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Use CCH to find legislation and cases on the following legal areas: Tax Employment Company Health and Safety Business Law Property and Conveyancing Trusts E-commerce Law Customs and Duties Sales and Marketing • • • • • To access the CCH Database, go to the library home page Click on the Online Journal Articles and Research Databases link (underneath the Quick catalogue search) Under Databases Arranged Alphabetically click on the C Click on the link CCH NZ Online Library (You will be asked to enter your Unitec login and password to access this database) CCH will open

To search the whole CCH database click on advanced search. This will open up a search screen window

To search for multiple keywords use this box, eg preferential claims To search for either words use this box, eg Fraud theft

You can search the whole database by choosing ALL TOPICS or select just the areas you want. To search for a phrase use this box, e.g. reckless trading

Enter the words that you wish to find and click on the Search button. (You can put words into more than one box at a time) For example searching the phrase “reckless trading” and the topic law the following result screen will appear. (The search looks for the phrase throughout the document) Number of results

Title of the entry or name of the case.

Click on a title to be taken through to the full text of the documents. You will be taken to the first appearance of the word/s you have searched for. These will be highlighted throughout the document.

The text of the entry appears in the right hand box.

The left hand box shows you where within the CCH database you are.

To go back to the search results click on the Advanced Search tab at the bottom of you screen PRINTING FROM CCH To print the item you have selected

Click on the Print mode The left hand screen will change to include boxes. Scroll down till you find the highlighted entry and put a tick in the box.

Click on Print to PDF

This will convert the information into a PDF which you can then print using the print icon

To do another search just press on the advanced search button at any time.

If you have any queries about the CCH database please contact: Information Services Team Phone 09 815 4321 Ext 8564 Email January 2007