Effective Advertising Strategy by bsj14523


									Effective Advertising Strategy

In order for any event to be successful, you have to let people know about it. But even
before that, effective communication to your target is impossible without a clear position
on what you are providing to the people. Even before thinking about an effective mass
advertising strategy, fill in this statement:

            “ (my target segment) will want to come to (the event) because…”


     If I were a regular student in (my target segment), I would come to (the event)

The above sentences will help you to devise a plan that would most effectively
communicate to your target audience.

Once the underlying need has been identified, you need to address what message you
would like to communicate to your audience. Then, you must come up with creative
ideas to execute your goal.

List of mass advertising means
Below are a list of different methods of advertising. I’ve listed pros and cons of each
advertising method.

-   Flyers/ “club” cards

-   Posters
-   Chalking
-   newspaper ads
-   mass transit ads
-   Television ads
-   Banners
-   brochures
-   Movie theater ads
-   Dog tags
-   Radio ads
-   Display tables
-   Direct mailing
-   Telemarketing
-   Website
-   Guerrilla advertising (Stickers, Shirts, etc)

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