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									                                                                          DRAFT AGENDA

        Any content, Any platform Any time, Anywhere
                     3 March 2005, Conrad Brussels Hotel

Morning session: New platforms and business models

Welcome by Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director                          09:30 a.m
Key note address: Mr. Riccardo Perissich
President of Telecom Italia Media

Panel 1: New technological platforms                                   10:00 – 11:15
Moderator: Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director

Thesis 1: “Communication networks and content services (suitably
protected) will be accessed via different terminal devices and platforms.
- Description: Mastering the full range of communications and networking technologies: terminal
devices (manufacturers), platforms (i.e. cable, fixed, mobile operators etc.); how new platforms
protect content; DRM systems and Technological Protection Measures have a central role to play.

- Mr. Mitch Singer             Executive Vice President of the Digital Policy Group, Sony
                               Pictures Entertainment.
- Mr. Luis Velo                Managing Director, Terra Networks.
- Mr. Jérôme Perani            Strategic Marketing Manager Viaccess SA, France
                               Telecom: “Digital entertainment needs content protection”.
- Mrs. Mary Francia            Senior Director Operator Business Innovation, Philips
                               Consumer electronics: “Freedom in entertainment”.
-Mr. Barney Wragg              Vice President e-Labs, Universal Music.

Coffee break                                                           11:15- 11:45

Panel 2: New business opportunities                                    11:45- 13:00
Moderator: Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director

Thesis 2: “Business models are emerging. What a telco mostly needs is ON-
LINE content.”
-Description: Understanding new business models such as TV over DSL, AOD, VOD,
downloading and streaming, managed content portals.

- Mr. Peter Murphy Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer, The
                   Walt Disney Company.
- Mr. Klaus Pilz   Head of DVB-H project, Swisscom broadcasting: “Business model
                   Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-H: challenge for co-operation
                   between content providers and telecom operators.”
- Mr. John Burns   European Sales Manager, Electronic Arts UK: “The future of
                   entertainment industry: mobile gaming”.
- Mr. Balázs Weyer Head of Origo Portal: “Broadband content business model and
                   bottlenecks in Hungary”.
- Mr. Sagi Katz    Director Sales & Business Development, Exent Technologies:
                   “Gaming services: the needed differentiator”.

- Issues for discussion: How to establish the conditions that favour open business models, enable
competition and safeguard consumer choice while ensuring significant interoperability at as many
layers of the value chain as possible (content, service, aggregation, software network, device
providers and vendors).

Lunch                                                                   13:00-14:30

Key note speaker: Mr. John Kennedy
Chairman and CEO IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)

Afternoon session: Content over new media: acquisition and
regulatory barriers.

Panel 3: Understanding how acquisition of content is carried out for new
media                                                14:30 – 15:45
Moderator: Alessandra Silvestro

Thesis 3: “Content must be available on all platforms that can distribute it
including new-media platforms”.

-Description: How does a telco organise itself in its relations with content providers? Different
categories of content providers to discuss how they see the evolution of relationship with telcos.

  - Mr. Mark Cranwell             Head of Content, Legal and Regulatory, BT Retail.
  - Mr. Harald Kratel             Managing Director, G&J Electronic media sales: on-line
                                  publishing content.
  - Mr. Matthew Postgate          Executive Producer Mobile/New Media, BBC
  - Mr. Niclas Ericson            Head of broadcast and media rights, Fédération
                                  Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
  - Mr. Jeroen Bergman            Senior Vice President content acquisition and strategy,
- Issues for discussion: Barriers such as:
    -   Exclusivity: Duration of exclusivity of access to premium content / Exclusivity of access
        to live events that can be streamed.
    -   Market power (dominant position in production and legacy business models, distribution
        type dependent price diversification).
    -   Restrictions in provision of ancillary services or in provision of bundled services.

Coffee break                                                               15:45- 16:00

Panel 4: Licensing and regulatory issues/Bottlenecks to content access
Moderator: Alessandra Silvestro

Thesis 4: “Content regulation must be adapted to multiplatform distribution
and new media”

- Description: one-stop-shop for authorisations; collecting/licensing societies; revision of the TWF

- Mr. Erik Lambert                   Telecom Italia: “Copyright and Convergence:
                                     will the twain ever meet?"
  - Mr. Idzard Van der Puyl          Secretary General Procirep (Perception et
                                     Répartition des droits de répresentation publique
                                     des films cinématographiques)
  - European Commercial Television Broadcaster (tbc)

Concluding round table with trade associations’ heads                               16:45

       Mr Michael Bartholomew, Director, ETNO - European Telecommunications
        Network Operators’ Association
       Mrs Frances Moore, Regional Director Europe, IFPI - International Federation
        of the Phonographic Industry
       Mr Christopher P. Marcich, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MPA -
        Motion Picture Association
       Mr Peter Kokken, Secretary General, ECCA - European Cable
        Communications Association
       Mr Ross Biggam, Director General, ACT - Association of Commercial
       Television in Europe
       Mr Yvon Thiec, Délégué Général, Eurocinema - Association de Producteurs
       Mr Patrice Chazerand, Secretary General, ISFE - Interactive Software
        Federation of Europe
       Mr Philippe Kern, Secretary General, EFCA – European Film Companies

Evening drinks                                                             18:00-20:00

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