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ROSA EM Supported Devices

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									ROSA EM Supported Devices

Device Category         Device Type                                              Devtype Name (Driver)

                        BroadLan Headend Modem                                   tmts
                        BroadLan Client Terminal Modem                           ctm

                        Continuum 9810 Controller                                9810
                        Continuum 9810 Controller With Parameter Table           9810t
                        Continuum 9811 Controller                                9811
                        Continuum 9811 Controller With Parameter Table           9811t
                        Continuum 9813 Controller                                9813
                        Continuum 9813 Controller With Parameter Table           9813t
                        Continuum 9814 Controller                                9814
                        Continuum 9814 Controller With Parameter Table           9814t
                        Continuum 9820 Modulator                                 9820
                        Continuum 9820 Modulator With Parameter Table            9820t
                        Continuum 9821 Modulator                                 9821
                        Continuum 9821Modulator With Parameter Table             9821t
                        Continuum 9825M Modulator                                9825m
                        Continuum 9825M Modulator With Parameter Table           9825mt
                        Continuum 9825S Modulator                                9825s
                        Continuum 9825S Modulator With Parameter Table           9825st
                        Continuum 9860 Up-converter                              9860
                        Continuum 9860 Up-converter With Parameter Table         9860t
                        Continuum 9861 Up-converter                              9861
                        Continuum 9861 Up-converter With Parameter Table         9861t
                        Continuum 9890 BTSC Encoder                              9890

                        D1452 Temperature Monitor                                d1452
                        D1702 I/O Module For 7 Digital Inputs                    d1702
                        D1712 I/O Module For 15 Digital Inputs                   d1712
                        Data Gathering Unit For Lorain Power                     dgu
                        Point Master Contact Closure Interface (128 Inputs)      dpm01
                        Point Master Contact Closure Interface (64 Inputs / 8
                        Outputs)                                                 dpm02
                        Point Master Contact Closure Interface (192 Inputs /
                        16 Outputs)                                              dpm03
                        Point Master Contact Closure Interface (256 Inputs / 4
                        Outputs)                                                 dpm04
                        Contact - Data Acquisition Box 100 Contact Closure
                        Interface                                                rymic100
                        Contact - Data Acquisition Box 200 Contact Closure
                        Interface                                                rymic200
                        D9477 MQAM                              mqam
                        D9479 GQAM                              gqam
                        D9482 QPSK Modulator                    d9482
                        D9492 QPSK Demodulator                  d9492

                        HDRx Optical Receiver                   hdrx
                        HDRx High Gain Optical Receiver         hdrxhg
                        HDRx NCM                                hdrxncm

                        6109 6 MHz Off-Air Reference            6109
                        6150 Signal Processor                   6150
                        6237 8VSB Television Demodulator        6237
                        6270 Television Demodulator             6270
                        6275 Frequency Agile Demodulator        6275
                        6350 Video Modulator                    6350
                        6385 BTSC Encoder                       6385
                        8860 Antenna Track Controller           8860
                        9145 Antenna Controller                 9145
                        9280 Modulator                          9280
                        ADH-3COM Dehydrator                     adh3com
                        Alcatel SAM through SOAP (Static)       sam
                        APC AP9931 Battery Manager              apc9931
                        Arcodan Modem                           91070
                        Atlas MKII                              atlasmkii
                        Axis                                    axis
                        Backup Satellite Feed                   bufeed
                        Capella                                 capella
                        Cetus RF Modulator                      cetus
                        CetusMkI Frequency Agile TV Mod         cetusmki
                        CetusMKII Modulator                     cetusmkii
                        Channel Lineup Configuration            channelconfig
                        D6238 8VSP Demodulator                  d6238
                        D6239 8VSP Demodulator                  d6239
                        D9010 Decoder                           d9010
                        D9030 Encoder                           d9030
                        D9034 Encoder H264 SD                   d9034
                        D9032 Encoder                           d9032
                        D9050 Encoder                           d9050
                        D9054 Encoder H264 HD                   d9054
                        D9154 Advanced Compression Encoder      d9154
                        D96xx multiplexer family through IIOP   d96xxiiop
                        D96xx multiplexers                      d96xx
                        DQA Chassis                             dqachassis
                        DQA QAM Card                            dqaqam
DVB-T Single Transmitter through standard MIB       dvbt-pub-stx
Encoder Backup Configuration                        encoder-config
Ensemble 5030                                       ensemble5030
Ethernet switch (Alcatel)                           eth-switch
Evertz 500ADA-EQ Analog Video Distribution
Amplifier with Cable Equalization                   evtz500adaeq
Evertz 500 Frame Controller                         evtz500fc
Evertz 500AC02 SDI 2:1 Switch                       evtzac02hdsd
Evertz 7700 Frame Controller                        evtz7700fc
Evertz 7703 2:1 RF Protection Switch                evtz7703bpx
Evertz 7703 RF Active Splitter                      evtz7703da
Evertz 7707 Ethernet Fiber Transceiver              evtz7707et
Evertz 7707 SDI Electrical to Optical Converter     evtz7707eo
Evertz 7707 SDI Optical to Electrical Converter     evtz7707oe
Evertz 7707LR Fiber Receiver                        evtz7707lr
Evertz 7707LT Fiber Transmitter                     evtz7707lt
Evertz 7710 HD Cross Converter                      evtz7710xuc
Evertz 7721 HD Audio De-Embedder                    evtz7721ad
Evertz 7736 Video to SDI Converter                  evtz7736cdm
Evertz 7746 Frame Synchronizer                      evtz7746fs
Grass Valley Router Controller                      gvgctrl
Grass Valley Router Layer                           gvglayer
Harris Tx TCM 8600 Manager                          tcm8600
Harris Tx TCM 8600 Monitored Transmitter            tcm8600dev
iLynx                                               ilynx
IndusMKII                                           indusmkII
Marco Polo Demodulator                              marcopolo
Modulus H264 encoder                                me6000
Motorola DSR-4400 Satellite Multiplex Decrypter     4400
Motorola DSR-4520x Satellite Receiver Decoder       dsr4520x
Neon RX                                             neonrx
Pegasus                                             pegasus
Phoenix Modem                                       phoenix
Plish Dual Driver Transmitter                       pli-dualdrive
PowerVu D9850 Program Receiver                      d9850
Probel Halo or Sirius Router                        probelrouter
ProtTelevision MIP Inserter (SFN adapter)           pt5879
Pulsar Modulator                                    pulsar
Pyxis                                               pyxis
QuantumRF QAM Modulator (SA-Europe)                 quantumrf
QuasarMKII QAM Modulator (SA-Europe)                quasarmkii
Quintech RPS F Series Redundant Power Supply        qtechredps
Quintech SRM-2150 16x16 Router                      srm2150-16
Quintech SRM-2150 8x48 Router                       srm2150-0848
Receiver Decoder mrd3187                            mrd3187
Redus MKII                                          redusmkii
Regulus (statmux controller for several encoders)   regulus
Remote Feed Device                                  remfeed
                  Remote Protocol Converter                           rpc
                  Remote Router Device                                remrouter
                  Rohde & Schwarz NV7000 Dual Drive DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetLink Box                     nv7000_dd
                  Rohde & Schwarz NV7000 nplus1 Base DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetLink Box.                    nv7000_nplus1_base
                  Rohde & Schwarz NV7000 nplus1 Txn DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetLink Box                     nv7000_nplus1_txn
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 APA DVB-T Transmitter
                  through NetCCU                                      rs7000apa
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 Dual Driver 2 DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000dd2
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 Dual Driver DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000dd
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 DVB -T Receiver through
                  NetCCU                                              rs7000dvbrec
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 nplus1 Base DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000np1base
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 nplus1 Txn DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000np1txn
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 Single Transmitter 2 DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000stx2
                  Rohde & Schwarz xx7000 Single Transmitter DVB-T
                  Transmitter through NetCCU                          rs7000stx
                  Satellite Dish                                      dish
                  Satellite Feed                                      feed
                  Scopus D9840                                        d9840
                  Scopus D9842                                        d9842
                  Sicon USV UPS                                       siconups
                  Signal State                                        signalstate
                  Sirius Up Converter                                 sirius
                  Status Monitoring Interface Unit                    smiu
                  Stellar                                             stellar
                  Stellar XT                                          stellarxt
                  Stellar XT Through SNMP                             stellarxtsnmp
                  Titan MKII                                          titanmkii
                  Transis                                             transis
                  TT1260 (Receiver/Descrambler/Decoder)               tt1260
                  UPS monitored by SNMP                               rfc1628
                  VCOM (Wavecom) 4400                                 wcma4400
                  VCOM (Wavecom) 256 QAM Up-converter                 ma4040d
                  VikinX Routers (Network Electronics)                vikinx
                  Wegener Unity 4600 Professional Media Receiver      4600

                  Orbiter                                             orbiter
                  91072 Headend Signal Analyzer                       91072
                  BT6000 as Headend Signal Analyzer                   bt6khsa
                  Cheetah HE-1000 Headend Monitor                     he1000
                  LM860 Network Supervisor                            lm860
HFC Utility
                          79080 – Utility Box                               79080

                          9319x Compact Amplifier                           9319x
                          93208 Amplifier                                   93208
                          9321x Amplifier                                   9321x
                          9322x Amplifier                                   9322x
                          Advanced Adaptis Transponder (AM Comm Protocol)   advadap
                          Bridge Amplifier (Legacy) Transponder             LBridgeAmp
                          EGC Amplifier (No Gain Control)                   egcampusr
                          EGC Amplifier (With Gain Control)                 egcamp
                          GainMaker Amplifier (AM Comm Protocol)            againmaker
                          GainMaker Line Extender (AM Comm Protocol)        againle
                          GainMaker Line Extender (S-A Protocol)            gainmakerle
                          GainMaker RF Amplifier (S-A Protocol)             gainmaker
                          GainStar Amplifier                                gainstar
                          Prisma 6920 O.E. Node (Legacy) Transponder        l6920
                          SA-II Amplifier (AM Comm Protocol)                asa2
                          STD Trunk                                         lstdtrunk
                          System Amp - Generic                              lsystemamp
                          System Amp 3 Transponder                          lsa3
                          System Amp II Transponder                         lsa2

                          Echo End-of-Line Monitor (AM Comm Protocol)       aecho

                          6920 Node (AM Comm Protocol)                      a6920
                          6940 BDR Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)          a6940bdr
                          6940 BDR Optical Node (S-A Protocol)              6940bdr
                          6940 Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)              a6940
                          6940 Optical Node (S-A Protocol)                  6940
                          6942 BDR Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)          a6942bdr
                          6942 BDR Optical Node (S-A Protocol)              6942bdr
                          6942 Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)              a6942
                          6942 Optical Node (S-A Protocol)                  6942
                          6944 BDR Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)          a6944bdr
                          6944 BDR Optical Node (S-A Protocol)              6944bdr
                          6944 Optical Node (S-A Protocol)                  a6944
                          6944 Optical Node (S-A Protocol)                  6944
                          694X Optical Node through HMS Transponder         hms694x
                          90049 Optical Return                              90049
                          90062 Optical Node                                90062
                          90063 Optical Node                                90063
                          90064 Optical Node                                90064
                          90070-0336 Optical Node                           90070_0336
                   90070-0390 Optical Node                            90070_0390
                   90071-0348 Optical Node                            90071_0348
                   90072-0153 Optical Node                            90072_0153
                   90075 Optical Node                                 90075
                   90075 Optical Node through HMS                     hms90075
                   90090 Optical Node                                 90090
                   Adaptis Node                                       aadaptis
                   GainMaker Node (S-A Protocol)                      gainmaknode
                   Gainstar Node (China market)                       gsnode
                   Motorola SG2000 Optical Node (AM Comm Protocol)    asg2000

                   HMS XP Transponder                                 hmsxp

                   9061+ Alpha Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)        a9061p
                   9061+ BE Alpha Power Supply                        a9061pbe
                   9066 Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)               a9066
                   9161 Alpha Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)         a9161
                   Alpha S Power Supply (Legacy)                      lalphasps
                   DOCSIS HMS Power Supply                            docsishmsps
                   Equisul Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)            aequisul
                   GS Power Supply (Legacy)                           lgspwrsp
                   HMS Power Supply                                   hmsps
                   HMS Power Supply (AM Version)                      hmspsam
                   Lectro Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)             a9063
                   MultiPower 9061+ Power Supply (AM Comm Protocol)   amp9061p
                   Alpha BNPN Generator Control Module (Legacy)       lbnbp_gcm
                   Alpha BNPN PDU (Legacy)                            lbnbp_pdu
                   Alpha BNPN Temperature Control Module (Legacy)     lbnbp_tcm
                   Alpha BNPN UPS, Controller Ferro Resonant
                   (Legacy)                                           lbnbp_cfr
                   Alpha BNPN Backup Power Source (Legacy)            lbnbp_bps

HMS Optics
                   HMS Optical Amplifier                              hmsoptamp
                   HMS Optical Chassis Fans                           hmsoptfan
                   HMS Optical Headend Power Supply                   hmsoptps
                   HMS Optical Receiver                               hmsoptrx
                   HMS Optical Transmitter                            hmsopttx
                   HMS RF Amplifier                                   hmsrfamp

I/O Devices
                   Rosa EM I/O part                                   rosaemio
                   Proxy for Device with I/O's                        proxydev
                   Proxy for Device with I/O's with backup            proxydevbu
                   Proxy for Device with I/O's with backup            proxydevbu2
                            Proxy for Device with I/O's (specific for Rymic)   rymicproxy

                            Optical Amplifier                                  atxamp

                            Laser Link Amplifier                               llamp
                            Laser Link Down-Converter                          lldc
                            Laser Link EDFA Amplifier                          lledfa
                            Laser Link II Controller                           llemic2
                            Laser Link III Controller                          llemic3
                            Laser Link External Modulated Transmitter          llemt
                            Laser Link Forward Receiver                        llfrx
                            Laser Link RF Switch                               llrfsw
                            Rack Mounted Optical Amplifier                     llrmoa
                            Rack Mounted Optical Switch                        llrmos
                            Laser Link Reverse Transmitter                     llrtx
                            Laser Link Receiver                                llrx
                            Laser Link Transmitter                             lltx
                            Laser Link Transmitter Dual Wide Module            lltx2
                            Laser Link Dual Receiver                           lldualrx
                            Laser Link 1550 Transmitter                        llnc1550tx

                            BB Tray Interface – Base band Tray 1               bbtray
                            BB Tray 2 Interface – Base band Tray 2             bbtray2
                            Sat Tray Interface                                 sattray
                            RF Tray Interface                                  rftray

                            Prisma DT Admin                                    dtadmin
                            Prisma DT ASI I/O Module                           dtasi
                            Prisma DT Quad I/O Module                          dtasi4
                            Prisma DT Baseband Video Module                    dtbbv
                            Prisma DT BW Allocation                            dtbwalloc
                            Prisma DT Common Control Unit                      dtccu
                            Prisma DT Chassis                                  dtchassis
                            Prisma DT DS-1 I/O Module                          dtds1
                            Prisma DT DS-3 I/O Module                          dtds3
                            Prisma DT ETSU I/O Module                          dtetsu
                            Prisma DT IFV                                      dtifv
                            Prisma DT OC-3C I/O Module                         dtoc3
                            Prisma DT Optical Receiver Unit                    dtoru
                            Prisma DT Optical Transmit Unit                    dtotu
                            Prisma DT Power Supply                             dtpsu
                            Prisma DT Reset Table                              dtqa
                            Prisma DT Service Adapter                          dtsa
           Prisma DT Status                                     dtstatus
           Prisma DT Baseband Decoder with 0 Audio              pdtbbd0
           Prisma DT Baseband Decoder with 2 Audio              pdtbbd2
           Prisma DT Baseband Decoder with 2 Audio 2 NICAM      pdtbbd2n
           Prisma DT Baseband Decoder with 4 Audio              pdtbbd4
           Prisma DT Baseband Encoder with 0 Audio              pdtbbe0
           Prisma DT Baseband Encoder with 2 Audio              pdtbbe2
           Prisma DT Baseband Encoder with 2 Audio 2 NICAM      pdtbbe2n
           Prisma DT Baseband Encoder with 4 Audio              pdtbbe4
           Prisma DT BTSC Decoder                               pdtbtscd
           Prisma DT BTSC Encoder                               pdtbtsce
           Prisma DT Common Control Unit 0                      pdtccu0
           Prisma DT Common Control Unit 1                      pdtccu1
           Prisma DT Common Control Unit Repeater 0             pdtccur0
           Prisma DT Common Control Unit Repeater 1             pdtccur1
           Prisma DT Chassis Summary                            pdtchas
           Prisma DT Composite IF Decoder                       pdtcifd
           Prisma DT Composite IF Encoder                       pdtcife
           Prisma DT DS-3 Data Interface Card                   pdtds3
           Prisma DT E-3 Data Interface Card                    pdte3
           Prisma DT ETSU                                       pdtetsu
           Prisma DT ETSU (older version)                       pdtgeretsu
           Prisma DT NICAM Decoder                              pdtnicamd
           Prisma DT NICAM Encoder                              pdtnicame
           Prisma DT OC-3 Encoder                               pdtoc3
           Prisma DT Optical Receiver 0                         pdtoru0
           Prisma DT Optical Receiver 1                         pdtoru1
           Prisma DT Optical Transmitter 0                      pdtotu0
           Prisma DT Optical Transmitter 1                      pdtotu1
           Prisma DT Power Supply 0                             pdtpsu0
           Prisma DT Power Supply 1                             pdtpsu1

           Prisma 6473-10 Optical Transmitter                   647310
           Prisma 6473-12 Optical Transmitter                   647312
           Prisma 6473-6 Optical Transmitter                    64736
           Prisma 6473-8 Optical Transmitter                    64738
           Prisma 6473 Low RF Optical Transmitter               6473lowrf
           Prisma 6473-NC 1310 nm Overlay Optical Transmitter   6473nc
           Prisma 6473-R Reverse Optical Transmitter            6473r
           Prisma 6474 Optical Switch                           6474
           Prisma 6475-6 Externally Modulated Transmitter       64756
           Prisma 6475-6 Externally Modulated Transmitter
           (Single Wide)                                        64756_1w
           Prisma 6475-8 Optical Transmitter                    64758
           Prisma 6475-P Narrowcast EMT                         6475p
           Prisma 6476 16 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier                647616
           Prisma 6476 16 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier (special       sp647616e
            edition ?)
            Prisma 6476 19 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier                 647619
            Prisma 6476 19 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier (special
            edition)                                              sp647619e
            Prisma 6476 22 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier                 647622
            Prisma 6476 22 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier (special
            edition)                                              sp647622e
            Prisma 6476 25 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier                 647625
            Prisma 6476 25 dB Gain EDFA Amplifier (special
            edition)                                              sp647625e
            Prisma 6480 Digital Transmitter Module                6480
            Prisma 6482 Multiplexer Digital Module                6482
            Prisma 6971 Optical Receiver                          6971
            Prisma 6971-DR Dual Optical Receiver                  6971dr
            Prisma 6971-DR Dual Optical Receiver (special
            edition?)                                             sp6971dre
            Prisma 6971 High Power Forward Optical Receiver       6971hp
            Prisma 6974 RF Switch                                 6974
            Prisma 6982 Digital Reverse Receiver                  6982

            1310 nm Targeted Service Transmitter                  p21310tstx
            1310 nm Forward Transmitter                           p213txf
            1310 nm Forward Transmitter (AGC)                     p213txfagc
            1310 nm Reverse Transmitter                           p213txr
            HDTx 1310 Forward Transmitter                         p2hdtx
            1550 TXL EMT Transmitter                              p215txl
            1550 TXL EMT Transmitter (FTTH)                       p215txlftth
            1550 TXL EMT Transmitter (FTTH) 1 wide                p21550ftth
            1550 TXL EMT Transmitter FTTH 1 wide with length
            mode control                                          p21550ftthl1
            1550 nm Reverse Transmitter                           p215txr
            1550 TXS Gap Bridger Transmitter < 1383               p215txs
            1550 TXS Gap Bridger Transmitter > 1424               p215txsb
            17.0 dBm Gain Flatten EDFA                            p217dbmgfa
            20.0 dBm Gain Flatten EDFA                            p220dbmgfa
            bdr 4:1 Fixed Band Transmit Processor                 p2bdrfbtx4to1
            bdr 2:1R Receive Processor                            p2bdrrx
            bdr 2:1 Dual Receive Processor -6                     p2bdrrx21dual-6
            bdr 2:1 Dual Receive Processor -2                     p2bdrrx2to1dual
            bdr 4:1R Receive Processor                            p2bdrrx4to1
            bdr 2:1 Redundant Transmit Processor                  p2bdrtx
            bdr 2:1 Dual Transmit Processor                       p2bdrtx2to1dual
            bdr 4:1 Transmit Processor                            p2bdrtx4to1
            Optical Amplifier (Double-Wide)                       p2cpoadual
            Optical Amplifier (Single-Wide)                       p2cpoasingle
            Optical Amplifier (Single-Wide) (Post Amp)            p2cpoasingler2
            Optical Amplifier (Triple-Wide)                       p2cpoatriple
            Optical Amplifier (Triple-Wide) 8x17 with adj input   p2cpoatripler2
                     FTTX Pre Amplifier                                   p2preamp
                     FTTX Post Amplifier                                  p2postamp
                     Reverse Data Receiver                                p2ddr
                     Reverse Video Receiver                               p2dvr
                     EDFA Dual Pump Optical Amplifier                     p2edfadual
                     EDFA Single Pump Optical Amplifier                   p2edfasingle
                     EDFA Single Pump Optical Amplifier 2                 p2edfasingler2
                     EDFA Dual Pump Optical Amplifier (1550 nm, china
                     market)                                              edfa64667single
                     EDFA Single Pump Optical Amplifier (1550 nm, china
                     market)                                              edfa64667dual
                     Power Supply / Fan Tray                              p2fantray
                     ICIM                                                 p2icim
                     Optical Switch                                       p2optsw
                     Optical Low Input Switch                             p2optswlowinput
                     Optical Low Input Switch R2                          p2optlowinputr2
                     Forward Receiver < 14                                p2rxf
                     Forward Receiver > 15                                p2rxfstd
                     15xxnm Forward QAM Transmitter                       p2txq
                     15xxnm Forward QAM Transmitter (AGC)                 p2txqagc
                     Forward Head End Driver Amplifier                    p2fheda
                     Reverse Head End Driver Amplifier                    p2rheda
                     Prisma II ICIM                                       p2snmpicim
                     Prisma II Module                                     p2snmpmod

                     Prisma IP ASI Input Card                             pipasiinput
                     Prisma IP ASI Output Card                            pipasioutput

                     9660 Satellite Receiver                              9660
                     9661 Satellite Receiver                              9661
                     UT5100 Receiver/Demodulator                          ut5100
                     UT5100 Receiver/Demodulator (with SNMP Agent
                     support)                                             99037
                     D9223 PowerVu Receiver                               d9223
                     IRD-2000 Satellite Receiver                          ird2000
                     SAT 200 Receiver                                     sat200

                     Series 2000 Active Splitter                          as2000
                     Series 2000 Power Supply                             ps2000
                     Series 2000 Agile Up-converter                       su2000
                     Series 2000 Up-converter A                           uc2000a
                     Series 2000 Up-converter B                           uc2000b
                     VM-2000 Modulator                                    vm2000
                     VM-2510 Modulator                                    vm2510
                        VM-2511 Modulator                                    vm2511

                        Strand Mounted Optical Amplifier 20 dBm              smoadual20
                        Strand Mounted Optical Amplifier 24 dBm              smoadual24
                        Optical Switch                                       smoaoptsw
                        Strand Mounted Optical Amplifier 17 dBm              smoasingle
                        SMOA Transponder                                     smoatransponder

                        IRIS 128 x 128 Switch Through Ined                   ined128
                        IRIS 16 x 16 Switch Through Ined                     ined16
                        IRIS 64 x 64 Switch Through Ined                     ined64
                        Iris 16 x 16 Audio / Video Matrix Switch             iris16
                        Iris 128 x 128 Audio / Video Matrix Switch           iris
                        Quintech SPR 1000 8:1 RF Switch                      srr1000
                        Quintech SRR 2150 16:1 L-Band Switch                 srr215016
                        Quintech SRR 2150 8:1 L-Band Switch                  srr21508
                        Utah-200 Compact Routing Switcher                    utah200x16

                        6460 Optical Transmitter (Type 31)                   646031
                        6460 Optical Transmitter (Type 32)                   646032
                        6460 Optical Transmitter (Type 41)                   646041
                        6460 Optical Transmitter (Type 42)                   646042
                        6464 Optical Switch (Type 39)                        6464
                        6960 Dual Optical Receiver (Type 33)                 696033
                        6960 Optical Receiver (Type 38)                      696038
                        6960 Optical Receiver (Type 47)                      696047
                        6961 RF Controller (Type 34)                         696134
                        6961 RF Controller -6 dB (Type 44)                   696144

OptoStar Optics
                        OptoStar Dual Reverse Optical Receiver               osdror
                        OptoStar Forward Optical Receiver                    osforx
                        OptoStar 1310nm Forward Optical Transmitter (China
                        market)                                              OS64607d

                        UC-4 Up-converter A                                  uc4a
                        UC-4 Up-converter B                                  uc4b
                        UC-4 Up-converter C                                  uc4c
                        UC-4 Up-converter D                                  uc4d

                        CD24 Power Supply                                    cd24
                        CD50 Optical Transceiver                             cd50
                      CD54 AB Amplifier                     cd54
                      CD56 Pre-Amplifier                    cd56
                      CD61 C-Amplifier                      cd61
                      CD62 Return Amplifier                 cd62
                      CD62C Reverse Amplifier               cd62c
                      WISI Transponder                      wisixp

                      DV 6011 Power Supply                  dvl6011
                      DV 6016 DAP Controller                dv6016dap
                      DV 6016 DX De-multiplexer             dv6016dx
                      DV 6016 MX De-multiplexer             dv6016mx
                      DV 6048 48v Power Supply              dvl6048
                      DV 6081 Codek Video BTSC Card         dvl6081
                      DV 6081 VEB Codek Video BTSC Card     dvl6081veb
                      DV 6082 VD 2 Video 2 Audio Decoder    dvl6082vd2
                      DV 6082 VDB Video BTSC Decoder        dvl6082vdb
                      DV 6101 VE 4 Video Encoder Card       dvl6101ve4
                      DV 6102 VD 4 Video Decoder Card       dvl6102vd4
                      DV 6301 Optical Transmitter           dvl6301
                      DV 6302 Optical Receiver              dvl6302
                      DV 6501 Optical 1550 nm Transmitter   dvl6501

ADC DV-6000 (P-95
                      Stand Alone Receiver/Demux            adc6311
                      6011 Power Supply                     dv6011
                      6011 Power Supply (RPC Shelf)         dv6011rpc
                      6016 DAP 2 Controller                 dv6016dap2
                      6016 DAP 2 Controller R2              dv6016dap2r2
                      6016 DAP 2 Controller (RPC Shelf)     dv6016rpc
                      6016 DAP 3 Controller                 dv6016dap3
                      6016 DAP 3 Controller R2              dv6016dap3r2
                      6016 DX2 De-multiplexer               dv6016dx2
                      6016 DX2 De-multiplexer R2            dv6016dx2r2
                      6016 MX2 Multiplexer                  dv6016mx2
                      6016 MX2 Multiplexer R2               dv6016mx2r2
                      6048 Power Supply                     dv6048
                      6081 Video 2 - Audio Card             dv6081
                      6081 VE2 Video 2 - Audio Card         dv6081ve2
                      6081 VEB Video BTSC Card              dv6081veb
                      6082 VD 2 Video 2 - Audio Decoder     dv6082vd2
                      6082 VDB Video BTSC Decoder           dv6082vdb
                      60 ACPSB Power Supply                 dv60acpsb
                      6101 CE IF Encoder Card               dv6101ce
                      6101 NCE IF Encoder Card              dv6101nce
                      6101 VE 4 Video Encoder Card          dv6101ve4
                     6101 VEM Video Encoder Card                  dv6101vem
                     6102 CD IF Decoder Card                      dv6102cd
                     6102 NCD IF Decoder Card                     dv6102ncd
                     6102 VD 4 Video Decoder Card                 dv6102vd4
                     6102 VDM Video Decoder Card                  dv6102vdm
                     6301 Optical Transmitter                     dv6301
                     6301 Optical Transmitter (RPC Shelf)         dv6301rpc
                     6302 Optical Receiver                        dv6302
                     6302 Optical Receiver (RPC Shelf)            dv6302rpc
                     6302 ERCQ Optical Receiver                   dv6302ercq
                     6302 ERCQ Optical Receiver (RPC Shelf)       dv6302ercqrpc
                     6311 Remote Transmitter                      dv6311
                     6312 Remote Receiver                         dv6312
                     6501 Optical Transmitter                     dv6501
                     6501 Optical Transmitter (RPC Shelf)         dv6501rpc
                     6501 TXDHC Optical Transmitter               dv6501txdhc
                     6501 TXDHC Optical Transmitter (RPC Shelf)   dv6501txdhcrpc
                     DVFE2 Ethernet Transceiver                   dvfe2

                     750 MHz DFB Transmitter                      adctx750
                     750 MHz DFB Transmitter Model TX7            adcltx750-tx7
                     870 MHz DFB Transmitter                      adctx870
                     Dual Reverse Receiver                        adcdrrx
                     Homeworx Quad Receiver                       adclrx4
                     Homeworx Single Receiver                     adclrx1
                     Power Supply Controller                      adcps
                     Quad Channel Reverse Path Receiver           adc6413rx
                     Quad Receiver                                adcrx4

                     Control Module                               gx2cm
                     LASER Module                                 gx2lm1000b
                     Power Supply                                 gx2ps
                     RF Switch                                    gx2rsw
                     Dual Receiver                                gx2rx

                     Power Supply                                 srp148
                     Transponder                                  suep434
                     Optical Transceiver                          svo730
                     AB-Amplifier - 482                           svp482
                     AB-Amplifier - 483                           svp483
                     AB-Amplifier - 484                           svp484
                     C-Amplifier - 485                            svp485
                     Return Amplifier                             svr715
                         860R Forward Path Receiver             omni_860r
                         ALM-12 Advanced Laser Module           omni_alm12
                         ALM-2 Advanced Laser Module            omni_alm2
                         CM1 Command Module                     omni_cm1
                         PS / DC-48 DC Power Supply             omni_psdc48
                         RPR / 2 Dual Return Path Receiver      omni_rpr2
                         RPR / 2C Return Path Receiver          omni_rpr2c
                         Omnistar RF Switch                     omni_switch
                         Omnistar lm Laser Module               omnistar_lm

                         Commander 8 Modulator                  omni_c8m
                         Hercules SNMP Proxy                    hercules

                         Stratum Integrated Modulator NAM 550   nam550
                         Stratum Power Supply NPS 550           nps550
                         Stratum Subtrack Chassis NRF 550       nrf550chassis

                         Constellation Chassis                  constellation
                         Altair Laser Module                    const_altair
                         Antares Laser Module                   const_antares
                         Orion Laser Module                     const_orion
                         Polaris Laser Module                   const_polaris
                         Power Supply                           const_ps
                         Quasar RF Amplifier Module             const_quasar
                         Sirius 1 Laser Module                  const_sirius1
                         Hercules Proxy Agent                   proxy

                         69000-0151 PSU Backup Router           69000_0151
                         69000-0360 PSU Backup Router           69000_0360
                         69000-0460 PSU Backup Router           69000_0460
                         69000-0462 PSU Backup Router           69000_0462
                         69001-0152 PSU Backup Switch           69001_0152
                         69001-0361 PSU Backup Switch           69001_0361
                         69001-0461 PSU Backup Switch           69001_0461
                         69001-0463 PSU Backup Switch           69001_0463
                         90023-0218 Optical Transmitter         90023_0218
                         91075 Reverse Segment Switch           91075
                         94035-0399 Down-converter              94035_0399
                         94040 Down-converter                   94040_0441
94186 Satellite Receiver         94186_0138
94188-0109 Satellite Receiver    94188_0109
94188-0204 Satellite Receiver    94188_0204
94193-0209 Mono IF Modulator     94193_0209
94193-0291 Mono IF Modulator     94193_0291
94194-0322 IF Modulator          94194_0322
94194-0335 IF Modulator          94194_0335
94194-0356 IF Modulator          94194_0356
94194-0386 IF Modulator          94194_0386
94194-0406 IF Modulator          94194_0406
94194-0435 IF Modulator          94194_0435
94195-0322 IF Modulator          94195_0322
94195-0335 IF Modulator          94195_0335
94195-0356 IF Modulator          94195_0356
94195-0386 IF Modulator          94195_0386
94195-0406 IF Modulator          94195_0406
94195-0435 IF Modulator          94195_0435
94302-0242 QPSK Demodulator      94302_0242
94302-0277 QPSK Demodulator      94302_0277
94302-0422 QPSK Demodulator      94302_0422
94302-0423 QPSK Demodulator      94302_0423

94303 TT1200 MPEG-2 Decoder      94303_1208vcmg
94304-0220 QPSK Demodulator      94304_0220
94304-0311 QPSK Demodulator      94304_0311
94304-0420 QPSK Demodulator      94304_0420
94305 A1 TT1220 MPEG-2 Decoder   94305a1
94305-10 TT1220 MPEG-2 Decoder   94305_10
94312-0012 Upconverter           94312_0012
94312-0117 Upconverter           94312_0117
94312-0217 Upconverter           94312_0217
94312-0245 Upconverter           94312_0245
94312-0307 Upconverter           94312_0307
94312-0315 Upconverter           94312_0315
94312-0320 Upconverter           94312_0320
94312-0385 Upconverter           94312_0385
94312-0392 Upconverter           94312_0392
94312-0396 Upconverter           94312_0396
94312-0401 Upconverter           94312_0401
94312-0402 Upconverter           94312_0402
94313-0013 Upconverter           94313_0013
94313-0118 Upconverter           94313_0118
94313-0246 Upconverter           94313_0246
94313-0294 Upconverter           94313_0294
94313-0316 Upconverter           94313_0316
94313-0393 Upconverter           94313_0393
94313-0403 Upconverter           94313_0403
94313-0419 Upconverter           94313_0419
                      94313-0428 Upconverter                      94313_0428
                      94321-0248 MPEG-2 Transcoder                94321_0248
                      94321-0257 MPEG-2 Transcoder                94321_0257
                      94321-0262 MPEG-2 Transcoder                94321_0262
                      94321-0341 MPEG-2 Transcoder                94321_0341
                      94322-0289 Descrambler MPEG-2 CI/CA Host    94322_0289
                      94322-0362 Descrambler MPEG-2 CI/CA Host    94322_0362
                      94324 Exchanger                             94324_0177
                      94330-0161 QAM Modulator                    94330_0161
                      94330-0366 QAM Modulator                    94330_0366
                      94331-0159 QAM Modulator                    94331_0159
                      94331-0350 QAM Modulator                    94331_0350
                      94331-0372 QAM Modulator                    94331_0372
                      99045-0104 Pilot Generator                  99045_0104
                      99045-0323 Pilot Generator                  99045_0323
                      99045-0326 Pilot Generator                  99045_0326
                      99046-0105 Pilot Generator                  99046_0105
                      99046-0324 Pilot Generator                  99046_0324
                      99046-0327 Pilot Generator                  99046_0327
                      99067.00 Video/Audio Matrix                 99067
                      99076-0150 IO-Controller                    99076_0150
                      99076-0359 IO-Controller                    99076_0359

                      FERRUPS Uninterruptible Power Systems       ferrups
                      Powerware Plus 80 UPS                       ppups80

                      group                                       group
                      bgroup                                      bgroup
                      symbol                                      symbol
                      null                                        null
                      RosaEM/ TNCS management system parameters   system

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