EuroHockey Invitational Veterans Club Championships 2009

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					                               KHC Leuven
Dansk Hockey Union
Mr Hans Peter Hansen, President
Idraettens Hus
Broendby Stadion, 20
DK – 2605 Broendby

                                                                              2 January 2009

Dear Hans Peter,

               EuroHockey Invitational Veterans Club Championships 2009

We, the ROYAL HOCKEY CLUB LEUVEN, are going to organize, in the frame of our 80th
anniversary, an official high level Men’s Veterans Club Tournament on Friday 29th May,
Saturday 30th May, Sunday 31th May and Monday 1st June 2009 (Whitsun). This tournament
is formally sanctioned by the European Hockey Federation and announced in the EHF

The number of participating countries will be 8, including the reigning Veterans champion of
7 European countries and the host team, which was the 2007 Champion of Belgium and the
2006 & 2008 Belgian Cup Winner.

We would appreciate to have your current champion team in our tournament and ask you to
enquire whether it should be prepared to accept our invitation, and if so, to let us have all
useful information about it so we can further be directly in touch with it. If no League
Competition in your country or if the current Champion is not able to take part, please
consider and contact another of your strongest teams.

We would also like to have a Veterans Club Tounament for Women with 4 teams at the
same time of the Men’s event.

May we thus ask you to undertake the same steps as for the Men’s tournament and to identify
what team in your country (from, or not, the same club as your Men’s team) could be
interested in taking part.

We would be pleased to have your answer (Registration Form appended) on/or before 31st
January 2009, having in mind that, as far as the Women’s event is concerned, only the first
three positive answers will be considered.
Important : At EHF demand, any entry must be communicated or endorsed in writing by the
National Association concerned.

CITY OF LEUVEN (LOUVAIN in English and French)

Is a very old one (9th century) with 80,000 inhabitants which is located 25 kms South West
from Brussels and 20 kms from Brussels Airport. The oldest (1466) and biggest Brewery in
the World (AB Inbev) and the oldest (1452) Catholic University in the World can be seen in
Leuven, together with a lot of historic monuments and buildings (a.o. Gothic Cityhall which is
very similar to the one of Brussels).


Has been founded in 1929 and is today one of the most important clubs in Belgium. Its Men’s
team is the reigning Champion of Belgium Its Women’s team and Youth teams have
achieved the same performance many times during the years.
414 players are currently members of the club ; 3 of them did play with the Belgian Olympic
team in Beijing. Number of teams in League competition is over 25.


Dates :               (Men)         29/30/31 May and 1st June 2009
                      (Women)       29/30/31 May 2009

Format :              (Men)         2 pool competition followed by finals
                      (Women)       1 pool competition

Match schedule :     One match of 2x 35’ every day (not on 1 June for the Women)
                     1st match on 29 May early morning
                     Last Men’s match on 1 June early afternoon
                     Last Women’s match on 31 May afternoon.

Tournament Regulations :     FIH/EHF (copy follows)

Age qualification     (Men) at least 40 year old at 1.1.2009
(No exceptions)       (Women) at least 35 year old at 1.1.2009

Number of players per team : maximum 18 (accurate number and names to be communicated
                            3 weeks prior to the event)

Technical Officials : Each participating club is asked to provide an umpire and, whenever
                      possible, a Judge for each of its teams for the duration of the
                      To be provided with food and drinks, free of charge, if taken inside the

Thursday 28th May afternoon/night : welcome of the teams at the club – Technical meetings

Friday 29th May night : informal BBQ at the club

Sunday 31st May night : formal event (more details to follow)


Address of the club : Albert De Jonghestraat, 2 – 3010 Kessel-Lo – Tel 00/32/16/48.94.74

All people not travelling by car will be picked up at Leuven Railroad Station at their arrival.
If travelling by air, people will first travel on their own by train from Brussels’Airport
(railroad station inside the Terminal) to Leuven (15 minutes journey).
They will further be provided with local transportation, free of charge, from/to railroad
station/hotel/club during the tournament.


Entry fee             800 EURO per team, including free BBQ for 15 persons (25 EURO for
                      any additionnal BBQ).
                      Entry of the team will be registeted only upon receipt of paiment of
                      above amount on account BE21 7330 5474 4103 of “Veterans Hockey
                      Tournament 2009”.

Accommodation         Cost at participant’s charge – Booking directly by the parties concerned
                      - To refer to tabulation appended re hotel’s details and special rates.
                      When speaking with the hotel of your choice, to refer to these rates as
                      agreed upon with Mr Didier Lodewyckx, KHCL Member in charge of
                      the arrangements with hotels. If any problem or query, to contact him.
                      (Mobile) 00/32/478/341.623 – E-mail :
                      Details about more hotels will be communicated to teams having

We look forward to your answer on/or before 31st January 2009. In the meantime, please do
not hesitate to ask for any addtionnal info you would like to know.

Kind regards

Adrien Peters
Hon. Tournament Secretary

Diependaalweg, 1 – B-3020 Winksele
Tel/Fax : 00/32/16/23.86.98 – Mobile : 00/32/474/492.006
E-mail :

                      Leuven (Belgium) – 29/30/31 May / 1 June 2009

                                     Entry Form

National Association
Full name of Club
      Women (if applicable)
Form (or endorsement) completed by
Date completed


Name of contact person
E-mail address (essential)

We will travel by                                 CAR / TRAIN / AIR
We will travel with an umpire                     YES / NO
     Name (whenever possible)
We will travel with a judge                        YES / NO
     Name (whenever possible)
Name of Hotel
    We are currently in contact with
    We have finalised our booking with

To be returned to Adrien Peters, Hon. Tournament Secretary
Diependaalweg 1 - B 3020 Winksele
Fax : 00/32/16/23.86.98
E-mail :

                 Leuven (Belgium) – 29/30/31 May / 1 June 2009

                             LIST OF HOTELS

        NAME / ADDRESS                      TEL/FAX/EMAIL/WEBB

  Begijnhof Congreshotel ****          T. 00/32/16/29.10.10
  Tervuursevest, 70                    F.00/32/16/29.10.22
  3000 Leuven                          EM.
  De Biestpoort *                      T. 00/32/16/20.24.92
  Brusselsestraat, 110/112             F. 00/32/16/23.13.29
  3000 Leuven                          EM.
  Ibis Leuven Centrum **               T. 00/32/16/29.31.11
  Brusselseswtraat, 52                 F. 00/32/16/23.87.92
  3000 Leuven                          EM.
  Kloosterhotel ****                   T. 00/32/16/21.31.41
  Predikherenstraat,22                 F. 00/32/16/22.31.00
  3000 Leuven                          EM.
  New Damshire ***                     T.00/32/16/23.21.15
  Schapenstraat, 1                     F. 00/32/16/23.32.08
  3000 Leuven                          EM.
  Novotel Leuven Centrum ***           T. 00/32/16/21.32.00
  Vuurkruisenlaan, 4                   F. 00/32/16/28.49.39
  3000 Leuven                          EM.

                      Leuven (Belgium) – 29/30/31 May / 1 June 2009

                         HOTEL SPECIAL RATES

       NAME                TYPE              NUMBER    RATE/ROOM      BREAKFAST
                                             AVAILABLE (EURO)

Begijnhof Congreshotel     Single            20             130,00    Included
                           Double            3              155,00
                           Twin              24             155,00
                           3 persons         3              180,00
De Biestpoort              Single            2              70,00     9,00 Euro/p
                           Double            4              70,00
                           Twin              8              70,00
Ibis Leuven Centrum        Single                                     12 Euro/p
                           Double-Twin       About 20       85,00
Kloosterhotel              Single cosy       39             175,00    Included
                           Double cosy                      205,00
                           Single charming                  195,00
                           Double                           225,00
                           charming                         255,00
                           Single except.                   315,00
                           Double except.
New Damshire               Single            20             111,00    Included
                           Double                           128,00
                           Twin                             128,00
Novotel Leuven Centrum     Single            About 70       75,00     Included
                           Double                           75,00
                           Twin                             75,00
                           3 persons                        120,00

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