Global Joint Integrity Management Solutions

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Global Joint Integrity Management Solutions

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  1. USA -                                                                                                                                     27
  T: +1 916 452 3125

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  2. USA - LONG BEACH, CA                                      13
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  3. USA - DENVER, CO                                                                      16. UK - MORPETH
  Toll Free: 800 448 2524                                                                  T: +44 (0) 1670 515 432
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  Toll Free: 800 283 1937                  10. USA - GONZALES, LA                          E:              E:
  T: +1 651 388 8661                       Toll Free: 888 644 8168
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  Toll Free: 800 895 3849                  15. UK - WALSALL                                23. AZERBAIJAN - BAKU                   30. AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND
  T: +1 713 860 4200                       T: +44 (0) 121 50 50 600                        T: +994 12 437 2694                     T: +61 (0)7 3264 7719
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                                      Material sourced from fully sustainable, managed forests
                                      using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre.
    Who we are
    One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions
    Over many years Hydratight has provided world class bolted joint solutions and
    continues to set international standards in joint integrity for it’s customers on a
    global scale.

    Hydratight works in partnership with the world’s leading OEMs
    using the latest computer technology and market leading
    development facilities. We continue to push back the boundaries
    of technology to provide fast, accurate and reliable solutions to
    critical assembly problems.

    Our people are the key to our success: qualified, competent and
    innovative people, working closely with our customers ensures a
    total understanding of their requirements.

    One Company - Meeting Stringent Standards
    Totally committed to safety and quality, all Hydratight products
    and services are designed, manufactured and carried out within
    a management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 (Quality
    Management); ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management);
    OHSAS 18001:1999 (Occupational Health
    and Safety)

    One Company
    Our extensive engineering services include:
    • Torque and Tension bolting equipment
    • Machining equipment
    • Product sales, rental and technical support
    • Product service and training

What makes us different
One Company - A Multitude of Solutions Hydratight plays a leading role within the complex
and changing world of the commercial nuclear power station, providing innovative engineering
solutions and unique services to improve the cost effectiveness in this competitive industry.
The core of our business is designing fast and highly accurate solutions to bolt tightening problems.

                                                                Multi-Stud Tensioing System (MST’s)
                                                                Multi-Stud Tensioning Systems are capable
                                                                of tensioning every single stud in a joint
                                                                simultaneously. By designing the MST in
                                                                segments, the operator is able to easily
                                                                and quickly connect each segment to the
                                                                joint and link together to provide same time
                                                                loading. This provides a very accurate and
                                                                fast closure system with applications on
                                                                pumps, valves, and steam-generators.
                                                                Case Study 1:
                                                                MSTs for Inspection Port Manways
                                                                MST systems by Hydratight are the fastest
                                                                and most accurate means of loosening and
                                                                tightening studs on Primary, Secondary,
                                                                Hand-hole and Inspection Port Manways.
                                                                Innovative designs, using special ram
                                                                areas and strong lightweight materials
                                                                allow for 100% coverage which can
                                                                reduce bolting time by as much as 75%.
                                                                Case Study 2:
                                                                Speciality Tensioners (RCP)
                                                                The challenge? To design a custom
                                                                tensioning system for the 93A Reactor
                                                                Coollant Pump which will allow the utility
                                                                to tension, rather than heat, two dozen 4.5"
                                                                studs to a 500,000 lbs. preload.
                                                                Hydratight's solution: The slimline tensioner.
                                                                This intelligent design used six equally-
                                                                spaced tensioners and tightening studs
                                                                in four passes to substantially increase
                                                                accuracy and save time. In fact Hydratight’s
                                                                slimline tensioner managed to cut the time
                                                                taken to perform this activity by 25% as well
                                                                as addressing the Utility's ALARA goals.

    Innovative products, endless applications
    Eliminating risk and saving time - Our range of specialist equipment and
    technical support will not only save you time and money, but also improve
    safety, address ARALA concerns and help raise reliability for your plant.

                                        RSLTM Hydraulic Torque Wrench
                                        Hydratight RSL hydraulic Torque
                                        Wrenches provide a comprehensive range
                                        of interchangeable hexagon and square drive
                                        heads, ideal when working on a variety of nut
                                        sizes on one or more applications.

                                        • Minimum maintenance;          • Compact and lightweight
                                          only three moving parts       • Fast and versatile
                                        • Safe and durable

                                        Manway Handling System
                                        Hydratight’s Manway Handling System offers
                                        safe, efficient and effective manipulation for
                                        the primary and secondary Manway covers,
                                        helping to achieve ALARA objectives.

                                        Generator Nitronic Nuts
                                        Utilizing Hydratight’s unique Nitronic Nut
                                        design allows for conversion from torque
                                        to tension for Generator Thru Bolts and
                                        Building Bolts. The possibility of up to 50%
                                        simultaneous tension increases accuracy
                                        and shortens maintenance time.

Power generation experience

Case Study 1: Reactor nozzles                            Case Study 2: Steam Generator Nozzles
The main nozzles coming off a BWR Reactor are            The hot and cold nozzles on a PWR Steam Generator are
susceptible to intergranular stress corrosion cracking   susceptible to service water stress corrosion cracking
(IGSCC), typically N1 through N19 to include jet pump    (SWSCC). This type of cracking requires a weld overlay
nozzle. Following weld repair, Hydratight’s qualified    of Inconel 52. Once the overlay is complete, Hydratight’s
technicians are on hand to mechanically cut or grind     skilled team of technicians will mechanically cut or grind
the weld profile for UT inspection.                      the weld profile for UT inspection.

    Expert machining and extensive services
    Hydratight’s machining solution brand of tooling DL Ricci is a world leader in the design and
    manufacture of portable on-site machining and heat treating equipment, offering unique and
    innovative machines and boasting over 24 patents. From sales and rental to technical support
    and customized solutions, Hydratight’s expertise in the nuclear market is unrivalled.

                                                 Portable Machining Solutions
                                                 Since 1993, Hydratight’s DL Ricci brand has offered a
                                                 comprehensive range of portable machining solutions for sale
                                                 or rental, including Pipe Cutting, Bevelers, Grinders, Milling
                                                 Machines, Keyway Cutters, Chipless Cutters, Remote Controlled
                                                 Machinery, Overlay Sanders, Journal Turning, Flange Facing
                                                 and Bore Bars. Hydratight also owns the largest rental inventory
                                                 of portable machining equipment and tooling in the world.

                                                 SG MM180 Clamshell
                                                 Hydratight’s MM180 is the world’s largest gear driven clamshell
                                                 lathe. This exceptional tool is used during RSG projects for
                                                 cutting and machining as well as weld end prep, flange facing
                                                 and vessel segmentation for any large vessel.

                                                 Pipe Cutting and End Preparation
                                                 Hydratight’s range of clamshells features a patented bearing
                                                 design. Choose from five different models to service piping
                                                 from 0.5” – 110” thick. With the adaptation of the low profile
                                                 tool block slide, these machines can now be used on pipe
                                                 locations previously thought impossible.

                                                 Heat Treating
                                                 Hydratight now includes a complete range of Resistance and
                                                 Induction Heat Treating products and our Heat Treating team
                                                 is trained to meet the most demanding work scope, so during
                                                 planned or unplanned outages, we are ready to mobilize to
                                                 your job site. There is also a variety of sales and rental options,
                                                 as well as the availability of appropriate training.

    For more information on our training and product familiarization courses email

                                             Bolt Load Measurement
                                             The Bolt-Scope IITM ultrasonically measures stress developed
                                             in fasteners to ensure accurate loading. The unit works with
                                             all bolt-tightening systems and can store up to 10,000 fastener
                                             measurements in up to 512 application groups.

                                             Hypur-Mate extensometer
                                             Hydratight’s Hypur-Mate extensometer load verification system for torque
                                             and tensioned applications incorporates a digital readout allowing the user
                                             to have repeatability and accuracy
                                             to +/- 0.0005”.

                                             With the ability to provide hard copy print-outs using a portable printer, the
                                             Hypur-Mate extensometer system provides precise verification and
                                             traceability for the plant’s quality assurance department.

                                             Hydratight was founded on a culture devoted to safety. As a designer and
                                             manufacturer of high quality joint-integrity products, the safe and correct
                                             use of this equipment remains of prime importance in ensuring our ‘right
                                             first time’ philosophy.

                                             Hydratight’s Global Training division leads the way in offering certified
                                             accredited training programs in the safe and correct use of Hydraulic
                                             Torque and Bolt Tensioning equipment, and is accredited by the American
                                             Petroleum Institute (API) and Engineering Industry Construction Board
                                             (ECITB) to deliver training programs that meet the needs of our clients.

For more information on our training and product familiarization courses email