2008 NeORA Membership Database by the36chambers


									2008 NeORA Membership Database Municipality
Marc Clavelle Town of Kapuskasing 88 Riverside Drive Kapuskasing ON, P5N 1B3 (705) 337-4262 mclavelle@ntl.sympatico.ca Township of Mattice – Val Cote P.O. Bag 129 Mattice On, P0L 1T0 (705) 364-6511 mattice@ntl.sympatico.ca Jacques Begin Twp of Mattawa Box 390 Mattawa ON, P0H 1V0 (705) 744-2311 Jacques@voyageurdays.com Coral Ethier Town of Moonbeam 53 Ave. St-Aubin, P.O. Box 330 Moonbeam ON, P0L 1V0 (705) 367-1110 cdem@moonbeam.ca Sundridge – Strong Recreation Committee P.O. Box 129 Sundridge ON, P0A 1Z0 (705) 384-5316 villageoffice@sundridge.ca

Guy Losier Town of Hearst 1008 Edward St. Hearst ON, P0L 1N0 (705) 372-2803 glosier@hearst.ca Karen Makela City of Elliot Lake 120 Hillside Drive North Elliot Lake ON, P5A 1X6 (705) 461-7221 karen.makela@cityofelliotlake.ca

Tammie Caldwell City of Temiskaming Shores Box 2050 Haileybury ON, P0J 1K0 (705) 647-5709 tcaldwell@temiskamingshores.ca Corporation of the Town of Arnprior 105 Elgin Street West P.O. Box 130 Arnprior ON, K7S 3H4

Corporation of the Town of Renfrew 127 Raglan St. S Renfrew ON, K7V 1P8

Cindy Findlay Twp of Macdonald, Meredith, & Aberdeen Additional 208 Church St. P.O. Box 173 Echo Bay ON, P05 1C0 (705) 248-1166 cfindlay@ontera.net

Alain Rioux Twp of Dubreuilville 23 Pins Street, P.O. Box 367 Dubreuilville ON, P0S 1B0 (705) 884-2340 arioux@dubreuilville.ca

The Corporation of the Town of Kirkland Lake Postal Bag 1757, 3 Kirkland Street Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada P2N 3P4 (705) 567-9361 ext.243 www.teamkirkland.com Corporation of the Town of Petawawa 1111 Victoria Street Petawawa, ON, K8H 2E6 P: (613) 687-5536 F: (613) 687-5973 E: mstillman@petawawa.ca

Michelle Larose Town of Smooth Rock Falls 149 First Avenue P.O. Box 249 Smooth Rock Falls, ON P: (705) 338-2717 F: (705) 338-2584
cao@townofsmoothrockfalls.ca www.townofsmoothrockfalls.ca

John Rutledge Town of Espanola 175 Avery Drive, Espanola, ON, P5E 1C9 P: (705) 869-1961 F: (705) 869-6697 E: jrutledge@town.espanola.on.ca www.town.espanola.on.ca
David Ott – dave.ott079@sympatico.ca Debbie Sokolski – dsokolski@town.espanola.on.ca Debbie Belanger – dbelanger@town.espanola.on.ca Cheryl Kennelly – ckennelly@town.espanola.on.ca

Lori Ballstadt City of Sault Ste. Marie 99 Foster Drive Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 5X6 P: (705) 759-5311 F: (705) 759-6605 E: l.ballstadt@cityssm.on.ca
www.cityssm.on.ca Joe Cain – j.cain@cityssm.on.ca
Margaret Hazelton – m.hazelton@cityssm.on.ca

Sharon Kitlar City of North Bay 200 McIntyre St. E P.O. Box 360 North Bay, ON, P1B 8H8 P: (705) 474-0400 ext. 317 E: Sharon.kitlar@cityofnorthbay.ca Marc Pellerin Municipality of French River P.O. Box 156 17 Dollard Street Noelville, ON, POM 2N0 P: (705) 898-2294 F: (705) 898-2181 E: mpellerin@frenchriver.ca

Marc Gagnon Town of Sturgeon Falls P: (705) 753-2250 E: mgagnon@municipality.westnipissing.on.ca
Guy Beaudry – gbeaudry@municipality.westnipissing.on.ca Heidi Laurin – hlaurin@municipality.westnipissing.on.ca

Renee Anne Paquette –paquette@municipality.westnipissing.on.ca Victor Linklater Township of Moosonee P.O. Box 727, Moosonee, ON, P0L 1Y0 P: (705) 336-2625 F: (705) 336-1746 E: vlinklater@moosonee.ca info@moosonee.ca (general inquiries)

Community Group
Temiskaming Shores Health Unit 421 Shepherdson Rd. New Liskeard ON, P0J 1P0 (705) 567-9355 mcsherrym@timiskaminghu.com North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit 681 Commercial Street North Bay, ON P1B 4E7 Phone: (705) 474-1400 ext. 2373 Fax: (705) 840-0228 Email: michelle@nbdhu.on.ca 22 Wing CFB North Bay Fitness and Wellness Center Hornell Heights ON,P0H 1P0 P: (705) 494-2011 ext. 2613 F: (705) 494-2171 E: CALLAHAN.DS@forces.gc.ca

KidSport North Bay 200 McIntyre St. East North Bay ON, P1B 8H8 (705) 474-0626 x 328

Tammy Carre Andrew Caudwell Rayside Balfour Youth Centre 1267 Lakeshore Road 214 Cote Street Haileybury ON, P0J 1K0 Chelmsford ON, P0M 1L0 (705) 855-5230 supervisor1@raysidebalfouryouthcentre.ca

Gary Michalak and Associates 254 Notre Dame St. West Azilda ON, P0M 1B0 (705) 983-2729 garym@sympatico.ca

Sound Barriers 18-7650 Kimbel St. Mississauga ON, L5S 1L2 (905) 678-7465 sales@soundbarriers.ca Harris Time Inc. 1476 Clearview Drive Oakville, Ontario L6J 6W9 (905) 829-1694 HARRISTIME@PRIMUS.CA

Coreen Mills Algoma Volunteer 585 Finn’s Bay Rd. N. Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0 (705) 248-2040 Email: icmills@sympatico.ca

Andrew Caudwell Claire Furlong Danial Dewhurst Alysha Allyn Conway McKenzie Andrew Rideout Carlie Penney Sophie Rocheleau A.J. McBlain Robert Kawapit Leah Watson Kristen Palfrey Chrissy Herod Chad Parent Christine Bimm Dana Gignac Kyle Bourque Jazmin Pigeon

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