International Conference on Carbon Storage in Wood Products by keara


									         International Conference on Carbon Storage in Wood Products
                        Novotel Tour Noir Hotel, Brussels
               1 September 2009 from 10.00 am until 18:30 hrs


1.        Welcome and Opening:               Mr Hans-Michael Offner (WiSD Co-Chairman)

2.        Introduction:             Prof. Dr. Joris Van Acker (Ghent University): Expectations from
          the conference

3.        Science on how much carbon is stored in wood-based products

     •    Introductory presentation:         Prof. Dr. Arno Frühwald (University of Hamburg)
     •    Contributions:
                 •     Dipl.-Ing. Silv. Sebastian Rüter (vTI): Carbon in wood products
                 •     Dra Ana Claudia Dias (Aveiro University): Methods and approaches for the
                       estimation of carbon storage in wood products
                 •     Mr Ludovic Guinard (FCBA): Effectiveness and feasibility of attributing an
                       economic value to the carbon stored in wood products

                                                Working lunch

4.        How could a carbon credit system be set up on the basis of this scientific
          evidence in a way that it is to the benefit of the woodworking industries?

     •    Introductory presentation:         Prof. Dr. Joris Van Acker (Ghent University)
     •    Contributions:
                 •     Mrs Estelle Vial (FCBA): Taking into account carbon storage in
                       environmental labeling of wood products
                 •     Mr Peter Hofer (GEO Partner AG): European implementation of the results
                       of the CO2 substitution models developed for Switzerland and Sweden
                 •     Dr. Adolf Daniel Merl (PE Central & Eastern Europe): Experiences with
                       Environmental Product Declarations for wood-based products and links to a
                       carbon credit system

                                                  Coffee Break

                     The “Wood in sustainable development” process of Roadmap 2010 is run by:
                     European Panel Federation, EPF and European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry, EOS
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                     TP: +32 2 5562585 – TF: +32 2 2870875 - -


5.       Development of a global action plan in support of HWP towards the COP15
         conference with all partners in the wood value chain

     •   Introductory presentation:   Mr Ladislaus Döry (Vice-Chairman of CEI-Bois)
     •   Contributions:

                •   Dipl.-Ing. Silv. Sebastian Rüter (vTI): Latest developments in the
                    negotiations and possible implications for the wood industries sector 
                •   Ms Genoveva Canals Revilla (Vigo University/ANFTA): Scientific analysis of
                    the different accounting approaches and methodologies and their impact on
                    the wood-based panels industries (study case Spain)
                •   Mr Donald Bisson (Composite Panel Association): Wood fiber and climate
                    change related issues in North America
                •   Mr Mark Belton, (Permanent Forests International Ltd): Recognition of
                    embedded carbon in wood products is being championed by New Zealand in
                    the negotiations leading up to Copenhagen. This recognition has the
                    potential to significantly reduce harvest liabilities, and to reward practices
                    that will enhance carbon storage in wood products

6.       Conclusions and closure: Mr Mikael Eliasson (CEI-Bois Chairman)

7.       Closing reception (18:30 – 19:30)


    All presentations as well as the conference proceedings can be downloaded from
                      the Conference Website as soon as available:


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