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					                           HOPE MEDICAL OUTREACH COALITION
                                   PROJECT WISHLIST

Hope Administration
      Volunteers are always needed to further the mission of Hope Medical Outreach Coalition. Our
      mission is to support and enhance a comprehensive community health network for the
      underserved. Volunteers with expertise in event planning, fund development, public relations
      and marketing are greatly needed. Specific program needs are listed below.

        Need for on call or part time interpreters including Spanish, French, Vietnamese among others

Maternal and Child Health
      Collaboration on education and outreach to children on physical activity and nutrition
      Collaboration on community health clinics to provide physical activity training
      Collaboration on Obesity Task Force to address community issues around Childhood Obesity

Dental Services
       Collaboration on dental sealants and programs aimed at children
       Collaboration on a community wide dental day

       Jennifer Dreibelbis
       Maternal & Child Health Coordinator
       Hope Medical Outreach Coalition
       1722 St. Mary's Avenue, Suite 105
       Omaha, NE 68102
       (402) 345-2400