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AWARE has the largest installation base in
                                                   COMPANY PROFILE
terms of number of agencies and number of
users of any other rehabilitation case             Alliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) was founded in 1981
management system.                                 with the objective of providing quality consulting,
                                                                                                                                                     VR CASE MANAGEMENT
                                                   training and system development services to business,                                                       SOLUTIONS
CUSTOMERS                                          government and education organizations. Alliance is
                                                   comprised of diverse individuals with extensive
 · Alabama ADRS                                    experience in a variety of technologies.
 · Alaska DVR
                                                   Alliance has worked in more than 40 state, county and
 · Florida DBS
                                                   city agencies in sixteen states on development projects
 · Idaho DVR                                       encompassing vocational rehabilitation, drug and alcohol
 · Louisiana LRS                                   rehabilitation, accounting, grants management,
                                                                                                                  Discover why so many
 · Maryland DORS                                   automated tax payment, transportation construction             Vocational Rehabilitation
 · Michigan MRS                                    management and traffic engineering.                            agencies have put their trust
 · Mississippi MDRS                                                                                               in Alliance Enterprises, Inc. as
                                                   Alliance assists clients in streamlining business practices,
 · Mississippi Ability Works                                                                                      the leader in VR case
                                                   provides clients with cutting edge, user-friendly,
 · Nevada DETR                                     interactive technology solutions, and facilitates and          management software.
 · New Jersey DVRS                                 simplifies the “change process.”
 · New Mexico CFTB
 · New Mexico DVR                                  Today, thousands of personnel use an Alliance-
 · Oklahoma DRS                                    developed information and management system every
                                                   working day of the year. Alliance maintains on-going
 · Oregon OVRS
                                                   contracts in support of these systems with its customers.
 · South Dakota DRS
 · Virginia DBVI
 · Virginia DRS
                                                   CONTACT INFORMATION
 · Washington DVR                                  Chris M. Pieper
                                                   360.412.3288 phone

                                                   Lisa Gifford
                                                   Executive VP, Application Services
                                                   360.412.3264 phone

                                                   Art Warren
                                                   Director, Sales
                                                   360.412.3269 phone

    2625 Willamette Dr. NE, Lacey, WA 98516   |   360.456.7000 |     www.AllianceEnterprises.com
DESIGN                         SYSTEM FEATURES AND BENEFITS                                   TECHNOLOGY
AWARE was designed by
        ®                      R Accessibility                                                AWARE is a true web-based computer system using proven technologies.

and for service providers.     Provides accessibility for                                     An authorized user workstation only needs Internet Explorer to access the system. The
AWARE resulted from the
        ®                      individuals with disabilities                                  workstation connects to the central web and database server using the existing LAN/WAN
combined efforts of over       and for personnel from                                         or dial-up connection. This scalable, “thin client” architecture simplifies distribution,
1,000 professional agency      remote locations.                                              workstation maintenance and software upgrades, offering a cost-effective solution for
staff that worked along side                                                                  any size organization.
Alliance in defining the       R Simplicity
                               Screens are logical,
features, look and feel, and
                               consistent, sequential and
technical architecture of
the software.                  streamlined. Provides real-
                                                                                              AWARE can easily be adapted by an

                               time reporting. Web-based
                                                                                              organization to closely conform to
Today the AWARE    ®           architecture minimizes
                                                                                              their business practices and                                User Preferences
national Users Group           workstation installation.                                                                                                                                   Custom output and
                                                                                              procedures.                                                                                  display characteristics
continues to be actively                                                                      The system has many lookup tables
involved in prioritizing new   R Accountability
                                                                                              and parameters incorporated into its                        Agency Extensions
features and assisting with    Incorporates internal and
                                                                                              architecture. When the scope of these                                                                Custom fields, rules,
the design of                  federally required data,                                                                                                                                            reports, and case types
                                                                                              parameters has been exhausted,
enhancements.                  regulations and reports
                                                                                              extensions can be developed to add                          Agency Parameters
                               through computer rules
                                                                                              custom fields, rules and reports
                               and transaction logging.                                                                                                                                            Custom lookup tables
AWARE is designed
                                                                                              without impacting the ability to                                                                     and system parameters
around the natural flow of                                                                    upgrade the system over time.                                   AWARE   ®

                               R Security                                                                                                                 Core Functionality
the case process.              Maintains secure case data in a confidential manner. Varied                                                                                                Federal requirements,
                                                                                              The “AWARE Implementation
                                                                                                                                                                                          new functionality,
                               security levels. Staff members require specific “personal                                                                                                  technology upgrades
                                                                                              Program,” developed by Alliance,
AWARE functions
                               security” to perform functions.
                                                                                              provides the support needed to
intuitively and navigation
                                                                                              successfully adopt the system. The Alliance Implementation Team provides extensive
throughout the system is       R On-Going Upgrades and Enhancements
                                                                                              training for case service and technical staff on how to use and customize the system.
easy. It works proficiently    Stays current with federal regulations, technology and Users
                                                                                              Alliance also provides programming services for converting data and developing fiscal
with screen readers and        Group prioritized enhancements through Alliance’s annual
voice input software.          Upgrade, Maintenance and Support program.

                                                                                                         “...Alliance has been a truly outstanding partner on this journey and a true partner in the achievement
                                                                                                         of the goal. Bravo to you and all the members of your world-class organization!”
                                                                                                         Robert A. Burns, Assistant State Superintendent, Maryland Division of Rehabilitative Services

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