Internet - Windows Overview _1998_ by jpl7986


									    Windows 95/98
       James C. Seidl
Woodlands Library Cooperative
•   My Computer
•   My Documents
•   Network Neighborhood   Desktop
•   Internet Explorer
•   Recycle Bin
•   Start Button
•   Taskbar
Windows 95/98 Desktop

      My Computer
      My Documents
      Network Neighborhood
      Recycle bin
      Internet Explorer
      Start Button
Start Button
Exiting a window

    Exit a program
Maximize/Minimize a window

 Previous size
 Minimize a window
 Maximize a window
 Exit a window
Changing the window’s size

              Left click hold the button
              down and drag the mouse
Scrolling a window

                Scroll bars
Switching between windows

       Click on taskbar to
       show the window

Right click the
taskbar to change
the items
    Right click
 anywhere on the
desktop to arrange
 icons or add new
         Shut Down

Click on Start button and choose
           shut down
Index and Find
        Viewing Files
• View contents of your computer
• Using Windows Explorer
Finding a file
Viewing contents of the computer
        My Computer
Contents of the hard drive C:


                       Recycle bin


                      My Computer
     Move back one drive/folder
                                             Undo command
                    Copy a folder/file        Properties

Paste a folder/file              Delete a folder/file
Viewing folders/files
Viewing folders/files

                Detail menu
                (shows the files
                size and date)
                Files can be
                sorted by size or
Properties of a drive

                   Right click on
                   the drive letter
                   to highlight the
                   drive. Left click
                   to see details
Properties of a folder

                     Right click on
                     folder/file to
                     highlight it.
                     Left click for
Windows Explorer

          To find, view,
            and move
           folders and
Using Windows Explorer

  Right click to highlight drive or folder
       Using Windows Explorer
+ Plus sign beside a folder indicates that the contents are hidden
- Minus sign beside a folder indicates that the contents are displayed
Renaming a folder/file
   Creating a new folder
After creating the new folder, change the name.
                Moving Files
Position the mouse over the file you want to move. Left
click (hold the mouse button down) and drag the file to the
new location.
                Copying a file
Position the cursor over the file you want to copy. Press
and hold down the (ctrl) key. While still holding down the
(ctrl) key, drag the file to the new location.
 Copy a file to a floppy disk
using the right mouse button
Copy a file to a floppy disk
   Using the file menu
Deleting a folder/file
   Restoring a deleted folder/file
Double-click the Recycle Bin to display all the files you have
deleted. Click the file you want to restore. Click File. Click
     Recycle Bin Properties
Default setting takes 10% of the hard drive’s free
    space. Reducing this setting saves space.
     Empty the Recycle Bin

Once you have emptied the Recycle Bin you
 cannot retrieve the folder or file again.
Setting up a printer
               Choosing a printer
                              Choose the local printer
                             unless your printer is on a

Choose the make and
model. If your printer is
not listed, use the floppy
disk that came with the
Printing a file
                  Use the print
                  listed in the
                  file menu or
                  chose the
                  printer icon
An icon starts a program/file. The icon is only a
pointer (not the actual program or file). Shortcut
icons display an arrow at the bottom left corner of
the icon.
Add a shortcut to the desktop
            Settings Menu
•   Control Panel
•   Printers
•   Taskbar & Start menu
•   Folder Options
•   Active Desktop
Control Panel
Adding new hardware
        Adding old hardware
• Windows is unable to find drivers to run
  your old hardware. Install hardware using
  the floppy disk that came with the
• Sometimes old hardware conflicts with
  settings already in use. This happens
  frequently with sound cards, modems, and
  network cards.
• If the old hardware doesn’t work, check the
  system icon in the control panel for
  conflicts a yellow question mark or red X
  show conflicts.
Add/remove programs
Taskbar settings
Moving the taskbar
               Position the mouse
               over a blank area
               of the taskbar. Left
               click and hold the
               button down. Drag
               the taskbar to the
               new location.
               Please note that
               patrons can reduce
               the taskbar to just
               one line wide.
               Place the cursor at
               each edge of the
               screen and look for
               the double arrow.
    Active Desktop
Internet Explorer 4.0 or Windows 98

      Internet Tools
      System Tools
                System Tools

Only in Windows 98
Format a floppy disk
                  Click the left
                  mouse button on
                  31/2 floppy icon
                  located in My
                  Click the right
                  mouse button
                  and choose
                  Format. Use
                  either quick or
                  full format
Connecting to the Internet

                Open the control panel
                and select the network
            Dial-up setting
• Click the add button
• Choose Microsoft and Client for Microsoft
• Click on adopter and choose Microsoft and
  dial-up adopter
• Click on protocol and choose Microsoft and
• Make sure your Windows 95/98 CD is the
  CD-ROM drive. Click OK
• If your computer
  locks up, hold down
  the ctrl, alt, and
  delete keys together.
  Wait for a minute for
  the computer to
  display the following
  screen. Choose END

• Teach Yourself Windows 98 Visually, IDG,
  ISBN 0764560255
• “How to Use Windows 98,” PC Novice
  Learning Series
• Learning Microsoft Windows 98, Learn PC,
  video, 60 minutes, ISBN 1574976222

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