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.        Johnson Controls, Inc.                                   May 10, 2004

                Focus on Environment and Employee Development Guides
                     Johnson Controls Commitment to Sustainability

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, USA (May 10, 2004) -- To support its commitment to sustainability,
Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) today announced a new global program called Blue Sky. The
program will strengthen the company's focus and performance in two key areas: the
environment and leadership development.
        Blue Sky Environment is launching across the company's more than 500 locations
worldwide this week; a second component of the program, Blue Sky Leaders, will launch in the
        As part of the Blue Sky Environment kickoff, employees from the United States to Brazil
to Germany and Japan will focus on the company's commitment to the environment. Location
managers are planning environmentally friendly events to engage employees in the company's
commitment to the environment, and to increase awareness about how Johnson Controls helps
its customers use resources more efficiently.
        "The automotive and buildings industries are two of the world's largest energy
consuming sectors," said Chairman and CEO John M. Barth. "What we do for our customers
dramatically improves energy efficiency."
        Among the company's most recent environmental achievements:

       World Environment Center Gold Medal -- Johnson Controls received the Center's
Gold Medal for creating tremendous shareholder value through businesses and initiatives that
enable energy efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions; facilitate resource efficiency,
reuse and recycling; and promote Green Building design concepts. The award is being
presented to the company May 14 in Washington, D.C.

        Recertified "gold" building -- Using a combination of innovative mechanical and
operational improvements, the company's Controls Group headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis.,
was the first building in the United States to achieve a gold rating under the new LEED™ Rating
System for Existing Buildings of the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED (Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design) is the national standard for the design and construction of green

        New battery production process -- PowerFrame™, the company's new battery
production technology, reduces variation and waste and eliminates inefficient machines, adding
up to a 30 percent emission source reduction in the United States. The process is being
replicated at the company's plants throughout North America, and in 2004-2005 will expand to

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                                                                            May 10, 2004
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        Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments -- Johnson Controls is one of six
corporations to pioneer the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments, launched in March. The
goal of the Alliance is to educate business leaders about the importance of maintaining
environmental sustainability throughout the workplace.

        U.S. Energy Efficiency Forum -- Johnson Controls has been the co-sponsor for the
U.S. Energy Efficiency Forum since 1992. The forum has become a platform for high-level
discussions of energy and the role of sustainable development in providing solutions for
industry, education, health care, government and society. This year's forum is June 15-16 in
Washington, D.C.

        Johnson Controls ongoing environmental initiatives continuously increase resource
efficiency at its own facilities, as well as for its customers. The Leonardo Academy estimates
that by 2010, the company's work helping customers identify and address areas for energy
conservation will lead to $18 billion of savings in utility costs and reduce power plant emissions
by 352 million tons. This is environmentally equal to planting 29 million acres of trees. Energy
saving initiatives at its own facilities have reduced energy consumption by 30 percent since
1997 levels.
        In the automotive sector, Johnson Controls is a global leader in the design of interiors
and batteries that create more comfortable and more reliable transportation. Automotive interior
components developed by the company, including lightweight seats and products that help
reduce fuel consumption, make cars more fuel efficient and easier to recycle at the end of their
useful life.
        Johnson Controls is also working on advanced automotive battery systems to develop
hybrids that will improve fuel economy and reduce emissions by 25 percent to 50 percent.
        "We improve resource efficiency for our customers, which helps them reduce energy
costs and respond to consumer expectations. This is the right thing to do not only for our
customers, but for our employees, our communities and the world in which we live," Barth said.
        Johnson Controls, Inc., is a global market leader in automotive systems and facility
management and control. In the automotive market, it is a major supplier of integrated seating
and interior systems and batteries. For non-residential facilities, Johnson Controls provides
control systems and services including comfort, energy and security management. Johnson
Controls (NYSE:JCI), founded in 1885, has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more
information about Johnson Controls and its environmental efforts, visit the company's Web site


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