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					       IBM Corporate Community Relations

IBM Corporate Community Relations

     IBM Corporate Community Relations:
  Creating Value through strategic Community

                      Celia Moore, Manager Corporate Community Relations, Europe Middle East Africa
        IBM Corporate Community Relations

      IBM is a world leader in Corporate Citizenship

 rated #1 by Business Ethics magazine 2000 and 200

 many awards for environmental practice, HR practice,
  procurement and community relations

 amongst the top 10 Corporate Contributors ranked by
  total contributions in 2003

             IBM Corporate Community Relations

IBM’s Community Relations strategy is aligned with our business
  strategy and leverages our technology leadership and global

 Global programmes approach

 Innovation

 Long-term collaborations with IBM research, IGS,
  education and public sector

 Significant impact on social issues - ‘real change
  not spare change’
     "Philanthropy tends to mean charity. What's different is that IBM is using its resources over
    a long period of time to work in partnership with school systems. The Reinventing Education
    programme for example is a role model for other companies.”
                        Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business Sc hool

         IBM Corporate Community Relations

     Community Relations creates business value in
                     many ways

     delivers examples of innovation
     demonstrates technology leadership
     develops new products
     delivers new patents
     provides reference sites for new solutions
     differentiates the IBM brand
     brings the brand values close to our customers
     contributes to making IBM the employer of choice
     IBM Corporate Community Relations

Raising education standards in schools, bridging the digital
 divide and employee volunteering are three focus areas
                Reinventing Education : raising standards of achievement in schools
                through teacher collaboration
                • 77,000 teachers
                • 7.4 million students

                KidSmart Early Learning Programme : bridging the digital divide
                and giving young children a head start in their education.
                 2 million children
                 67 countries
                TryScience : The world's first global science museum
                • 1.25 million visitors
                • 111 kiosks in museums in 27 countries

                MentorPlace : Online school-based mentoring in 100 countries
                • 10,000 IBM mentors
                • 9,500 students
                • 500 teachers

      IBM Corporate Community Relations

    CCR programmes deliver IBM’s technology innovation
                 Eternal Egypt: Multimedia Access to Cultural and Historical Treasures
                 • Web, PDA, Cellphone
                 • Wireless technology
                 • Text to speech in Arabic

                  World Community Grid : world’s largest grid to accelerate humanitarian research
                  • Grid technology
                  • Cluster management
                  • Provision server resources
                 Web Access Technology : making the Internet accessible for seniors and people
                 with disabilities
                  dynamic manipulation of web content
                  users can apply transformations in combination
                  portability
                 Hermitage : IBM technology opens the doors to a world class museum
                 2D/3D Direct Objects Scanning
                 Image Compression Software
                 Invisible Watermarking Technology

      IBM Corporate Community Relations

In a large and dispersed organisation, how do you embed
Corporate Responsible in the organisation’s culture?

    IBM Values Jam - Stage one:
     Reaffirm corporate values with employees
     48 hours online global dialogue for 320,000 staff
     Values confirmed:
      – dedication to every client’s success
      – innovation that matters - for our company and for the
      – trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

       IBM Corporate Community Relations

Stage two: Create Values-based Management
    – Purpose: Identify actionable ideas to
      drive the values through the business

    – Six discussion forums hosted by senior

    – Enlisting first-line managers to hold pre-
      jam discussions

    – Post-event voting on top ideas

        IBM Corporate Community Relations

Jamming is taken seriously by employees
       JAM is AWESOME !!! How did you come to such an idea ?. It's genius. I'm sending this
        message because I have to express how enthusiastic I feel at the moment I write those
        lines. “

       Create teams of the best Jammers to continue this worldjam :. “ I suspect the
        biggest obstacle to people jamming is the limited timeframe to do so. If the Jams were
        longer, there would be a greater probability that people would not be too busy those days to
        participate (as happened to me during the last Jam). The answer obviously is to make the
        Jams longer and include an adjacent weekend so we could use some of our own time to
        participate. A number of others have indicated that they wish they could spend more time
        on the Jam, presumably because they value this opportunity so highly.

       Jamming All The Time : “Why this "Jamming" has to be an annual event? I observed
        good ideas generated from the team I worked with in the day to day work... this is a good
        media to get the ideas it's due attention and i believe many more would benefit
        from/contribute to if the forum is available constantly.”

       Lessons Learned from this WorldJam – need more jamming by biz unit : “This idea may
        already be in the works but since there are so many great ideas coming out of this
        worldjam...after this event, maybe we ought to have a separate jam for each individual
        business unit to continue to hash out their specific ideas? “

      IBM Corporate Community Relations

Taking IBM values into the community - On Demand Community
30,000 IBM volunteers and 3,500 retirees in 12 months

          IBM Corporate Community Relations

     “IBM's On Demand Community is not just a philanthropic effort.
      Rather, it is an extension of IBM's leading business strategy.”*
                                                     *Inspire Magazine, Sept / Oc t 2004

        33,000 IBM volunteers and 3,500 retirees in 12 months

      IBM Corporate Community Relations

     You can learn more about IBM’s Community
               Relations programmes