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Coordinators: Corinna Horst, Daniela Manca, GMF
Corinna Host is a Program Officer at the GMF's Transatlantic Center where she is
in charge of GMFs fellowships and grantmaking and also monitors EU policy
affairs on transatlantic relations, immigration and the Balkan region. Before moving
to the Transatlantic Center, she was based in the GMF's Washington office. Before
coming to GMF in 1999, she was a teaching associate at Miami University, teaching
American and World history.Corinna earned a PhD and MA in history at Miami
University in Ohio, and a BA from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Daniela Manca joined GMF after working at the International Security Information
Service, ISIS-EUrope, where she was a Marie Curie Research Fellow on the
Commission-funded 'esdpdemocracy' project. Formerly she was associated with the
Italian delegation's activities to the EU Political and Security Committee during the
first half of the Italian Presidency. She holds a Master's degree in Diplomacy and
Strategic Negotiations from the University of Paris IX and a degree in International
Relations from the Bologna University, Italy.

7:20 am       Arrival in Brussels (UA 950)
              A driver will pick you up after you pass customs
              -he will hold a sign “GMF”
              Transfer and check -in to hotel
              Hotel Leopold
              Rue du Luxembourg 35, 1050 Brussels
              Tel.: (32) 2 511 1828

12:30 pm          Lunch: GMF briefing and meeting with GMF-Brussels staff
                  Hotel Leopold, Salon Elisabeth
                  All Fellows
                  Dress: casual

2:00 pm           Leave hotel for a walking city tour of Brussels
                  with official Brussels tour guide.
                  Tel.: (32) 2 548 0452/53)
                  Dress: casual; good walking shoes

Free Evening

8:45 am       Meet in the hotel lobby to go to train station.

9:00 am           Meet in the hotel lobby for day trip to Leuven.

           GMF staff will accompany you from the hotel to the train
           Dress: casual; good walking shoes

09:30 am   Train departs for Leuven

10:15 am   Guided Tour of Leuven

           Although the first references to Leuven can be traced back as far as the 9th
           century and in spite of its strategic location on the river Dyle, it was not
           until around the 11th-12th century that Leuven began to develop as an
           important trading centre within the Duchy of Brabant. It was at this time
           that its first town wall, churches, monasteries and abbeys were built. The
           town's once flourishing cloth trade had fallen into decline by the 14th
           century, but a new golden age dawned with the 15th century. The university
           was founded, various industrial concerns flourished and the main market
           square with its fine Gothic town hall was laid out.

           Leuven houses fine examples of Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque
           architecture. The town still owes much of its character to the numerous
           university college buildings dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, many of
           which were renovated in the 18th century. The Van Dale College is pure
           Renaissance style and the College of the Falcon, Pope's College and the
           Arras College are neo-classical style. Vlierbeek Abbey is a fine example of
           this trend.

           The building of paved roads, the canal in the 18th century and the
           expansion of the brewery created a great impetus for trade and population
           growth. Unfortunately, this prosperity came to a sudden end under the reign
           of Joseph II when the French invaded.

           The most significant development for Leuven in the 19th century was the
           building of the railway station. The two World Wars in the 20th century
           destroyed much of Leuven and a great deal of the reconstruction work lasted
           well into the nineteen-sixties. Leuven has developed into a well-equipped,
           modern town with a thriving service industry economy and with a good
           balance of old and new buildings combining to offer a well-designed
           infrastructure to suit the demands of today's modern town with a rich

           On January 1st January 1995, Leuven became the capital of the province
           Flemish Brabant. The former province of Brabant was split into Flemish
           and Walloon Brabant and the metropolitan region of Brussels.

12:30 pm   Lunch meeting
           Belgium Politics from a Domestic and International Perspective

                Speaker: Koert Debeuf , Political Advisor to the Prime Minister
                of Belgium
                Restaurant De Wiering
                Tel.: (32) 16/291545
                (please, note that due to the size of our group only a limited
                range of menu items will be offered)

Free time       Return to Brussels
                possible every half hour (2:33 pm, 3:00 pm, etc.)

7:00 pm         Cocktails with GMF staff and guests
                Hotel Leopold, La Terrace
                Rue du Luxembourg 35, Brussels,
                Tel.: (32) 2 511 1828
                Dress: business

7:30 pm         Welcome Dinner with GMF staff and guests
                Hotel Leopold, Salon Elisabeth

9:30 - 12:00 pm “The European Union: Its Institutions and How It Works”
                Briefing and Q & A with Ulrike Guerot
                GMF, Senior Transatlantic Fellow
                Location: GMF - Transatlantic Center.
                Résidence Palace (3rd floor, bloc C)
                Rue de la Loi 155
                1040 Brussels.
                Tel.: (32) 2 235 2225

                Departure by bus from the Résidence Palace to NATO

1:00 -2:30 pm   Lunch at NATO

3:00-6pm        3 briefings at NATO

                Home-stay dinners hosted by former EMMFs

9:30 -10:30 am “The European Social Model: the UK perspective”
               Meeting with Patrick Diamond, GMF Transatlantic Fellow
               Location: GMF - Transatlantic Center.
               Résidence Palace (3rd floor, bloc C)
               Rue de la Loi 155

                 1040 Brussels
                 Tel.: (32) 2 235 2225

11:00 am-12:30pm Meeting with Jim Cloos/Riina Kionka (tbc)
                 Council of the European Union
                  GMF - Transatlantic Center.
                 Résidence Palace (3rd floor, bloc C)
                 Rue de la Loi 155
                 1040 Brussels.
                 Tel.: (32) 2 235 2225

12:30 pm         Free Lunch

03:00-6:00 pm    Visit of the European Commission

                 3 briefings:
                 Internal Market
                 European Neighborhood Policy (ENP)
                 Justice and Home Affairs/Counter-Terrorism

                 Contact: Janice George
                 Visits - EAC/D/2
                 EUROPEAN COMMISSION
                 Tel.: (32) 2 299 91 04
                 Fax.: (32) 2 299 92 13
                 Mobile.: (32) 476 70 75 98

                 Home-stay dinners hosted by former EMMFs

8:00 -9:15 am GMF-TPN working breakfast at the European Parliament
              Hosted by MEP Cem Ozdemir, former GMF-Transatlantic

                 Political debate with MEPs ; Venue: TBC


Useful Contact Information:
Corinna Horst (GMF): (32) 484 66 12 22
Daniela Manca (GMF): (32) 479 24 1845
Taxi: (32) 2 268 0000