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Communication Goals
Audience Definition
OKCPS Communications and Community Relations Office Overview
Research & Analysis
Internal Communication Strategies
      Proactive and Reactive
External Communication Strategies
      Proactive and Reactive
Media Relations
Marketing Communications
Community Relations
The mission of the Communications Department is to promote and market Oklahoma
City Public Schools, programs and community relations initiatives through a range of
communication services and serve as a liaison between the district and its community.
The department also assists with providing public information, media relations, leading
crisis management, as well as developing communication and community relations

It is important to highlight in schools, central office and the community that efforts to
improve communication are not separate from the educational agenda, but rather,
critical to its success. In keeping with district’s Aims and Goals, and utilizing the
research results from OHI and the Baldrige management model, when families and the
community are more informed and engaged, they are better prepared to support
schools in improving student outcomes.

Too often OKCPS has not provided a comprehensive communications approach to
deliver district key communication and information. By streamlining the process,
developing goals, benchmarking, and evaluating the outcomes, the Communications
plan will demonstrate the return-on-investment of the communications and community
relations activities.
The strategic communications and community relations initiative seeks to engage the
entire community in the educational process. This process includes looking for
opportunities to deliver the OKCPS message; owning the story rather than having it told.
The message will be consistent, positive, and proactive and will look for a multi-faceted
approach for the delivery.

Communication goals will align and support the district’s Strategic Aims and Goals;
ultimately providing a cohesive system to evaluate the success of the district’s
Communications and Community Relations department.

Internal and External Communications opportunities will be served with the primary
goals. These goals will serve as the driver for all communications and community
relations initiatives.

       Primary Goals
       1. Increase awareness about the positive impact of OKCPS education.

       2. Improve public perception of schools and the district.

       3. Generate engagement and support for the education of OKCPS children.

Research and Analysis

The groundwork for communications research has been conducted through the
Organizational Health Index. Utilizing OHI research studies as well as additional
quantitative and qualitative research, this data serves as a benchmark/baseline for
understanding the communications needs of the OKCPS district.

Additional research will need to be conducted as communication and community
relations needs surface throughout the district. Focus groups are a good way to
conduct informal research with little cost to the district and provide feedback and/or
thoughts valuable to helping guide future communication and community relations
Communication as defined in a two-way process, seeks the continual feedback in a
reciprocal fashion. This process allows for the audience to be involved in the process
rather than communicating “to” them.

Internal and External Communications can be separated into a matrix, allowing the
communications office to provide counsel on the approach necessary for the
appropriate communication/response.

        External Reactive                                 Internal Reactive
        External Proactive                                Internal Proactive

The wider audience relative to OKCPS can be broken down into several categories:


             •   OKCPS Employees
             •   Students
             •   Leadership
             •   Management
             •   Teachers
             •   Support Staff
             •   OKCPS Board of Education

             -   Existing OKCPS parents/family
             -   PTA
             -   Students
             -   Potential parents/family
             -   Teaching Candidates and other potential employees
             -   OKCPS Volunteers
             -   Reporters/news media
             -   Non-Profit Organizations/Foundations
             -   Community Leaders
                     o Faith
                     o Business
                     o Chambers of Commerce
                     o Elected Officials
                     o Civic Leaders
                     o Realtors/Relocation Specialists
                     o Economic Developers

Although broad communication messages can be put out to reach all of these groups, it
is proven more effective to convey targeted messaging through strategy and pre-
determined communication vehicles.
OKCPS Communications and Community Relations Office has one of the largest
call volumes of any public or private information office in Oklahoma City. This is
attributable to many factors which generate requests for information including:
               • Approximately 43,000 students
               • Approximately 5,500 employees working in assignments across
                  Oklahoma City, Spencer, The Village, and Nichols Hills.
               • Close proximity of central office to broadcast media outlets.
               • Close proximity of the Oklahoma legislature.

In addition to addressing media requests, the Communications and Community
Relations office handles Open Record Requests from vendors, parents, elected
officials, government agencies, employees, other school districts, and those wanting to
conduct business with or within the district. Gathering the information can require many
personnel hours of material and information gathering. This also could include involving
General Counsel for interpretation of confidential information and deleting personal/non-
directory information.

OKCPS strives to turn around Open Records Requests in a timely fashion inclusive of
accurate information, to maintain and develop good working relationships with all

Organizing, facilitating and communicating the results of community meetings and focus
groups are a vital service of the Communications and Community Relations department.
OKCPS relies upon input from stakeholder groups to effectively strategize and make
necessary changes to the overall organization.

A Key component of the Communications Office is Community Relations. Services
provided and/or overseen through Community Relations include for example:
               • PTA District Council
               • Community Advisory Board
               • Charter School Communications
               • Organizational Health Index
               • Event coordination and outreach with organizations and community
                       -United Way
                       -Blood Drives
                       - Foundation for OKCPS Fund Development Campaigns
                       -Coats for Kids
                       -March of Dimes
The Communications Office also produces and/or supervises all printed materials for
the district. This includes designing and producing pieces such as: the student-parent
handbook, graduation and baccalaureate programs for every high school in the district,
business cards, letterhead and envelopes, the district calendar, and the district’s
statistical profiles.
Copying services are also a function of the Communications and Community Relations
Office. This is includes copying all board related agendas, minutes, and other non-color
copying requests.

Additional district services provided by the Communications and Community Relations
office include:

      •   Graphic design
      •   Web page development and maintenance
      •   District switchboard/reception
      •   Copy services
      •   Printing (2 and 3 color press)
      •   Mailings
Major Tasks       Owner                Start         End        Aim/Goal   Outcome
Customer Service         KK            March 09      Ongoing    3/2,3      Secret Shopping
Audit                                                           6/3,4      3.09
                                                                           Disney Training
Review OHI Parent        Sup Cabinet   Every other   February   3/2,3      Begin using OHI
(Internal and External                 Year 2009-               6/3,4      Parent data 09-
customer feedback)                     2010                                10. Discontinue
                                                                           Harris Poll.
Develop web poll on      KK, TC, JP    Weekly        Ongoing    1/4        Weekly starting
communication topics                   FY09                     3/2        Oct 20, 2008
                                                                6/3        Direction and
Analyze OKCPS            TC, KK        July 09       July 10    6/3        One year media
media coverage                                                             analysis l
against first                                                              provided
benchmark                                                                  positive/negative
                                                                           benchmark for
Conduct in-depth         KK, TC        Aug 09        Ongoing    1/4        Informal
interviews with                                                 3/2        interviews
various Opinion                                                 4/2        through year
Leaders                                                         6/4
Focus Groups on          KK            Aug 09        Ongoing    1/2,4      Students,
various topics                                                  6/2,3      Faculty,
                                                                           Community on
                                                                           various topics
Social Media             TC, JP, CK    May 08        Aug 09     1/3        Complete Sept
Research and                                                    2/2        09. Implement
Analysis                                                        6/1,3      trial period Sep
                                                                           – Jan 10.
                                                                           Report to BOE
Website Content          JP            May 08        Jul 09     3/5
Management                                                      6/3
Major Tasks     Owner                  Start          End          Aim/Goal   Outcome
proactive &
Increase quantity of     KK, TC, JM    July 09        Ongoing      3/1,2      Memos from
timely and relevant                                                4/2        BOE,
OKCPS                                                              6/3        Superintendent,
communications to                                                             Flu Campaign,
employees                                                                     District Incident
Create an employee       KK, CK        Aug. 09        Sep. 09      2/2        Re-scheduled
recognition cs/                                                    3/4        for 2009-2010 or
committee and plan                                                 4/2        2010 -2011
for recognition                                                    5/2
Develop online           KK, CK, JP    Sep. 09        Sep 09       4/2        Re-scheduled
process request for                                                5/2        for 2009-2010
employee                                                           6/3
Create quick facts       KK, CK, JP,   Jul 09         Sept. 09     2/2        Annually
for employees and        PRE                                       6/3
post to website
Develop internal key     KK, TC        Sep 09         Ongoing      2/3        Building
communicator                                                       3/2        Communication
network (meet 2x)                                                  4/2        Reps – Nov 09
Communicate              KK,TC, JP,    As needed      As needed    6/3        -web
district initiatives     CK                                                   -email
through multiple                                                              -AlertNow
comm. channels                                                                -media
                                                                              -business comm
Develop OKCPS            KK, TC, CK,   Aug 09         May 10       2/3
brand standards and      JP                                        3/1
guidelines manual                                                  6/3
for all employees
Develop                  KK, TC        Fall 08, one   Ongoing/as   1/3        Media training
communication                          per semester   needed       2/3        for principals
trainings for district                                             6/3        and admin,
employees                                                                     comm. Reps.
                                                                              Service for front
                                                                              Web trainings.

Develop district wide    KK, TC,       Ongoing        Ongoing/as   2/3        Completed
communications                                        needed       4/2        spring 09.
procedures and                                                     5/2        Continually add
guidelines                                                         6/3        as needed.
proactive &
Assemble Crisis          KK, TC, TA    Ongoing   Ongoing         3/2           Developed
Communications                                                   5/1           through Safe
Team and Plan                                                    6/3           and Drug Free
                                                                               Schools –
                                                                               Safety Comm.
Create Crisis Comm.      KK, TC        June 09   Jun 09          5/1           Completed Sept
Sample Scripts for                               Update as       6/3           08. Update
principal comm.                                  needed                        scripts June 09
Scripts, voice dialer,
and crisis scenarios.

Work with Principals     KK, TC, JM    Ongoing   Ongoing, as     1/3           H1N1
on Communication                                 needed          2/2           Communication
guidelines &                                                     3/2,3         Strategies for
procedures                                                       6/3,4         bldg closure
Social Media –           JP, TC, JM,   Aug 09    Ongoing         3/5           Complete trial
presence on social       KK, CK                                  6/3           Jan 2010.
networking sites to                                                            Evaluation rec to
deliver OKCPS                                                                  move forward.
Utilize videos or        JP, TM, JM    Oct 09    Ongoing         1/4           Dependent on
similar to tell                                                  3/5           financial
OKCPS message                                                    6/3           resources
Promote non-profit &     KK, TM, JM,   Sept 09   Ongoing         1/4           Ongoing
community relations      CK, JP, SY                              2/2
activities                                                       6/3
Staff Welfare            KK, SY, CK,   Aug 09    As needed,      2/2           Poll of
Announcements            JP                      monthly good    3/5           employees
                                                 news, etc.      4/2           indicate as
                                                                 6/2,3         needed for
                                                                               death notices.
                                                                               Monthly update
                                                                               of good news.
Develop a                KK, TM, JM,   Jan 10    Complete        2/2
comprehensive            JP, CK, SY              training info   3/1,2,3,4,5
Communications                                   by Spring       5/2
Training for district                            2010 for fall   6/2,3
employees                                        2010 training
Major Tasks                Owner        Start       End        Aim/Goal   Outcome
proactive & reactive
Develop an external key    KK, TC,      July 09     Ongoing,   6/1,3      Did not create.
communicator network       JM, KS                   monthly    1/4        Accessed city
                                                    meetings              PIO Resource
Communicate regularly      KK, TC, KS   Jul 09      Ongoing,   6/3,4      Email and phone
with opinion leaders                                           1/3        and in-person.
through multiple comm.                                         2,3
Support OKCPS              KK, TC,      Jul 09      Ongoing    1/4        Mailings,
Foundation with            JM, JP                              2/2        postage, phone
communications                                                 6/3        messages,
Provide communications     KK, TC, JM   Jul 09      Ongoing    6/3        4 newsletters and
support to the Chambers                                        4/2        other
for publications, etc.                                         3/5        communications
                                                               2/2        as needed.
Provide Communications     KK,          Jul 09      Ongoing    1/4        Newsletters,
support for United Way                                         6/1        emails,
Support community          KK, TC,      Jul 09      Ongoing    6/1        CAB – April 09
engagement initiatives     JM, RC                              1/4        Health,
                                                                          Hispanic –
                                                                          Church Partners

Support major district     KK, KS,      As Needed   Ongoing    6/3        Per individual
initiatives with           TM, JM,                             1/3        pr/communication
communication plans        CK, JP                              2/2        plans: secondary
                                                               4/2        reform,
                                                                          reform, building a
                                                                          reading city, SIG
                                                                          – Grant,
Work with Hispanic         KK, JM, KS   Ongoing     Ongoing    6/3        Churches
Community to develop                                                      Latino Agency
community engagement                                                      Hispanic Media
Development and Roll out   JP, KK, TC   Jul 08      Sep 09     6/3        Deployed district
of new district website                                        2/2        site Oct 08.
                                                               3/1        School sites live
                                                               4/2        in 2009-2010.
Posting videos to tell     TM, JP, JM   Oct 09      Ongoing    1/4
OKCPS message                                                  3/5
Major Tasks         Owner             Start     End            Aim/Goal   Outcome
Develop             TC, KS, other     Oct 08    As needed      6/3        Use as
scheduled           key employees                              4/2        necessary.
Media Briefings
strategy and
Create, Train,      TC, KK            Jul 09    Sep 09         5/1        Completed
and implement                                                  6/3
Media Tier                                                     3/2
Increase            TC, JM, JP        July 09   Ongoing        6/1,2,3    Community
OKCPS media                                                    4/2        Newspapers,
coverage by                                                    2/3        Hispanic Media
using untapped                                                 1/4        Need to tap into
resources.                                                                Education
                                                                          national media
                                                                          and web.
Develop OKCPS       TC, JM, JP        July 09   Jun 10         6/3
media/editorial                                                4/2
Develop media       TC, JM            July 09   Ongoing        6/2,3      As needed.
advisories, press                                              1/4
releases and tip                                               4/2
Develop pitches     TC                Jul 09    Ongoing        3/2        Completed,     As
for calendar                                                   5/2        needed
stories                                                        6/3
Increase            TC, JM            Jul 09    Ongoing        1/4        Completed.
quantity of good                                               2/2        Establish a goal
news coverage                                                  4,2        based on
utilizing alt.                                                 5/2        benchmark
sources                                                        6/3        completed in July
Update and          TC, JM            Jul 09    Ongoing, per   1/4        Internal updates
centralize media                                employee       3/2
contact list                                    group.         6/2,3
Schedule and        TC, KK            Sep 09    Oct 09         6/2,3,4    Eval by survey.
host media                                                     5,2        Continue as
training for key                                               3/2        needed.
district                                                                  Completed
employees                                                                 principals and
                                                                          admin. Alternate
                                                                          with key
Utilize district    TC, JP, KK, JM,   July 09   Ongoing        6/2,3,4    Completed. Daily
web to post all     CK                                         5/2        updates.
media stories                                                  4/2
Highlight           TC, JM            Oct 09    Ongoing        1/3
OKCPS                                                          3/4
students with                                                  4/2
local media                                                    6/4
Major Tasks    Owner                   Start       End       Aim/Goal    Outcome
Promote              KK, JM, TC, JP,   Fall 09     Ongoing   1/4 via        CK                                      6/1,2,3,4
media and with
photos and news
Create database of   SY, TC, KK,       Jan 10      Jul 10    1/4         Began organizing
stakeholders,        REDs                                    2/2         Hispanic and AA
individuals, and                                             6/3         outreach.
organizations for
marketing list
Develop a strategy   TC, KK, JP        Sep 09      Jun 10    6/2,3       Transition out of
and plan for OKC-                                            4/1         programming.
ETC programming                                              3/1         Discontinue
                                                             1/4         membership in
                                                                         Create new plan
                                                                         for developing
                                                                         FTP site on
Strengthen Image     KK, TC, CK, JP,   Jan 10      Ongoing   6/3         Partially
and Brand: Develop   JM                                      3/2         completed.
and post OKCPS                                                           Website in brand.
brand standards                                                          All district
and guidelines                                                           communications
                                                                         Letterhead and
                                                                         business cards.
                                                                         OKCPS branded
Utilize logo and     CK, JP            July 09     Ongoing   2/3         Partially
brand style guide                      Mar 2010-             3/1         completed. Will
adherence across                       guideline             6/3         fully implement
district                               book                              with completion
communication and                                                        of brand
marketing                                                                guidelines.
Assist human         KK, JP, CK, TC,   Oct 09      Mar 10    4/1         Will continue to
resources with New   SF                            Annual    6/2         assist.
Teacher marketing
Major Tasks            Owner             Start       End       Aim/Goal   Outcome
Serve as conduit for   KK, SY, JP, CK,   August 09   Ongoing   1/4        Ask BOE for
CAB Board, BOE         JM                                      3/2        evaluation of
Members and                                                    6/1,3      program and
district personnel                                                        recommendations
Assist District PTA    KK, TM, JM, CK,   August 09   Ongoing
Council with goal      JP, SY
Organize, plan,        KK, SY, JP, CK,   August 09   Ongoing   2/2,3      Evaluate
execute and            JM, TC                                  4/2,       individual events
evaluate district                                              6/1,3,4    as needed.
Develop and            KK, JM, TC, KS,   August 09   Ongoing   1/4        Work with
sustain Community                                              2/3        Foundation and
Partnerships                                                   3/2        other partners.
                                                               6/3        Evaluate as
Progress is measured through evaluation. Did we achieve the desired results we were expecting? If we
didn’t, why didn’t we? If the desired outcome is not taking place, evaluation provides results and serves
the purpose of asking questions about our original purpose. Do we know who the audience is? Do we
have the right message for the audience? Are we using the right communication vehicles? Or do we
need to look at another strategy?

To provide a comprehensive look at the evaluation of the Communications Strategic Plan, the
measurement will center on the three primary goals. Outcomes will be added to the document at the end
of the strategies or as needed.

Below are the desired outcomes for the three goals

        1. Increase awareness by publishing/broadcasting 15 positive stories per
           month/ 180 per year about the positive impact of OKCPS education. Met and
           exceeded in FY 09. Increase goal for FY10 by 5 positive stories per year.

      2. Improve public perception of schools and the district by 15%.
          Measured on individual events and through specific outcomes for the events.
Overall increase of awareness exceeded 15%. Will maintain 15 % as basis for FY10

        3. Generate engagement and support for the education of OKCPS children
measured through increased audience participation and support of OKCPS
initiatives by 20%. Support measured through increased attendance is supported by
evaluation of individual events. It is recommended to lower the total percentage to 10%
for FY10.
Oklahoma City Public Schools appreciates the kindness extended by the following organizations and
individuals for their contributions to this document:

       •   Boston Public Schools (MA)
       •   Denver Public Schools (CO)
       •   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC)
       •   Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (TN)
       •   Moore Norman Technology Center (OK)

       •   National School Public Relations Association/Karen Kleinz
       •   David Joplin
       •   Nicole Kirby

       •   Superintendent’s Cabinet
       •   Courtney Kegans
       •   Tierney Cook
       •   Judy Mosley

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