Risk Assessment Template – General YFC Meeting

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ACTIVTY              HAZARD                                 PERSONNEL RISK RATING        CONTROL MEASURES
ARRIVAL              Car parking – adequate lighting        All personnel LOW            Adequate lighting.
                     in car park (if dark / evening         attending
                     meeting)                                                            Entry door clearly visible from car park
BUILDING / MEETING   Emergency exits clearly marked         All personnel   LOW
ROOM                 and free from obstruction              attending                    Person in charge of meeting to check
                                                                                         that all emergency exits and to be
                     Adequate number of chairs to                                        familiar with emergency escape
                     ensure comfort of participants                                      procedures

                     Heating level is adequate for the                                   Broken chairs not to be used
                     size of room
                     Good ventilation
                                                                                         Person responsible for organising the
                     Check electrical equipment                                          meeting to check with venue

                                                                                         Tape up wires
ACTIVITY             Is the room suitable for the           Members,        VARIED       Change layout of room, check activity
                     activity?                              guests                       equipment, A separate Risk Assessment
                                                                                         for the activity might be required.
CATERING             Electrical goods in kitchen eg                         LOW          Information of latest PAT test clearly
                     urn, kettles, working properly.        All personnel                displayed on all electrical equipment
                                                            involved with
                      All food, if provided, properly       arrangements                 Wash basin available for washing hands
                     prepared                                                            before preparing consumables

                                                                                         Persons serving food to wash hands
                                                                                         before handling food
DEPARTURE                     Building is secured following          Person           LOW      Liaise with venue owner
                              departure, if that is a condition of   responsible
                              use                                    for the
                              Visual assessment of venue to                                    Record will be required if damage is
                              ensure no damage done, or to                                     done and an insurance claim arises
                              record if damage has occured
CARE OF YOUNG                                                        All personnel,   LOW /    Arrangements for transporting members
PEOPLE                                                               but lead /       MEDIUM   under the age of 18 to be in accordance
Ensure YFC                                                           responsible               with YFC Safeguarding Policy.
Safeguarding Policy is                                               adult to be
implemented effectively                                              clearly                   Younger members to be active
                                                                     identified as             participants in the meeting and their
Ensure the first aid box is                                          per the policy            welfare taken care of
present and correct                                                  Club officers
                                                                     (over 18) and
                                                                     leaders (if
                                                                     applicable) to
                                                                     be CRB/ISA

Please remember this is just an example of the sort of things to consider and should be used as a guide.

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