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									        Request for Proposal (RFP)
          for Government Lobbyist

         Letter of Interest Due Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 2005 (10 a.m. MDT)
            Proposal Due Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 (10 a.m. MDT)

                                                      Chad Douglas
                                          Interim Executive Director
                                            Fitness Industry Canada
                                                13543 St. Albert Trail
                                        Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 5E7
                                             Phone: (780) 732-5015
                                ‘Stronger Together’
                 Request for Proposal – Government Lobbyist

Services Required
Fitness Industry Canada is seeking proposals from government lobbyists to
pursue the objectives of its legislative agenda (see attached). FIC’s Board of
Directors is the hiring authority.

FIC’s government lobbyist must have a national presence in Canada, with
experience in dealing with both federal and provincial issues and legislation.
The individual or firm should demonstrate positive results at both levels and in
various regions. Knowledge of the commercial health and fitness industry and/or
not-for-profit trade organizations is an asset.

Council Overview
Fitness Industry Canada is a not-for-profit trade organization representing the
commercial fitness industry. Its mission is “to promote and protect the
commercial health and fitness industry in pursuit of a more physically active and
healthy country.” Fitness Industry Canada exists for two reasons: the industry
can play a more prominent role in reducing health care costs and increasing the
fitness level and productivity of Canadians; and, without strong representation,
the industry is susceptible to negative press and government regulation.
Work Outline
Fitness Industry Canada’s Government Lobbyist will be responsible for:
   1. Identifying, prioritizing and monitoring threats and opportunities for Fitness
      Industry Canada and the country’s commercial fitness industry. Since
      Fitness Industry Canada is a proactive organization, in that it prefers to
      prevent problems rather than search for solutions, implementing an alert
      system to mobilize members on potential political changes is important.
   2. Establishing short- and long-term government relations plans for FIC. The
      short-term plan should span one year and the long-term plan three years.
   3. Informing the Board of Directors, Executive Director and fitness club
      owners as to legislative issues and developments as required. This may
      involve meetings and face-to-face, electronic, or written communication.
   4. Abiding by the guiding principles of Fitness Industry Canada, as outlined
      by its policies and Code of Conduct, and by government guidelines for
      professional lobbyists. FIC protects its integrity by acting ethically and
      providing equal representation.

Submission Requirements
Government lobbyists should submit at least a letter of interest by Wednesday,
September 21, 2005, with a complete proposal to follow by Wednesday,
September 28, 2005. Complete proposals should feature the following elements:
   1. Letter of Interest
   2. Overview of lobbyist or lobby firm and personnel
   3. Proposed one-year and three-year government relations plans, including
      criteria for evaluating legislative issues and strategies for measuring and
      communicating results
   4. Fee estimates
   5. Relevant experience and references
Contracts are likely to be renewed annually following Fitness Industry Canada’s
meeting at Can-Fit-Pro Toronto in August.
Selection Process
Proposals will be evaluated, interviews done and a recommendation made to
FIC’s Board of Directors through October, 2005. The board will then make its

Proposal Submission
Enquiries and proposals should be directed to:

Chad Douglas
Interim Executive Director
Fitness Industry Council of Canada
13543 St. Albert Trail, 2nd Floor
Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 5E7
(780) 732-5015

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