      Restricted	      Total
  Contributions                                     $179,717       $48,390    $2,065,435     $206,383      $2,499,925
  Fairview Contribution                             2,157,310            0             0            0       2,157,310
  Investment Income and Gains
    on Investments (Net)                              198,852        4,653       345,177             0       548,682
  Net Assets Released From Restrictions
    (Grants Awarded)                                3,438,203            0    (3,438,203)           0               0
	 Total	Income                                      5,974,083       53,043    (1,027,591)     206,383       5,205,918

exPenSeS and LoSSeS
  Program Services Grants Awarded                   3,610,988       28,780             0             0      3,639,768
  Support Expenses:
    General and Administrative                      1,637,010            0             0             0      1,637,010
    Fund Raising                                      513,303            0             0             0        513,303
    Depreciation                                        6,997            0             0             0          6,997
	 Total	Expenses                                    5,768,298       28,780             0             0      5,797,078

Increase	(Decrease)	in	Net	Assets                     205,785       24,262    (1,027,591)     206,383        (591,160)

Balances at December 31, 2004                         $33,284     $142,809    $7,943,526     $852,087      $8,971,705

BaLanCeS at deCeMBer 31, 2005                        $239,068     $167,071    $6,915,935    $1,058,470     $8,380,545

                                                      ~ 10 ~
                                    Fairview Foundation
                                    Financial Statements

       statement of financial position (for the periods ended December 31, 2005 & December 31, 2004)

                                                                    12/31/2005	                 12/31/2004

Current Assets
  Cash and Cash Equivalents                                         $ 1,374217                 $ 1,171,999
  Contributions Receivable, Less Allowance for Doubtful Accts           45,033                     410,394
  Accrued Investment Income                                             43,457                      57,612
  Prepaid Expenses                                                      24,000                           0
Total Current Assets                                                 1,486,707                   1,640,005

Investments                                                             7,568,612                8,888,779

Other Assets
  Investment in Collectibles                                               67,500                      67,500
  Pre-Distribuion Suspense Acct                                             5,640                       1,348
Total Other Assets                                                         73,140                      68,848

Equipment, Net of Depreciation                                              9,100                      14,801

total assets                                                        $ 9,137,559                $10,612,434

LiaBiLitieS and net aSSetS
Current Liabilities
  Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities                          $     94,279                  $ 96,124
  Due to Fairview Healthcare Services                                    550,179                  1,462,585
  Grants Payable                                                          65,386                     65,971
Total Current Liabilities                                                709,844                  1,624,680

Other Liabilities
  Annuities Payable                                                        47,171                      16,049

Net Assets (Deficit)
  Unrestricted - Designated                                               167,071                   142,809
  Unrestricted - UnDesignated                                             239,068                    33,283
  Temporarily Restricted                                                6,915,935                 7,943,526
  Permanently Restricted                                                1,058,470                   852,087
Total Net Assets                                                        8,380,545                 8,971,705

Total	Liabilities	and	Net	Assets                                    $ 9,137,559                 $10,612,434

                                                           ~ 11 ~
                               2005 Donor Organizations

$100,000 and aBove                   $5,000 - 9,999                          $1,000 - 2,499
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation       Ames Construction, Inc.                 3M
State of Minnesota Department of     Care Partners                           Advent Lutheran Church
Human Services                       Communications Workers of America       Allina Health System
                                     Local 7200                              Blaine High School Activity Fund
$25,000 - 99,999                     Fairview University Medical Center      Boldt Consulting Services
                                     Medical Staff
Amgen                                                                        Corporate Express
                                     Johnson & Johnson Healthcare
Dakota County
                                     Systems, Inc.                           D.J. Kranz Company
Hope Chest for Breast Cancer
                                     Minnesota Lynx Foundation               Dakota Electric Association
Randy Shaver Cancer Research and
                                     N.C. Little Memorial Hospice, Inc.      Discovery International
Community Fund of the Minnesota
Community Foundation                 Novo Nordisk Inc.                       ECM Publishers, Inc

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans     Paulson Family Foundation               Fairview Cares Award
Foundation                                                                   Fairview Ridges Medical Staff
                                     Thomson Family Foundation
Thrivent Financial Services          of Minnesota                            Foussard Montague Associates, Inc.
                                     University Medical Auxiliary            Granite Foundation
$10,000 - 24,999                                                             Hunt Electric Corporation
Advanced Bionics                     $2,500 - 4,999                          KOS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ASHP Foundation                      Altru Health System                     Metropolitan Mechanical
Elekta, Inc                          BWBR Architects                         Contractors, Inc.

Fairview Health Services Auxiliary   Carlson LaVine, Inc.                    Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Great Clips, Inc.                    Encompass Textiles & Interiors          Onamia Lions Club Charitable
                                                                             Gambling Account
Medica Foundation                    Hope for Henry Foundation
                                                                             Ortho Midwest Inc.
Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Company   IDX Systems Corporation
                                                                             Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program
Rodney and Barbara Burwell Family    Lawson Software
Foundation                                                                   Sam’s Club Foundation
                                     M. A. Mortenson Company
Transglobal Vacations                                                        The Midwest Medical Insurance
                                     Pfizer, Inc.                            Holding Company
Wheat Ridge Ministries               PreferredOne Administrative             Thomas S. Kemp Foundation
                                     Services, Inc.
                                                                             Transportation Club of
                                     Ridges Anesthesiology, P.A.             Minneapolis and St. Paul
                                     Smaby Family Foundation                 Vennehjem Building Corporation
                                     Suburban Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.   West Group-Thomson West
                                     Thrivent Financial - Chapter 30104      Whitney Foundation
                                     Tusen Tack
                                     University of Minnesota
                                     Disbursement Office
                                     Wells Fargo
                                                       ~ 12 ~
                              2005 Donor Organizations

$500 - 999                              Shelter Alliance
AGFA Corporation                        Surveillance Data, Inc.
Boker’s, Inc.                           Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Brackett’s Crossing Country Club        University of Minnesota Physicians
Burnsville Toyota                       Wells Fargo Private Client Services
Children’s Cancer Research Fund         WISH Lions Club
Cole’s Salon Management, Inc.           Ziegler, Inc.
Corporate Mechanical
Diversified Marketing Partners          $250 - 499
Dunham Associates, Inc.                 A Fitting Place LLC
Emergency Physicians                    American Express Foundation
Professional Association                Employee Matching Gift
Fairview Northland Regional             Bethany Lutheran Church
Hospital Auxiliary                      Citywide Window Services
GMAC-RFC                                Duggan & Duggan General Contractor
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation         Forbes Capital Group, Inc
James & Wanda Hollensteiner             Gephart Electric Co., Inc.
                                        Independent School District 659 -
JP Morgan Chase Manhattan               Northfield
Lindstrom Fire Department
                                        Lakeville Family Chiropractic
Mavo Systems, Inc.
                                        Lakeville Snyder Drug, Inc.
McDonagh Real Estate &
Development Ltd.                        Lone Tree Press

Mercy Medical Center                    Minnesota Oncology Hematology, PA

Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, P.A.    MN Colon & Rectal Foundation

North Branch Area High School           Oak Ridge Center PLLC
National Honor Society                  Organic Pleasures LLC
Princeton Used Clothing Center          Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Ridges Pondview Medical Building, LLP   Princeton United Fund, Inc.
Ridgeview Medical Office Building       Quello Clinic LTD
Ridgeview South Limited Partnership     Radisson Hotel Metrodome
ServerWorlds.com Incorporated           Regent At Burnsville

                                                           ~ 13 ~
                               2005 Individual Donors

$25,000 and aBove             $1,000 - 2,499                 Gary & Jennifer Hawkins      Jeanne & Jon Olds
Rodney P. & Barbara Burwell   Theresa Ahles                  Margaret Ann Hennen          Daniel Onkka
Estate of Marion Groth*       Dr. Nancy Alexis               Heather Herring              Alison & David Page
Elsie Mitchell                Ann H. Allison                 Steven & Kelly Housh         Marjorie & Robert Page
Barbara Reed                  Mary & Douglas Bakken          Richard & Christine Howard   Rick & Elizabeth Panning
Kate Riddell                  Roberta M. Beach               Richard & Nancy Huntley      Daryl G. Patri
                              Gwendolyn & Bradley Beard      Bruce & Cindy Idelkope       James & Jean Peters
$10,000 - 24,999              Ruth K. Beastrom               G. Thomas & Penelope         Gary & Linda Petersen
Gary & JoAnn Fink             Susan R. Bernard               Judson                       Jill Peterson
John Forstrom                 Rolf & Idelle Bjelland         Lisa Kats                    Mary J. Peterson
Drew Lewis                    Sandra Blackman                Dr. Jeffrey Ketcham          Chaplain Patrick Pryor
Racciatti Family Fund         Steve & Bev Borgstrom          Leon Kist                    Robert & Sally Jean Rahm
Estate of Margaret            Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bowlin         Brian & Carla Knapp          Robert & Roni Redenbaugh
Thompkins                     Dr. & Mrs. James               Kathryn Knight               Tonjia M. Reed
                              Breitenbucher                  Cheryl & Kevin Koenen        Scott & Carolyn Robertson
$5,000 - 9,999                Janice Breyfogle               Thad & Diane Krupka          Jody Rock
Gordy & Lisa Alexander        Jean E. Buckland               David & Christine Leach      Darla Roggow
Mark & Janet Applen           H. Mead & June Cavert          Dr. Lois Lenarz &            Stephen & Rhoda Schneider
Dr. Barbara Bowers            Chuck & Lyn Ceronsky           Dr. Robert Kolasa
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Schoen
& Dr. Douglas Olson           Sara & Wayne Criger            Dr. Charles & Amy Li
                                                                                          Michael & Christine Seitz
Bratlie Family                Kathleen Cummings & John       Kathleen M. Lucas
                                                                                          Chris Senn
Kent & Katherine Eklund       Thoma                          Dr. & Mrs. Rodger Lundblad
                                                                                          V. Eugene Shahan
David Johnson                 Gary & Elaine Dachis           Amy Lundeen
                                                                                          Mike & Pamela Sime
David Kraemer                 Holly & Kevin Dahl             Dennis & Gail Mathisen
                                                                                          Adam Smerud
Diana & Tom Nowatzki          Marie D. Daniels               Dan & Linda Maxwell
                                                                                          Barbara & Duane Snesrud
David & Joanna Page           Robert Davenport               Andy & Sally McCoy
                                                                                          Nan Stevenson
                              John DePauw                    Leo McKenna
                                                                                          Gary & Tena Strong
$2,500 - 4,999                Patricia Dooley                David & Rhea Miller
                                                                                          Walter & Cathleen Trach
Alene & Steven Colvin         Rickey & Judy Edgcumbe         Teresa A. Miller
                                                                                          Judy & Richard Treharne
Laura & Thomas DeNeui         Barbara Eischen                Linda Monson
                                                                                          Bernie & Janet Wagnild
Edward & Betty King           Craig Else                     Kevin & Nancy Morrison
                                                                                          Monica & Guy Wakeman
LaChance Family               Mike Elton                     Kathlyn & Mark Mount
                                                                                          Jenifer Waligoski
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Leenay        John G. Erickson               Shannon Mulligan
                                                                                          Dr. Nancy Waller
Jody & John Link              John & Susan Ertel             William & Pamela
                                                             Nersesian, M.D.              David & Monica Walsh
Dennis & Lori O’Donnell       Susan Riddell Fitzpatrick
                                                             Dr. & Mrs. John Nilsen       Jodie & Christopher Wolla
Tom & Jolene Ormand           Sandra F. Fonkert
Bruce & Nancy Pederson        Anna & Craig Gantner           Veronica O’Connor & Ronald
Mark & Sheri Thomas           Joseph & Clarice Gryskiewicz
                                                             Constance & Michael O’Hara                       * deceased
Dr. Phuc Tran                 Kathy Hansen

                                                    ~ 14 ~
                                2005 Individual Donors

Scott & Donna Wordelman        Daignault                         Christine Hendrickson        Elaine M. Landergan
Randall Worringer              Tamara Day                        James Hennessy               Rev. Elizabeth Larson & Mr.
Michael & Corinne Youso        Bromley Demeritt                  Patricia & Tim Hepner        Timothy Gustafson

Linda & Bill Zelm              Steven & Julie Eddy               Gregg & Carolyn Herrmann     Michael & Ada Larson

Mary Kay Zobava                Clark & Jane Elliott              Christopher Hickman          Meg Leach

                               Glenn & Nancy Erickson            James & Claudia Hornibrook   Gary & Judy Lewis

$500 - 999                     Nancy Espander                    Cindy Hudson                 John R. Lewis

Gwen E. Aaberg                 Candis & Duane Fancher            Charlene & Harold Jebens     Karin Libby

Thomas Adkins                  Peter & Nancy Felcher             Deb Jensen                   Dr. Kathryne Loven

Daniel Anderson                Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Ferron       Bill & Susan Jeska           Pam Lowry

Donna M. Anderson              David & Barbara Finn              Allan S. Johnson             Dr. & Mrs. J.Duncan
Paul Anderson                  Carol Frederick                   Rev. Laura Kelley
                                                                                              Dorothy Markowitz
James Azarski & Nancy          Katherine Frey, M.D.              Meri Beth Kennedy
Werner-Azarski                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Terry Martinson

Barbara Baum                                                                                  Paula Brown McNabb

Robert W. Benson, Jr.                                                                         Jeffrey M. McNamara
                                   In the spring of 1906, a small group of
Patricia Bergen                                                                               Janet & Richard McNelly
                                     community leaders in Minneapolis                         Craig Micheel
Patricia Berger
                                    accepted the first annual membership                      Michelle Micka
Ruth F. Berger
                                     donation – one dollar – toward the                       Dr. David Milbrandt
Janette Biorn
Thomas & Christine                United Church Hospital Association whose                    Sue & Mark Miller
Blissenbach                         goal was to build a general hospital.                     Sidney Moskowitz
Priscilla & Gerald Bormann                                                                    Paul R. Moss, Sr.
JoEllen Lange-Brandt &                                                                        Edrie & David Murphy
Jerroll Brandt                                                                                Mary Murphy
                               Steven Gantner                    Barbara Kidman
June & James Brinkman                                                                         Diane Nalezny
                               Catherine & Stephen Garvey        Loyd Kile
Martha Brinson                                                                                Cheryl D. Nelson
                               Jane Gisslen                      Mark Kilmer
Estate of Patricia G. Brosam                                                                  Melody & Edward Nims
                               Heather Glasso                    Judy Kingsberg
Diane Brutger                                                                                 Rita Ogren
                               Linda & Dale Goergen              Barbara Klauer
Dr. David K. Bucher                                                                           Kari & David Olson
                               Janet Grangaard Dietrich &        Vicki Kleeberger
Thomas Bye                                                                                    Sheila Osborne
                               Steve Dietrich                    Robert Kovall
Abby & Charles Caulkins                                                                       Sandra Patterson
                               Diane Greve                       Bonnie Krahn
Vicki Celander                                                                                Judy Pechacek
                               Grimm Family Trust                Beth Krehbiel
Rochelle Christensen                                                                          Pamela Phelps
                               Stephan Grygar                    Lynnette Krekelberg
Dr. William Christian                                                                         Peter & Bonnie Propkopowicz
                               Margaret Harder                   Laurie Krummel
Beverly Christie                                                                              Marlene Qualle
                               Carol Hed                         Cheryl & Christopher
Helen Comnick                                                                                 Cheryl Ramberg
                               Kellie Helgerson                  Kulseth
Audrey Cummings                                                                               Barbara Ramsdell
                               Saundra Helgeson                  Randy Kummerfeldt
Ronald & Margaret

                                                             ~ 15 ~
                              2005 Individual Donors

$500 - 999 (cont’d)          Jean K. Tracy                  Sandra K. Anderson            Debra Briese
Alice F. Reineke             Beth & John Trerotola          Aileen Arboleda               Randy Bright
Steven & Patrice Reitmeier   Kris Tuseth                    Valerie K. Askeland           Karen Brohaugh
Lolita & Charles Rheault     Theodore & Rebecca VanErp      Jacqueline Barck              Mary Jo Brueggeman
Chaplain Margo Richardson    Dawn & Mark Vierling           Shelly Barker, M.D.           Susan Buesgens
Linda Rohrbach               Rhonda Von Mosch               Brenda & John Barton          Janice & William Buesser
Patricia A. Rollie           Dr. & Mrs. David Walcher       Lori A. Bartz                 Kim Buisman
Nancy Rose-Balamut           Howard Warren                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Battista   Jean Campbell
Allan Roskop                 Julia Wedebrand                Robert Beacher                Gary & Robin Carlson
Mary Roy                     Brent & Lynn Wilde             Paula Beck                    Kathie & Dick Casey
Michael Sabin                Russ & Traci Williams          Laurie & Craig Bell           Rebecca Casey
Judith Sager                                                                              Deborah Cassin
William & Gwen Saul                                                                       Deb & Chuck Cathcart
Keith & Jackie Schendel                                                                   Sue Cavis
                                    In 1906, George Henry Christian, a
Warren & Agnes Schimunek                                                                  Regina Christopher
                                Minneapolis milling magnate, presented a
Tami & Dan Schoenbauer                                                                    Georgia Cochrane
                                $50,000 challenge gift to any organization
Barbara & Richard                                                                         Christine A. Coletta
Schumacher                       that would build and manage a hospital                   Linda M. Collins
Michael Scott                         devoted to the care of people with                  Jane Connett
Carla & John Screeden              tuberculosis. United Church Hospital                   Julia Conrad
Kert Severson                   Association answered Christian’s challenge                Patricia Crane
Steven Sims
                                and the TB hospital—Thomas Hospital—                      David Cunnien
Dr. & Mrs. Dale Snover
                                       was completed October 1908.                        Dr. Gerald Cunniff
Sheryl & Donald Snyder                                                                    E. Joe & Sondra Dahmer
Robyn Socha-Hanson                                                                        Victory Day
Alana Solem                                                                               Sheri Debates
                             Paula & James Wright           Carol Benson
Dan Sperry                                                                                Christa Deponty-Antonio
                             Beatrice & Myron Zaruba        Kelly Berglund
Sandra Steen                                                                              Dr. Angela Dhruvan
                             Susan Zietz                    Barbara & Bradley Bergner
Joel R. Stegner                                                                           Nancy Dimunation
                             Richard H. Zillmann            Dr. Daniel Berntson
Elaine Stevens                                                                            Douglas & Patricia Dirks
                                                            Barbara Berry
Helen Strike                                                                              David & Jodi Dobosenski
                             $250 - 499                     Victoria Beyer
Edith M. Swiatek                                                                          James & Pamela Donnelly
                             Lorine & Gary Aandal           Sarah Birkel
Mary Kay Tamasi                                                                           David & Amy Duepner
                             Melinda Albrecht               David Birkholz
Kathleen & Richard Taranto                                                                Rebecca & Warren Eck
                             Karen Allard                   Heidi Bolgren
Marcia Thibodo                                                                            Joan Edin
                             Delores Anderson               Judy K. Branstad
Lloyd & Judith Tischleder                                                                 Daphne & Dondi Edwards
                             Katherene Anderson             Diane Brantner
Dr. Joseph&Sally Tombers                                                                  Karen & James Eilrich
                             Lynn M. Anderson               Vicki Breese
Chandra Torgerson
                             Mary & Joseph Anderson

                                                        ~ 16 ~
                              2005 Individual Donors

$250 - 499 (cont’d)          Susan & James Hasskamp         Ann Kaley-Benson               Maxwell Leach
Ann Ellison                  Gail & Thomas Hessing          Elaine B. Kaney                William Leach
Vicki Erickson               Cheryl Hetland                 Ellena Kappa                   Bill LeTourneau
Patricia Esterberg           Jennifer Hierlinger            Michael & Joan Karnas          Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lindley
Julie A. Eubanks             Carol L. Hill                  Nina C. Katzung                Liz Lineburg
Jeff Fahrenbruch             Chris & Steve Hill             Barbara Kelley                 Susan & Martin Linss
Kevin & Lucinda Farmer       Saar Hodne                     Edward J. Kersten              Jeffrey A. Loch
Jane & Jay Fasteen           Sharon & Jack Hofmeister       Rebekah Kiekbusch              Steven&Linda Loff
Chuck Felion                 Sharon Holcomb                 Steven Kimmel                  Carlos Lopez
Stephen Feltes               Pamela Horge                   Greg & Karin Kishel            Dr. Alfred Lounsbury
Steven & Donna Ferber        Lee Anne & Frank Horvath       Teresa Knipp                   Liz Luebesmier
Angela Fitch, M.D.           Sue Howard                     Scott & Elizabeth Knoer        Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lund
Linda Fite                   Diana Huseth                   Jerrold Knutson                Thomas & Marilyn Madison
Shalena Flowers                                                                            Kay Malerich
Kathleen Flynn                                                                             James & Amy Mammen
Dan&Nancy Fordahl                                                                          Yvonne Massey
Susan Forstrom                     Torgeir T. Hoverstad, a member of the                   Roberta Mays
Lori Frafjord                     board and a pastor, traveled throughout                  Cindy McKenzie
Leilani Freeman                   Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North                     Mary & Steven Meisel
Jerry Freund                          and South Dakota encouraging                         Joel J. Meyer
Dan & Gwen Fromm                                                                           Karen C. Meyer
                                    membership donations door to door.
Rena Garni                                                                                 Dr. Brendan Meyer
Nancy Geiger & Robert King                                                                 Kristi K. Miller
Donald & Linda Gemmer                                                                      Marlene & Lee Miller
Beth Gohdes                  Catherine A. Ingalls           Catherine Kodet                Nancy L. Miller
Nancy L. Goldstein           Janice Janes                   Carolyn Koehler                Georgia A. Mitchell
Luis Gomez                   Paula Jelinek                  Chris Konold                   Larry & Elizabeth Mitchell
Jonathan Gooch & Margaret    James R. Jensen                Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Korte    Dr. & Mrs. David
Atkinson-Gooch               Jami S. Jepsen                 Estate of Helen M. Kretchmer   W. Moen
Julie & Gregory Gorvin       Harold Johnson                 Mary Ann Kwiecien              Cathy Montour
Luann & Kevin Grandell       Christine & Kent Johnson       Gregg P. Kyllo                 Judy Morgan
Larry & Pearl Greenstein     Dr. & Mrs. Rob Johnson         Janet Labrecque                Linda Moser
Kathy Guernsey               William & Dixie Johnson        Tamara Lambert                 Kimberly Narveson
Gary & Milissa Gustafson     Anne C. Jones                  Fredric & Ruth Lange           Mark & Lauren Nelson
John & Luann Hakel           Alice Journey                  Jane Larson                    Nancy & Charles Nelson
Marty & Jan Halvorson        Rebecca Juskowiak              Mark E. Larson                 Dr. Gary Nichols
Lora Harding-Dundek &        Sandra Kading                  Laura Lathrop                  Kathryn M. Nickel
Allen Dundek                                                                               Mike & Gisselle Niles
                             Lorrie Kaiser                  Lawrence & Mary Laukka

                                                        ~ 17 ~
                        2005 Individual Donors

$250 - 499 (cont’d)     Roggemann                    Dr. Steve Stovitz            Jeanne M. Williams
Lisa Novak              Charlotte Romain             Susan & Matthew Strand       James & Sue Winkel
Judith Nyakonu          Ruth Anne Romanjuk           Barbara J. Streifel          John & Marjorie Wittenborg
Margaret O’Brien        Barbara Runde                Dan Stucki                   Brian Wohlhuter
Maureen C. O’Brien      Tim Ryan                     Deb & Rob Stumm              Jackie & Jeffrey Wold
Mary Lue Ogilvie        Margaret L. Salstrom         C. Ronald & Barbara Sturz    Jaime Wurth
Kathleen A. Olson       James R. Samways             Catherine Svoboda            Barbara Young
Ron Olson               Karen Sandstrom              Darlene J. Swanson           Troy Young
Ryan Olson              Helen Sather                 Dorothy & Pete Swanson       Cynthia & Anthony Zappa
Matthew P. Oppegard     Rhonda Scheiderich           Lynn Swift                   Mary Zika
Richard & Nancy Page    Patricia Schlagel            John Tederstrom
Estelle R. Palmer       Lee Schneider                Grant Thrall                 $100 - 249
Leslie S. Parran        Melanie Schwartz             Leo J. Tibesar, Jr.          Carlos Adams
Dana Passenheim                                                                   Joanne & James Adcock
John Pastor                                                                       Bruce Albright
Kathy Paulsen                                                                     Raymond Alexander
Jean L. Pauly                                                                     Kristin Almquist
Juliann Peacock                 Fairview Ladies Auxiliary published               Greg Alstadt
Patricia J. Perry              the first North Star Cookbook to raise             Kari Amacher
Lynn Peterson                     money for the hospital in 1908.                 Christine Anderson
Paula Peterson                                                                    Kenneth & Shirley Anderson
Sharon Peterson                                                                   Lorraine Anderson
Susan Peterson                                                                    David & Lynn Anderson
Jacqueline Pierce                                                                 Lyman & Carole Anderson
Hilde Polum             Melanie A. Seamon            Lesley Touroutoutoudis
                                                                                  Marguerite Anderson
Jackie & Leonard Popp   David & Donna Seivert        Ruth A. Tubbs
                                                                                  Michelle K. Anderson
Tim Rand                Kevin Shores                 Dennis Ueland
                                                                                  Phea Anderson
Rita Ranfranz           William Simonet              William Vann & Susan Parry
                                                                                  Joyce F. Andrews
Robyn Rauch             Debbie Smith, R.N.           Sharon Vieths
                                                                                  Faye Anhorn
Tamara S. Rehbein       Vickie T. Snyder             Barbara von Haaren
                                                                                  Dr. Azam Ansari
Michael A. Reinke       Laurel Spear                 Michael Voytovich
                                                                                  Verna & Ervin Arfmann
Alice Olson Reuter      Roy V. Spears                Brad Wacholz
                                                                                  Lisa M. Armbrust
Joseph Reynolds, Jr.    Marsha J. Starr              Sally Wahman & Tim Carter
                                                                                  Marilyn Ascher
Deidre Richards         Steven B. Starr              Christine L. Wallace
                                                                                  Janet Ashlin
Carol Risdal            Norma Stegmaier              Leah Wandersee
                                                                                  Thomas Ashlin
Mark Roberts            Lane Stiles                  Kevin Weckwerth
                                                                                  Dr. Petr Bachan
Mary T. Roche           Kelly Stoddard               Connie & George Weinman
                                                                                  Pauline Baker & Karl Seister
Leanne & Michael        Delbert Stover               Linda Wessels
                                                                                  Ginger Baldus

                                                ~ 18 ~
                             2005 Individual Donors

$100 - 249 (cont’d)         Susan & Paul Bohnsack          Ronald L. Carlson     Booker & Faye Daniels
Gary & Sandra Baron         Timothy R. Boonstra            Susan M. Carlson      Sherry Danielson
Marge Barry                 Thomas Booth                   Kelly Carothers       Kim Dao
Marjorie & Henry Basil      Deborah Boutin                 Jeneice D. Carter     Joann & David Daubenspeck
James (Jim) A. Bauer        Rhona Brack                    Thomas Cassidy        Julie A. Davidson
Kathleen Baynes             David C. Brackett              Sarah Chairpairini    Diane & Donald Davies
Paula & Taylor Beaudoin     Beverly Brama                  Shari Chambers        Michelle Dean
Sandra J. Beecher           Constance & Lindley            Barbara F. Chambers   Daniel G. Debban
Laura D. Beeth              Branson                        Marcia Cheeseman      Christina M. Decker
Brenda Behm                 Helen Brenny                   Janita Chong          Scott Deliman
Pamela Bekius               Valerie Bresin                 Betty Clark           Nancy & Richard Delmonico
Dr. Miles Belgrade          Elizabeth & Shawn Brown        Diane Clark           Brenda Denzer
Virginia Bender             Jon Brumond                    Dr. Steven Clawson    Julie Deutsch
Lucia & Terrence Bender     Tamara Bruns                                         Barbara Devins
A.W. & Janet Benkusky                                                            William Dexheimer Pharris
Peter Benson & Carolyn                                                           John Diamond
Munson-Benson                  In 1914, a donor we know only by his last         Dianne Diaz
John & Carrie Benton
                              name – Lewis – left $25,000 for the hospital       Toby & Fredric Dilger
Diane Benz                                                                       Dr. Steven Dittes & Dr.
                               in his estate for the first Fairview Hospital.
David & Carol Berg                                                               Kathryn Berg
Linda Berg
                                With this gift, the association had enough       Beverly & Wayne Doeden
Lori Marie Berg                        money to begin construction.              Ann Donath
Paula & Jeffrey Berger                                                           Helen Donnay
James & Nancy Bermel                                                             Diane & Mike Donahue
Gary Berndt                 Ronald & Jean Buchholtz        Rita & Jerome Clay    Patricia & Mark Dougall
Mary E. Berry               Eileen Budge                   Larry Clifford        Karen Drake
Dr. & Mrs. Barry Bershow    Collette Bistodeau             James Clinite         Lois Droogsma
Dianne V. Berthe            Gregory Burns                  Jean Coldwell         Barbara Hall Dumont
Judd Berthiaume             James C. Burns                 Rebecca Comstock      John & Michael Dunne
Grace Bierschbach           Catherine & Roderick Burriss   Judith Connolly       Daniel & Mary Durant
James & Nancy Bishop        Dan & Tracy Busian             Robert Cook           Bernie Dvorak
Linda K. Blaisdell          Thomas Buss                    Lindsay Cowles        Joanell & Marvin Dyrstad
Beth & Alexander Blaylock   Elizabeth Byard                Stephanie Coyle       Rachel Dyrud
Patrick & Sharon Blaylock   Joanne & Frank Caldwell        Dana Crick            Jennifer Edwards
Tom & Sondi Blee            Allan & Lisa Caplan            Amelia Crotwell       Laurel & Stephen Egsgaard
Terry Bock                  Theresa Carlone-Morris         Gregg A. Curry        Elaine Eidem
Roy & Shirley Boeser        David F. Carlson               Linda Dahlquist       Mildred & James Eifert
James & Linda Bohn          Robin Carlson                  Luann Dammann         Jane Ekerberg

                                                       ~ 19 ~
                                2005 Individual Donors

$100 - 249 (cont’d)             Bonnie Giese                    Cindy Halek                 Lisa Hines
Terri Eleftheriou               David M. Giese                  Alicia Hall                 Eugene & Joan Hirsch
Angella Elliott                 Holly Gifford                   Cheryl Hammer               Michael Hirschman
Kimberly Engelhart              Nicole M. Gilbertson            Vicky & Alfred Hannemann    Sharon Hockert-Olson
Barbara & Allen Erickson        Marcy Gilles                    Mark & Kristen Hansberry    Mary Helen Hoffman
John & Gratia Erickson          Leann Glass                     Brad & Deb Hanson           Michael Hoffman
Theodore Esau                   Carla Glattly                   Naomi Hanson                Susan Hoffman
Ardis Evans                     Kristen Gleeman                 Scott Hanson                Virginia & John Holden
Jack & Carolyn Fagen            Grace Go                        Tom & Peggy Hanson          Cheryl Holmes
Kevin N. Fagerhaug              William Goodwin                 Sylvia Haroldson            Mitch Hopton
Marc Fahey                      Margaret Gorbatenko             Mr. & Mrs. Chris            Pam Horlitz
Tony Fanelli                    Amy G. Gores                    Harshbarger                 Hospice Extended
John Felcyn                     Kevin T. Gormley                Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Hart     Hours Nurses

Tami Fencl                                                      Judith Hartman              Robyn L. Hottman

Kristina A. Ferguson                                                                        Scot & Susan Housh

Dian Finn                                                                                   Roxanne Hoyt
                                   In 1945, Fairview added the first mental                 Gordon Huber
Elizabeth & Michael
Fitzgibbons                       health and rehabilitation center in the Twin              Ashley Hume
Mary Fleischaker                      Cities through the Hill-Burton Act.                   Bobbie Hurd
Jina Forys                        The United Hospital Fund matched part of                  Richard & Marguerite Hyde
Paul Forslund                     the sum of money and the Ford Foundation                  Loralie & Kevin Illa
Gayle Fortune                                                                               James Indrehus
                                         completed the needed amount.
Jeff & Trish Foster                                                                         Karla Ingersoll
Lloyd Foster                                                                                Elizabeth & Gerald Isaacson
Marcyne Frank                   Anthony Gouletas                Karen & Duane Hauge         Kristine Isberg
Lorraine Freichels              Brenda K. Grabenstein           Chris & Emily Heagle        Janice Jackson
Tim Fried                       Jane Asplin Grage               Robert Heckmann             Abraham Jacob, M.D.
Marc Friedman                   Paula Graham                    Donelle & Michael Heilman   Scott & Susan Jacobsen
Jayne L. Funk                   Gary & Nancy Grammens           Jason Helling               Miriam Jarvinen
Laurie J. Gahm                  Melissa Graner                  Sandra Helm                 Brenda L. Jaye
Lane & Maria Gans               Ron Greenberg                   Susan Henderson             Kenneth Jellum
Susan Garfield                  Jacquilyn Grell                 Margaret Herrmann           Todd & Kathy Jensen
Brenda-Jan Garlick              Bess Griffen                    Mary & Dale Herrmann        Gloria Johnson
Bette & Robert Geiger           Nanette R. Grube                Betty & Rodney Hestekin     Jan Johnson
Shirley & Jerome Gerlach        Albert & Caroline Gunkler       Margaret & Robert Heuer     Kim Johnson
Susan Gerold                    Dr. Nancy Guttormson &          Sandra L. Hilden            Linda S. Johnson
Richard I. Giertsen Revocable   Dr. James Adrisevic             Jay Hillestad               Peter Johnson
Trust                           Kathleen & Jerry Bahe                                       Thelma Johnson
                                                                Cynthia Hillyer

                                                            ~ 20 ~
                            2005 Individual Donors

$100 - 249 (cont’d)         Ginger Kummer                   Susan Lewis                 Robin S. Madsen
Sandi Johnston              Cheryl Lachapelle               Anne Lex                    Carol Mager
William Joyce               Karen Laing                     Gloria Liao                 Cindy Maglothin
Donald Judd                 Lisa & Scott Lair               Deborah Lidahl, M.D.        Travis Maher
Richard Kahlson             Kristen B. Heglie Lambert       Barbara J. Lindgren         Colleen Malmgren
Louise Kalland              Jane C. Lamson                  Russell & Avis Lindquist    Rosemary & Patrick Manion
James Kamish                Deborah Landrith                Kathleen & Robert Lindsay   Randy & Kathleen Margolis
John T. Karas               David Lang, M.D.                Eric & Michele Lindstrom    Carol L. Marnell
Roger & Gloria Kargel       Lori Lange                      Alan Linoff                 Constance Martin
Kimberly & Robert Karm      Lawrence Langston               Harold & Linda Lippert      Linda Maschwitz
Lynne Karwand               Michael & Emalie Larkin         Lynn & John Little          Donna & John Mathias
Cleo Kasten                 Glenn & Cynthia Larson          Mark Lizakowski             Sandra McAllister
James Keith                 Deb Larson                      Janice B. Lloyd             Carleton McCambridge
Richard Keller                                                                          Yvonne McCarthy
Richard Kelley                                                                          Thomas McClintick
Ruth & Gerald Kelly                                                                     Gerald & Louise McCoy
                                Thanks to the Dayton family and Dayton
Bren Kemmerick                                                                          Jennifer McCoy
                               Corporation, land in Edina was donated to
Joyce Kennedy                                                                           Michael & Pamela McCray
                               Fairview to build Fairview’s second hospital
Betty Jo Kiesow                                                                         Rodney & Laura
John Kimberly                   – Fairview Southdale Hospital in 1965.                  McCutcheon

Lois & Richard King             Fairview Southdale was the first fill-time              Dorothy A. McGee

James & Diane Klaseus            service satellite hospital in the country.             Sarah McGuire

Kris Klingbeil                                                                          Nina McKee

Barbara Klingbeil                                                                       Cynthia & Patrick McKenzie

Steve Knapmiller &          Julie S. Larson                 Tereece E. Lloyd            Douglas & Ruth McKilligan
Jacqueline Darrah           Maribeth & Richard Larson       W. George Locher            Judith McManus
Sheryl Knopik & Henry       Wesley & Mary Laseski           Cindy Loehlein              Patrick McShane
Chang                                                                                   Kristen & Phillip McWilliams
                            Michael Lasky                   Pamela & Lynn Longnecker
Howard & Jerry Knutson                                                                  Marilyn Meade-Moore
                            Karen L. Laurel                 Mary K. Lonsky
Carla E. Koecher                                                                        Audrey Mears
                            Janelle Lawler                  Rebekah Lorence
Katherine & Martin Koepke                                                               Pat & Clayton Melby
                            Scott Lawson & Maureen          Kevin Lovejoy
Harriet & Daniel Kohen      Behringer-Lawson                                            Ermias Y. Melka
                                                            Mary & David Lubker
Mary & Marvin Kollodge      Jeffrey & Ingrid LeMunyon                                   Eugene Mensching &
                                                            Charlotte Lucht
Susan & Lawrence Kotok      Claude & Jennifer Leroux                                    Joan Walsh
                                                            Cynthia A. Lulloff
Signe & Frank Koukol        Catherine Leuschner                                         Stephanie Meredith
                                                            Maureen Lynch
Cindy & David Kraemer       Clarice A. Levey                                            Jeannette Mervine
                                                            Rodney Lynch
Byron Kremenak & Nancy      Dan & Carolyn Lewis                                         Kathleen & James Midlo
                                                            Ann Marie Maclej
Walden                                                                                  Christina Miller
                            Janet Lewis                     Leeann Madigan
Tracy Kress

                                                        ~ 21 ~
                            2005 Individual Donors

$100 - 249 (cont’d)         Larry Oestenstad               Arlou Peterson                 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Riley
Jennifer Miller             Young Ok Oh                    Christine & Alan Peterson      Steven Ring
Stacia Miller               Steve Olander                  Holger Peterson                Tom Ripplinger
Laurie Mingo                Maryann S. Olme                Lucy Peterson & Bruce Coles    Joan F. Ritchey
Ramona Mitton               Rolf Olsen                     Lynn Peterson                  Gail Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. Harry Mixer      Tamara & Robert Olsen          Mary Peterson                  Lynda Roberts
Harold & Hildegarde Miza    Veronica Olsen                 Neal Peterson & Deanna         Nancy Roff
Diane Moerke                Anita & Dann Olson             Thompson                       Dustin Rogers
Beth Molenaar               Deborah Olson                  Oliver & Jeannette Peterson    Lisa B. Root
Stacy & Scott Montgomery    Gretchen Olson                 Richard E. & Iva J. Peterson   Glen & Charlene Rother
Kayla Montgomery            Karen A. Olson                 Robert & Linda Peterson        Elynor & Richard Roxberg
Susan & Inar Morics         Karen Olson                    Richard Phidd                  Steven Rubin
Dr. Grant Morrison          Lynn Diane Olson               Marie Pilarski                 Brenda Ruples
Norma B. Mrocek             Nancy Olson                    Ellen Pobul                    Christine K. Rutz
William Muchow              Sharon & Michael Olson         Jerry Poehling                 Judy Sanchez
Rosemary Mullikin           Duane Olzenak                  Frank Popplewell               James & Barbara Sarazin
Willis A. Munn              Patricia A. Oorlog             Barbara & Gary Precht          Ruth Schaffan
Ray Nagengast               Kenneth J. Opatz               Gary Pressley                  Jackie & Keith Schendel
Leonard & Joan Natinsky     Innis O’Rourke                 Susan G. Preston               Kelly Schendel
Catherine & Thomas Neary    Carole O’Rourke                Pamela & Robert Pringle        Ricky M. Schlatter
Greg Nelsen                 Dr. & Mrs. Paul Ossman         Kay & Gary Provo               Elizabeth Schleifer
Craig Nelson                Dale & Patricia Palmer         Robin Quast                    Becky L. Schmidt
Eric Nelson                 Larry & Jill Palmquist         Johanna Radzwill               Keith & Nellie Schmidt
Harvey & Gene Nelson        Becky Pansch & Ronald          Dr. & Mrs. Greg Randall        Marget Schmidtke
Shirley V. Nelson           Germundson                     Dr. & Mrs. Philip Rapport      Janet & Paul Schmit
Timothy Newton              Susan Pappas-Varco             Gloria Reddig                  Lynnette & Jim Schmitz
Lori Niedfelt-Petric        Will Parker                    Ron & Nancy Reed               Sara & Patrick Schmitz
Faith & Mervin Nielsen      Crawford Parker                Henry Reget                    Patsy Schulte
Nancy Nielsen               Mr. & Ms. Donald Parrish       Julie Reimnitz                 Brian Schulz
Alicia Noreen               Tim & Kari Parsons             Gary & Ellen Reing             Mara Schwandt
Carla & Neil Norelius       Nicole Paterson                Anne Renaker                   Jo Ann Scott
Betty Nosbisch              Barbara Paulson                Mike Resvick                   Vicki R. Seeger
Monica Nuetzman             Ruth Pearson                   Patricia Retterath             Joanne Seifert
Madelyn Nygren              Dr. & Mrs. Christopher         Kenneth Reutlinger, Jr.        Noreen Seman
                            Pensinger                      John J. Revere
Nanette Nys                                                                               Audrey & Philip Sengir
                            Diane Peroutky                 Susan R. Richards
Gerard Ochs                                                                               Paul Serkland
                            Donna Petersen                 Jeff Richter
Dr. & Mrs. John O’Connell                                                                 Shelby A. Setniker-Eschiti
                            Kim Petersen                   Marjorie Riemenschneider
Karen Oelschlaeger                                                                        Diane & Richard Severin

                                                       ~ 22 ~
                              2005 Individual Donors

$100 - 249 (cont’d)          Dr. & Mrs. Edward               Duane R. Walker           Mary Zagaria
Andrew & Diana Severson      Stoll, M.D.                     Linda & Brian Walker      Karen & Tamara Zakoski
Jenny Shaw                   Pattie J. Stover                Jennifer Walz Malone
Marcia Shaw                  Laurie Strobel                  Jennifer Wandersee
Maureen Sheard               Mary B. Stucki                  Phyllis A. Warner
Arlyce Shook                 Susan E. Stumpf                 Sherri & Bill Weber
Mary & Mike Shovein          James Sweet                     James Weibel
Steven & Pamela Sikkila      Nancy & Adan Sylva              William J. Weiers
Richard & Jean Simmons       Harvey & Gayle Taipale          Marci Weiland
Janet Sims                   Barbara & Tom Takeuchi          Mary Ann Weisbrod
Tom & Jessica Sipkins        Barbara Tellers                 Brenda Weiss
Frances & Floyd Skinner      Marc & Delcia Telson            Joseph & Barbara Wells
Patricia Skundberg           Susan Temte                     Margie Wesloh
Amy & Dan Sloper             Chris Thein                     Ann M. Westby
Elaine Smith                 Wendy Thiebault                 Nancy L. Westerberg
Barbara & Robert P. Smith    Bruce Thompson                  Marilyn & Guy Westphal
Carlotta R. Smith            Amy J. Thorsen                  Luanne & Ron Weyer
JoAnn Smith                  Alana Thureen                   Marjorie Whittier
Kristen & Dennis Smith       Michael & Gloria Thurmes        Jodi Wieczorek
Marcus Smith                 Jerry & Debbie Thygesen         Patricia Wiegel
Sandra Snater                Robert F. Tibbetts              Roz Williams
Kris Sobczyk                 Teri Tilly, R.N.                Michael Wittkamper
Lynn & John Soderlund        Karen & John Tomes              Dr. Jon Wogensen
Carol J. Solie               Sandy Torgerson                 Gerald Wohnoutka
Kelly & Randy Sorg           Carrie Treptow                  Leslie & Janice Wolf
Debbie J. Spande             Melissa Tuominen                Fancher & Peggy Wolfe
Jody A. Spencer              Jill Tusing                     Ethel & Charles Wolf
Bette Stalsberg              Alexa & Mark Umbreit            Marla Wolterman-Pilgrim
Edward Stapf, Joel Stapf &   Jean & Robert Upson             Chun Wong
Grant Johnson Families       Lavonna Vandenberg              Jennifer L. Wood
LaDora Starksen              Lori Vanderbilt                 Shirley & Roger Wood
Thomas Stegeman              Leonard & Helen Vanderpoel      Lee Wraspir
Judith Stephani              Glenn Van Kleek                 Dr. Louise Wright
Vicki Stevens                Marilyn & Ken VanOverbeke       Youa Yang
Marilyn & Scott Stevenson    Cindy & David Vincent           Agnes & Anthony Yapel
Sheila A. Stine              Rosalie & Paul Vlahutin         Luann M. Yerks
Oliver & Judith Stocker      Sheryl Voth                     Dannielle S. Yoemans
James Stolfa                 Estate of Edna E. Wagener       Helen Zabel

                                                         ~ 23 ~
                                 Next Gener ation Circle

The Next Generation Circle was formed in 1988 as a way            If you already have included Fairview in your plans
to recognize those donors who have made a commitment to           or would like more information on how to become
Fairview through a planned gift. Gifts that qualify one for       a Next Generation Circle member, contact Mike Niles
membership include bequests, trusts, charitable gift annuities,   at 612-672-7770.
and IRA, pension or life insurance beneficiary designations.

Alice Albin *                     Marion Groth *                  Elaine McGaughey *           Lenora Soderberg
Helen Barton *                    Mr. & Mrs. Norman Groth         Everett Millam *             Donald Steadman *
Merton Bell *                     Barbara Hanley *                Elsie Mitchell               Genevieve A. Steinberg *
Eloise Bishop *                   Bob & Deena Heidenreich         Judee & Fredrick Moors       Mary Stevens
Joan Bond                         Lloyd Heir *                    Harvey & Gene Nelson         Dr. & Mrs. Edward Stoll
Lorraine C. Brammer *             JoAnn Hiebel                    Judith & Leonard Nickoley*   Elizabeth Stone *
Catherine Burnside *              Allen & Jean Housh              Michael Nitti                Vernon E. Strom *
Miriam B. Carr                    David & Shirley Hubers          Josephine Oberly *           Margaret Thompkins *
H. Mead & June Cavert             Viola Johnson *                 Edna Ohme                    Pamela Tibbetts
Donna (Gleason) Cole &            Emilie Karpovskis *             Dede Ouren                   Eleanor Tupper
Thomas W. Cole                    John F. Kelly *                 Dorothy Overson *            Bernie & Jan Wagnild
Mary P. Coleman *                 Mary Lou King *                 Thomas Patrick *             Frank Wallace *
Dorothy Daly *                    Sara M. Kinsella *              Amy Pearson *                Ethel Wetter *
Joanne Dentinger                  Dorothy Kirk                    Philip & Eleanor Peterson    Helen L. Zarembo *
William & Betty Dresser           Duane C. Kracht                 Helen Ray *
Harry Dworsky *                                                                                * deceased
                                  Evelyn Langevin *               Barbara Reed
Pearl Edlund *                    Eleanor Lannan *                Phyllis Rosa *
Dorothy Engberg *                 Katherine Larson *              Lloyd Sather *
Estate of Bessie Louise           Gary & Judy Lewis               Erma V. Savage *
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Rodger               Dolores Schaefer
Sarah Fagan *                     Lundblad                        Clinton A. & Carolyn
Candis & Duane Fancher            Marjorie V. Lutz *              Schroeder
Frank V. Fetzner *                Catherine E. Mandler *          Helen Schroeder *
Caroline Fleisch *                George Mangold *                Harriet Schultz
Rosanne L. Gates                  Etta Martin *                   Eletta Silver *
Paul M. and Jane A. Gifford       William & Ruth Mattox           Gerald Simonson

                                                              ~ 24~
                                      2005 Gifts in Kind

A Spoonful of Sugar -         Earl’s Food Products              Masonic Cancer                  Stages Theatre Co.
Saint Cloud                                                     Center Auxiliary
                              Enzon Pharmaceuticals                                             Stanley Steemer
A Spoonful of Sugar -                                           Maynard’s Restaurant
                              Fairview Pharmacy Services                                        Starlight/Starbright
Sauk Rapids                                                     Meat on Mille Lacs              Children’s Foundation
                              FedEx Worldwide
Abdallah Candies                                                Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling      Stems & Vines
                              FFF Enterprises
American Legion Post 225                                        Company                         Sunclean
                              Fiddlestix Golf Course
American Solutions for                                          Mille Lacs Messenger            Sunrise Vending
Business                      Filter Fresh Coffee Serv
                                                                Minneapolis Hilton Hotel        Sven’s Comfort Shoes
Amerisource Bergen Corp.      Franklin Street Bakery
                                                                Minnesota State Fair            The Bibelot Shops
Aramark                       FUMC Lanier
                                                                Minnesota Twins
                              Parking Services                                                  The Chloe T. Foundation
Axel’s                                                          Baseball Club
                              Gameworks                                                         The Demo Group
Baxter                                                          Minnesota Vikings
                              Gap Southdale Store                                               The F. Dohmen Co.
Bayview Bar & Grill                                             Morning Star Market
                              Gateway Cafe & Station                                            The Park Tavern
Bell Museum of                                                  Mr. Movies
Natural History               Grand Casino Hinckley                                             The Wilds Golf Club
                                                                Nancy Kay’s
Big Ten Restaurant & Bar      Grand Casino Mille Lacs                                           Tom Conlon Photography
                                                                Nexus Information Systems
Brandl Motors                 Grandma’s Restaurant Co.                                          Trailside Liquor
                                                                Noble Wear
Brandt’s Fish House Rentals   Green Mill                                                        Tri State Distribution
                                                                North Star Outback
                              Restaurant & Bar
Brave New Workshop                                                                              Triple Espresso
                                                                Northeast Body Works
Buffalo Wild Wings                                                                              Tucci Benucch
                                                                Northwest Athletic Club
                              Higbee’s Golf Course
Cardinal Distribution                                                                           U S Bank Robbinsdale
                                                                Oak Marsh Country Club
                              Hill’s Super Valu
Cargill Leadership Team                                         & Golf Course                   University of Minnesota
                              I.C. Systems                                                      Board of Regents
Carlson LaVine, Inc.                                            Old Log Theatre
                              Ike’s                                                             Walker Art Center
Chanhassen Dinner Theater                                       Olive Garden
                              Isle Barber Shop                                                  Wallace Laboratories
Clary Document Destruction                                      Onamia Dairy Queen
                              Isle Building Supply                                              Walleye Dundee’s
Clear Channel Radio -                                           Onamia Lumber
K102 & KOOL 108               Isle Coop C Store                                                 Wal-Mart Willmar #1470
                                                                Onamia Service Center
Clover Ridge                  Isle Super Value                                                  Wells Fargo
                                                                Operation Snuggles
Elementary School             Izaty’s Golf and Yacht Club                                       Wild Mountain Ski Area
                                                                Priority Courier Experts
Country Corner Cafe           Jays Company, Inc.                                                Wren
                                                                Quicksilver Express Courier
Coyotes Crossing              Jensen’s Supper Club
                                                                Red Balloon Bookshop
CSM Properties                Lake Country Drug
                                                                Rosenquist Construction
D & J Tru Value               Leeann Chin, Inc.
                                                                Sally’s Saloon & Eatery
Davanni’s                     Leone’s Building Service
Decorative Designs            Looney Bend
                                                                Solera Restaurant
Delta Environmental           Lundeen’s Tackle Castle
Consultants, Inc.                                               St. Paul Saints Baseball Club

                                                            ~ 25 ~
2 0 05 E b e n e z e r F o u n d a t i o n
              Ebenezer Foundation Board

              President                                       Martha Gisselquist
            Mark thomas                                     Health Care Consultant
          President and Ceo
               ebenezer                                           david r. Page
                                                               President and Ceo
                                                            Fairview Health Services
            Kent e. eklund
                                                               Hazel reinhardt
         Fairview Foundation
                                                         reinhardt Consulting Services
           Bernie wagnild                                       Jeanne ripley
              President                                          Consultant
      valley automotive Group                            Halleland Health Consulting
          Stephan Grygar                                           anne L. Jones
       Chief Financial officer                                      President
          ebenezer Society                                       Jones Consulting

              Secretary                                    rev. Christopher P. nelson
            John Selstad                                             Pastor
        Minnesota department                              Bethlehem Lutheran Church
         of Human Services
                Jim Fox                                      diane Simonet Kenney
       Chief Financial officer                           vice President of development
       Fairview Health Services                               ebenezer Foundation

                                 Our Mission

       Ebenezer helps older adults and others make their lives more independent,
       healthful, meaningful and secure. Building on our Lutheran heritage, we…

~ Respond to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of the whole person. ~
                ~ Welcome persons of diverse cultures and faith transitions. ~
      ~ Practice responsible stewardship of human, property and financial resources. ~
                    ~ Encourage continuing learning and innovation. ~
                                   ~ Strive for excellence. ~

                                            ~ 27 ~
                             Mark F. Thomas            Kent Eklund
                             President & CEO,          Board Chair,
                             Ebenezer                  Ebenezer

 Dear Friends of Ebenezer,

          nother year has come and gone                     With our partner Fairview, celebrating 100 years
          and the mission of Ebenezer                       of service in 2006, we thank you our donors and
          continues to represent the                        friends who have made this journey possible.
 “Stone of Help” in our communities.                        It has been your continued support through
                                                            your donations of funds, as well as your time,
 In fact, it is hard to believe that next year              that has helped keep this mission alive. As we
 Ebenezer will be celebrating its 90th birthday.            look forward, we are entering a time in our
 Our founding congregations established a                   society where the number of seniors and people
 tremendous legacy nine decades ago. Their                  with various needs has never been greater. It
 humble focus back then was to support                      almost is overwhelming to put in perspective
 immigrants coming to a new land seeking                    the support that will be required. We invite
 better lives. So many came with great needs                you to join us in this next challenge. Help
 and Ebenezer met them with open arms.                      us maintain this vigil and keep the “Stone of
 Today, Ebenezer still is greeting people with              Help” at the side of those who need us most.
 open arms, but we have moved from those
 humble beginnings to an organization that
 owns and/or manages 30 sites and communities
 that offer housing services and programs.
 The “Stone of Help” has definitely expanded
 its scope and continues to be an expression
 of a mission that kept its focus on serving
 seniors and enhancing their quality of life.

                                                   ~ 28 ~
                         Ebenezer Financial Statements

                          statement of activites (for the period ending December 31, 2005)
	 	 	                                                     	          Temporarily	    Permanently	
	 	 	                                                Unrestricted	    Restricted	     Restricted	      Total
revenue, GainS, and SuPPort
  Gifts                                             $ 278,881         $ 136,142        $ (1,003)    $ 414,019
  Transfers                                                 0                 0               0             0
  Investment Income                                    80,031             9,732          33,138       122,901
  Increase / (decrease) in market value                78,905             9,781          32,959       121,646
  Net	Assets	Released	From	Restrictions                     0                 0               0             0

	 Total	Revenue,	Gains,	and	Support                     437,817           155,654          65,094      658,566

exPenSeS and LoSSeS
  Program Services Grants Awarded                   $    30,720       $ 156,180        $       0    $ 186,901
  Support Expenses
    General and Administrative                        254,756                 0                0      254,756
    Fund Raising                                        5,626                 0                0        5,626
    Depreciation                                           (0)                0                0           (0)
	 Total	Expenses                                    $ 291,102         $ 156,180        $       0    $ 447,282

Net	Income	/	(	Loss	)                               $ 146,716         $      (526)     $ 65,094     $ 211,284
Fund	Balance	transfers                                226,407             147,130       484,376       858,912

Fund	Balance:
Balances	at	Beginning	of	Year	1/1/2005                2,604,303           123,461       416,790      3,144,554

BaLanCeS (deFiCitS) at deCeMBer 31, 2005            $2,977,425        $ 271,065        $966,260     $4,214,750

       statement of financial position (for the periods ended December 31, 2005 & December 31, 2004)
                                                                     12/31/2005	                    12/31/2004
Current Assets
  Cash and Cash Equivalents                                          $ 651,356                      $ 256,721
  Contributions Receivable,
     Less allowance for doubtful accounts                               186,601                        385,238
Total Current Assets                                                    847,957                        641,960
Investments and Other Assets                                          3,615,713                      3,398,049
Property, plant, and equipment, net                                           0                              0
total assets                                                         $4,463,671                     $4,040,009
LiaBiLitieS and net aSSetS
Current Liabilities
  Accounts Payable                                                   $ 230,486                       $ 877,409
  Accrued Liabilities                                                   12,087                           8,449
Total Current Liabilities                                              236,834                         885,857
Other Liabilities
  Annuities Payable                                                        12,087                        9,598
Total liabilities                                                         248,920                      895,455
Fund Balances
  Unrestricted                                                        2,977,425                      2,604,303
  Restricted Temporarily                                                271,065                        123,461
  Restricted Permanently                                                966,260                        416,790
Total Net Assets                                                      4,214,750                      3,144,554
total Liabilities and net assets                                     $4,463,671                     $4,040,009

                                                        ~ 29 ~
Sisters Ada (left) and Neola Melby share coffee at Ebenezer.
   Although Ada lives in Ebenezer Care Center and Neola
       lives in Ebenezer Tower, they continue to visit daily.
                               bringing families together

II    t takes a caring community to value people through
      all stages of their lives. For nearly 90 years, Ebenezer
      has been a leader in providing quality senior
 housing, skilled care and senior programs. People like
 Neola Melby know and trust us for our long-standing
 reputation for excellence, service and innovation.
                                                                     Neola of her financial donations to support both the
                                                                     pastoral education program and Ebenezer’s estate
                                                                     sale program. “When I die,” she laughs, “Hearts
                                                                     and Hands will have to shovel out my place. It’s
                                                                     nice to know they are available. But when I die, I
                                                                     hope to be able to leave something to Ebenezer.”

 Living at Ebenezer Tower is a life-enhancing                        Neola recalls the day when Ada said, “I think while
 experience for Neola. Moving to the facility 15                     we can still add two plus two, we should move to
 years ago with her sister, Ada, Neola is not only a                 Ebenezer.” Neola and her sister moved to Ebenezer
 resident, she is a volunteer, a caregiver for her sister            Tower because they were members of Central
 and a financial contributor to Ebenezer programs.                   Lutheran Church and knew a number of church
                                                                     members who were living at “The Tower.” The
 Neola is particularly appreciative of the Ebenezer/
                                                                     sisters trusted the already long-standing positive
 Fairview Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program
                                                                     reputation Ebenezer had in the community.
 because it provides spiritual care staff for Ebenezer
 residents’ worship services and bible study. As                     Neola and Ada became valued members of the
 the Ebenezer Tower’s Spiritual Growth program                       Ebenezer community as volunteers for Ebenezer
 volunteer leader, Neola arranges for a community                    Auxiliary and the residence council. The residence
 pastor to serve at Tuesday evening’s prayer service                 council helps arrange activities for the residents.
 and she helps Ebenezer Tower residents who use                      “One of the big activities was bingo once a month,”
 walkers or wheelchairs to and from the service.                     Neola says. “Sixty to seventy people would attend.”

 “I’ve gotten to know many ministers from different                  When Ada’s health deteriorated a couple years ago,
 congregations in the community,” she says. “Jay and                 she moved to Ebenezer Care Center – right next door
 Don are just super with the Ebenezer residents and with             to Ebenezer Tower. Neola is glad her sister is in the
 their students,” says Neola of the CPE supervisors Rev.             Ebenezer Care Center both for the good care they
 Jay Hillestad and Rev. Donald Knutson. Jay, Donald                  are providing and because of the location’s closeness.
 and their CPE students also visit with Ebenezer residents           Neola can walk through the Ebenezer halls to see Ada,
 and with those residents who may be in the hospital.                never having to go outside. Each day, Neola helps feed
                                                                     Ada during lunch and visits her throughout the week
 “I have given to CPE and to Hearts and Hands,” says
                                                                     for coffee and conversation – a comfort for both.

          By giving of her heart, her time and her contributions, Neola has become an important member in Ebenezer.
                            She allows us to fulfill the Ebenezer mission to help older adults make their
                                     lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure.

                                                               ~ 31 ~
100% of every gift to Fairview goes directly to programs and services.
  No administrative costs are deducted. Support our programs by
           donating online at fairview.org/foundation.

 fairview.org/foundation & fairviewebenezer.org/foundation

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