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									Title: Community Relations and Education Manager
Report to: Executive Director
Employment Status: Full Time, Exempt


The Community Relations and Education Manager is responsible for developing and
implementing all marketing, community relations and passenger education efforts.


       Develop and implement marketing strategy, promoting specific JAUNT services
        as well as public transportation in general

       Develop and monitor marketing budget

       Develop and update all printed JAUNT information

       Organize and carry out media events; participate in county fairs and other public
        education opportunities

       Maintain the JAUNT website, keeping information updated, interesting and

       Handle customer complaints and keep complaint database up-to-date.

       Carry out ongoing passenger education effort, meeting with targeted individuals
        and assisting them in learning to use public transportation effectively.

       Monitor passenger compliance with policies such as no-shows, fare payment,
        and timeliness.

       Carry out customer service surveys, analyze the results and recommend
        improvements as needed.

       Maintain ongoing relationships with human service agencies.

       Prepare ongoing reports to the Board and others as required

       Assist with local, state, and federal legislative education activities

       Respond to general information requests by phone and/or email promptly.

       Work with CTS, UTS, RideShare, and other adjacent area transportation systems
        to coordinate services and promote public transportation

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       Handle applications for fare discounts for rural residents with disabilities.

       For the JAUNT Friends nonprofit organization, develop and implement small-
        scale fund-raising, act as Secretary and foster the program.

       Perform other duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s degree and minimum of one year of relevant experience, excellent oral and
written communication skills; demonstrated ability to work well with diverse groups of
people; ability to develop and present information to large and small groups including
the general public; experience with computers and computer-generated report formats,
deadlines and working under pressure and possession of a valid Virginia driver’s license
and clean driving record. Preference will be given to a person with experience in
working with people with disabilities, education, marketing, Spanish, website experience
and/or passenger transportation.

Special Requirements:

Employment is contingent upon successfully completing and passing a pre-employment
drug screen. Continued employment is contingent upon adherence to JAUNT’s
Substance Abuse Policy, including being subject to drug and alcohol screening, as well
as on maintaining a clean driving record.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\671b0367-5057-4b0d-b9fc-d356d47286ad.doc                 6/3/2010

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