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									         CONSUMER LENDING GROUP                                  HOME LOANS GUIDELINES
  A. Loan Package
        Loan Purposes                                * Purchase of residential or commercial condominium unit/s
                                                       - Lancaster Suites of Pacific Concord Properties

        Loan Amount                                  * Minimum loan amount of Php 500,000.00 for
                                                     * For accredited developers, it's based on the following:
                                                       70% of the net selling price for residential & commercial
                                                       condominium units
        Loan Term                                    * Maximum of 15 years to pay for condominium units, but
                                                       not to exceed 65 years old upon loan maturity
        Interest Rate                                Prevailing interest rates at the time of availment. Currently
                                                     bank interest rate are as follows:
                                                        9.75%pa fixed for 1 year
                                                       10.25%pa fixed for 2 year
                                                       10.50%pa fixed for 3 years
                                                       11.00%pa fixed for 4-5 years
                                                       11.25%pa fixed for 10 years
                                                       11.50%pa fixed for 15 years
                                                     * yearly repricing thereafter based on T-bills 364 days + 4%
                                                        or 1-year Mart 1 + 3%
        Loan Security                                First mortgage (REM) on the residential or commercial
                                                     condominium unit to be purchased covered by individual titles
        Insurance Requirement                        * Procurement of Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI)
                                                       equivalent to loan amount with BdO Insurance;
                                                     * Endorsement of existing fire & earthquake Insurance
                                                       coverage of the condominium to Banco de Oro
        Mode of Release                              * Lumpsum. Payable to the Escrow Account.
                                                       The difference, if any is payable to the borrower/buyer
        Payment Mode/Option                          Equal monthly amortization of principal and interest to
                                                     commence one month after full release of the loan via Auto
                                                     Debit Arrangement with any BDO Branches or issuance of
                                                     postdated checks for one (1) year

        Processing Time                              Ten (10) working days from receipt of loan application with
                                                     complete requirements

        Fee & bank charges                           Pre-processing:
                                                     * Appraisal fee of P 3,000.00 - WAIVED

                                                     Post Approval:
                                                     * Processing fee of P 2,000.00
                                                     * Mortgage Registration fee – Actual Expenses/ one time
                                                     * Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) – Yearly
                                                     * Fire Insurance – Not Applicable

  B. Borrower's Eligibility
        Type of borrower/s                           *   Individual / Single / Married / Corporation
                                                     *   Filipino citizen or others
                                                     *   Filipinos married to foreigners
                                                     *   Foreigners ( condominium unit)
        Age of borrower's                            21- 60 years old upon loan application but not more than
                                                     65 years old upon maturity of the loan.

        Income Source                                * For OFW's, employment tenor of at least 2 years
                                                     * For domestic helpers, employment tenor at least 3 yrs; with
                                                       employment contract
                                                     * Local Employment tenor, minimum of 2 years
                                                     * Local business , with 2 years profitable operations

        Minimum Income Requirement                   At least Php 50,000.00 gross monthly income

24th Floor JMT Corporate Condominium            BDO HOME LOAN HOTLINE:
27 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City                                    688-1220 up to 21 and 23
  C. Credit Loan Processing                          All applications shall be subject to the Bank's standard credit
                                                     parameters and requirements, such as but not limited to:
        (Pre-processing requirements)                * Standard Super Value Home Loan Application Form
                                                        > principal borrower/s
                                                        > Attorney-in-fact/ co-borrower / loan administrator,
                                                            if applicable
        Employment Abroad                            * Employment Contract with email addresses and contact
                                                       numbers of the direct employer
        *   OFW's                                    * Proof of Remittance or allotment slips or payslips for
        *   Direct Hired                               the past 3 months
        *   Seamen                                   * Latest Crew Contract and employment history for seamen
        *   Immigrants                                 or exit pass from POEA
                                                     * For immigrants, Latest Individual Tax Return or its
        Local Employment                             * Certificate of employment with salary breakdown or full
                                                       full payslip
                                                     * Latest copy of Income Tax Return (ITR)
        Local Business                               * Single Proprietorship, DTI, Business Registration and
                                                       2-year ITR
                                                     * For Partnership, complete copy of Partnership, 2-year ITR
                                                     * For corporation, complete copy of SEC Registration,
                                                       Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, 2-yr ITR and
                                                       financial statements (In-house & Audited); 6 months bank
        Collateral Requirements                      * Clear copy of owner's duplicate copy of the title
                                                     * Computation sheet / endorsement letter
        Other Requirements                           * Photocopy of marriage contract, if applicable
                                                     * If separated / divorced, photocopy of separation papers or
                                                       divorced paper
                                                     * Photocopy of two valid ID's (passport, company ID, SSS,
                                                       PRC, TIN card ...)
                                                     * Special Power of Attorney (SPA) using BDO format


         Manager, BdO Home Loans                               Loan Assistant
         Telephone Nos : 6881288 local 4419
         Direct Line    : 688-1621
         Cellphone No. : 0917-8018334
         Fax Nos.       : 688-1222 / 688-1433
         e-mail address :

24th Floor JMT Corporate Condominium             BDO HOME LOAN HOTLINE:
27 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City                                     688-1220 up to 21 and 23

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