AP® HUMAN GEOGRAPHY
                                         2009-10 Summer Assignment

Welcome to AP Human Geography! While I promise this class to be all of the things an AP class should be
(challenging, nerve-racking, hand-cramp inducing, full endless vocabulary lists, etc.), I also hope that this is
going to be a year that will really change how you think about the current global landscape. This course
should give you the framework with which to understand the people, events, and pressures that are shaping
the future of our world.

In order to prepare for this class and to be sure that you get as much from the course as you can, I hope that
you do two general things this summer.

       #1: Pay attention to current events – you don’t have to memorize every earthquake or coup. Just be
       more aware of the kinds of forces that are at work in the world and become more aware of where they
       are happening.

       #2: Start working on your place geography skills. When you hear the name of place, think to yourself
       “Do I know where that is?” If the answer is no – go look it up. Answer these three questions correctly
       and you don’t need to study.

               The Tatar Straight separates Sakhalin Island from the mainland of ______________.

               The Amu Darya is to the Aral Sea as the Volga River is to the ______________.

               This East African country straddles the equator and is known for its exports of coffee, tea, and
               flowers: __________.

                            ACTUAL SUMMER ASSIGNMENT:
       ► Please read this book over the summer. Some
       chapters are a bit tedious – power through! There will be
       a quiz on the first day of school.

       ► I would also like you to write a reflection on one
       news story from this summer and how it confirms,
       reflects, or contradicts one of the themes or ideas in this
       book. This should be about 500 words and will be due on
       the first day of class.

       ► I would also like you to collect three maps from your
       summer travels. These can be anything: nature walk
       maps, local history maps, road maps, theme park maps –
       the more local the better.

  I am looking forward to seeing you all in the fall. Enjoy your
                     summer vacation, CP

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