Create Prestige Database by coronanlime


									Create Prestige Database

1. Create an ODBC connection for your Prestige dbase.
      a. Start  Settings  Control Panel  ODBC System DSN tab
      b. Give it a Data Source Name (pres)
      c. Click the Client Configuration button:
              Select TCP/IP connection
              Enter Computer Name
      d. Login Information using sa/ no password

        NOTE: Default database is Master, after you have created the Prestige database and
tables come back to ODBC and configure the database to default to Prestige and the logon

2. Create the prestige database using prdbmgr.exe (on the CD)

       a. Select the Data Source you have created (pres). Connect as sa/no password.

       b.   Click Manage database

       c. Confirm Drive\Directory for device files
       d. Increase the database size to data=250 and log=125
       e. Click Create Database

   f.   You will see Prestige listed in the list of databases and then click the Close button.

3. Create the Prestige Table and Indexes
      a. Select the Prestige database you just created.

        b.   Click Make Changes

       c. Enter the computer name
        Edit the folder names - do not use \ (they can end in $ to be secure).
        Also enter in the TCP/IP address. *Must be the ip number this will be your
          server_location in the sysinfo table.

       d.   Copy View Files reminder will pop up. You can choose copy later.

No errors should appear in the report results tab, close the prdbmgr window
View data by clicking on the Existing Tables\Indexes tab

4. Test connection/logon:

5. Test table insertion, creation of pr admin user.

6. Return to ODBC to edit user and database (from step #1)
    Logon aesuser/atexpw.
    Default database to Prestige


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