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Education and Community Relations in Northern Ireland by bsj14523


                        Northern Light Review

                        is hosting a symposium on
          Education and Community Relations
                  in Northern Ireland
                 Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast
              Thursday, 12 October 2006, 09.30 for 10.00am

         By the kind sponsorship of Sammy Wilson MP, MLA
                    Chair: Sir Kenneth Bloomfield


Education Administration Overview        Louise Warde Hunter (DENI)
Churches in Schooling               Dr Eamon Phoenix (Stranmillis UC)
Education and the Political Divide    Dr Fiona Stephens (U of London)
Integrated Ethos in Education               Michael Wardlow (NICIE)
Mixed Schooling in Practice               Paul Hewitt (RS Dungannon)
Durkheim, a Comparative Study for NI        Dr James Dingley (author)

Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided, included in a small registration fee
of £20.00 to cover costs and administration.
To conform with Stormont regulations anyone who is interested is asked
to register their interest first so that a formal invitation can be issued.

Please reply by post by enclosed reply slip or by email to:
      Annika Nestius-Brown, 40 English St, Downpatrick BT30 6AB
         T: (028) 4461 5715     E:

             NLR is not affiliated to any political party but is
            regularly sponsored at Stormont by various MLAs

I/we wish to register to attend the NLR Symposium on Education on Thurday, 12 October, at
Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

Please reserve _______ places for me at this event

I enclose £ _______ registration fee

Name(s) ___________________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________


Phone _____________________________________________________________


Signed _____________________________________________________________

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