Marketing and Community Relations by bsj14523


									                                 Marketing and Community Relations
                                              Writing Guidelines

   • Do not use all capital letters anywhere.
   • Do not italicize, bold or underline — editing committee will do this.
   • Write reports in narrative form, use as few bullets as possible (see Lists/Bullets below for more
       information about using bullets).
   • Headings: Arial Bold, 16, 14, 12, and 10 point.
   • Body text: Palatino Linotype, 10 point.

Spacing and Commas in Series
   • Use only one space after periods.
   • Most WATC documents don’t use a comma in a series, but the two self-study documents do use a

   • Do not use I, we, he, she, you, me, us, our, etc.
   • Use:
          o Students, they, them, theirs
          o WATC, it

Instructional Sites
    • Main Campus
    • Airport Center
    • Central Center
    • Schweiter Center
    • Seneca Center

   • Health Care Center at Larksfield Place
   • Kansas Veterans Home, Winfield, Kansas
   • Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, El Dorado, Kansas
   • Wichita High School West

Governing Bodies
   • Sedgwick County Technical Education and Training Authority, governing board for WATC — use all of
      this on first reference, then use board.
   • Kansas Board of Regents — do not abbreviate.
   • Strategic Planning Committee — do not abbreviate.
   • Program advisory committee — do not capitalize unless referring to specific one (Dental Assistant
      Program Advisory Committee); don’t use initials — spell out all three words.
   • General Advisory Committee — spell out all three words.

Titles and First References (per chapter)
     • Spell out all words one time when first used with initials in parenthesis, then use initials — Wichita Area
        Technical College (WATC). If not mentioned again, don’t use initials in parenthesis.
            o When referring to the college — do not capitalize “college” when not using full name.
     • In Council on Occupational Education (COE) and Higher Learning Commission-North Central
        Association (HLC-NCA) documents, spell out completely first time used in each chapter/standard, then
        use initials.
     • Library and Learning Resource Centers (LLRC) on first reference — then use LLRC.

                                                         1                                               MCR 01.08.07
    •   Jenzabar — on first reference, “ … Jenzabar, student information system, … “ then just refer to it as
    •   Shirley Antes, Vice President, Learner Services and Institutional Effectiveness, is the chair for the self-
        study. (Capitalize title and department and separate with commas.)
            (Not: Shirley Antes is the Vice President of Learner Services and Institutional Effectiveness ... )
    •   The vice president, Learner Services and Institutional Effectiveness, is the chair for the self-study.
        (Capitalize only the department/division; use commas to separate and do not use “of”.)

Dates and Seasons
   • January 3, 2007, is the third day of the new year. (Use commas after day and year.)
   • January 2007 is the first month of the new year. (No commas.)
   • The report is due fall 2007. In spring 2004, the Accreditation Steering Committee was formed. (Lowercase
       fall, spring, summer unless it’s in the name such as Spring Parade of Homes.)

Division Names
    • Adult Education (not Adult Basic Education)
    • Health Sciences (do not abbreviate)
    • Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies (M&ET)
    • Transportation and Construction Technologies (TCT)

Program Names
Use the correct full program name — look for correct name in catalog or program information sheets or online at

    • Use bullets sparingly. If you have to use bullets, put a period after each bullet if each item completes the
       sentence from above.
            Faculty and program advisory committee members agree that all graduates should be able to:
                ‒ Demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
                ‒ Demonstrate mathematical skills.
    • Do not use any punctuation after each bullet if it is a list.
            These general workplace competencies include the following skills (unless they are complete
                ‒ General computer literacy
                ‒ Speaking skills

                                                         2                                                MCR 01.08.07

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